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Lay-off - firings

Posted By: mamaitalia on 2006-05-08
In Reply to: What exactly happened? Are you out of jobs - immediately? Did you get severance? nm

If you were not IC's apply for unemployment and fast.  Hope this was the case. My prayers are with you.  Medicine is slow right now in all fields and I fear that more lay-offs are in store in the near future.

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What's up with all the recent firings?
mass firings
They had a conference call recently for which US editors were asked to call in. When they were all on the line, they were ALL fired! Talk about unprofessional!
Also, when people quit or are let go, they are not being replaced; often, when they ARE replaced, it's not by other US employees.
They are taking the easier, longer-winded docs and giving them to offshore workers to do, leaving the US employees with the more difficult, hard-to-understand dictation to do while at the same time are pushing for more and more production/lines AND stepping up the auditing AND requiring feedback to be done on worse and worse work from overseas - basically resulting in people not being physically able to make quotas nor keep quality at a premium. They then are firing people who fall below what they say are the minimums, not taking into account the conditions which THEY are imposing on us and which make the job more difficult and much more time consuming, and the massive also-time-consuming amount of feedback on crappy transcription (and HA! editing) overseas. It's discriminatory no matter how you look at it, too: There is no way that the work of the overseas 'editors' can hold a candle to that I've seen from US editors, yet the US people are being fired & forced out left and right while the overseas folks are being allowed to keep their jobs and even being promoted.

SPi has been 'testing out' voice recognition on a major account for quite sometime; when they started it, they fired most of the US MTs and promoted offshore MTs to Editor positions.
They are losing accounts like crazy; some they lose on purpose, but others are lost because the clients are upset and/or dissatisfied with the lack of quality, service, etc.
Run, DON'T WALK, away from this unethical company while the choice is still in YOUR hands...before they fire you or sweep you up in one of their recent mass 'layoffs'

and when you DO leave, make absolutely certain that they pay you any unused vacation (AND unused/owed PTO for those prior Cymed employees). They don't do it automatically. They told one person who quit recently that they had just decided not to pay the PTO out - even though they put it in writing in the benefits package cover letter in January! Someone else who left tried to collect unemployment but couldn't because SPi had her listed in another state completely than where she'd lived for all the years she worked for them - she got hired after months but never did collect any of the benefits she was entitled to.
This company represents all the worst of human nature.
Mass Firings
What can one do to protect themselves from these evil doings?  How can they get away with not paying out PTO?  I am beginning to think that their transcription branch is just not important to them and they don't care what happens to it (at least in the US).  It is obviously clear they don't care about the US MT.