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Taking a stand

Posted By: See message on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: We should all take that stand, Angry4U. - Tex

I work for MDI-MD which does not offshore. There ARE companies out there with integrity. I think it behooves all of you who are looking for new jobs to be very clear that you will work only for companies that do NOT offshore. You should also give the AAMT a piece of your mind since they have been supporting (and profiteering from) offshoring for years. Think about that the next time you write your excuse to this pathetic organization.

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taking a stand
God bless you for your courage. I am joining you. I have already told my liaison I am leaving and will prepare a formal resignation letter this afternoon. My understanding is that Transcend merges in as of 1 September. I will work until evening on 31 August but, as I told my liaison, I will not offer even one keystroke to a company that offshores. We are in a deep depression (an economic one, as well as personal ones due to what has happened!), Americans are out of work, MTs are scratching for work, and they would DARE offshore. I was told that it was only when the clients wants it. I don't care if it is because Elvis Presley wants it or my pet chow-chow wants it. It is simply WRONG. TAKING A STAND, you have said it far more eloquently than I could have. All I can say is that I agree with everything that you said. I am so out of here.
Taking a stand too but first things first

Taking a stand too but first things first
In my heart and head, I am totally taking a stand. But, I have to have a job, I cannot afford to leave without one. But, I will leave. Good luck to you and well done for standing up for yourself, U.S. MTs, and against offshoring practices.
At least you stand up for yourself!

I am the HR person, QA, and trainer for a small company.  We've had the same employees for more than 5 years, some as long as 10.  Recently we had to hire a few new people because of growth. 

People talk about wanting to be respected and wanting to keep the work here.  I agree this needs to be done but in order to do that we have to have qualified people.  IF somebody passes our simple test, which is transcribing real files, and we hire them, we tell them their line requirement.  We don't even require set hours.  We get people who won't do 200 lines per day, much less what is required.  We get people who say they have 10 years of experience, yet require total read throughs, which cost us money.  The incredibly bad ones we have to let go, which is incredibly hard for me to do, then come here and post how horrible the employer is.  They don't mention the fact that 1) they still have our equipment even though they have their last check, 2) they failed to do their required lines per hour, 3) half the time they just didn't work at all PERIOD.  Or I invest a great deal of time in training them and they quit with reasons like I didn't realize it would take four hours to work part time and get my lines, I didn't know working at home was like having a REAL job.

I don't know anything about your company at all, but I do know the frustration at being hammered on these forums without the real stories being told, so I think it's great that somebody actually takes up for their company.  We do not outsource, but I have edited for companies who do, and the work is there ON TIME, even if it has to have minimal editing.  If someone is sick, there's somebody to back them up.  No whining, no emails from people who say that for the 10th time this month there was a wreck and their power is off, the dog is sick, I fell and hurt my back again, my dad is going to be ill in December so I'll need time off, my car broke down and I had to walk 5 miles home so that's why I am 8 hours late getting on, I was out all night partying and I have too much of a headache now to work.  It's a real shame for the people who actually do work their tails off.


What does TTS stand for? nm


Take a stand.

Lest we get redirected to the politics board, let me make a few general observations.  I would not look to the companies for resolution.  They are only one player among many whose greed holds our country in their clutch...a tight, squeezing grip that impoverishes the poor, enriches the wealthy and make economic refugees of the ever-shrinking middle class.  Look beyond the corruption of the politicians and whatever despair, frustration and hopeless you may feel.  For a long and single moment, stare far back into the eyes or our history and ask these questions over and over and over again:

Why are we paid wages like we're a third world country. It'd be nice just to meet the bills, but between low wages and high costs of having insurance, which we have to have because our antidepressant medications are so flipping high, who can survive doing this anymore? 

They are your questions.  They are mine too. Why, indeed.   Go and find your answers.  Seek educated and balanced debates pros and cons, right and left. Here's a hint on how to start.  You'll have to switch to something besides Fox and CNN to find this.   Listen to the candidates.  Follow the rhetoric and their platforms.  Watch closely and be a tough critic.  Put yourself around others who share these perspectives.  Listen and contribute, teach and learn from one and the other.  Identify your agenda and then go out and promote and support it. 

Do this between now and this time next year.  Then show up at the polls.  You will know what to do.  If you don't get what you want from the leadership and the legislators, do not disappear into the corner of the country.  Get out there and go for it, over and over.  This is not wasted effort.  If you were a child of the 60s or 70s, you would believe this.  In my life, sweeping, long-reaching and lasting reform has come and gone.  Minorities and women still reap the benefits of those efforts from so long ago.   The time is ripe for history to repeat itself.

PS:  If this were 1970, you and I would be organizing (watch out, here comes that dirty word) LABOR UNIONS. 

Could not stand it ..
First post I read was how nobody needs the BOS. Then I read this .. some days you just have to wonder how in the world people make a living if they really feel there need be no rules or standards. Forget India or Manila or Pakistan and for God sake, remember patient safety. There is a reason for standards and every time I come here I see someone shooting themselves in the foot with their incredibly illogical logic. Our jobs are about patient safety .. first, foremost and always.
What does LTS stand for?
Can't stand it.
I hate the way it searches patients, I hate the autotext format...basically can't stand it. I only live with it because I play it in express scribe and type it in word and then copy it over.
what's TT stand for ? nm
Where is YOG or what does that stand for???
Does this company still exist?  I tried to look on Google to see what company this is and cant find it.
What does it stand for, please? (SPi) (nm)

Who is going to stand up for us?

We are all spread out, and the company I just came from kept everyone's name a secret, including how many working on the account, changes in schedules - everything.

And this is exactly why, so we CAN'T do anything about anything.

I was with them about a month. I could not stand the
account they had me on and they got pretty rude about it.
what does MTSO stand for? nm
It would only stand to reason that they
ALWAYS on the verge of losing accounts, probably because of the cherry-picking, lazy, idiot MTs they employ.

Also, as was posted by Deb the last time this issue was brought up, it is because it is a different platform. Do they offer any of us without work the chance to train on the new platform? Of course not!
I stand corrected...

If they do not have the integrity to stand up and say they have
enough staff, then I have lost all respect I had for any of them. Most of them have no ability anyway, so when they lose those jobs, they will be on the welfare lines.
I see. I stand corrected.
I absolutely cannot stand it - sm
When people feel the need to correct errors in posts!
Ahh, I stand corrected. nm
We should all take that stand, Angry4U.
In fact, we should take it further than that. We could start by writing letters to congresscritters and to facilities in our own town that use overseas transcriptionists.
What does the eMTS stand for?
And do they have a web site? I am looking for a job and would really like to know more about them or how to send a resume. Thanks!
Stand your ground and tell them you would like to
If they don't tell you then move on to the next company.  For the posting below re: depending on how you test determines your salary.  I would never work for a company that did that.  It is not fair.  Many of us are great transcriptionist, but test horribly.  If a company makes you angy or they don't answer your question, then keep on truckin', there are plenty of them out there!  Good Luck
The initials stand for
TTS- Transcription Technology and Support out of New Hampshire.
I stand corrected

No, I did not know many of the things you say here.  The only pharmacy techs I know are people with very little training, not like anything you mention, and that does frighten me I must admit. 

I do know that many of the newbies seem to have a poor work ethic and don't seem to have had very much training.  I see that where I work.  And I do know someone who had been in a mentoring program offered by a national and had a horrible experience and barely kept herself alive on what she made. 

I did not know the other things you mentioned.  I am glad you filled me in on these things.  I want to learn all I can about our situation.  I welcome feedback and I sure wish the things you mentioned were discussed here.  I'd be grateful if you could advise me where to turn to find out such things and keep track of what is really going on, because I apparently am not getting the whole story.  I'd also be interested in your ideas for what to do as you seem to know what you're talking about. 

I apologize if I offended you or anyone else. 

oh - I stand corrected. So who's LK?

I don't come here enough to know the companies that well...what does SGS stand for? TIA (nm)
what does DH stand for? Sorry to be so slow. nm
while it's supposed to stand for that
I use my imagination and have come up with some really good and oh so appopriate ones!

D--- h---

Think about it. LOL
Thanks! Can you stand 1 more question? SM
Does the length of time to get the lines in each day matter, like if it takes me 5 hours to do 600 lines versus 4 hours, do they care about the actual lines per hour you are achieving, or can you work more slowly and accurately and not have to try to fly so fast to cram them in for quota? It would be to my benefit to do more an hour, obviously, to finish more quickly, but wondered if that is an issue that is brought up. Thanks so much, once again.
I stand corrected.....sm
The M-F schedule was not an option when I hired, but that may have just been with the account I hired for.
Which shows what happens if MTs don't stand up for
Oh sure. And your initials stand for
I didn't take a stand at all.
Basically just giving info.  Simply trying to be more helpful than you are.   By the way, typo in your last entry, miss perfect MT.  You sure are sounding way to judgmental and certainly trying to sound like you know it all. 
Good for you! I just wish more MTs would stand
so you are saying give up and do not stand up for yourself...
why shouldnt we be able to elevate ourselves..India has done it, CEOs do it. you think it is unfair for us to want more for ourselves, and you are saying if it gets too hot get out of the kitchen, just move on to something else?

your opinion is respected but some of us like what we do and it is more than just a job. for me it gave me some freedom because I could not afford college but I am not stupid or totally uneducated.

but now I am supposed to just lie down and agree to lose it all, 16 years, without any kind of fight?

what happens to people like that in the long run - I go work at burger king like my 58-year-old cousin for 7 dollars an hour and live in the projects?

school is not an option anymore, either, because the government has made sure people in my financial bracket get no breaks, no loans, no assistance, and they tax me the absolute highest.
What does T-C stand for, Transcend? nm
Excuse me, but what does TTD INC stand for? nm
By the way 'x', what does 'ffor" stand for?
I have to stand up for fatcat here

fatcat could be the person I hire to mediate a problem I have with someone else - not someone who puts someone else down.  There is a good question on the table:  Why not just drop it?

Stand corrected
yes, I meant between sentences, not words.  See what working all hours of the day does to you?
Don't HAVE to, can stand on UE line. sm

If you have the stamina to stand in line, you can still get 50-60% of former salary if you can actually live on that.  But looks like you're already doing that with a 50% cut in pay, anyway, so what the heck?

Then I stand corrected.
Thanks for the clarification.
If you're not willing to stand up for yourselves
don't expect anyone else to do it for you.  So long as people have the attitude that they'll take anything because they have families to feed nothing will get done.  Of course it's hard to put your livelihood on the line but you have to draw the line somewhere or the next step you may be living under a bridge with no electricity to even work for the slave wages.
Execuscribe - I stand corrected

Thank you for pointing out actual fraud amount.  I stand corrected. Article states $379,968.  Kodak alleged near $500k.   It was $1.36 million and $632,277 that was ordered to be paid by Linda and husband for damages stemming from the convicted fraud. 

And again, you are correct in that it was not Execuscribe by that name in these particular convictions, but former company name of Emtex - whose assets were then acquired by Execuscribe at a deflated value, and then quickly transferred those Execuscribe stocks to her sons -- which generated a new action, and was declared null and void by the court in an an attempt to "hinger, delay or defraud" her creditors.    So, yes, Execuscribe was named in this court action.  

Maybe I'm off by a few years -- but I remember this business being Emtex, Executive Secretarial, and now Execuscribe.  That's SEVERAL names.  If I'm wrong on that - sorry.  But my point is, one GOOD name should carry you through your whole professional life, don't you think?


I stand corrected and apologize to OSi
And, love the red coffee cup and candy. 
Talk to the CFO directly. Don't stand for this.
There are companies that take a stand against offshore and mean it. sm
I would look for those. I know for sure that Execuscribe, JLG, Keystrokes and MDI-MD do not send work out of the USA. I am sure that there are others.

I forwarded the entire thread about an hour ago to my Lead Transcriptionist, HR and to the owner of the company I work for so that they are aware of Heartland doing this. The owner has already answered me and said that they will watch out for displaced Heartland MTs and give them special attention. She agrees that no one deserves this treatment. I am proud to be an MT, but discouraged and worried that things like this happening will chase away my fellow professionals. I hate to say it, but we really do need more structure if we are going to make a difference.
You're right, I stand corrected.
I did not accept the offer as I had much more pride and hope for the profession I have chosen.

Also, my reply was not a company bash session and it was entirely professional. I point that out as my professional pride is the reason I declined the offer from Shapin, which was made by a woman who seemed proud of low quality and the insult they are making to our profession.

Now, I can almost promise that no one will post a professional response that would agree with you. Any real professional would never accept the positions they hire for, unless they have drastically changed. And if they HAVE drastically changed, I definitely take back all I say and hope for the best for them and their employees.

I stand corrected. It is HIPAA