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A voice of reason (FINALLY)

Posted By: Bystander on 2009-04-23
In Reply to: Hold on there! Now I must step in. - Newer TT'r

Thanks for this post. It makes perfect sense. Of course, no one replied to it because it makes sense and they don't want to face logic or reason at the moment, but you're absolutely correct and are saying the same things I tried to tell these panicky posters.

I beginning to suspect they've all relied on their Expanders to do their thinking for them for so long that they'll need to re-learn a lot of things. Like you, I too did straight transcription for years without benefit of an Expander and I really enjoy VR work. If the MT is doing his/her job appropriately, the finished product should look no different than other MT-generated report. I agree that I think smaller facilities are better with VR with a limited number of MTs working on it for the sake of consistency.

Again, thanks for posting. Hopefully, my responding to it won't start yet another flame war, lol!

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Finally, a sane voice!
What exactly is it that most of you EXPECT from your company at this time of year? I would love to hear real responses. Do you want a monetary gift, a card, what is it exactly that will make you feel validated?
The voice of reason.

The voice of reason steps forward.
Lovely to hear the voice of reason regarding sm
accusations of overhiring! When I post that I seldom run out of work, people say oh you must have a bunch of accts. I have 3-4 regularly and I'm willing to go with the flow for occasional out of work situations during the day.
You can be fired for any reason or no reason at all.
No one HAS to employ you. No one MUST keep you in employment.

As an IC, your unemployment isn't coming from the account of your contracts! It comes from YOUR tax payments!

Yes, I finally did.
Very, very small local company. I'm crossing my fingers that this will be my home for awhile. It's been a difficult journey trying to find some place that did what they said they were going to do, doesn't offshore and has enough work.

Finally someone saying how pathetic it is to see those types of posts and them not take it off the board!  I posted one like that a few months ago and the "board patrol" wiped it off here that day! 

You are correct.  So many of the people act like teenagers on this board that I have found myself coming here less and less.  It's no fun to sit and listen to griping, complaining, cussing, and down right rudeness on here all time time. 

We should be coming here to get away from that!  Let's party!  Have fun!  Be happy!!!!   

I applaud you.  The others need to pay attention.  I give you A+ for what you said.  That was well said.
YEA - SOMEONE finally GETS IT!!!

do you think they are finally (sm)
doing what most others are doing in being so cautious to meet the TAT that there is not enough work to go around? Wondering...
This is a refreshing change. Thank you SO MUCH for not being all doom and gloom like the rest. Its nice to hear that there is a glimmer of hope out there.

PS... We probably don't hear from MTs like you very much because you're actually out there working instead of here (like me) transcribing my thoughts for free.
Hip-hip Hooray, finally
someone explains exactly what is happening at MQ even at ST.Louis office. They put so many people on the accounts, you get switched back and forth from account to account. It is feast or famine in a way. During my scheduled shift, which they asked for, there was no work. If I was willing to switch accounts daily and multiple, and sit on the computer and wait for work, I could make the line count, but I had to sit and wait and watch when the work was available. This was ridiculous.
I finally learned
after three months of lies and late paychecks I quit. Great docs, but if you can't get your money, it doesn't really matter. Don't do it!
About a year ago one of the owners, Andy Renfroe was speaking for all of the owners and sent a companywide email after OSi got caught sending work to India. This is a portion of the email that he sent to OSI employees, and this is why people quit and are still quitting OSI in droves - because OSI never admitted this until they got caught! This is the truth and you can take it with a grain of salt if you want to.

I always did. I finally left. nm
RAD MTS-good pay finally

Just got put on an acct for 9 cents per gross line plus $1.00 per report, did not know how it would work out because by other account pays 14.5 cpl.  Well, let me tell you I am making 10-13 dollars more per hour, what about that!!!!

They finally did pay me Friday
Well I finally did get all my pay, minus the western union fees. But what it took me to get it was almost not worth it.
OK finally an answer!
Well I guess you realize you've just identified yourself...

From what I can see you are upset about 50 lines a day; 1/2 of 1% 0.50%. Yes that adds up over a payperiod, but it's still a small difference.

How many lines did you lose doing all this posting? :) kidding.

It's up to you how much you stress over this, but you may see conspiracy here when all it is an internal calculation that doesn't count a signature line for example - where your counters do.

Is it really outside the realm of possibility that there is no intent to defraud here?

finally quit!
just quit my job yesterday and a weight has been lifted.  I had been experiencing a lot of issues in the past 6 months and finally thought to my self, I've had enough!
I finally did leave!

Paradise has been found right here in my own back yard.  Actually, it was always there, I just needed to kick myself in the arse to make the move back there...so glad I did....like you have no idea how glad!  I actually LOVE my job again.  Small MTSO, lovely ladies, not too bad pay, and the best part is the the mental anguish has completely disappeared. 

I feel so badly for the people still trapped there.  There are some fantastic people there who deserve so much better but, like me, have to stay because, well, you gotta do what you gotta do.  If I still had to carry insurance for my husband, I'd still be there, pissin' and moanin' and growing more bitter day by day. 

My faith in home-based medical transcription has been restored and yes, I feel rejuvenated and back to my old self again.  Thanks for askin!

Thanks KS MT...she told me 2/1 so hopefully it will finally be 3/1..otherwise, I will just (sm)
have to drop mine until I find a plan on my own.  I just can't afford over $500 per month anymore.
finally someone who knows what they are talking about
Thanks to both of you for the support. I *think* I am finally done with the Q...sm
after spending a productive day with potential employers.

I'm just afraid someone is going to pinch me and wake me up from my dream of finally escaping.

Finally...somebody..Bingo. Thank you cm... NM
finally, someone else who feels the
way that I do. We are all human beings with feelings and deserve to be treated as such. Thank you.
Finally someone speaks up for the MTs...sm
and tells it like it is.  It's sad that the MTs, who are the mainstay of the transcription business, consistently get the brown end of the stick.  MTSOs and QAs are the only ones that have a right to make a living, right?  Our kids deserve to eat 3 meals a day, just like theirs do.  The busy MTSO and the QA who thinks filling in blanks or looking something up is beneath him/her needs to wake up.  Since when is their time better than ours?
She must have run away finally..what a loon...nm
Hahaha! I think she finally got it...She
should have exited with a formidable

'I screwed up'....LOL,

same with 'deenibeeni' !
The ax finally falls at TT

Email went out today that everyone is now being asked to make speech editing a part of our daily routine!  Stated traditional is now the exception and not the rule anymore and we must all move in the same direction to remain competitive. 

This was the LAST thing I wanted to hear, but I sure knew it was coming judging by the way work has dwindled compared to what was available a year ago, whether it be holidays or the middle of the year.  I have no desire whatsoever to move towards speech and I am very upset knowing I have to.  It is not that I am against trying it, I have just gathered the opinion from this board that more than not do not like it and do not make as much money.  I absolutely cannot afford to take a cut in my paycheck in these times. 

Not even 1 hour later came another email touting the great responses and lots of them!  Well, everyone at TT already knew they could try speech at any time...so why wait until today to inquire if they were so excited? 

Good day gone bad for me....

I'm glad someone else finally said this...
It seems in some ways as if TT will hire just about ANYBODY.  I too have been shocked at the quality of the transcription from some of the other TT MTs.  TT just doesn't pay that well, either.  I do like the people in the office.  They are very nice.  But, unfortunately, nice won't pay my bills. 
FINALLY, offshoring to take a hit.
Did anyone see the news conference this morning where the administration is going after the offshore companies?  No more tax credits/loop holes for sending OUR jobs overseas.  Yay, yay, yay!  Now, maybe we can finally turn things around.
Finally, someone with a bit of sense about her
I am glad someone figured this out. You bottom lined it, out of a job, life is going on for the company as before.
I am finally working with KS after 4 times
of tyring to get the hiring process completed. I have to say that I am not at all impressed. I'm glad they don't hassle you but they need to make sure someone is trained properly. I have not received any kind of feedback at all so I supoose I must be doing okay; however, no mention has been made to continue my training after asking several times for a more "proper" training.

I give up! I'm looking AGAIN as I quit my old job, of 3 years, to work for KS. Guess I should have listened to the posts more closely! Live and learn I guess.
Finally found something decent sm
10 cpl weekdays and 14 cpl weekends,  YES!!!!! what company you may ask, email me privately, she is in need of at least 3 MTs.
Heartland is finally bought...

Spheris purchases Heartland Information Services... more to come later this week

Gone too. Finally, after long wait.
Too much BS.  Either tons of emails, work, work, work for your incentive, not that you EVER see it in your paycheck.  Send emails and get your ticket, automatic response, and never an answer from anyone who should answer.  Pays promised one day and delivered 4 days later.  Done with it and glad to be leaving.  Poor management, poor communication, if any, and poor everything.  RUN.
I really appreciate this post.  There are always two sides of the coin in EVERY profession.  I worked in the health insurance industry for 10 years and you always had people that loved it or hated it.  MT is no exception.  I, personally, enjoy my job as an MT.  I'm saving a heck of a lot of money in gas from not having to drive back and forth to an office, work clothes, stress from working in an office in among catty, back-stabbing coworkers, and the list goes on and on.  I work for a company that is fair, flexible, keeps me busy, stays off my back, pays me well, and always pays on time.  I'm learning new things every day.  I schedule MY day as I see fit.  At this point, I would not trade that for anything...well, except maybe to come into a large sum of money and never have to work again. LOL! 
Finally a positive post about MT.

I love this job and profession.  Yes, things do change, but so does everything else.  Change is the only constant in life.  I have raised my 3 children and was home with them.  I bought the farm that I now live in in a very rural area, the dream of my lifetime, and could not do it if I did not do MT.  But because I do and I work at home, I can live anywhere as long as I have electricity and high-speed DSL.  I have direct deposit.  I don't have to pay 3 bucks a gallon to get to work.  I will stay in this profession until the day I retire.  I get to be home with my disabled husband, pets, and see my granddaughter when I want, as long as I okay time off with my employer. 

For me, this is a GREAT JOB and I love it.

No doom and gloom here.

Thanks! Finally, some good news
Congress is jumping in (finally)
Claiming the FDA has been slow to act on this CRISIS!

People criticize activists like PETA all the time, but they have been warning about this issue for a long time.

Apparently people only start to pay attention to (activists) when an issue hits home...
I'm finally on, but now cannot send reports. :(
Curious to know what you're finally fed up about. :)
Thanks for FINALLY answering the question
Thank you TS MT. Finally a response from a current ....sm
Transolutions MT. Thank you for your opinion on their QA. I really don't have any problems with QA from any company - like you said it's part of the job for us to know all that - definitely agree. The QA person I deal with now at MQ is pretty tough but have never had any issues with her.

Do you know anything at all about how the tuition reimbursement works though over there at TS?

Hayseed - Did you finally leave the big D?
okay, your emails finally came and I responded
An opportunity has finally come open-- What would you do?
Okay, I've posted on this forum several times indicating I'm burned out after 32 years of transcribing, and the lack of work at times, diminishing benefits, no 401K and I'm 53 years old, along with my lack of momentum, and such.  Well, I have had the opportunity to apply for two outside jobs in my community, both of which sounds promising.  1) A State job as an adiministrative support personnel that has nothing to do with transcription (13 paid holidays, 13 sick days accrual, 13 vacation days accrural, company paid health insurance, company paid retirement plus 401K, and so on)- The catch- pay range 22, 272 - 36,489 .  The second   2) A County job at either our local county hospital or county health department as a Medical Transcriptionist (excellent benefits also, but not as good as the State job) but better than what I have now.  (The pay 32,400 - 48,500). Which would you choose?  I know looking at the pay, one would say that's a no brainer, however, although the county has not outsourced their transcription department over these many years yet, does not necessarily mean they will not in the future, and I would hate to end up right back where I started from, and although the State job pay starts out low, it is possible that they can start me off somwhere in the middle of that range, but the job is a secure one.  Give me your ideas on which you would choose?
Right before I hired on, they finally told me that..sm
they couldn't offer the health insurance that is stated on their website. Also, they don't pay for holidays - lines only. Platform definitely not a productive one! I turned down their offer quickly.
Yes they did finally bite back
I also read those posts and picked up on the bravado with which the 'inside information' was shared.

I work for TT and the way they've been trashed on here since some accounts went to VR, they'd have defendants around the block if they were suing MTs simply for stating an opinion.

There's merit to this lawsuit or TT would not have even bothered pursuing it, plain and simple.

The moral of the story to everyone should be to keep the self-importance in check and to make 110% sure that if you're posting something as fact, you can indeed back it up. Otherwise, you too could end up being sued, not just by your employer/former employer but anyone else you are defaming.

I love working at TT.

And I could not possibly care less if I get flamed for that or not.
FINALLY! The correct answer!

GIMT - finally, somewhere that I can call home!

thank you Mary and John, Katie, Cindy, Lana.  You all are so great, and I love it!   

Bet you know who this is.  No?  Take a guess, then.