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Posted By: OhioMT on 2006-05-08
In Reply to: Thank you for all of your kind words and thoughts! - mamacarolina

I was at a lost today on the call, but it was not far into the call before i knew what i was up before it was even said. I have been looking like mad for a new job today. I have loved my job at HIS and now i find myself scared and worried how I am going to support my 3 children and myself.

Most of the companies i have found only take those with 2 or 3 pluse years. I only have 1 year 3 months in wiht HIS.

I too have shead tears today and said a lot of prayers that i find something before the bottom of the basket falls out of me and my kids.

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Sure, have lost patience, never lost sense of acting
QT lost jobs lost dreams
webmedx is hiring but they may already have enough people, I got a job there last week.  No matter what kind of bull you are hearing from management or otherwise is a lie.  The account is gone, please look for new jobs
to lost at sea
Please, please email me.  If there has been a mistake, Lee certainly makes up for it.  She takes care of people, but with everything going on, I can help. 
Not sure about if they have lost a lot
of people or got a lot of accounts, but they do not pay for spaces (at least they did not a few years ago when I worked for them). Very rude QA at that time.
They lost me
And I tell others to save their money.  Why should we support the AAMT when the AAMT does not support us?  Let them get their money from India and the Philippines.
They lost me
With a little luck, this will be the death blow for AAMT just like it was for the employees at Heartland.
They only lost the
2 accounts but site 120 also had the urgent care clinic work at 121 and 131 that were associated with a part of site 120. Site 120, 121 and 131 had a LOT of work but now it's feast or famine.
there's no 153/154 either. That's 3 lost.
no msg
They lost everybody!
They did lose a TON of people, including almost everybody in management! Since the SPI takeover, they totally stopped caring about their employees and treated them all like second class citizens! I know that was my experience! I am so glad to be out of that place! I make a ton more money with my new company since I get paid for spaces now, which I did not get paid for at Cymed/SPI!
not really lost

They are owned and run by the Philippines, so they didn't lose anything really.  Everything is run out of there now. Boy just try to find out who does what, nobody seems to know anything.  It's just awful awful awful.  Cymed was headquartered in TN, Spi bought, took over, moved the office, now some chick in Virginia answers the phone with a list of phone numbers but knows nothing or nobody. It's like this huge secret who does what now.

They Lost
DeVenture LOST the case.
I think everyone just was lost on the ...sm
fact that referring to an Asian descent person as Oriental was not PC. I have to admit I honestly didn't know that myself. Learn something new everyday.
That isn't why you lost your job...

No one cares about what is in the medical records right now.  Type it and file it and the lawsuits will come down the road...  probably by that time, the company will be out of business or in India or feel they won't have to face that. 

Hey, aren't we supposed to have a push to reconcile our medical records?  Everyone will have a set that they can take with them to each doctor?  Gee, what do you think will happen when patients find out exactly what CRAP is in their records.  Can you say L-A-W-S-U-I-T?  Come on, all together now... 

Lost my job to EMR
They kept saying that it wouldn't happen, that they would still need us, blah, blah, blah. Then about a month and a half ago I got called into the office. Myself and the other Transcriptionist were told that as of the end of August we would be without jobs. Now, if I want to get paid at all, starting Monday I have to go in-house through the end of August and work in the medical records department. I'm switching to general and legal transcription. As soon as I can find another full-time position, I'm quitting the MT business. Although I'm sure at one point that will go by the wayside too.
Don't think we lost any........
because of losing accounts. I believe the MTs on the accounts that were lost were just redistributed amongst other existing already low-volume accounts, which helps account for the NSA that we see so often. I think it is good that a company tries to keep employess on if their account goes away, but not at the expense of others who need to make a living as well.
Have you tried to go with the account they lost.
There is lost of work at MDI-FL....
Call the office and ask for another account. There are three starting tomorrow. I just got an e-mail about one with a system called Intrascript.

got that and I was one of the ones who lost their job last week....
so I am not in a good mood about the company at all right now. Don't know what they are trying to prove right now, but it is not good.
ex QA mgr lost her job for letting cat out of the bag...
and that is then I found another job as well.
Other lost accounts?
Besides the 120 account and Florida Hospital (don't know that site #), what other accounts have been dropped lately? I don't know about acute care or clinic sites, but ER has been very, very slow for the past 3 weeks or so. I don't know if it is all related to the loss of 120 or if there are others that haven't been mentioned yet.
wonder why we lost all these accounts?
Does anyone know what happened? Why did we lose them all at once?
They lost a lot of us, now, didnt they?
They will realize that   doesnt cut it.
Other accounts have been lost too. It would

be nice if someone would at least tell us what was going on so we can decide what we need to do.   I laughed about the Indian signing the paycheck.  While they do or did have an Indian working in the office I hardly think they are going to send the payroll to India. 

that account was lost too nm
Has TT lost the QA manager?
For those who lost their jobs at QT (sm)

How were you all informed about the closing of QT?  I hope you all found homes.  Good luck to everyone of you going through this.

account lost was....

I started in September as QA2 on TOA, which is the account they lost.  All the files were being done overseas, or at least most of them.  There was only 2 of us QAing all of these and there was always a backlog of 1500+.  The other QA then got fired and there was only me until they hired a few more.  Then was told all work was coming back to US, so they overhired.  TOA is a big account and there was also another service doing them.  More and more, the doctors were going to the other service.  We were all let go on 1/30.


If you are waiting for 1099 from them, I talked to them yesterday and they said the payroll company screwed up and they were getting them today and would send them out today. 

lost report
Did you lose your C-phone audio? Make sure you have that first. If not, email your supervisor ASAP. To get the transcription back, go back into Bayscribe and pull up the template for the kind of report you were on. Then hit Alt+R and it will retrieve reports you have done or are working on. The first one that comes up should be your report and very little should be lost on it.
Don't feel sorry for me as I have lost nothing nm
FYI, MDI has NEVER lost a client.
What are your guesses? You lost us.
you lost 40% this time.
How long do you think your 401K will last if you lose 40% every quarter? It's basic math. It won't last forever.
Has anyone lost their primary?

What happened?  How did your company handle it?  Did they even tell you?  Was anyone quietly pushed out the door only to find out later it was because their primary dropped? 

I feel like I am all of a sudden getting pushed out the door, and I know my primary renewal date is coming up shortly. 

Any thoughts/suggestions are appreciated.  Any signs that I should be looking for (both with regards to work itself and how I am being treated)? 


Actually, if I ever lost this job and had to switch
companies, I'd have to take a cut in pay according to what I've been seeing, so I'd be well below cost of living increases... It's the nature of this crazy MT business. Work harder, faster, know more, get more experience, and make less and less and less as the years go on, while the prices of everything keep going up...
They already lost a BIG one a while back.
Lost cause, Cindylouwho
There are some on here that no matter what you say are so dead set against what seems to be right around the corner for them, as in VR, they would argue with a wall on the merits of those doing VR already and not being able to do as good as straight transcription. Old saying, like beating a dead horse. Let them continue staying on with jobs that eventually will change over to VR and then give them such a lower offer, say of 3 cents a line, that they wish they had gotten on the bandwagon before they did. I remember reading a posting about a person not ever going to do VR, she posted here, went to Transtech and oh well, they are loaded now with lack of work and, yep, going to voice recognition. Talk about jumping out of the frying pan! I will let others think as they do but takes a very experienced person to do and do well. No sense in wasting your breath.
I also just lost my MT hospital job due to EMR.
Lost incentive
My cpl did not change at all and since BT was straight typing when it first started (and like it is when any new account comes in and has to get used to the dictators) I volunteered to move to BT so my accts were all new ones.  The thing that did change and it was a biggie, was that we lost the incentive.  Used to be when we'd get behind and they needed people to work extra you would be offered anywhere from $.01 to $.03 per line extra and you could make a lot of extra money that way as we always had a ton of work.  They kept that for awhile with the merger and slowly phased it out.  Now you get overtime at whatever the PTO rate is if overtime is approved by your ROM.  I miss that incentive...
Tom Cruise had me at hello you lost me at PAT
LOL. We can agree to disagree, but isolationist's views are the antithesis of my political philosophy.

You probably know this but many of these people fill jobs Americans WON'T do.

That said, I totally agree that Americans should have first dibs! smiley face
You have lost your credibility.
You're retired. With a husband with a fat pension. And you have a gas-guzzling new motorhome.

Who in the H would take your advice?

WE have to feed our families.

Careful. You spend so much time patting yourself on the back for your effort you just might strain something.
So you are saying it is all the MTs and not MQ. I dont buy that story at all. MQ has lost a lot of
very good very experienced people from all the problems at MQ. Sorry.
I also have lost a lot of lines when we switched to DQS. SM
It seems like everyone else loves it and makes big lines but I haven't had that experience at all. I think it bites in a big way.
I got thrown out, lost my connection
called my team leader, who was very nice, and never got back in.  3 hours ago, still have not heard from IT. I am going to stick it out, though, hoping things will work out.
Tried it once. Lost it all to the slurpees and casinos.
How would we know that they lost a huge account? sm
They never communicate with their MTs. 
When they dropped 's from eponyms they lost...sm
what little respect they have.   Many doctors think transcriptionists are stupid if they type things like Alzheimer Disease instead of Alzheimer's Disease. 
You lost? QA was around before speech recognition
I did not know they lost it. Left months ago though.
They lost some major accounts, one to
voice recognition and the other was overflow work but still it's gone. THey are hoping site 120 and the clinics that go with it do not work out with voice recognition since a lot of the docs were hard.
You moved me from the main, to here, now I'm Lost! NM
They lost the huge TN disability sm

account to the Philippines.  Guess TN wanted cheap labor.  I won't be surprised if ALL of the accounts go there.

I am so glad I quit working there!!!