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VR spews out what is not even dictated!

Posted By: -only asking for trouble -should be illegal.nm on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: VR - Amazed


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Pay by dictated minute.
What is a reasonable pay for dictated minute?  What is reasonable to expect to be transcribed minutes of dictation in 8-hour shift?  Anyone know?
pay per dictated minute?
Is $1.00 per dictated minute a good rate, and if so, what work types would you make the most money on?
$1 per dictated minute

Company advertising to pay $1 per dictated minute.  How does that happen?  What do they do when the docs are shuffling papers for 2 or 3 minutes and we sit there and wait?  I don't understand.

Anyone here get paid by the dictated minute?

How do you figure that out to know whether you are making decent money?

Was paid by the dictated minute at my last job...sm

...lost my a**.  Company started out at $1/dictated minute and gave a 10% raise after off QA.  Somehow it took 5 weeks and a lot of screaming to get off QA .  Left when they popped up with a new contract that would have cut my pay even more.  Rip-off. 

New job, off QA after 3 jobs. 

It's possible if those reports were all dictated together late at night, when no one else was dic
RIPPED OFF AGAIN: line count per dictated minute

Was hired at 16 cpl per 65 character line for a rad acct in Cali.  My check were meniscule and so I bought her line counting software and called her on my pay.  She said she was paying me 16 cents per minute of dictation which was a complete switchover.  You see these were reports with a lot of pasting and then adding different values.  The only dictated minutes were the clinical history, pre and postop diagnosis and some values in the pasted normals. 

She says the average dictated minute is transcribed in 1.5-2 minutes, HUH, where does she come from, it is more like 1 min of dictation is transcribed in 3-6 minutes, right???

It's hard to make money when you get really short reports.
People were nice to me though.
Right hand and left hand dictated on same report.