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I hope to God you never type my medical report! nm

Posted By: TT MT on 2009-04-24
In Reply to: Agree with you 100% on VR, loving it - Janna


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It is according to the type of report usually.
If I have 45 minutes of op notes, then I will average about 500-600 lines. If they are HPs, DS, or consults, then it is pretty close, i.e, 30 minutes normally equals around 300 lints.
Please do not put your resume in the form of a medical report.
For starters, using patient's names is incorrect and you have yours all throughout that medical report.  I don't know who started this, but it is simply NOT professional and that resume will go very quickly in the dead resume bin.
This post is written like a medical report

Someone has been MTing way too long....

I think we got it the first time you said we don't care.  So, now we know what Data-Med expects.  Now, I wonder how many MTs feel degraded that you even posted this because it comes across condescending.  It really does. 

I totally agree re medical report format.
P.S. And if so what type of medical do they have? Thanks. (nm)
InterPro Medical...Hope this doesn't appear to be selling soul to devil.... but
I am seriously considering working for InterPro (a company owned by India that outsources).  Never thought I would, but I see they have BCBS insurance which starts in 30 days of employment, and other good benefits.   I am a diabetic with hypertension and paying almost $400.00 a month for Cobra health insurance, which will expire soon, thus will be left uninsured.  I've tried getting individual insurance, but no one will ensure because of my health problems.   Can anyone give me some specs on InterPro, i.e. current employees, etc.., or any other companies where insurance goes in effect 30 days of employment.

Survey - What type of medical insurance does your company offer?
Just curious about which company you work for and what type of medical insurance they offer.  HMO, PPO?  Cheap or expensive for you?
Webmedx watches every min you type or don't type.
I personally didn't like logging off to go to the bathroom or get a drink or whatever. Drove me nuts. They were too regimented for me. Not sure if you are aware they do that. Part of working at home is the flexibility and they just weren't. Good Luck
Rad report pay - sm
Wish I knew where you got $1.35 as a norm. The most I've ever been offered was $1.25 and that was for Meditech radiology, the pits. Care to share where you got this norm? TIA
KS rad report pay - sm
Recent interview I had stated $1.10 report, and $2.25 report for specials (interventional exams), but the rest of the pay scale didn't turn me on. They don't pay for each exam under the specials, ( no linking for angio/TPA/cath insertion, etc), figuring the $2.25 would cover it, but no way does that make up for the length of some of those exams. Wasn't my cup of tea.
Pay per report. sm
I worked there for a while.  Got $1.25 per report but the reports were very long and the platform horrible.  Wasn't worth it.
per report

I agree with the person who said if its plain films that are typed then go with per report price. 


pay per report
MedQuist pays per report for Radiology and uses Meditech.
Thanks - doing rad and by report
so not sure how that will work. Thanks!
WOW $3.50 report?

I want to work where YOU work!  That's the most I've heard.

Also, per report - sm
Per report pay is only as good as the platform, and only IF you get paid for links, like CT ABD/PELVIS being dictated as one report, but you get paid for two reports, etc. Platform and company policy has a lot to do with profitability being paid by report. Lots of things to consider.....
Their MTs need to report them to the IRS - nm

Pay per report
Can anyone tell me what the pay per report might be? They say each page is 42 lines and each report is approx 2 pages. Does anyone know the going rate per report? Or is there such a thing?
why would you take 1 h for a 4-5-min report...
even if it is difficult? Why not just send it to QA, get a 2nd set of ears, or something? That's just too long.
Does anyone actually report this
I also totally agree. I see this on here a lot but I am wondering if anyone has reported any of these companies. I know I did with one. Has anyone else done so?
Nothing will change if people don't take any action.
.75 per report
Yes and I asked what type of reports you would be typing?  she said it included MRIs, CTs, interventional radiology.  I do wish she was joking, what MT with 5 years of experience would transcribe radiology for .75/report?
Do all of the above and then report them to the IRS...
MDI-MD Anything new to report

Mixed reviews in the archives. Going from employee to IC and wondered if I should try. Thanks in advance for your feedback. Nothing that recent, so before I sent info to them, I thought I'd see how it is these days.


I just did a report--sm
with spaces 913/65=14.046 x .9=1.264

w/o spaces 765/55=13.745 x.9=1.237

That would be a .2 per report difference. If you did 100 reports per day it would be a $20 difference and a $200 difference in a 10 day pay period.

I do not think it evens out.
Alt H Anyone know how to go to end of report? sm
I'm wondering if there are Keystrokes to go to the end of the report on the Bayscribe player? Thanks!
If you report them to the IRS
do you have to give your name.  If you do, aren't you just screwing yourself out of a job?
Maybe if we report them...
There are some serious personality issues at TTS. Even though one of the owners no longer has continuous contact with the MTs, the people who do are simply clones of her with the same micromanaging, domineering, threatening behavior.

I found this on how the company could be punished for treating ICs as employees:

If it finds a company guilty of misclassifying its workers, the IRS might require the company to pay all back withholding taxes plus interest, even if the misclassified independent contractors have already paid their taxes. The IRS might also levy huge fines and press criminal charges against the company officials. Once the IRS moves in, it opens the doors for the other agencies to collect their due. If there's anything left, the misclassified independent contractors might collect, too. Misclassified independent contractors have successfully sued for unemployment insurance, stock options, overtime pay, retirement benefits, profit sharing, disability payments, workers' compensation and more, in so-called permatemps and related lawsuits.
Pay per report

I have worked in Rad doing pay per report.  I would not work for less than 1.25-1.50 per report.  Some companies (hospitals) will pay as high as 2.00 per report.I don't know any Rad. MT who would work for 75 cents per report.




Pay by report?
Are there many places left that pay this way?
How many lines are on a report? nm
Line on each report..
I was not given that info. I guess that would vary though, wouldn't it? These are acute care reports. Thanks anyway.
I'm paid by report...
make about $25/hr., and I think a year of radiology experience is plenty if you are really good. So go 4 it!
what is the going rate per report pay for rad? thanks in adv.

Report it as a fraud --don't have to pay

If you know that you did NOT withdraw it, why are you paying for it?  report it and the bank will reverse the charges.  



pay is per line not per report..

once you get the hang of the docs, it's easy and good $$.  Rad

pay is per line not per report..

once you get the hang of the docs, it's easy and good $$.  Rad is

Different departments and organizations have/or are being contacted. This will keep going on otherwise. I encourage others with this problem to do the same. As a newbie, we have been there, or know of someone who will be there in the future. This makes it hard for honest workers or employees of this field to keep trust in who employs you. We need to not just get word out, but stop this unprofessional practice. We need to hurt where it counts, in her pocket/ work we have done, money she got for it.
I think the lowest is $1.10 per report so for a CT abd/pel you would get sm
$2.20 - 2.50.

Specials are anything interventional including a PICC line placement (5 lines and a normal!) to an IR but the operative reports are by the line or hour as they are so long.

For radiology, I have found KS to be the best.
A linked report is usually something
like a CT of the abdomen and pelivs or a foot and ankle; two reqs combined on one report. It is to your advantage to be paid for linked reports. If you are getting $1.25 a report you would make $1.25 for each link or $2.50 for say a CT of the abdomen and pelvis.

Most companies pay for linked reports but there are some who do not.
It is IC. They said the average report
is 1.0-1.5 minutes so maybe there will be some lines with that, hopefully! Thanks for your help.
By Line or By Report - sm
After reading the posts below, I feel I need to add another opinion. I have done radiology both ways - by line and by report - and you can make money both ways, BUT, the platform that you type on is the deciding factor. If it is slow and not user friendly, forget it. If you have to add lots of demographics, forget it. If the spellchecker is awful, forget it. If you cannot use a text expander, forget it. You won't make good money either by line or report if you don't have a good, fast platform with lots of text Expander entries and a good spellchecker. Just my 2 cents.
Oh, puh-lease - RAD is per REPORT.
Is 1.10 a report good $ for rad ??? nm
I believe it would be $3.00 for the first page of each report.
Well, i can make up to 36/hr going by 1.80/report. That'd be
REALLY hard to do on a 4 cent per line basis.
I read at the BL report
and the change in keystroke pay thing for the near future remaining the same smells fishy. Didn't the new guy go on and on about wanting to keep very good MTs and a willingness to pay people what they are worth. I always thought my pay rate was fine. Now I wonder if it is going to decrease.
Well I was doing VR for an acct at 1.80 report. sm
They cut pay to 3.5 to 5.5 cents per line under the manager I was under. I know a lot of people left. Just curious as to if any are here on this board.
Start requesting police reports of this incident...you might need it down the road.
Please go to the message and report it. SM
Or send an e-mail to me with the link address.

Do you get paid per report?
or hourly? If you get paid per report that would be easy to verify.
I saw the daily report
yesterday that said nothing was nefarious and that this is supposedly normal. I can tell you, I do not remember it being slow at this time of year either. Part of me wonders if like someone else had posted that some of the accounts are not starting to give their work to other vendors. Another part of me wonders if they are doing this to get people to quit so they can hire on people at lower rates. I mean it would stay in line with their value of money.