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Where did your numbers come from? Donít do that in a day.

Posted By: Sharon on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: 4000-5000+ lines per day of correcting awful VR? No thanks. - nm


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OK, just exactly how many numbers is it then...
If not just one? Please do tell, cause I'm missing something here...
I like your numbers much better than sm

mine. I have ten years experience, but normally I only work part time, so I haven't reached that high of a salary yet.

Again, I have to ask, is $47,000 with or without benefits?

I tend to also agree with you on the leaving blanks, looking up terms, etc. When you know your doctors, you know what they are saying. With years of experience, you know the vocabulary and you don't spend as much time looking things up.

You all bring up valid points to ponder, I am definitely going to think.....what would l look for in an employer and what am I worth based on my experience. Then I need to figure out if I am making/earning that based on the hours that I work.

The numbers just don't add up.

My current pay for straight typing is 10 cpl.  Now, let's say I average about 160 lines per hour for an 8-hour day.  For a 2-week pay period, my pay before taxes is $1280.  If I double that, at 320 lines an hour at what my company is offering for VR (3.5) my 2-week pay before taxes is $896.  Even if I produce 2.5 times my straight typing production at 400 lines per hour, my 2-week pay before taxes is still only $1120. 

How am I making more money???

It's all a numbers game.
When we lived in NYC it sounded like we made a lot of money but we lived the same as we did in Pittsburgh. The numbers are different, but they're all relative.

$400,000 for a house, you make $200,000 a year.

$200,000 for a house, you make $100,000 a year.

Just depends on where you live. You might make more money elsewhere numbers-wise but the standard of living is still the same if you have the same job and educational background.
membership is about numbers.
The American Medical Association allows foreign nationals who practice in this country to join their association and nobody thinks a thing of it.  AAMT, does nothing different than any other association specific to a secular group and everyone goes nuts.  With increased membership comes increased revenue and it does take money to run any association or business.  Shoot, it takes money to run a home.  I wish that more people would do something constructive toward morphing this industry into an environment that would see us all working toward a common goal (whatever the heck we choose it to be) than all this constant negativity and AAMT bashing.  If you are not interested .. okay .. so be it .. but quit the bashing .. what's the gain??  It was never conceived to be a union or bargaining unit for wage negotiation .. if you don't like the offering .. you don't need to change the name to roll with change.
IP numbers can be seen by the admin BUT a lot

of money will be paid for the service of having someone's records subpoenaed. I have read this entire thread and I see nothing that anyone can really do.

IP addresses are not definitive either. Groups of people can share an IP address particularly on places like AOL and there are other companies that do it that way also, so someone would really have to go to lengths to find out the definite ID of someone. I don't believe I have read anything other than independent opinions presented on this topic.

These boards are to share opinions and not all opinions are fair, but this is the United States and we do have freedom of speech. Presenting an opinion about a company is ok. Libeling a company is not. I do not see libel at all in this topic.

If you can't name numbers, it is not that good, obviously.
I keep a list of job numbers by day, and that's it.
Well, I crunched the numbers

If you translate old LPH rate into lines, they restructured the tiers so they start at a lower amount of lines, and pay at a higher bonus rate than before.  So management's intent was to give us a bonus raise, and that is how it will work out for me (going by the lines I typed the last couple of pay periods).

As far as not getting the bonus when you take PTO, that is pretty much standard for companies with line-based incentives.  Its just another downside of production-based pay.  Only if a person was paid hourly could they expect to get paid exactly the same for PTO (but they'd also get paid the same all the time, and no ability to make more by working harder).

I feel they had good intentions when they made this change.  The LPH system had its problems (like when Enterprise would fbe slow or reeze up you'd have to keep adjusting the time clock because your LPH took a dive) and this was a way to eliminate some hassles.  They already received some complaints yesterday that they needed to add another tier, and they did.  I'm sure they will continue to tweak it if people have complaints.

strength in numbers

There are certain factions who have profited greatly from having us believe that unions are corrupt and useless.  Yes, there have been abuses of power in unions, and the auto industry is paying for that.  However, that is only one of there problems and probably not one of their biggest. 

Who needs unions?  Look at the average American worker, barely able to live paycheck to paycheck, and corporations making record profits.  How bad do things have to get?  Are you willing to just sit back and let the corporations continue to take over?     

Unions are about giving workers a chance, a chance to stand up for themselves.  It is only through organizing that we can create a united front and stop this trend of abuse to the American worker.  It is not about being militant or greedy.  It is about human decency.


You can go to the Numbers USA website to
contact your representatives by fax about critical immigration and job issues. I just sent a couple - they are free.
How unethical to be trying to find other MTs ID numbers
The numbers on the Q above do not include ILPs.
There is a difference.
Email me for comparison numbers

I don't feel comfortable publishing them here, but email me privately and I will send you a comparison of the old rates and the new rates that obviously proves its a raise.  I'm working tonight but will gladly send it tomorrow to anyone that asks.

Also they sent an email to everyone yesterday stating PTO will be calculated just the same as it was before, based on what you made the prior pay period, bonus and all.

I guess quite a few people that are freaking out about this are going to feel silly in about a month when they are making more money and find out they were wrong.

UPDATE: Some numbers I have crunched on VR
I checked the amount of work I did this past week and will give you an example of what 4 cents a line (like I am paid) compares to 3 cents, like your company is talking about. I have VR as fast as it will go, if not I cannot make the amount I am comfortable with a day. This past week 1 day I had 3169 lines with VR (167 straight lines) and on the 3169 I made $126.76- if I had worked for the 3 cents a line like your company speaks I would have made $95.07. Being fast means nothing if you cannot speed the audio up and with escription it will only speed up so much. I know people's concerns, I had the same but just thought would run this past people so they could see the difference in 4 as opposed to the 3.
If there are any psychics, I could use the lottery numbers for the Big Game please :) nm
Good night everyone.
Programming Lanier for phone numbers
Does anyone know how to program a Lanier VoiceWrite for phone numbers so I do not have to continuously punch them in?
Makes me nervous though when the phone numbers
listed on their website are not in service.  The number for their main office is no longer in service and one of the 800 numbers is not good.  Hmm......curious......
Did not say your credit was not good, I donít care what your numbers are
I said MINE and only mine is what I care about. I am completely out of debt, only pay monthly bills and it does not matter about yours or anyone elses credit scores to me, only mine but I was just passing on what I had heard, not what I made up. The best thing for anyone to do if they are thinking about freezing their reports is to contact their credit bureaus. As for me, I see no need in doing this at all. What others do, I could care less. My slate is perfectly clear. Others scores, who cares?
Some companies do have toll-free numbers.
I have had that before as well.
Not all companies have toll-free numbers.
The one I work for does not. Even to call tech, it is not toll-free.
WMX question on update this a.m. Little blue box and numbers (sm)

in upper right hand, I think the numbers might be line count, what is the other one in the blue box? 


Just this month alone, I have turned in the addresses & phone numbers (sm)
of two different British scammers to Yahoo, who were trying to get me to send them money.

And in December it was the South Africans. Got a bunch more from India and Singapore last fall.
The Indiana and KY numbers are routed to India. I do not know how it works, sm

but when they would call from India, the number showed up as a KY or IN number, even though indeed they were in India.

They are basically nice people to deal with.  I am just amazed and a bit outraged that they would lie to people in their ad.  It shows a lack of respect for us as MTs, I think, to try to deceive us in such a manner.

When they "link" multiple job numbers for one report, like Four View Of The Feet And Ankles.&#

I know that DSG has their accounts split into DSG1 and DSG2 and I've noticed that the numbers for

both sides have been running a little low, may be due to the emphasis on tight turnaround time.