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Posted By: Amazed on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: Oh, I saw this coming alright - Another TT MT

The only compromise to patient care is inept MTs that won't catch any 'nonsense' the VR system generates.

You obviously didn't even comprehend my post in which I clearly state that I took no pay cut whatsoever. If your productivity does not at least double on VR, then the problem lies with the MT not on the VR system.

I smelled the coffee about 7 years ago when first given the opportunity to learn VR. I knew it would eventually be the future of MT work and I embraced it.

Those of you who continue to refuse to learn VR and adapt to it will unfortunately find yourselves unemployable at some point in the MT field.

For those of you who now choose to bash TransTech, a WONDERFUL company, or would rather quit than learn, you have my sympathy. You aren't hurting TransTech; you're only hurting yourselves.

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