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That's what they want... we have 60 days sm

Posted By: NiceGirl on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: So you are supposed to work until that minute like nothing is wrong? sm - NotSoNice

to find another job and we can give them 1 days' notice and they'll consider it a lay-off, otherwise if we leave with no notice, they will give us bad references.

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That is what I just said. !0 days PTO, period. That includes vacation, sick days and personal days
They should have paid holidays so that you are paid if you take off. Also should inculde extra hours for sick days and personal days.

That annual raise of .002 is kind of a joke especially when at the same time they upped the minimum line requirement from 10,000 lines to 12,000 lines.

OSi just does not have the qualified people in management positions that I wish to work for.

I am glad that you are happy at OSi and all is working out for you. Their dishonesty and the way they treat people just does not work for me.

Of course they can get by cheaply by hiring unqualified people so that is very good for the owners.
You bill 30 days behind, and they snail mail it so it's late - about 40 days from invoice
No way jose - they even messed up their direct deposit payments
Maybe she/he works 14 hour days/7 days a week? nm
Would that be 5 business days or 5 regular days?
So when are we going to be paid this time around since you're so knowledgable?

Sorry, but for some of us a day or 2 actually makes a difference.
Most want 20 hours over 5 days, but it could be more, or it could be spread over 4 days. nm
Correction - TH has 5 PTO days 1st year/10 days 2nd yr
Axolotl within 30 days. Transolutions in 60 days. NM
It is true. Any job has its good days and bad days.
Perhaps you'd like to just keep your old job and try this one out. Just because a poster here is crabbing about it, or even if as in the past there have been negative posts, odds are that there are very happy people who don't even post or know that this board exists. As Alice says. Everything is relative. The fact that this company is hiring and pays may be a place which is a blessing. As opposed to digging ditches on day labor for example. Or somebody might prefer digging ditches. This is just an example. Sometimes we who are employable, even though we don't make as much as we used to in this business, or as much as we would like to, we still if working at home do not pay for gas to go to work, career clothes, deal with office politics, have to look at a boss who writes us up if we are a minute late, etcetera. I don't make half as much as I used to, but I don't send my 3 children to day care which by the way saves us money. SO I remind my husband I am worth that in addition to my salary if I had a job outside. No job is perfect. I am not even sure if Focus is any good or not, I have not worked there. But if one poster says there are good days and bad, I say that is the most honest answer you are going to get anywhere, and if you need a job badly, how is it to hurt trying it out, until you know for sure for yourself? THanks for listening. But sometimes this board gets to be a bit much with the agendas of people railing on other people like the OP here who just wanted all opinions instead of just one side. Balance is always great. And, if things seem lop-sided, then it is a good thing to seek out both sides. IMHO.
I think they would. Those are good days for 10-hour days. sm
I have a set schedule but it is Tues-Sat and it works well for me. It wouldn't hurt to ask!
90 days is correct. 3 days off 1st year, 10 during 2nd.
Were the 2 days weekend days? sm
They expect everyone to work a weekend day. Their definition of team player is to actually work 6 or 7 days a week. One might consider it if the pay was there & she gave out some decent work. It is the ideal place to work if you are a workaholic with no life.
11 days is more than you would get inhouse...usually 10 days.
We have the convenience of working at home and yet you want MORE than what inhouse positions offer?

Ask if those are calendar days or biz days too nm
90 days
...so I'm not eligible yet, but that was the first good thing I heard about the...that their pay was about average, benefits were great.

I can't give specifics yet, so maybe someone else can help with that who already has it, I just didn't want you to feel ignored!:)
Re: A few days ago...
It was not a few days ago. It was weeks ago. They've gotten everything straightened out. I've posted in defense of this company before. They are compassionate, they are very helpful, and are all about finding ways to make us be able to do better as MTs and QAs. I love this company and hope to be there for a long time to come. Those of you who have no personal knowledge of the company need to not post in response to people who are asking legitimate questions. We hire newbies that have no experience and give them a chance. Unlike so many of the 'great' companies out there that everyone spends every day worrying about. We are onboarding more and more accounts by the week and are growing tremendously. I highly recommend this company. Good luck to any of you who decide to apply.
We all have those days
It seems like I have days like this a lot lately.  Isn't this job fun? 
Five days for me. sm
have not yet started, just heard yesterday, but sounds good so far.  Hoping this will be my last carnival!  lol!
90 days
Diskriter benefits start after 90 days of employment. I have been with them since July 2006 and love it here.
It's been eight days now
And still no answers.

Despite their many good points, I disagree about the benefits. I think they are awful and very dependent on circumstance beyond the MT's control. I think they're only good for people who have been with them for a very long time and are allowed to stay on a primary account. I thought I was alone in this and even began to doubt my own abilities or chalked it up to my aging until talking to some other MTs who felt the exact same way; that every time they got good at anything their work was switched to something unfamiliar, keeping their production and wages down, and benefits next to nil. I've heard three MTs complain of this and wonder how many others there are.

yes, same here, last few days.
am getting concerned...did they overhire?
I believe it was 3 days
I think within 3 days I had heard back. In the week after that, we exchanged information, etc. Before 2 weeks were up, I was actively working on my account.

Good luck to you!! I am another happy Keystrokes employee.
Up 2 u, can take 5-7 days (sm)
They are probably checking references, background, etc. Give them a week from when you interviewed and then give them a call. They are interviewing a lot of people I'm sure since they always have ads on the boards. Can take awhile to get all candidate interviewed and make their best match for schedule and experience.
Sure you can, and use up one of your few PTO days.
I get 10 PTO PLUS 6 paid holidays!!
Gone are the days...... sm
Sorry, my opinion is that this is going to be the norm for most. I think the days of making .10 and over/line are gone unless you have already been employed somewhere for a long time. There might be just a few places that pay like this but I doubt many. Some places are even only paying .3-4/line for speech rec.
Some days yes, most days no..sm
It is usually my own fault if I don't get my lines in 8 hours. Usually related to too many interruptions, too many distractions (looking up something on internet, which leads to looking up something else and so on), or when Im not feeling well. I don't want to sound rude, but really look at why you may not be meeting your lines. You may find you have more to do with it than the system.
How often can you take days off at MDI-MD?
How do you maintain your required line count for the week if you take a day off? Do you have to make them up on other days or what? How many days in a row could you miss? I've never been an IC or SE before so just wondering since I've been reading about them being flexible.
TT these days.

All I have to say is ARRGGH. Sorry. Usually not this way, but that is the word for it. Arrrrrg.

After 90 days.
42 days???? huh???????sm
Report away, that is what I was just told Friday by a Recruiter!!!Maybe the recruiter or whomever she was, needs to get her information straight.
No pay for 42 days
OMG Not being paid for 42 days is even worse!!! Nothing defamatory about telling what actually happened to a person individually. The truth is the truth.
those were the days...

gosh, you are very lucky to work for a hospital that does not outsource, I used to and those were the days.................so few hospitals still have inhouse MTs.  I am not the speediest MT, that's for sure, but I take a lot of pride in my work with accuracy and extensive medical terminology being my strong suits - but it is hard to make money without speed.  I know I should give it up and do something else for a living probably but I love this work and cannot imagine doing anything else.

A few days?
Wow!!!  It sounds like you have a great gift to be able to tell someone is abusive.  You worked there a few days??? 
Yes, a few days...
but this has only happened twice in the years I have been working on it with the last time being last Christmas. Normally, there is so much work that we could work for days straight and not make a dent. And yes, 4 initials. LOVE LOVE LOVE this company.
Some days

Some days are good; some days are bad.  I like my manager and account, most of the time.  So far, I haven't found anything better.  However, things seems to be going downhill fast, with regards to the company as a whole.  They keep saying that things are changing and that the changes will benefit the MTs, but I haven't seen any evidence of that so far.  I would like to expect the best, but I am very cautious.

I do mostly VR and enjoy it.  Some good points about Focus include that the pay is always on time; I have never had to chase down a paycheck.  On my current account, work has been abundant lately, while others are complaining of no work; however, this could change in a second. 

Some of the bad points include that we do work off of a pool and there's a lot of unofficial cherrypicking going on.  Also, though I've been on my account for over a year, I often log in and find yet another new dictator, today included.  So, the account is always new to me.  Some might appreciate this challenge, but I like the same old thing over and over again. 

So, good experience is quite a relative term.  It really depends on what you are looking for.

QA these days.. see msg
I have been in QA for several years now, just left a huge company that is going you know where in a hand basket. The nightmares there were to the point of unbearable (no not Focus). What I have discovered of late is very low line rate pay, horrible dictation, headaches and misery. I am looking to get out of this business completely. It may take time but it will happen eventually.

I have found hourly pay rates for QA starting as low as $12 an hour (yes, for what we know a disgrace) and line rates as low as 3 cents! The testing for some of these companies is grossly lengthy and you feel as if you have worked the entire day for nothing (and, yes, this is all in the midst of being overly stressed at your current job, to the breaking point), only to discover, during the interview, that the pay is an extremely low line rate of pay or a low hourly rate, the accounts have not started up yet, and/or the shift is a graveyard shift, including all weekends, all the time. This field is but a gutter now and a disgrace!

Days off

It's not the amount of unpaid days off that gets me...it's the fact that they don't pay you for any time off, vacation, sick, personal, or even holidays, and I certainly don't want an empty queue. When I take days off, it's because I want to do something, not sit around and wait for work to come in...been there, done that.  I guess with the applicant pool that's available these days, they can do what they want.  Unfortunately, the trend these days for MTs, it's called expendable.  If you don't want the job, somebody else will. Oh well, movin on to the next offer...

90 days
90 days
I had a phone interview today and was told 90 days for medical, 120 days for PTO.
120 days
pay after 30 days
Hi, I am interested in applying for this company. I JUST graduated and am eager to work. I see it is only 6 cpl to begin with. Does the pay go up after 30 days? It also says a 500 line per day requirement. You ARE allowed to go over that and they will pay you for above and beyond the 500 lines, right? Just curious. I am just afraid reading some of the posting on here that there is no work and no money to be made and i am scared to death. thanks for any advice.
On some days there is enough.
Most days the river runs dry.
Who Has Gotten a New Job in the Last 30-90 Days?
Surely this board is not full of just unhappy MTs.  Who has gotten a new job lately?  Not asking for your company, but please share some other info.  Big MTSO?  US Company?  Was it worth leaving the old job behind?  Do you like it?  What exactly are you doing?  Is there plenty of work?  How much is the pay?  What are the benefits?  Shifts?  Platform?  How long did it take you find the job and what source did you use?  Don't worry about the few people sitting waiting to insult you or think you made up your new job.  We're anonymous and do not have to prove anything.  Informative posts on the MT job market please.
Got one about 45 days ago
Medium-sized MTSO, doing editing on the Escription platform (which I love). No offshoring, all US-based. Have only run short on work twice (on weekends) which was no problem because I also have an IC position to fill in any monetary gaps. Full benefits at this job (medical, dental, vision, 401K, same as in-house benefits I've had in the past). Great supervisor, left alone to work, no extraneous emails. Great communication, respond almost immediately if you have a question or concern. I had read great things about this company on a couple of boards and saw they were hiring, so decided to throw my proverbial hat into the ring and got VERY lucky. I work the PM shift so get a differential, but the company has multiple differentials and bonuses and incentives as well, and there is usually the opportunity to get as many lines as you like every pay period (minimum expected lines per pay period is very reasonable and easy to attain).

Definitely worth leaving one of my IC positions for. I love the account, love the platform, the people are just wonderful, pay is very good, and, most importantly, I LIKE IT. That makes up for a lot in my happy little world :-)
There are days, I am sure, when we sm
all thought it was better or wished we had a job working outside the home. But to say your employer has a mental problem etc etc and you have to work at home because you have kids just sounds pretty whiney to me. My goodness seems like one would be a little thankful they even have the choice. I don't think that is too much to think.

I don't know how long the poster has been doing MT, and there is really no way to tell, she could say anything. It just seems to me there is an awful lot of folks who think they are entitled to the best of it all, i.e., best hours, best dictators, best company, perfect supervisors, wonderful dictators, no weekends, no holidays etc. etc the list goes on and on.

I too had kids and raised them doing this job and was grateful to have it! Didn't have to put the kids in day care even though it was affordable if I worked out of the house. Doesn't seem to me that this poster is thankful for anything. In this economy she should be glad she even has a job and not complain about HAVING to work at home versus the whole rest of it. She at least has a choice. It hasn't been that many years that folks couldn't work at home and MTs were screaming and begging their employers to give them a chance to work at home.

I have a whole lot of compassion for folks with kids who have to work, most of us have done it and had to. But its the way it is, but mental problem with the employer? Come on!
What do you mean they only ASKED her if she needed the three days? It was her DAD that died! When my dad died I didn't need 3 days, I needed 3 months! Thank heavens I wasn't working at the time. I think that it is very insensitive for any company to ask that question. They could have just asked how many days did she think she would need and let her know how many (if any) would be paid.
Still around even in these days
I never even knew of an MTSO back in the days because I was working inhouse at hospitals. We were outsourced from the hospital setting in 2004, after learning VR, so I have not run into many owners (although accused of being owner due to my love of VR). If my company ever runs out of work now to me I just take off and the reason for that is now I can and there might be others out there like me in years past that really, really need to work and make the money- but at my company this is a rare day and far between so not a day by day thing. If and that is a big IF, my company went days on end without work I would never sit by and go without and why these others are letting this happen to them is unbelievable. I also feel it has turned into a profession where a person wants to stay at home so much they would wait by the screens just waiting for work to show up. I think the owners know this. A person can only be taken advantage of if they let it happen. Year 36 for me and chugging right along.
Pay these days
First of all 3 years experience is basically just out of school. Secondly, people do not pay for experience now. If that were the case, then I would be paid probably $40.00 an hour as I have more than 30 years. I think most places offering 4 cents a line for VR and lots are lowballing on the straight, maybe 6 or 7.
OK everybody...We could go on for days like this,
but I think that might make everyone a little crazy.  I'm just as guilty as the next MT for putting in my 2 cents on this subject, but there comes a time when we need to just realize that we all have our own style.  Although there is a right and a wrong way of doing things, most of this really doesn't come through as a major thing in the long run.  Whether or not it's proper to begin a sentence with a conjunction is really neither here nor there, as most of us just plain don't do it, anyway.  We're all MTs here and I assume we are all sticklers.  I also assume (just from reading posts over the past several months) that most of us are pretty good at what we do.  We get a little crazy over the small stuff, but there comes a time when we need to take a deep breath and relax about it.  I've been in this business for over 20 years and I, too, find myself picking apart everything I read.  I think it's just the way we MTs are wired.  The bottom line is - life's too short to sweat the small stuff.
It seems to be what they want these days. -(sm)-
Before my co. got bought out, although production was important, it didn't trump QUALITY. Quality at that place was paramount. Then the buyout. Soon, I actually had editors telling me 'Don't do it this way' (the quality way), and wanting instead a dumbed-down version of transcription that saves Keystrokes for the client, but looks like a 2nd-grader typed it.
Do you have to wait 90 days (sm)
to be eligible for the health insurance, and do you really not have to work any holidays. How is the platform? Thanks for replying.
Yes, wait 90 days. sm
Yes, you wait 90 days for health insurance. You can request holidays off. The platform is a piece of cake.

No problem at all. Feel free to ask other questions or email me at timetotype@hotmailnospam.com (take out nospam)