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Obvious lack of reading comprehension (no surprise there)

Posted By: Rolling my eyes AGAIN on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: Question - MT

I am not management. I do VR; the term 'these people' refers to those who refuse to even CONSIDER doing VR and would rather jump ship than learn.

Honestly, I wish EVERY account at TT would go to VR to weed out all of those who can't comprehend a simple post. I'm not surprised so many of resist doing VR; the lack of reading comprehension which is vital to VR is obviously missing in many of you.

Sheesh, now I know what my dad meant when he'd refer to someone being 'stubborn as a mule' or 'head as thick as a rock', lol!

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Reading comprehension D-

You do have a reading comprehension problem.
The topic of the thread that I was posting on was not to bash your precious company, nor was it about tarot cards, nor am I raving about my company. You need to stick with the subject, and not let your anger/hate blur your mind and vision. Again, your about-face evil personality change just supports our skepticism about the picture you paint - you are damaging your own credibility. And, NO, I have no interest in working with you! So not to worry.
My reading comprehension is just fine thank you.
the same.  Write on behalf of yourself in order to help boost AHDI's standing.  It's all related to the upcoming requirement for electronic medical records, not the transcriptionist's job.  Get out much? 
Reading comprehension people. It's part of the job.

My reply to the above was in response to the fact that we don't see physicians rushing through work and effecting the quality of patients.  I disagreed.  Stop reading what you want into it and calling mine spin. 

Your reading comprehension is very poor. No wonder you ended up with that bridge - sm

The message is to write to your representative on your own behalf. 

That's a $42 a day per diem on TOP OF SALARY ... reading comprehension, people.
Not every offer on the job board is suspect. Chill.

My bet is that it's a really good deal, and if I lived in the PNW, I would look into it (I'd love to live in Alaska for a minute).

I had a pharmacist friend who was looking into going up there and working for a year or two - just the sign-on bonuses alone were $100,000.

Alaska, though, is known for it's crazy, antisocial population.

Sounds perfect for transcriptionists. Heh.
Again, there is a total lack of reading
I don't even know who you think I am in regard to the comments you are attributing to me, I think.  I never said that I was against attacking, I never said whatever mumbo jumbo I think you are accusing me of.  I stand by my analogy of your behavior as a child in a sandbox. And you're now at the throwing sand stage, soon to be followed by the I'm gonna tell my mother on you which would be in this case, of course, the moderator.  The OP gave a very nonemotional and intelligent synopsis of her opinion on hostility on the board and others have responded in kind.  It was not an attack, the post was not a complaint, the post had no mention of not wanting to come here. You have 100% completely misconstrued the entire thread and are, indeed, the nasty one telling a poster to move on and go to lovey forums, etc., topped off with your attempt at a final insult of Cheers, or don't let the door hit ya on the way out.  Now, do I have to explain this post to you?  I think you get it, but you don't like it and just want to stir up the sandbox some more.   We were all playing just fine before, not to worry.
No, Paul, you are not. Left last year due to lack of work, but not lack of respect. It's a shame
I liked 'em a lot.
Do you have a comprehension problem?
I have my own accounts and I have gotten them ALL by word of mouth.  Everyone is always open to BETTERING their situation.  My own accounts can be very stressful and demanding at times.  I have looked at nationals as an alternative.  I have worked for one part time for many years.  If I hear of a good company, I will apply to see what I am offered, and if it is better than I have already.  So far it has not been.  I applied with DSG.  After what I have seen on this board the last 2 days, I am abundantly happy that they did not call me back.  I doubt they'd have been able to match or exceed what I am getting already, but I thought I'd see.  I wasn't desperately waiting to hear from them; I really didn't care.  I have a very good deal the way it is.  After what I've seen here, I would NEVER work for DSG, no matter what they offered.
READ for comprehension
I said I have not heard of editors getting a pay raise for CMT. I didn't say lines!
Would not surprise me
Immediately after posting a negative but factual comment about a service, I received a fail notice on their test - over two months after I took it.

Any company that assumes such a list is accurate you probably don't want to work with anyway...
Does NOT surprise me with DSG . . .
they really do not care about their MT's, and yes, I too was one of their biggest defenders until they turned on me. I was very hurt by it after all the loyalty and hard work I gave them. They do not appreciate it.
well i may be in for a surprise
but in my year with them, I find them to be very stable, with a consistent workflow. I do have several accounts to draw from, but I'm really surprised some of you have more than a rare problem with this.
It does not surprise me
at all. It is Indian owned and run. Keystrokes has 100% US staff (even tech support is here), and the owner is adamant against offshoring her work. Cardioscribes was probably just trying to avoid holiday pay for the US MTs. You'd think the Mumbai incident a while back would have taught doctor's offices a lesson about that country but I guess not :(
I was also taken by surprise...

but it seemed like a lot more than $30.  I took out family coverage on the new insurance and, since they hadn't taken the premium out before, to have it doubled the first time out seemed like a big chunk.  To add to it, I just got my card on Saturday.  I didn't even know the insurance coverage had started yet!  To go back and pay double since June 1st for coverage you didn't even know you had IS quite a blow.

Oh well, two more paychecks to go before we're out of the hole.   :)

Would not surprise me in the least. Something is coming not sure what.
Wouldn't surprise me any
If they have "QA to QA the QA'ers," you can bet that each step of the QA-ing will have the QA'ers who are QA-ing the QA-ers who QA the MT finding all the work "they" didn't QA to be crappy QA-ing.  LOL
Doesn't surprise me one bit...
same thing they always do...
It wouldn't surprise me at all.
That sure doesn't surprise me. And just think -
if they're willing to commit fraud on such a grand scale, then it's a no-brainer that the people there doing the grunt-work, (and getting shafted paywise in the process, just like we are), are going to look for ways to augment their earnings. Enter the fancy, company-paid-for PC, access to the internet, and access to confidential American information, and you have the potential for fraud and scamming that surpasses what we already know about Nigeria, Pakistan, Cameroon, China, etc.

American businesses are too greedy, they already have more money than they know what to do with, and they are pitifully naiive when it comes to bringing the Third World countries into our corporate systems.

Not yet, but it wouldn't surprise me at all. sm
Have received more than 1 email regarding their attorneys and posting on this board.
Wouldn't surprise me to see that being s/m
1 cent per report.  After all...why should you get paid for typing yes over and over.  Before someone pounces on me I am definitely being sarcastic but still it wouldn't surprise me the way some of these MTSO suits apparently stay awake at night thinking up new ways to screw MTs.
no raise, no surprise
I think I should have had one a year ago myself, but dared not ask because of the economic situation starting to cave and as bad as I want to ask now, I still feel the timing is not right. So many are struggling just to stay afloat and/or profitable.
I agree. It was a nice surprise! nm
What about these surprise situations with Transtech? --

Hard to compare to a normal job, as you are trying to do.  When there is no work at TT, they send out emails not to contact the office.  Of course, there is no pay, yet we reported to work on time ! These are always surprise situations to TT's at-home employees.  Good companies do not treat their employees like this.  You report to work and you are not sent home without pay. 

TT is not the only company that treats their MT's like this -- but be sure to compare apples to apples !!!

Don't compare us with away-from-home jobs. Ex-MQ'er, your time is coming for being out of work.  You are new right now with TT and have nothing to compare to yet.

oh yeah, like that's a big surprise, gals
FN's greed shining thru their friendly facade.  Over-cover an account, make sure you don't earn enough, but they sure do.  Those of us who tried to warn everyone that they always ran out of work were basically told by posters on this board that we were not given work because we were not good enough and they were phasing us out, which was certainly not the case.  They just over-hire.  That way, their TAT is met, but the MTs don't earn enough to make a living.  And now, the bait and switch of going to VR?!?  They've got nerve.  Leave the ever-sinking ship; start warming up those resumes and bail out.
It caught me by surprise too -- I'm right there with you. Fortunately, I have a 2nd job sm

so that helps take the sting out a bit.  I love the people and love the company, but I do not think maybe they realize what a big shock $30 can be sometimes.  To me, the more fair thing to have done would have been to say something like effective next check, we will be taking out double premiums until we catch up or whatever.  However, cannot unring a bell.

And I have always been a bit disappointed that they wait until the following Monday to pay us instead of that Friday, but for the most part it is a good company.  Seems like all of the MTSOs hang on to their $$$ as long as they can -- guess the interest is better in their pockets than on our paychecks.    I was stupid and am now waiting a month to get paid for work I did for a woman in Virginia.  Chalk it up to lesson learned.

Good luck to you (and me!). 

No surprise. We already knew this. Suprised that others are
Must not be too obvious..

Listen, so you have had a great time at KS.  I am happy for you.  I am not saying that you are not telling the truth.  However, you are telling me that everything I say is not true.  How can you know this?  And because you have a good experience with KS, you are assuming that I must just be some loser MT who cannot hold a job.  I must be lying because you have never had any problems with KS.  How can you know this? 

In reality, I am a very good MT.  I am a great employee.  I have been and always will be.  I don't take off work, I work OT most days.  I do 20,000 lines per pay period and have a 99 percent accuracy score at my company.  I am also NOT a liar. 

The bad goes with the good.  If someone asks a question about KS with regards to their business practices, they want an overall idea of how it really is.  So, the truth has to be told.  That is WHY they are asking.  Also, there are many MTs who are of the same opinion of KS and there is a reason behind that.  It would be because we have all had the same issues there.  Are some people happy there??  Sure.  No one says they don't have  happy MTs.  But my experience, and that of other MTs, cannot be overlooked on the assumption that we are all just bad MTs. 

oh yes they do and it's obvious
I can tell who posts here a lot of times.
Your too obvious M.S. try something else!

After all the overhiring, it's obvious that they're slowly but surely trying to phase out straight-typing MTs.
This is so obvious.......LOL
Obviously you work as a recruiter or management.
Seems obvious to me
If you can take the chance the new job won't work out, I would not trust the current job to be straight, or fair, in the future.

That said, you should at least *ask* your supervisor point blank did he/she know it was a software issue? Did QA?

If NO one (outside upper management) knew, then you have to consider this, so you need to ask.
Isn't it obvious?
I would think it's all just a convoluted ploy to: A) Pat themselves on the back for their spectacular prank; B) Avoid paying unemployment benefits. If they cut your pay that much, you can potentially receive UI benefits. If they fire you without cause (based on your report of prior good employee status), you can receive UI benefits. But if you quit, you get nadda/zip/zilch. They get a good laugh at screwing you out of your benefits and it doesn't cost them a dime.
I guess my point was that it wouldn't surprise me if they DON'T know the law. sm

Because of who is in charge of it.

Nothing surprises me with them. Fake it till you make it.

It is obvious that you were not there in 2002 - because you would know
who I am, but it is apparent that you do not. So I suggest, that unless you want a face to face confrontation with a legal representative, you need to back off. Thank you.
Obvious management
Happy. Come on. People run for the hills if they have a brain from this company. No benefits. Take spaces and do not tell you, so they can make payroll probably since pays have finally been on time for a change. You are absolutely incorrect. Do not lie on this board. It is unfair to MTs who need a good job.
It's pretty obvious this is
if so, they should spend this much time and energy fixing the problems with the company...
LOL That's what I was thinking. WAY too obvious!
The "sticky" is just that. Really. I know the obvious.
research that I had done on these forums, keeping logs of specifics I was looking for in companies.  An awful lot of MTs do this exact thing, working off of just a few sites.  That is how important our careers are to us. We are not naive enough to read 1 thread of someone singing praises.  Basically, its the MQ MTs. Lots of us knew years ago where things were headed, yet we were professionals who had no need to panic at that point, but rather did our research and accepted positions at companies based on intelligent decisions based on long-term gathered data. However, if the data gathered over a year or an hour is garbage, then so much for the informed decision. Its like an informed consent for an operation - we made our decisions based on what was presented to us by MTSOs as well as employees. However, some of the MTSOs lied and, as we found later, pose as the MTs themselves on internet forums to further their lies.  Of course we all see the sticky note, and of course we all try to be wise and cautious, yet you have to trust somewhere. Otherwise, we'd all be paralyzed with indecision. I hate to base my life choices on lies.  Don't you?
This might be stating the obvious but...
Make sure you make the corrections and save the revised document!

I updated my resume and saved it, but when I went to send it out realized I had not updated my email address. I updated it on the resume I was sending out at that particular moment, but forgot to change it and save it in Word. After I had to correct it 3-4 times as I went to send it, I FINALLY remembered to go into the actual document, make the change and save it.

Sometimes I really wonder how I function in day to day life, I'm such a scatterbrain, lol!!!
yep. quite obvious..but yu who childish..not her.nm
Sooo obvious..
It's so obvious that these last few replies were by the company/employees themselves in efforts to dismiss what is going on. MTs don't snooze on this one! Troll.. that is funny
Yes Ms Obvious, and I have secondaries

Not everyone types every specialty you know.

But surely, I have sat on my rear for the last month and it has never occurred to me to get another backup account (I already have 4!)!   Maybe if I do a raindance, or one of my equally miserable teammates quit, the gods will provide me with enough work.

Oh, please, tell me to flex - that hasn't occurred to me either!  DUH!  You think I'm a tard, I see.

An obvious troll
put this clown who laughs at other's misery on *ignore.* Let LMAO entertain/babysit him/herself.
It's very obvious to me who it is--all the secrecy and attitude....nm
It's obvious I don't base my choices
by this board; however, the negative things that have been stated have been true. Guess I should have taken the hint the first 3 times in regards to getting the hiring process completed. Since they could not follow through with that, don't know what made me think they could follow through with anything else!
Pretty obvious there is only one rah-rah person for OSi and (sm)
she is doing that company some major harm. I think it is possible that she is on everyone's last friggin nerve!

I work for a great company, but if I would be put in a position where I would need to find employment elsewhere, OSi would be one of the companies that I would stay clear of. There must be some crazy stuff going on there.
It is so obvious you are the same poster each time.
I looked in the most obvious place
I looked in the job seeker's board on this site. However, for the life of me, I don't remember seeing the job I ended up accepting there, and I can't remember exactly where I did see it. Very weird. But I just read all the paperwork for it, and I'm liking what I see still!