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Your link does not work

Posted By: jen on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: we need cardiology MTs at my company. - CARDIOLOGY?

Please try again, love cardiology.  Thank you.


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Your link is broken.....see inside for correct link:
The clickable link in post below didn't work for me...
Trying to help. See link below:
where is the MQ link

I do not see the MQ link to the left of the page anymore.  Was it moved?


MQ Link

To sm:

I am sorry for my post. I did not really see the Medquist menu at the left margin as of the time I posted my suggestion. It seems the link has been deleted for some time, as some viewers have just complained. 





see link below
It's an SE position.  Fortunately I'm a vet and can get my healthcare at the V.A.  I'll figure something out later, but right now I need an INCOME since MQ has messed me up royally.  I may have other places I could find health insurance, maybe through the small business organization or something. Ill miss my PTO, but, hey, nothing is perfect :)
no link for me
Since the boards went through an update (about the time the MQ board was made) I haven't been able to see any specialty boards listed on the left anymore, just Top, Home, and Contact.  I have to go to Home to see the list of the specialty boards and for some reason MQ board is not even on there with the others. 
Try this link.
When the link opens up, look on the left-hand side under News & Info, and there is a section called message board.   If this link doesn't work go to yahoo.com and click on finance.  When the finance page opens up, type trcr at the top of the page where it says enter symbol(s).  The message board link will be on the left-hand side of that page too. 
Link to another link. Look for changes soon
Here is the link
Whatever. I don't need the link.
I realized I should not have asked so it is a dead subject now. thanks anyway
use this link if you need it
Linda - sorry it took so long to get back to you. I've had a few very slow weeks, but we need you. Send name and # to www.transcribeitquick.com and we'll get you started this week - you have not been forgotten - Eileen
I saw this link

I don't work for CyMed, but I saw this link posted on another board.  It seems to have a little information.


They give me a check and a nice luncheon. I've only been working for them for 3 months so I was pleasantly surprised that they invited me since I don't work in-house.
Here's that link again..... (sm)

Here is the link:

Read the title and body. She says she is not an OFFICIAL recruiter but likes to refer MTs.
Trying the link again


Here's a link when I was asking about them
a while ago.  I did contact them and told me only full-time positions but that's all I really asked about so don't know anything more.  You might get some hits if you put the name in the Google search at top and click on search MT Stars.
Here's a link.
This has a couple of them.


AHIMA looked into it, suggested everyone do VBC and why. Clients, I suppose, would be the ones to insist on VBR because they can check bills for accuracy.

However, read this one addressing all from MTs voice in the matter, you will love it:

MDI link
Don't have the link
Thanks Jade,
I did find those stats and included them in what I gave the reporter.
New Link
It didn't work for me either.
Here is another link
I Googled FMLA guidelines and here is another website http://fmlaonline.com/.  It states the EXACT same thing. 
It is just down this page, but in case it is a bit before you check back, the link is below.
Here's another link

screen that's the scroll bar; click on it and move it down and you'll find the posts.



Anyone know a link
Can anyone tell me a link for the shorthand.  When I Google it, there is all kinds of ShortHand programs that come up.  Is there a  trial version?  TIA.
The only link I found


Not sure if this will get you the full 2-page story --- but absolutely worth spending the $1.75 to get the paper if it does not.

It's actually 10-13 cpl. Here's the link from a post below. nm
ANOTHER unbelievable ad - with the link!

I am expert in MS office and can do any kind of data entry or transription jobs and i amk looking for more jobs.


Posted 15/6/2001 4:15 PM

Link inside...



Your link is not working.....sm
also, do you know what specialties they are hiring for? Thanks!
Here is a link to the website (sm)
where you can order the book.
OK... I really want to see some kind of link here. sm
I don't believe this for a second. I believe this poster is just trying to stir things up. If this were really true, then the OP would have posted a link or would have provided the source of the information (the news source) so this could be verified. Otherwise, if no link/source is provided where we can verify this, I would just assume this poster is a troll.
Post a link
Post the link!
Here's the link to the post
suggesting that someone try Spheris. Please explain.
What is a link in radiology?
Link inside.
Off-shoring link
Isn't it funny that Heartland was named in this article, yet...considering that they are getting ready to send ALL of their work to India...it appears that they learned nothing from the experience.
See inside link
and less recently:  http://forum.mtstars.com/company/v/1/25763.html
LINK you may want to check out...

I know you guys have been posting about SPi and CyMed, etc.    Most everyone thinks that they have nothing to worry about when it comes to their US jobs.   Well, I believe I can clear all that up.    Just check out the site below.....be sure and read real close how they feel about US at home MTs.    THANKS!



Link and URL provided....
I have a link for you to etrain, but I don't know

www.emdat.com/software.  Click on InScribe.  Select download and install Version 4.3.202.  Select Run.  The program will download and install.  When prompted always select yes or next until complete.  InScribe is loaded on your computer at this point.

Possible Login ID's (passwords are the same as the user-id's)  Etrain1, Etrain6, Etrain11, etc.  If already in use, then select another user id.  Go to your start menu.  Select Programs.  Select Emdat.  Select InScribe.  When prompted, login with the (before pressing login select options on the login screen and set the player to Windows Media (InScribe Full Control).  Username: Login from above, Password: (same as username used)  Company Code:  edemo.  The software will load and download 3 dictations.  Wait until all 3 dictations re downloaded prior to pressure F2 to play the dictation.  Once downloaded, press F2 and follow the directions.  It says you can contact the help desk if you have problems.  630-836-9909. 

Here's a link to a post about
MedRite XL awhile back, seems like varying opinions, which is usually the case on most everything it seems!  But may be of some help to you.
Here's a link from eScription.
There are other companies out there than these as well.


I have spent the last hour doing research on offshoring of medical transcription.  This is one of the sites that I found and now they do our taxes and legal stuff too?  Some of the ones I found also offshore to Russia and China!  Check this link out and look to the right of the page to see what else they are doing.  They even listed some of the MTSOs and will sell you articles and information on their plan of action or whatever they call it. 



It's at the link enclosed. sm
VR bloopers link

If the link doesn't work go to Comedy Stop & look for Escription funnies. Funniest thing I've read in a long time.

Click on the Link
When I clicked on it, it took me to the Job Bank, and stange as it seems they had that listed as the company name, Fastphalanges. Hopefully the administrator can shed some light.