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Isn't there some way an "anonymous" letter

Posted By: could be sent to all the accounts? SM on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: What jerks! I don't even care about this company anymore...sm - are you kidding?

Let the doctors and clinics know where their work is being sent--to a country with no HIPAA regulations. Let them know that the people who have faithfully worked for them for years just got shafted BIG TIME.

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RE: Not MQ-Letter

I have to agree with you on this--why does everyone need to be called personally and I never thought about that, was the call being recorded?? But would they not have to tell you that??


Something just does not feel right about this. The packet is coming out in Oct, our all the packets different,after you get the packet will you have to sign something to agree to that pay rate to continue with your job, and is all this heading to a merger with Spheris at the first of the year. When I was called , there were no answers to any of my questions and honestly I think the person on the phone was not prepared for any questions, just to ask you if you got the packet.


Some of the offices that have been closed so far have surprised me, especially Warminster and Atlanta, and now Houston and an office in Ohio is closing. I hope it is not the one in Columbus, that is a great office.


Where is this all going???  And all I want to do is work, if there was any!!!

yes really. it was in my letter.
under 'highlights of the plan':
#6: "opportunity for paid time off for part-time employees and PTO of up to 18 days per year for full-time employees.."
Next letter
Anyone else get this letter ?

Got letter in mail --  inquiry about 'opportunity' for my service to hire on 50+ MTs including dictation platform - something about an MTSO losing 98% of its hospital business in November and wanting to place these MTs.  ?  I'm wondering if these poor MTs even know about it yet ??

I received this letter today, and I don't even work for SPI.  I did work for Cymed (long before the merge), but have been gone from there for 2 years now.  I wonder if it's anything I need to worry about.   
Did anybody get a letter from SPI

I am a former SPI employee and got a letter from the company who did our paychecks today saying an SPI employee had left a laptop on a plane that had our personal info such as SSI#, bank info, etc. and the laptop had not been recovered.  They are supposed to have a 1-year free deal with Equifax for a credit watch.  This is really scary to me. Was wondering if anyone else got this letter.

Yes, I also received one today.  There is a thread below that was started about this, and I posted to that.  I have actually never worked for SPI, but I did work for Cymed 2 years ago.  It's so scary to think that my personal information might be at risk.  I think it might be best to enroll in the coverage now.   
SPI letter
I also recieved the letter. I worked for Cymed. My sister used to work for an insurance company and recieved the same letter. She has been monitoring her credit report but has had somebody try and change the address on a few of her credit cards. What next and how incompetent are people.
Does anyone have any samples of a letter that you would send out to doc's to get their business.
I got the same letter
My letter said I had to become an employee because of state regulations - I assume this is for Massachusetts where Focus is located? That doesn't seem to make sense to me since we are located all over (I am in Kansas). I've been an IC with Focus for a year and haven't had too many problems but do get updated account specs just about everyday. I can only keep up with 1 account assigned to me bec. I can't remember everything for 3 accounts. I am content with staying at Focus but only if I can pick my shifts and days to work.
Wow! Well written. I posted here last week and was called a suck-up, but I still think you are right. I do my own share of griping, but having been an IC, I know what you say is true. I'm much happier being an employee. MUCH less stress. Try working for a federal prison and not getting their work back - I never had the guts to be late, even though they were at times late with the tapes and my paycheck. I only went to being an employee within a company because of a severe, chronic illness in my son. This works best for me now, staying at home and being here for him, not running around picking up tapes and delivering sticky progress notes. By the way, what does MTSO mean? My guess is MT service organization, but I'm actually clueless.
This letter should be followed up by a letter to
No letter here! nm

Can we talk - about this MQ letter!

The first sentence that sent me tossing my cookies was "...we would like to thank you for your continued service and support.  we know the key to our success is the people who work so hard for our customers every day".


PLEEZE......I have not had one centilla of a raise in over 5 years!  So we know what that sentence was all above.  Your thanks and $1.25 will get me a bad cup of coffee at Huddle House.


Next - that's the whole reason for this letter if you ask me - the little ditty from WINSTON AND STRAWN, attorneys at law.


They wanted MQ employees to cough up DOCUMENTS (document preservation).  Of course the attorneys for the MTs' class action suite are also searching out those very same documents.   How quaint.


And that graph about "over the past several months with your help and input we have been working on developing a pay plan and comprehensive benefit program that will enable us to set the standard in the industry."  Nowhere in that whole paragraph did it mention statutory MTs.  It addressed them in the salutation of the letter, but never in the paragraph about the pay plan of benefits if you notice.  and lord help us if MQ is going to set the STANDARD for the industry (which they have single-handedly devastated all by themselves).  They did not make profit through solid  business means, they made their profit off the BENEFITS we as MTs made previously and which they through smoke and mirrors merely shifted over to their profit column.  That didn't take a genius - just underhanded business.  I could do that too, take what used to be benefits and change it to the profit monies. 


And in this letter they further have the nerve to claim:  "While we believe that the claims raised by the three transcriptionists appear to lack merit..."  How about the thousands of other MTs who also believe it to be so, and the hospitals that back them up?


I have to go pour me a drink. 

No. The only letter I have received is the
September 2nd letter announcing the upcoming Rewards Plan.

Yes, if ASR pay is being reduced that is a pay cut. It is A pay cut. The above post made implication that there was a pay cut across the board, "... the pay cut ...".

I just don't see a need to be careless with that kind of assumption.

I have received nothing about the ASR reduction. However, I do not do ASR and it may have only gone to those MTs.

Watch out. SBC just sent me a letter saying
they were switching me from unlimited LD to 10 cents a minute.  So I called and canceled my LD with them.  Back to onesuite.com for now.
Trying to Advertise my letter...
in the Toledo Blade myself. They told me that the advertising managers will have to review my article and decide if they will let me do it. I don't know what it will cost to do it, but I am sure going to try!!!!

I will send it to Lou Dobbs now.
Medware QA boo-boo letter
So, did you all get the QA email that was intended for QA staff dealing with the India work?  and then the email stating, oh, disregard that email . . . Well, there is the proof that MW offshores and is looking to do more and more at our ultimate expense. 
SPI/Ceridian Letter

Wondering if any SPI employees have accessed the enrollment for the 1 year free credit monitoring with Equivax due to a supposed breech of security with their payroll service, Ceridian.  I am wondering if this is legit or if it is the typical scam where after the first year free you are automatically enrolled into the service at a charge and it is your responsibility to cancel.  I would hate to think they have stooped so low as to be profiting off of their employee mailing list.  Guess I am feeling a little cynical today.

I second that emotion..to the letter!
Here's a copy of what I sent. I encourage us all to write more letters to save our jobs. Feel free to copy any parts and use to send to them.

Please stop the outsourcing of our medical records to third world
countries for cheap labor to be done by people that cannot fully speak the
English language and are not qualified to transcribe the health
information that may be outsourced to them. This is done solely because
the american company that is outsourcing is cheap and saving money at the
cost of the patient's health due to the inconsistency and inaccuracy of
their ability to accurately transcribe the English language and are just
transcribing anything that they think might be the proper English or
medical term. This puts the patient's health in jeopardy and high risk of
having the inaccurate information such as inaccurate medicines, inaccurate
medical conditions and the obvious accessibility of the patient's full
name, address, social security number and other very private information
at the hands of the unscrupulous overseas companies with no laws governing
their privacy laws and no punishable by law of any misuse of this
information that could be for sale to any one and by anyone in the third
world countries that have access to the information. There is no
remediation ability for any illegal use of any of the information that is
transmitted via electronic voice, computer or fax machine to these
overseas companies and therefore the very use of this kind of service by
an overseas company should be highly illegal and should not be allowed
considering that there are many American companies that do have to adhere
to the HIPPA privacy law and all the legal ramifications for protecting
every patient's private information and medical information.

This is a very serious matter and affects every American as there are many
unscrupulous businesses operating on the very information that we as
American companies are held of the highest regard to protect all patient
information and are held responsible for any misconduct that may occur
with the releasing of any of the patient's information whether it be
social security numbers, health information or personal information that
can be gleened from any medical record.

We Americans take pride in our work and we hold the patient's medical
record to the utmost respect and privacy. There is no way to control the
overseas companies and they cannot be held responsible for selling any
patient information.

Thank you.

The name is Axolotl. The last letter is an L, not an I.

Refusal letter
May I borrow this when needed. It says everything that needs to be!!!
She would have found it with or without the letter! (nm)
That's what!
yep demand letter already sent
and will probably end up there but I don't care as I deserve to be paid for my services. And the entire way this person handled this entire matter was so immature. Wish I could copy and paste some of the e-mails that went back and forth. Very childish and immature!!
Cover letter
I have been offered 7 jobs in the past year so take my advice for what you will.

The sentence: Please consider this letter as my formal application presenting my background, education, and experience. I would take it out. Your resume outlines your background, education, etc. This sentence is just fluff.

Rather than saying over 4 years, make it 5 years. Lots of companies want 5 years, and if it is only a matter of months difference, it won't matter.

I would include more types of imaging and take out some of the medical terminology, labwork, etc. They are more interested in your radiology background and expect you to know anatomy, etc.

This sentence: I am highLY self-motivated and produce excellent work, both in quality and quantity. Anybody can say that, and it sounds liked canned text. Do you have a QA score to back it up? How many reports do you average an hour? More specifics than a general statement.

This sentence: May I arrange an interview to further discuss my qualifications? Don't ask. Tell them I am very interested in this position and look forward to hearing from you. Then give them a phone number and email to contact you.

Good luck

You really don't need a cover letter.
Send your resume. We are smart enough to figure out the rest. Most times a cover letter heads straight for the trash. Who has time to read it? Unless a company specifically asks for a cover letter, don't bother.
I took a test for a company on 1 week ago, Sept 24.  I know I nailed it.  Still haven't heard anything.  How do I write a follow-up email to see if I can get any info on my status?  Any help is appreciated!  Thanks.
open letter

You could not said it any  better.!!!!

AHDI's letter
No, thanks. AHDI has a long history of selling out the American transcriptionist. If they told me the sun was shining, I would walk outside and look at the sky to be sure. I refuse to support AHDI in any way whatsoever.
Does it begin with the letter
I think you should print this letter out and
-- and maybe a newspaper or a TV station or two. The reason these people are getting away with ducking the law is that they think no one can see them do it. (And we're all 'nobodys', so we don't count). If this post just stays on this forum, only other MTs will read it. This needs to be read by the general public, and some of our lawmakers, as well.

This was an excellent post, and needs to be read by as many people as possible.

PS: My company pulls this one on us, too. Only instead of asking for overtime, since they know they'd have to pay us, they raise the number of minimum lines per day we have to do, and tell us to work harder, work faster. But then they throw a trip line into the works by tweeking the software to the point where it's as slow as molasses, or by giving us accounts with heavy ESLs and no samples or normals to work from.

I think all these folks need to spend some time in a cell with Bernie Madhoff.
according to the letter, news to follow
by personal phone call in the future.

Happy Friday!!
Cover letter possibly?? nm
Can you give us the first letter of the company's name.
She's right about sending the letter to Lou Dobbs...
After thinking about this, I realized there are probably several private physicians in Toledo who send their work overseas. My friend here in a smaller town south of Toledo lost her job several months ago doing dictation at a local Cardiology practice. One of the Indian physicians convinced the other partners that his friends in India could do the transcribing much cheaper. Someone else posted further down about offshoring going on even in the smallest towns in America and that is absolutely right. Your letter would get much more exposure and be taken more seriously with someone like Lou Dobbs at CNN. 
Ever hear of Better Letter out of Colorado??
Letter to Transcription Companies

To Transcription Companies:

We are Transcriptionists or MLS.  We are faces unseen, but hearts that beat.  We are NOT a piece of machinery, but if you choose to think of us such, then I suggest you think of your machines as following:  In order for you to have your company, you need us.  We perform best when well treated.  We don't require much care, but the care we do require must be gentle.  Like any well-oiled machinery, we need gentle hands and warm touches.  It gets lonely, very lonely being a machine by itself.  Most of the time, the only contacts we get from you are your emails or IMs to us.  The wording of those emails is critical to the functioning of our machines.  A quick, thoughtless brash email lends our machinery to slow down and run boggy.  (Many a personal relationship has been broken by email and IM communication.  It's not a good way to run a business.)  Just like any piece of equipment, maintenance is important.  That maintenance comes in the form of our pay, and we only ask that it be on time and correct.  We produce for you.  We need our maintenance.  Sure, some of us may require a little more maintenance than others, but you end up benefiting from the results.  A little thank you now and then would be nice.  And, certainly at the holidays, we don't expect you all to be able to give us a complete overhaul, but certainly a card, a pen, a special little pad of paper, a calendar, or coffee cup would be much appreciated.  When feeding us input (or QA as you like to call it), we learn much better and produce more when it is given with tenderness and teaching.  Some machines learn best with a variety of teaching methods.  (Even speech recognition needs not only the voice, but the typist's words as well.)  We Transcriptionist machines may need some visual, as well as verbal teaching; and if we only get one, it may take us longer to learn.  It doesn't mean we are stupid; we just each have different methods of learning.  We will give you many years of service and perhaps a lifetime guarantee, if only you would follow the manufacturer's instructions.  Thank you.

A Transcription Machine

open letter to Diskriter

You are having such a horrid time filling those job positions that I am willing to give it a go, but only for 12 cpl. Let me know. Yours very truly.


I quit there 10 months ago and got the letter.
After 10 months, they should have NO record of me on a computer.
I'd like to see a copy of a letter sent to clients ...
The letter would explain to the client/doctors that MTs work from homes all over the country and we may not know the names of streets, towns, landmarks in their communities. The letter would explain how docs and MTs could both save time if the doc would move his/her lips when speaking, and would speak at a reasonable volume and pace -- not super-fast, and not stop and go while shuffling papers and talking on cell phones. The letter would describe (in a sweet, informative way, of course) that MTs are real human beings and that dictation is not transcribed by magical machines on the other end of the phone line. And then, I'd like to hear all the docs say, Thank you at the end of their dictations and say, If there's anything that I can do to improve my dictation technique, please let me know, and actually mean it!
They'll be getting a letter from my lawyer...
... if I don't get a check by the end of the week.  I already informed her of that.  We'll see how easy that is to ignore.  She isn't in the US right now or I'd sure be calling her every day, multiple times a day until I saw a check. 
does this company begin with the letter O?
curious if it does. Sounds almost similar to an experience last year although never made it past the phone calls but made it seem like oh yeah, we have room to hire, and then never heard anything. She said she was working on finding me an account.  yeah right. 
You can do it now. Just point out all your strengths in your letter.
Yes, I realize that, but until the termination letter comes, I don't really
Disagree. One letter from an attorney
to their clients would change this picture...

They broke the contract first by not paying according to agreement; that's all I'd need to either contact the clients directly myself or pay $100 bucks or so to have an attorney do it for me...

Again, you aren't looking for payment by contacting the client, you are advising them in advance that you are suing their provider and that they should be prepared to turn over documents/be subpoenaed.

Or, just roll over and hope the company chooses to pay you. Whatever.
I think what Transcend does is write you a letter
telling you that because you did not make incentive you are considered part-time and no longer eligible for benefits.  This is what I have heard.  But please talk to your supervisor because this may not be the case.  Good luck.  I know they are a stickler for making production no matter what the circumstances are.
Yes, I got the same letter from Embarq..even after I explained (sm)
to them what I needed the unlimited LD for.  I finally switched to a digital line from our local cable provider (Time-Warner) and pay $39 a month now, no matter how much long distance I use.  I also work for Keystrokes.
Have an attorney send them a letter with
a copy of your contract. Also, as poster below says, look for a new job.
When I was hired they sent a form letter saying
starting pay was 8 cpl - no exceptions.  They talked raise frequently but never got one, never got paid for OT, never got paid for holidays.  There was a problem a few months ago and pay was late as supposedly they didn't have money to meet total payroll, but I never had a problem with my check. 
cover letter-need feedback/help

Hi all-

My hospital recently outsourced its rad transcription.  I was able to get on the with the company that took over, but ended up taking a 50% cut in pay!  I am in the process of sending out resumes in hopes to find PT/prn (preferably IC) work to supplement.  While I can write a rocking resume, I am absolutely terrible with cover letters.  I have drawn one up (based on examples from the net) and was hoping that I could get some feedback (content, format, grammar, etc) from my fellow MTs.  Any help would be great!  I am fully open to any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.  Please see the letter below and thanks in advance for your help!


Dear Employer:

In response to the open medical Transcriptionist position with your organization, I am enclosing a resume for your review. Please consider this letter as my formal application presenting my background, education, and experience.

I have over 4 years experience in radiology transcription; and I am well versed in the areas of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, labwork, and surgical procedures.

I have considerable experience in transcribing all types of medical imaging procedures, including Interventional Radiology and Mammography.  I am high self-motivated and produce excellent work, both in quality and quantity.

May I arrange an interview to further discuss my qualifications? I am available for an interview at a mutually convenient time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.