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Absolutely! The more voices that are spoken, the more voices will be heard.

Posted By: mary k on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: with your permission.... - see message

I am not stopping here. I will keep on with this issue long after Heartland Information Services digs it's own grave and is buried in it!

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It's why we need a union. Our voices are never heard,
Ah....the voices of intelligence enter
You are so right-on!!!  There are those who complain that they couldn't get any work at TT.  I'm not going to call them liars or anything else but that has NOT been my experience.  But then.....I will type on ANY account, do any type report, any ESL no matter how bad and even if after all these years some of them look like Swiss cheese, and a few of them still do, I'll do them anyhow.  I can work for any company, even now, and my money will be about the same.  I paid my dues.  I started doing MT at 50-freakin-cents per hour!!!!  The problem these days, IMHO, is that people believe those ads that say, take our course and immediately make $35,000/year while you rock your baby.  LOL  There are dues to pay in every career.  I've paid mine, reaped the rewards and now............I'm painting gourds.
Spoken for someone who knows..

Like I said, I could see maybe 20% to 25% but not 40%.  I am just shocked and disappointed with Transcend because they know that it is no where near 40%.

Have you spoken with anyone about this?
I think the account specifics come directly from the client, but unsure with this company.  Any company with multiple accounts will have varying specifics.  As an oldMT I would have thought you would know this.  You sound as upset as Experienced MT.  Why DO you stay?  Did they make you take the benefits? 
Have spoken to STM
And was told cannot have more than 3 accounts, which is what I have. Unfortunately, this situation has made me start applying again, which is truly sad because they are a great company - just over, over, overhire. If we are slow and out in September, what will the holidays bring.
You might have spoken with
a gentleman named Don Johnson, who is also a recruiter. He is very kind as well.
If you like to be spoken to like
supervised by people that have no transcription experience then go for it.  I knew by my second month they were in over their heads.  They have the worst platform and dictators but I think that's all they are capable of getting.  I lasted just over 60 days and knew that was enough for me.  They also have QA people who are not even MTs by the looks of it.
Have you spoken to your supervisor
Just curious. You've spent time in training...have you tried to see if the issue can be resolved?
I have spoken with her in the past and she was
What did she say or do that was so rude and unprofessional?
Spoken by one of the pickers....

Man, I worked for them for a while but was so disgusted by the cherry picking (amoung other things) that I threw in the towel.  I even heard some girls get up at 3 in the morning to download the easy docs.  This is supposed to be against company rules but the company does not seem to really care.  It was not a good fit for me but might be for you!!

On way to cherry pick is to whine about hard doctors and get assigned the easier docs which leaves the rest of us with what?  Hard.  Thanks.

That was the most well-spoken argument for
I agree 100%, as well. I know some people think that unions brought down the Big 3 automakers, but that's not so. Even their most well-paid line workers with the best bennies don't come anywhere close to what the Fat-Cats up in their designer-furniture-appointed, corner top-floor offices were (and still are) getting. For mismanagement. They aren't building the cars America wants, so they're buying Toyotas, Nissans and Hyundais instead.

When I tell people who are not in this business what an MT has to know before anyone will consider hiring her (or him), both medically and computer-literacy-wise, and then what they're expected to work for, their jaws hit the floor.

I was inhouse for many many years, but was eventually forced out, as although no one will admit to it yet, that office is job-by-job sending its work outside, and will most likely have nothing but a skeleton crew of workflow managers left before the end of next year. They couldnt be honest about it, either. They drove the top-rated, older MTs out with abusive treatment that actually made some workers physically ill. Others left an office that they realized to be a dead-end road.

So these days, many of us are working at home because that's all that's left of MT. Which is the best thing that could've happened to the most unscrupulous of the MTSO's, as not only do they not have the overhead of having to house a officeful of MTs, but they now have an 'invisible' workforce that has little to no contact with their coworkers, and often little to no contact with the office (unless of course, heaven forbid, they make an error).

I think lots of MTs know we need a spokesperson in our behalf, as we are basically an isolated bunch, swept under the rug by the healthcare industry and MTSOs alike. What unions have brought to workers like us in the past has been a VOICE. That's something few, if any MTs have these days.

I also think that after talking about this for years, thinking about it, being told it can't happen, but wishing that somehow MTs could be unionized, with our country's new leadership and thorough shaking-out of business-as-usual for the banking, stock, and auto industries, the time has finally come.

If ever an industry needed regulating, it's ours. And we're all but powerless to do anything as individuals; we have to join together for the strength to stand up to the unfair treatment we've endured for so long. We need a VOICE, and that's what unions are - they are the worker's VOICE.

We need more attention focused on the healthcare and insurance industries in this country, and that in turn may start the ball rolling in terms of bringing MT and substandard pay into public and legislative view.

I think people need to know that those of us interested in unionizing aren't talking about being over-paid, or over-compensated in any way, shape or form for what we do. All we want is a fair shake.... a decent day's pay for an honest day's work.

I'm willing to bet many of the nay-sayers on this board are possibly MTSO trolls. Those who are 'grateful' for their lousy 6 cpl jobs, or who say that it's all we deserve, are most likely the same types who think that when a woman is raped, it's her own fault.

And that's exactly what's happend to the MT industry. Gang-rape by AAMT in the beginning, and now by AHDI. By wealthy business-types who buy an MTSO not because they give a darn about healthcare, or their workers, or even know anything about medical transcription, but just because it's a good 'investment' -- to buy low and sell high, and make even more money.

(As for norma rae below, who says 'It's not 1970'; well, actually in a lot of ways it IS 1970. Do you make much more than you did in 1970? (I sure don't). Less, perhaps? Are we in a recession? Yup. Are we fighting a pointless war abroad? Yup. And are women treated as less-than-human in the workplace? Yup.

Yeah, nowadays they can't legally make sexist comments to us, force us to sit in a cigarette-smoke-filled office all day, or ask us to make coffee. But they're still sticking it to us wage-wise. Why? Because they CAN. Because we LET them. Because even in the 21st Century, many woman still believe they're 'lucky to have a job - ANY job' - and will grovel and lick the feet of anyone who tosses them a few cents and a scrap of meat. Or rapes them and tells them they 'want it'.

If ever there was a ripe opportunity to get a medical transcription union going, it's NOW. As this dismal year finally draws to a close, I hope lots of you will reflect on how much you know, and how long and how much work it took you to learn it. Reflect on how many hours you sit in front of that computer. 10 hours? 12? 14? 18 hours a day? All so that you can make that line-quota you're expected to be able to produce in 8 hours? How much overtime SHOULD you have been earning, but didn't get paid? How many of you have a poor healthcare package, or no healthcare at all? How many of you lost any hope whatsoever of being to retire - not just later, like 70, 80, or 90, but EVER? If we're going to have to work the rest of our lives to pay for all our country's 'bailouts', it would be nice if there were half a chance that our jobs will:
a) Still be here 10-20 years from now, and
b) Pay enough to be able to live on.
Flo the Fertility Queen has spoken
Spoken like a true new hire.
Believe me, things will change soon. Let us know how you're doing in a year.
Spoken like a true blue
You hang in there, sleep well at night?
Spoken like a good owner.


Ok if you are happy with spoken "well done" but I
I have spoken to the owner previously - sm
Very nice owner, company seemed stable.  I did not end up working for her but I would have had other circumstances not come into play. 
I have not spoken to them. Just wondering about them. Thanks for the info. nm
Yeah, probably spoken from the mouth...sm

of someone who has never suffered ONE SINGLE hardship in her pampered life.  Put yourself in someone else's shoes.  Some of you on this board........you may have it made and do not NEED this job as your sole income.  some of you have probably NEVER had a hardship or anything happen to you. If you are fortunate to have never known hunger, poverty, etc.........good for you. 

For some of you, this job is just a hobby, for MORE it is something we do because we HAVE TO WORK AND HAVE TO MAKE MONEY, PAY BILLS, EAT, AND ALL the other things that we need just to LIVE.........



Spoken like a true MTSO! nm
No truer words have been spoken and you know
of the wheel of domestic violence... except it's our bread and butter doing it to us... domestic violence signs: Isolate, control money, make person think they are crazy... etc. Look it up you can find it on any website anywhere... and then the victim eventually loses themself and thinks the perpetrator is correct, she/he is the one who is a loser and nuts, so they will do anything including apologize for the situation... it is a control tactic, and this industry is employing it is many instances... I wish there were a way we could stop this and have it become professional again. If it were an industry dominated by male workers, I bet it would never have happened, just my 2 c.
Spoken like a true MTSO. I like my job, but
I have the right to choose one that has the shift I want and the pay I want. Why on earth do some have a problem with that?! I'm not attacking them because they want to work 3-11 or whatever. Geez, people. Live and let live. You handle your career & choose the shift you want and let others do the same.
Spoken like a true boss.

This is why the morale of the American worker is the way it is.  Not caring what their workers are suffering considered a perk...what a novel concept. 

I have spoken with her too. She sounds very nice
and SOUNDS legit.  I've talked to a lot of trans people over the years, and a lot of times there's one person as the main IC for bigger contracts, like hospitals.  We'll see I guess!
Spoken like a true suit.
Please don't jump ship, it's scary out there, and be grateful we didn't cut your pay even more! I think anyone unhappy about receiving a pay cut & having to do more lines on this horrible VR to make up for it deserves to be upset right now. Many of the smaller companies have tried VR and decided to do away with it, so I don't agree that's it's going to be an across-the-board thing of the future. The quality it spits out is horrible, which in turn endangers the patients, just like offshoring.
Spoken like a true paranoid underachiever.
How ridiculous.

I have spoken with different companies from the MT Jobs web site and all
have said they are giving priority to the Heartland employees that have been displaced over someone just window shopping.

They could apply with any of these companies and just put HEARTLAND EMPLOYEE in the subject line and get considered before anyone and they really do not need AAMT's help or a matchmaker company. They can do it themselves. AAMT is one of the reason why they don't have jobs.
Spoken like a true blue manager
Ahh loyalty..... what a wonderful quality. Defend to the end will we UNTIL the table turns on you!
BRAVO, well spoken. (clapping and cheering) nm
Spoken (written) from painful experience...


The pattern seems to be no matter what they offer you today, what you sign on for and what you think you have agreed upon with them, everything from line rate to accout, will be changed - in the near future - with you getting the worst of the deal.  check the archives...much much bad news.   PLEASE BE CAREFUL...AND WISE.

Spoken like a true corporate sell-out.

Spoken like true management plant!
I've heard only positive things about them. So, I applied, but haven't heard a word. Maybe fl
I've only heard of Intellitype. Never heard of Teletype.
Absolutely not!!!
MTs make more money than migrant farm workers.  We work fewer hours.  We get to sit on our butts inside the house with air conditioning while they're outside doing physical labor in the hot sun.  Our supervisors don't threaten us with deportation.  We're not exposed to harmful chemicals and pesticides that cause cancer and birth defects.  Believe me, migrant farm workers have life a lot worse than you do.  I would suggest you try it out for a few months if you really think MT is that bad.
Got 1300 lines in today so far, how many you got?
Absolutely . . . sm
But there's no need for personal attacks and insults. And while I have looked to this forum for info on companies, I'm really not interested in someone's daily nonstop personal vendetta against a company. And just because someone else doesn't agree, that doesn't make them "crazy" or "management." Those remarks are ridiculous and uncalled for. If you want to be the playground bully, go find a playground.
Oh, absolutely!

"Kuddos" is a very important medical word. 

Absolutely not
Depends on your acute - on my training account I was typing 300 lph -  now, they put me on the other hospitals in that same account, with TERRIBLE dictators, etc. - and I'm lucky to get 100-150 lph. It's disgusting. Now today - after the big incentive all weekend for my account - after weeks and weeks of backlog, there is absolutely no work. Isn't that special?
You absolutely sure?
no more
Absolutely NO.
You wanted me to make something up, so I did. :-)

Use your tools! Google it! do your homework. Ask professionals.

If people don't answer you here then you need to look elsewhere. None of needs to be called to task because we didn't take time from our lives to address something you could have found on your own (which is probably why you didn't get responses until you got pushy). Be grateful and thankful that some people finally told you where you should already know to look.

You know the saying, give a man a fish....teach a man how to fish....
Absolutely! nm
absolutely not.....
No company should take that long to pay. Even those in other areas of work who get paid once monthly, get paid at the end or the first of the month, not 2 weeks after the fact. That is ridiculous. I would come right out and ask them why the pay is taking soooo long!
The only reason (or excuse) would be they can't get paid any sooner from their clients, which means they should renegotiate pay schedules with them.

No one I know has ever had to wait that long, either at home or in a private facility, to get their check, or else no one would be working.....they would go to someone else where they get paid and can PAY THEIR OWN BILLS ON TIME!!
Absolutely NOT
IF you love nursing, there is definitely a shortage of nurses.  GO...GO.. GO! 

I just started the overnight check thing this week and was curious how it worked.  I hate relying on it to come by snail mail, need it to be a little more dependable.  I have been with them for about 6 months now and really do enjoy it.  I have my own accounts and just have to meet the TAT (48 hrs).  The pay isn't the best but I finally like what I am doing again so it's worth it. 

I left my e-mail address this time, so you can email me if you want.

Absolutely, consider it done!
This is my mission right now! Damn it, we did not deserve this and now the poster above is right, no email to give us our final resting instructions. I called out sick at Heartland last night due to my state of mind and Melissa Carr, my former manager sent my email to Kathy Clemmons and Colleen Neidert, guess you can't use your sick time either!

I am no longer mamacarolina, but Mary Kirkpatrick, ex-Heartland employee, standing up for all of us at Heartland. I want our voices to be heard. I want this to stop!
Absolutely Nothing
Zip, zilch, nada. She probably doesn't even know it's MT week. Sad, isn't it?

ABSOLUTELY!! Go for it! nm
Have to find something else. I heard a lot of good things about this particular company I am with on the board and thats why I went to work for them, but this is really awful. I figured even with a line rate increase$$ its going to make very little difference.
No need to waste your time or theirs if the pay isn't enough