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Should Dennis Paulik and Kathy Clemmons read the article?

Posted By: mary K on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: Heartland... now what do we do? - NiceGirl

Should they know we will not be silent? Our voices need to be heard.

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Dennis Paulik not showing up
You know what...those 2 ladies did his dirty work for him...the 2 of them have built quite a reputation for themselves. I wonder if he (Dennis) will turn around and find them to be overpaid so that they will find themselves out of jobs too. Let's be honest, there's nothing they do that a person from India can't do...Just remember...you reap what you sow. That motto applies to not only to Dennis but to Kathy Clemmons and Colleen Neidert as well...because remember, God doesn't like ugly, which is all that they seem to have spewed here. This is a horrible situation and if I were in the shoes of these 2 women, I would worry if I would be the next person to stand in the unemployment line.
Dennis Paulik didn't have the sm
balls to get on the call. He didn't want to hear what we had to say because he doesn't care. I'm sure he's sipping a cocktail in Maui counting his dollars as we speak.
I just read the article. Man, those answers sure don't
Like how little MT's are paid. Like how much they expect them to know, how fast the work is expected to be turned around, and how most MTs don't even have health insurance, and have to work 2-3 jobs just to live. They also didnt mention how much editing is involved with SR and offshore work. And I think their US-vs-India ratio is bogus as well. Most MTSOs these days have more work don in India than in the US.
Just read article about health crisis sm
for the MT workers in India. Study says workers are getting stressed working long hours and developing health issues. Check out the amount of lines they put out and with 99% accuracy compared to AAMT's accuracy of 98% Oh please!
Thank you. That is a great, factual article. I hope the others read it.
I read the article, it states exactly what the company always tells us...
that they offshore a small percentage of their work, and that it will never take the place of their domestic MLS. I love working at Transcend.

For someone that doesn't work at Transcend, you sure have gone to a lot of trouble to find the article and continue posting about it. Any other issues?
Here: Read this: http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/article/0,,id=179115,00.html
That should clear up your misconceptions from the IRS standpoint. The IC has privileges that the employer does NOT and there is a fine line that needs adherence. Maybe you feel you have no rights, but the IRS says that is just simply not the case!
was Kathy ? when
I worked there, not very professional. She had an issue with something I do not care to mention here.
Dennis @ Aspen Chloe - will you email me
Dennis Kucinich - he is a senator, economics,
and what we need is advocacy. Unions, not so much. They were not even able to help nurses from my past experience.

actually, you can write anyone in the senate, congresspeople, but we are in need of desperately is representation...

firstly, a union is only as strong as your weakest link and from my firsthand experience it is way too easy to pit women against women, and administration are pros at this. you cannot get women to agree on anything, really. no offense but just fact from my experience.

secondly, http://www.paulgraham.com/unions.html

thirdly, our sister MTs in Indian, Philippines, etc. would have to be educated and approached somehow.
Is is Kathy Yip? If yes, then snarky means RUDE!!!

RE: Is is Kathy Yip? If yes, then snarky means RUDE!!!
What does a person's personality have to do with you performing your job of transcription?
Kathy is not the owner of Breitner Transcription, don't know who
you are talking about.
Anyone that applied with Kathy Kirby hear anything yet? I am wondering how long it takes to hear a
response back
Rochester Business Journal - August or Sept 2005.   And it wasn't all 15 years ago.... charges still pending in 1999 -- but read the article for accurate information on the convictions and judge for yourself. 
I saw that article too
They pay their MTs the equivalent of about $135/month US, which for the year is more than 3 times their national average of about $500/year US.  My electric bill is over $135/month.
Here is the article


If they delete this link, email me; I have the article saved.

Very interesting article.
Sadly, the wave of the future, I suppose. I'm glad to see some of the transcriptionists spoke up, but unfortunately, people who don't understand transcription are always the ones making the decisions! Thanks again for sharing.
This was a great article.


did any other HISers see this article? sm
I saw the article...AND the CEO's pay. Yowza. nm
Interesting article

 In 2003, Indian employees, who were working on medical records for Ohio’s Heartland Information Services, threatened to release confidential records unless they received a cash payoff from the company.



It's a slightly old article -
Right. That's what the article said, basically.
That all correct English is the same, wherever the country:

English in India may have a British hangover but by no means is it vastly different from American English or any other correct English for that matter.

She expects Indians working for American countries to have excellent English ... like hers. If only our visitor could write like that, we wouldn't be appalled.

what article?.....and why would I be disappointed?
i looked at the article...
and it still does not clear up the line count issue for me at all. : (
Can you link this article?
I am interested in reading this and how they came up with their figures. I QA Indian reports, and maybe 5% of the MTs could pass a quality audit at 98%. I wonder what kind of guidelines they are using to get this 99% figure.
It is definitely going to India....big article
Do you have Link to article? nm
Here is the article - they do offshore

and seem mighty proud about it.  LG states that about 15% of the work is outsourced to India (that was in May, 2008 - number more likely 35% by now), but that the clients are in the U.S.  That was a strange quote, IMO.


If this link disappears, email me.  I saved the article.

Good article.
That's right — the Franchise Tax Board and IRS come after you and, at the very least,
disallow your related business deductions.

Yikes, only one more reason not to work for the companies that treat their ICs like employees.
Link to article


Can't bring up the article - could you cut and paste - sm
it so that we could read it??
What is the storyline title to the article?
Toledo Blade article....let us know on here
if it gets published..I'm down in Lima and can pick up a copy..would love to see it..I know I can read it online but I would rather see it in the paper down here.  Good Luck!
According to the article posted, one of the proposed

Am I googling correctly, that Nuance is affiliated with both Dragon (speech recognition) and Focus Infomatics (Indian??). 

So, if Philips sells to Nuance, what are the implications?  Does Focus have American MT's?

I know these are scary questions and purely speculative at this point. 

If I understand the article correctly,

the records were stolen FROM a Transcriptionist who was subcontracting, not BY a transcriptionist, probably as a result of a computer being stolen or a home break-in, although the article did not say.  It seems the only way to prevent this type of records breach would be to keep all transcriptionists in-house.  Or am I missing something? 

Tried to get article about outsourcing from Transcend
today from the newspaper. I have to call back tomorrow, the department closed today. That might be true what you are saying but what do you think about the statement that not enough MTs in the US to do the work. I find that kind of odd because I see people on here saying they are out of work.
Deception seems to be everywhere. There was an article about a trucking cm

company that set up a dummy office in another state to license its hundreds of vehicles there to avoid paying taxes here where apparently it is higher.  I know it is not MT, just seems like Corporate America (or Corporate India) is packed with liars everywhere. 

As far as the MT part goes, I would be tempted to contact the clients and ask if they knew their work was going to India, but then I suppose that could set you up for a bunch of lawsuits.  Still, it would not hurt my feelings if they somehow ended up losing their accounts because of all of this deceit.

Ab article below that says Proscript lost a lot of their accounts. Can someone tell me about this as
I am interested in this company or at least I was.
how can i find mary K article that everyone is talkign about?
Do not believe that article about Spheris. You'll be disappointed.
Is this an article somewhere? I thought MD-IT merged with SOAP in
article in For the Record - iPhone dictation
get current with the industry or it will run you down - MModal is pitching doctors to dictate and edit their own reports on iPhones...Obama's plan is to get electronic medical records rolling - and all those technology saavy students, residents, interns etc may just pick up their iPhone to dictate - they probably already have one....lol. As far as dictaphone/Nuance - the extext system is very short on being anywhere near self-sustainable as a VR - they ought to worry about their competition and quit the prediction games.
Article- could Indian Outsourcing Be in Trouble?

I wish I had kept the article out of the paper on Transcend outsourcing
The home office located (as you might know) close to Atlanta and it was listed as a top company for Georgia but was I surprised when the person speaking made no bones about their outsourcing and the reason they STATED for it, lack of American MTs. Well, ladies, who do you feel about that? I am sure someone posting on MTstars has this article because they did last time. Hopefully they can quote word for word.
They did say that, with the added "foreseeable future." Right in their own article about the
acquisition it says something about moving some of those jobs onto their VR platform, as well as stating that they plan to offshore more and more work.  So they are concerned about making lots of moola, not the MTs having jobs.  Somewhere in there it even stated something to the effect of they can make more $ by using FEWER MTs with their VR platform.  See the thread above about how the current people have no work on the NIGHT SHIFT, watch it disappear at 10 p.m. every night, even tho they said they only offshore BECAUSE nobody will work the night shift.  And yet the poor night shift worker sits there with no work and watches it go to India.  That's a travesty, especially in our current economy with astronomical unemployment rates.
There is an article in Radiology Today that MQ just got all of Christus Health, more than 40 sm
hospitals.  I suppose that means that more work will be available very soon, which might be why they are recruiting and keeping so many transcriptionists hanging on.  Has anyone heard a start date?  Are they losing accounts too or just adding?  Trying to make a decision and this just made it more confusing for me.
Article is from 12/04/05 edition of Nashville Medical News

I found an article stating they have already spent over 6 months
already in place to take over immediately. I found it on their website if I'm not mistaken.
CBAY is Indian owned - article in Baltimore
Business Journal went on and on about how successful the Indian owner was and how he flies to India every other week to go to the office in India. I was really appalled and disgusted by the article because our American writers made it seem like Americans could not handle the work and therefore, had to be offshored and therefore, made this Indian owners a huge success in the US.