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How they sleep at night

Posted By: Hummer6 on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: I have worked at MQ before and I would say that HIS has them beat when it comes to playing dirty!! - nm

MQ and Heartland are both scum, cut from the same greedy cloth.

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How they sleep at night
They sleep just like the guys over at MQ sleep. More and more this business is getting down and dirty. I feel for you all.
How can they sleep at night?
They can sleep at night because
they have no conscience. Look at how many people were done in by MQ. Do you think the MQ pooh-bahs care? Nah, they're too busy on their yachts. I hope they one day join Mr. Madoff where they belong.
You may sleep well at night
thinking all is well because you have provided for your family. Yes, you have provided them with food and the basica, maybe, but what about selling out in order to do so? What you are really doing is subscribing to a very dangerous philosophy called THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS. Many tragedies of a global nature have been brought about by just this kind of thinking. Study history.
How do these people sleep at night....
I wonder how these people can sleep at night
knowing what effect their actions have on their employees. But then again, 16 million dollars will buy a lot of sleeping pills.....
And I sleep well at night, knowing I have provided
I'm taking the same chance. I think I'll sleep better at night. nm
I understand. It is a shame isnt it. I hope they sleep well at night.
I function without a lot of sleep
I try to get up at about 4 a.m., work until 7 when my daughter gets up, start working again at 8 a.m. until she comes home at 3. I guess I do work evenings sometimes, but my desk is right by the kitchen so I'm up and down a lot then. Sometimes I stay up until 11 or so to work after she goes to bed. I do sometimes feel like I'm always working, but I ran up some credit card bills a few years ago and promised to bring in a certain amount of money to help pay down that debt, and now I'm living up to my part of the bargain. Again, though, I do work a lot and sometimes feel like I'm missing out on life, but don't a lot of us feel that way?
make that, I would not lose any sleep over this co.
If you never take a break, work 24 hours with no sleep and ....
no potty breaks, and work seven days a week, 365 days a year, then yes, you can make that kind of money.. Who are they fooling..That is cruel to lead people to believe they could this working a standard shift, 8 hours, and 40 hours a week.  I wish. I made $40,000 last year and I had NO life. All I did was work.. Not worth it..
Sleep Medicine with 48 hour turnaround?

Does anyone know of any companies that specialize in Sleep Medicine with a 48 hour turnaround window?




I try to be correct at all times, but I certainly am not going to lose any sleep sm
over errors I make on a message board, nor will I ever be so petty as to attack someone as this other person has done.  If your little snipe made you feel better, then I'm so happy I could be of service to you.  I try to treat people as I would like to be treated.  I know there are times I have posted something and then saw it and thought OMG .. can't believe I messed that up like that or something, but I have been fortunate enough to have the barracudas leave me alone.  I stand by my original post.  This is not the forum to police each other.  I have over 99% average on my QA scores at work, so I do not worry too much about whether I measure up to the standards of someone here who apparently has nothing else to do except pick others apart for no reason.  However, I have been in the work force long enough to realize that there are some people out there who can only feel good about themselves when they are trying to make someone else feel bad.
I doubt she's having fitful sleep. Money makes a soft mattress.
She sold us out for the mighty dollar.

This did not happen in a day; I bet she knew for months, way before she wrote that email a few weeks ago.
day and night
Overall transform is good. I'd say stay away from accounts with Lisa P as manager. She is moody and flies off a lot. Or should I just say unpredictable.

Transform is good as they are pretty flexible on hours and the platform is pretty decent to work on.
Try a night out and look for a man.

and you might make some cashews along with those peanuts.  They are also delicious covered in chocolate, but that may require you get a few more lines in. 

Hey, don't be bitter, reconsider!  Some of us have learned a lot of from this board. 

Chillax!  Life is waaaaay too short!  

P/S:  Bubble baths and a glass of wine can also cure this kind of demeanor....  Try it some time.  You might like it.... 

Nothing since last night in the ER.
Must be no one has gone to the ER because that is what my account is.
Its only you - last night I
I hate to have to start looking for another job, but things just keep getting a little worse all the time on my accounts.
more $ for night and weekends
0.005 per line from 6 pm to 11 pm. from 11 pm to 6 am 0.01 per line. How the heck can we keep track of this stuff? More time will be spent calculating the time sheet than earning it!!
Thank you very much! :) Have a great night. NM
I have been waiting all night for - sm
someone to say that. I feel better already!
Run screaming into the night!
I worked there for 11 years. The last few years have been a gradual decline, but big changes came on 1/1/06. My experience since then: Felt like a 6 year old who needed to be watched every minute. I was PT and could not take time off without making it up. So that's not really time off, is it? The whole place was confused about personnel policies. Never got straight answers. What a mess! I left and found a gem of a company and am very happy. There are MUCH better companies out there.
Nowhere does it say anything about taking our night
differential (not that I can find, anyway).  They took one bonus and replaced it one other and another on the way.  Rarely do I run out of work. They could have cut our pay even more to get us on a more even keel with the other nationals that only pay 50%.  At least that didn't happen yet.  It's not a bad place to work.  I have always been paid on time, have a good PS and WFC, accrue PTO even though I'm only part time (30 hours per week).
Difference is night and day
I love Keystrokes! No etime to fill out, ever! Great leads, great office support staff. Pay rate was about the same or slightly above what I made at MQ. I am happy I made the switch.
night work

I realize you're only talking about evening into early morning hours here, but there are some things you may want to consider:

If you're not used to staying up late, at first you may find it easier to fall asleep as soon as you get home because you'll be exhausted.  But once your body becomes used to this schedule, I would count on 1-2 hours of unwind time before you fall asleep after getting home.  Been there; done it.  Then add 7 to 8 hours of good, sound rest before your daughter needs you. 

Breaking up your sleep pattern will not be good in the long run because it will take its toll on your health.  Naps are okay for short-term use but you really need deep, undisturbed sleep to function well, stay healthy, and not be irritable all day.  This advice comes from my college Psych class and personal experience over many years.  And as I'm sure you know, a special needs child takes extra care and that in itself draws on your mental and physical resources before you even head off to work. 

If you're someone who can't stay up past 10 or 11 now, your production is going to suffer while you fight sleep.  It's going to take time to try to re-program your body and using stimulants like coffee or caffeine to get you through your shift takes a futher toll on your health and might make it harder to fall asleep once you get home. 

If you think of yourself as a night person you might be able to make this work.  If you're not, I'd think twice.  You can't really change your body's programming.  The best you'd be doing is compromising it.  I really don't think the money is worth the trouble you're headed for if this would not come naturally to you.  If I were you, I'd look for a schedule that works WITH my body's timing so that the whole time is spent producing when I am physically and mentally naturally at my best.  Your increased production during this time could meet or exceed the $17. 

Hope this helps some! 

Think I tested the next night. Thanks much. nm
l can vouch. Last night many saying OT sm
and had 0 jobs available.  Don't just look at the notice that the account is on OT.
I think it's 0.025 each for evening, night

Thank you for the clarification.  It is apparent that one of two scenarios is happening here.   You are either charging too little of your client, undercutting all competition, or you are keeping too much of the profits for yourself!! 

Since you have direct contact with this client, why not train them to train the horrible, ESL, fast-talking dictator!!

BTW, I work the night shift, so the time I spend here is my own time, as if that is any of your business.



Wow, just what I was thinking last night...
new company, new kid on the block, nothing but one dictation after the other of windy, whispering Indian female docs, me wondering if I'm the only one working (shouldn't be) or if it's deliberate to test me in some way. My head hurt from holding my good earphones tight to my ears to get the job done, even flipped my AC off (and it was near 90 here), longest 8 hours I've ever worked but baby, I got the job done. Hope tonight's better, ha-ha.
No work at night either. sm
The only time my account has work, if I'm lucky, is Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday and usually during the day.  By the night time on those days the work is usually gone.  On Monday it is usually gone.  I took another part time job back in March and I'm glad I did. 
Good night, Steph
I hate people who see nothing but black and white.....there is some gray area in there too
I took their test last night with no problem..sm
had no problem using the software they provided..
where did Amphion post from last night go?

Call blocking instructions are in your phone book.  These vary from company to company.  Check you phone bill and see what numbers they are using (probably more than one line there).  If this fails and they keep calling (imagine how many lines they actually have) then send them a formal letter stating your problem with their phone harrassment and the exact days and hours of their callsand cc it to all their clients.  Maybe they are hurting for transcriptionists and hope you have changed your mind by now or that, gee, now that you're awake you might as well type?   If anything, this should cure you of them forever and everyone who read your post will remember!  I once had a friend (actually a really nice lady) who had a similar problem (although ot with SPi) that went on for a year.  They woke up her kids and husband, her dog, her cat and she looked so bad from lack of uninterrupted sleep.  That  was in the olden days before caller ID and call blocking.  She finally had another friend convince her to hand out THEIR numbers to car salesmen and insurance salesmen, etc.  That was really harsh, but the calls she got soon stopped and it was apparent that because they stopped that all along they were consciously and deliberately calling her.  Another tactic might be to change your phone number.  Good luck. 

Recommendations for late night PT
Need recommendations for good companies for late night PT, 16-20 hours per week.  IC or employee status not important.  TIA
I worked last night and never ran out of work???
not sure why some are and some are not. Hmmm...maybe those running out are not staying signed in?
They called me late last night (sm)
I don't work late at night. I checked my schedule of when they are allowed to call just to be sure I hadn't made a mistake. I am going to e-mail my PS today as well again with my schedule to forward to them. My husband feels like we are being stalked!
I was just wondering last night if I should hang in there...
I have been really worried about the no work on training. Today there is absolutely zero. I am ready to go back to be an employee, after being so happy as an IC/SE... my DH says to hang in there because if this company is all they say, it will be worth it... but I have had a hard time with one highly-rated company here since I was hired in December (with everyone else too), and then went on LOA. Now I have been without a full paycheck for a very long time and I am lucky to have a second income around here. I long for the days of even bringing home 500 bucks a week (which I used to complain about). I will hang in there but not for long, because the harsh reality of the bills kicks in... I have 2 companies I could go to be an employee, one which runs out of work and I worry about that, and the other which does not but I have to have a schedule and worry about taking care of my kids. I know above someone said we should get over this complaining and be glad to have a job, but honestly I have skills of over 2 decades, and am flexible and mature and willing to put up with etc. But here with the other nat'l company not coming through since last year, and now being broke for so long, how much longer can I afford to be without a paycheck which can help out with bills? The bill collectors don't say hang in there. They send collection and later attorney notices. And that is the reality of the situation.
I pulled eve/night so that I could get work...sm
NADA NADA. Left after my 2-week training.
Unless its full moon at the ER night!!
or a rocking night at Hilo Hospital!
won't go quietly into that good night. nm
Well, I'm going to get a part-time job at night doing something (sm)
completely different from MTing, like a waitress or something.  Surely the company I work for can't stop me from that. 
They probably work night shift to get 10/5.
From what I was told, everyone is given the same rate regardless of whether you have 2 years' experience or 20.
No, I am not sitting around. I am working all night
everyone is out having fun or sleeping. The only way to make a living. I cannot afford to sit and scrounge. I have no help outside of my own support and no family except a son to provide for, you better believe I don't sit and wait!
Yes, I had that experience even as recently as last night when it was 67 . . . WOW
Definitely not my provider, as I have the very highest speed offered by them!  I think it also happens when sups/leads are throwing jobs into your que, rather than letting them automatically download, as should always be the case, but unfotunately NOT.  They just can't keep their hands out of the jobs!!!!!
It's the middle of the night in India.
I think they wait til the middle of the night...
when they think nobody is watching and hope to get replies before the moderators take notice.
Run out of work every single night.

oops, long night should be BRAVO
and who am I to post when my fingers feel dyslexic by now :)