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with your permission....

Posted By: see message on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: I wrote this email and sent it to the Toledo Blade newspaper. - mamacarolina

i would like to copy and paste your letter and send it to my congresspeople

I think this trend is despicable my heart goes out to you all and I think we're all not far behind - MQer

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Do you ask your employer's permission to do everything
in your life?

I don't. I did what was best for me.

They purchase my skills and expertise from me while I am on the clock for them. I don't share their secrets with the enemy nor vice versa. I have maintained my quality and production the entire time I've worked for them.

I don't ask for permission before I go do what I need to for my household.

You're right. MQ doesn't seem to have a problem with it. Spheris would not feel the same way, probably.
Permission to test
means only that the company is willing to test you. Again, a good test of the value of any school is to call MQ, Spheris, Amphion, MDI, DRC, or any other respected company and ask them if they will test you. If you are from a matchbook school, they likely will not. Testing costs a lot of money, training costs a lot of money, and with the glut of MTs in the marketplace, the companies can pretty much have their pick of the cream these days. Sad but true. I did not set it up this way. I am only the messenger who deals with recruiting issues on a daily basis.
No permission needed.
That's what I like.  I'm flexible.
Without your permission it is not legal.
Why would you not be able to? I use one but didn't ask permission.
Would need permission from the OP before giving

I would not feel comfortable posting that information on the Board without the Original Posterís permission, since it contains personal names and addresses.  TransTech is probably reading every one of these posts right now and you could be management for all I know.  LOL.  Suffice it to say that this is public information and can be researched if you know where the headquarters of TT is and how to access court filings in that county.  

If told to do it but not claim it, that is PERMISSION, nm
They want permission to do background checks.....
Betcha most do (or at least get permission to), and applicants don't
I think all the nationals ask permission; I've been
Sounds fantastic. I hope you are given permission (sm)
to post the name. I will apply there asap:)