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Please clarify

Posted By: waitAsec on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: If you don't catch all the nonsense - you shouldn't be an MT (nm)

Are you saying if we don't catch all the errors (as in correcting everything), we shouldn't be an MT or are you saying we should just accept gobbledy-gook word salad from VR and be happy to deal with it?

I agree with the catching errors, but not with the expectation that every report will be a piece of garbage to be cleaned up and I should be happy to clean it, ectstatic to get 1/3 or 1/2 the pay or I shouldn't be an MT.  No, no, can't agree there.

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Actually .. let me clarify ... lol
They call it Statutory Employee and in describing it (in the contract) stated that "...because a statutory employee works as an independent contractor..." -- so that is where I was getting the IC. Sorry for the confusion on my part.
Can you clarify?

I don't understand what you mean by "in the office." The only people "in the office" are techies, some senior management types (but not even all of those), payroll in Pitts, etc.

I'm thinking through all of the "supervisors" (MT supervisors) and they all work from home. Sorry to hear that you've had a bad experience, but know that they DO have some really good transcription supervisors, and that it's totally an incorrect generalization that a 'bad one' will "be supervising you." 

And, no, I don't work at Webmedx any more. Used to, knew all of the supes very well and worked with them daily. I saw how they dealt with their MTs. All had their strengths and weaknesses.

Try to not generalize in such a negative fashion, okay?  If you have issues, speak directly with the supervisor, or at least say "I have worked with a couple, I didn't enjoy the experience, but I can't speak for every supervisor there." Post responsibly.

I can feel the flames already!

to clarify
I realized when I re-read my post, it might have come across as catty. Didn't mean for it to. I think we're all going to be forced to go with the program or be out of work. It's a shame, but with so many companies going with it, it's either enter a different field (and there are no guarantees anywhere these days) or live with it. I really don't think the politicians on either side are going to fix things anytime soon. Too much money involved.
Just to clarify again...
Employees are statutory, not IC.

Pay during training is for the lines that you complete during training; there is no hourly training pay or anything like that. You may start at a lower rate and then increase within a couple of months. You would have to talk to the recruiter about this. They kind of do everything on a case-by-case basis rather than have blanket policies as far as pay rates go.
I would clarify that as well...sm
I would be difficult for you to keep up with keystroke count if they are limiting what Keystrokes are. Where I work, everything is a keystroke, even the demographics we fill in, spaces, and headers, if we have to add them in. At the 0.001575 rate, you'd be making good money. It's always better to ask questions and clarify what's covered as a keystroke, what's not, and what the daily and pay period quotas are, so if you think it's realistic enough to achieve. Where I work is very fair with that. Once you understand the formula, figuring your paycheck out is easily done.
just to clarify

I have a hard time feeling sorry for someone who fraudulently receives unemployment benefits while working.  Two wrongs don't make a right.  I've had a real rough past few years here trying to recover from Medquist, but I'm proud to say I have been honest in all my dealings on my end.  I work hard and if the company doesn't work, for whatever reason, I move on.  Everyone should realize by now that THE ACCOUNT MEANS EVERYTHING.  Not the company.  Not the line rate.  Not the communications.  If you are on a crappy account, you won't make money.  You can have a low line rate with a great account and make great money.  You can have poor communications with a great account and it doesn't make a difference because everything on the account is crystal clear and you don't have to ask for clarification.  You unhappy Keystrokers got the bad account.  You happy ones have good accounts.  Simple.  Keystrokes probably should unload the bad account, but does any company ever actually do that?  I don't know the answer to that. 


could you clarify this a little more for me, please?

Now, my production put me making the same as full-time in each one but I was officially part-time in each company

Do you mean you were able to produce full time work in parttime hours at both jobs?   I thing I'm going brain dead from job hunting and working.  Forgive me if I am sounding dense here. 

Let me clarify
My figure is based on the fact that Keystrokes does appear to hire MTs that can work independently and are very experienced. Also, compared this with others on the same platform. That could also factor in, so you have a good point as far as platform, differences, etc.
to clarify
They don't really give you holidays off. You can choose to take the holiday off but you have to use your PTO time to cover it.
Let me clarify, since you all don't get it..sm
FLEXIBLE is that I will LEARN and WORK on MANY accounts so that I have plenty of what I want to do! So many will have a primary account and only one secondary. I have TWO primaries and TWO secondaries, and I work all of them in any given week. They are all different with regard to formatting and rules.

Considering that this is FOUR sets of rules, not one or two...considering that this is HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of dictators...and every single specialty that has anything to do with surgery...yup that is bending over backwards because MOST of you would never try it, let alone be able to do it! It is also flexibility because I AM willing to work extra hard to learn my accounts and get it right even if I have not seen that account in a week. Because I can be asked to work on XYZ account at the drop of a hat and manage it, you bet they appreciate me and you can bet I appreciate the fact that this is a two-way street.

I know about a lot of you out there. I have worked other places and I am the MT who ends up cleaning up after you. I do the doctors you won't, I pitch in on my days off because you don't make your line counts or don't show up or didn't work your entire shift. This is NOT every MT but believe me I have seen it all.

I get tired of being accused of not working very hard, of selling myself short working for TT and I am rather offended that I am accused of not being a very good MT. I have been the punching bag for people who are not bright enough to understand my meaning and I am left wondering just how it is that such people call themselves MTs, let alone human beings. I have also been accused of lying because I am here and claim to make my line counts. What, are you jealous that between my 2 jobs I have racked 42,000 lines so far this month and it isn't over yet AND I was here?

Well ladies and I use that term loosely, I am GONE. You are a jealous, rude, nasty group of women and I don't care to be associated with you any longer.
and to clarify
there is a difference on these boards between OSi and OSI, 2 different companies
Pls clarify, OSI or OSi..
These are 2 different companies... OSi is one, OSi is another.  OSI, who knows where they are... OSi is in PA....
Let me clarify
that I in no way mean to cast MDI in a poor light or deter anyone from considering working with MDI.  I am still with them because I think they ARE such a great company, and intend to stay with them for a long time, and I think this work lull will pass soon.  I really don't think the lull is MDI's fault, and I think they have been trying to juggle people so everyone can get some work.  I am here because I think they are a great company to work for, I love my liaisons, love my schedule, etc.  This lull has not been the norm in past years, not that I recall, so it has been a surprise to me.  The fact remains that it has been very REAL on my accounts, and very frustrating, and my paychecks have taken the hit to prove it, at a bad time with the crappy economy and soaring gas prices.  So it really irked me to have someone state that it was nonsense and imply that it never happened/isn't happening. 
Can you clarify
I don't understand ... do I literally type what you have typed here? - then went to start-run-type in cmd- and when it comes up type ping *space* www.google.com ?

Thanks for further claification. :)

Oh please let me clarify,
I am not questioning their line count, only my own ability on most days to achieve it.
Please, let me clarify.

I totally agree with you, but it is getting harder and harder to find non-VR jobs.  If MTs have to do VR, then the only option may be to become as proficient as possible  just to survive.  I recently found a job doing staight typing  because found VR to be a losing proposition.  Being paid considerably less to make a sometimes totally worthless VR program look good is not my idea of a good time.

Sorry, could you clarify?
Is it a 3-cent per line cut or is it a cut TO 3 cpl? 
Just to clarify
I'm not looking. I read here and see so many people unable to find secure, satisfactory employment, and I was wondering where they were getting their job leads from.

The ads on here seem to be recycled weekly so that sort of lets you know that those companies have a pretty active turn-over.

Thanks for the reply tho and sorry I didn't expand the purpose of my question.
Can you clarify
Do you mean pre-made normals coming from the facility/doctor, or normals made by the MT in the expander.

I get paid for both now. Not concerned too much about not getting paid for their normals, but certainly would want to get paid for mine. I can still do 350+ straight typing with my expanders.
To clarify...
To clarify how the fraudulent resignation worked is this.  Everyone who works on the account I do knows my first name, last name, and my email address just as I know theirs, as we are sent it along with each and every email we receive from management's cc's.  Therefore, the person created an account with yahoo, as that is where my account is, the person then, knowing my first name and last name, created it to be showing on the outgoing from line.  The person then used my exact email address, but simply left off one number at the end.  I have to say, when the team leader emailed a screen shot of my supposed resignation that she received from the account manager, I sat her scratching my head and staring at it, I knew it was not from me and then of course it wasn't from me, as it wasn't my email address and it showed first and last name on the from line, which I only use my first name on the from line.  Hope this clarifies on how anyone can be a victim of fraud, it is very easy to do once you know the person's name and email address.  Point is, when the company is made aware by me that is not my email address nor did I send in a 2 weeks resignation, why would they choose to accept it?  I can only come up with one reason, they wanted me out!
Sorry-to clarify-$80 or more PER DAY - sm
for that particular day to get calculated into UE benefit eligibility.
Perhaps I should clarify
I asked the question (riddle) to make a point, not to challenge people to say where they shop or don't shop.

In other words, if the shoe doesn't fit you don't need to defend yourself. And if it DOES fit, you still don't need to defend yourself.

I was merely pointing out that the whole issue is VERY complex - trying to give examples, etc.

P.S. When I speak to customer service, if the PERSON on the other end of the phone can help me, I don't refuse to let them do so merely because they are Indian ?? If you want to hate something, I strongly encourage you to direct that passion toward the laws your Congressmen and women have enacted which have created this horrible system we are experiencing.
Maybe I should clarify. I went to work for them when they were a
small company and there was a personal touch. If I had wanted to be a number, I could have gone to a larger national.  I have to say that I do run out of work and my unknowing team leader has no clue as to which account I should switch to if my secondary accounut is out of work, too.   As I said, I just consider running out of work as an "early out" for the day and take a walk in the park or go to a movie.
Please clarify... see message
Okay, if SM means small message and if LM means long message, how small should a message be to qualify as a small message... and how many words would constitute a long message? And is there a word-count program I can download to be sure I'm not going over the allotment for a short message?

And should I count only the WORDS, or the words AND the spaces?

Please clarify one thing.

You posted on the Voice Recognition that you've been working with the VR program since July 2005, have doubled your production and are completely happy with Transcend.

So what you're really saying is you doubled your production and were basically able to maintain the income you made transcribing, instead of earning more money, right?

If so, what's so great about that?

RE: Please clarify one thing
I learned a new skill-set, and did not lose anything income wise, so I still earn what I need to make myself happy (money-wise).
clarify about "me"
Let me clarify in the above post, when I said I see me saying rude stuff, I meant the person with the initials me. Not me myself
Please clarify-Shapin (or someone associated with them) said
My goodness, and you jumped at it or away from it? Plenty of companies without outsourced dictation out there with benefits where an experienced, good MT can make that in half that amount of time. With a company representative admitting they offer low pay, why would I elect to work for Shapin. I'm smart enough to know how things work and can multitask more than one company to optimize my income and benefit potential.

Tisk, tisk.
Please clarify about IC and lines in a day

I am an IC - I contract for a company who is specifically requiring a certain amount of lines in a day. Is this legal?  I thought as an IC that I can't be told how much to type.


Keystrokes LD - Just to clarify (sm)
Am I to understand that those of you who use Charter Cable or Time Warner Cable have had no difficulities?  Can someone who has Charter tell me its working for them?  I'm having to change mine over from ATT to Charter - Dont have any other ones mentioned below available in my area...I'm confused, but trying to make this work.....Thank you!
Just wanted to ask you to clarify...

do you know that they still have major deductions for commas and such, or was that from when you were with them before?  I know someone who is applying and I think they need to know if that is still the case.  Nobody wants a QA dragon breathing down her neck.  Thanks for the info. 

It does clarify the question (sm)
The line requirement is the company's project.  A certain number of minutes, a certain number of tapes, a certain number of lines, a certain number of voice files -- they could all be considered a project.  As I said originally, look to other industries for examples.  If a landscape company contracts to mow 12 lawns in 1 week, that is their project.  If an MT contracts to transcribe five 90-minute tapes in 1 week, that is their project.  It is easy to understand.  An MT company has every right to determine the project they need completed, and an MT has every right to refuse the project by not signing the contract.  That is an Independent Contractor relationship.
Want to clarify one thing

MTs in India are failures in their chosen fields and/or could not hack it at a call center.

That is too broad and an unfair statement.  I would say many MTs, not all.  I guess the statement is more about freshers (new college grads) who can't find a better job.  Some MTs are doctors making extra money.  (An office visit in India costs $2; no wonder a lot of Indian doctors come here.)  Some are older people who are semi-retired from other careers.

Maybe next time YOU could just clarify...
that you were being sarcastic instead of jumping down everyone's throat when they don't get it.

A couple days ago there were some posts about this exact company and this company was posting replies. It wasn't exactly far-fetched to think this was them again. Now that we understand you were kidding and being sarcastic, we could laugh, had you not insulted everyone so much.
To Quig: Please clarify
I think the reason they have not fired me is because they knew they did not have sufficient cause, and they knew they would have to pay unemployment. So now they're trying to make me so miserable that I leave on my own.

Since I have not done anything truly wrong, please clarify what you mean by get out of town and before anything serious happens. If they're only looking for things to find fault with, to make me so miserable that I quit, what do I have to fear from them? Why should I get out of town and what serious thing could happen??? If I reimburse them for the vacation time I took but did not accrue what repercussions could their be? Please reply, as your post has me concerned. Thank you.
To Quig: Please clarify
Without going into details, when I was asked by the companies that offered me the jobs why I was leaving, I said that I did not agree with some of the things the company I worked for was doing, but did not want to bad-mouth my current employer. I also said that under these circumstances, and since my employer had no idea I was looking for another job, I did not want them to contact my current employer. They both said that was fine, not a problem. Under what circumstances could an employer give a bad reference? I thought that an employer could only verify that you had worked there, but legally could not give details of your employment. I have nothing to hide but would just like to know.
Clarify which Medscribe.
I would clarify this with my supervisor.
Perhaps this client wants the apostrophes.
You might ask your STM to clarify the point sm
abt holding work for an outside hospital's workers - I know one of those accounts and it is STRICTLY OVERFLOW. We only get what they allow Webmedx to take; we don't have the right to take away the in-house work because that's not our contract.

As for not caring about the MT, I disagree. Times are tough everywhere, for everyone. If this change allows us to keep our insurance benefits - which lots of MTSOs do not even provide - I'm all for it.
To clarify: The you are so right post.
editing - let me clarify.
I should not have called it editing. It's when you proof read the speech recognition software typing that a lot of companies are going to. Sorry - my mistake. So, back to the question- sounds as though MT's don't make a lot of money doing it; Do you have to make a lot of corrections so it's slow? Or what is it like? Is it less stressful? insights please. TIA
actually I need to clarify the deductible sm
thing. It is a 4000 for hubby and I. But, they give you a benny account that has $3000 in the account. You can use it for your deductibles which would leave you with $1000 out of pocket. You can also use it to pay for medications but medications do not come off your deductible so if you use it all for that, you could get in a mess if you have a hospitalization. You would have to pay 4000. If you don't use the money it carries from year to year. So its not as bad as it sounds.

As far as the lady who wanted what Canada has; I understand her frustration. But, you would be waiting forever just to have a simple x-ray or MRI and forget surgery. Canadian health care system is not all that great, that's why lots of those folks come here.

I can't say I know the answer, but that is not it. Its a sad thing in this country though the health care situation
Deb Marlow -- please clarify

Are you saying that we will be able to maintain our flexibility by agreeing to work a certain number of lines per 24-hour day, as opposed to setting a 9-5 schedule?

Statutory status has always been very important to me.  That's why I went to MDI.  I have nothing against Transcend, but I need to do what works best for me and my family. 

Wait, can you clarify please...
I don't get the first part 'Lose our current pay w/MDI...'?

Also, the account I'm on at MDI-MD is not VR, it's on Bayscribe. Does the 85-90% of accounts on VR mean the accounts Transcend already has that we'll be integrated into, or that they will be converting 85-90% of MDI-MD's accounts over to VR?

Sorry, I haven't finished my morning coffee yet so I'm probably just a little slow on the uptake at the moment.

Thanks if you can clarify!!!
To Clarify Things, and EIN #--
is separate, over and above your SS#. The individual IC does not need to have one, per se, but a *subcontractor* does, if he/she/they have employees and need to report wages paid on a 1099 at the end of the year to the IRS. If you DO NOT have employees, you really do not need to have one and can simply use your SS#.
Oh, and just to clarify to Darlene
I have never, ever, not once felt that I was a **low class of women** nor have I ever felt that about any MT no matter how much experience they do or do not have.  I personally have never had an **I do not deserve better** attitude.  I am not sure exactly how you came up with these attitudes - implying me, the companies, etc.  I simply stated to the OP how pay increases were handled at my company.  I really did not give my opinions about it one way or another, just stated the facts as I have been told.  I have a great deal of self-respect and professionalism and, as I did say in my last post, I believe that I am currently being treated fairly by the company I work for.  This post is simply for clarification purposes. Yes, I feel there are many sad situations out there, but I do not feel that is what I **have become,** as I am not totally sure what that meant.
I should clarify that I am an employee, not an owner. sm
If sounds like I was tooting my own horn, I really wasn't. I work hard but I am paid very well for it.

We are all in the same boat in this industry.

We laughed in our office about the MQ top salaries, even the owners. I am sure they wish they could take home a million dollars a year. Instead, they are worker-bees like the rest of us.

I did not mean to yell at you. I am sorry it seemed that way.

Is anyone else glad that the holidays are almost over so that regular life can come back? I love my kids, but 8:00 bedtime is much better for my nerves than whenever-they-finally-crash bedtime.
Just to clarify the folder thing.
If it is just this doctor who does this, I would do my own folder for him so I wouldn't have to go through everyone else's stuff to get to his. 
Could you clarify your BLANKET post please? ...sm

I am not sure what the poster meant, but perhaps they meant that patients' information is ripped off by others in the medical field? 

Could you further expound please?  Would be greatly appreciated. 

Please read below, where I clarify this issue.

Look, you can say I am bashing them as much as you want, but that doesn't make it so.  I'm glad you are happily employed there.  I'm glad for anyone who is happily employed there or anywhere, whether it is a good company by reputation or not.  We all work hard and we all deserve to be treated well.  I just wanted to make sure that whoever she is - and I don't know her and she doesn't know me and I don't know you and you don't know me - actually worked for the company she was plugging as the best.  Now we all know that she does work there, even though she cannot spell it, which you must admit is odd. 

If there is anybody who thinks it is quite normal for a person not to be able to spell the name of the company she works for, please raise your hand. 

To clarify. I had a quality review
and the recruiter is the one who called me with the results.  I was asking specific questions about the review and certain items they couldn't answer.  Is this the norm?  I've been an MT for a while but have worked mostly for my own accounts.  Working for a transcription company is a new experience for me.  I just thought it odd that someone could tell me what I was doing wrong but couldn't explain why?