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Thanks for saving me from posting that SAME sentiment!

Posted By: FellowTTLover on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: Yep - buh bye - more work for me when you go

I agree 100%! I love TT, I love my account (which is VR, by the way), and a greater group of folks I've never worked for. Talk about counterproductive to get on here and bash one of the most respected organizations around, a company with very generous wages who have no doubt put food on their tables and a roof over their heads but switch over to VR and the trash-talking begins in earnest!

So folks, if you're not happy with the switchover to VR and keeping up with the times and are going to proceed to try to trash TT to the nth degree...

I agree with above poster...

BUH-BYE!!! More work for ME and more money in my pocket.

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saving $$$
Can you just imagine the amount of money the company makes by having us work at home? It is a huge amount, and yet paying less and less - sweatshops have made a return.
Saving face
She saw the boards, was furious, trying to gain some lost ground. If you notice the dates you know it was because of the boards. Hush money.
LOVE IT!!! Saving over $150/mo!
Same here. I'm only saving $11.54 a pay period
but they almost take it all away with the vision.  After all the trouble to get insurance in the first place, now we had to do it all over again. I only got my cards from the old insurance at the end of March!
No way should you be saving reports
You are violating the patient's confidentiality and probably it is a violation of your contract with your former employer. Really that would not reflect your quality of work, for all they know the reports were copied. Only working with a current job's dictators and their system will let them know that for sure. Get rid of all those reports you have saved ASAP.
Saving reports
Is not only unethical and a severe lack of good judgment, it is a breach of the Federal Privacy Act, the HIPAA laws and is actionable in both federal and local courts. I hope that whoever is saving reports has good legal counsel on retainer. If you do not believe me, call your own attorney or ask the legal counsel for any hospital. He or she will be able to confirm this.
Saving reports

Blackswan, not to split hairs but if you have reports with no PHI, they can be saved.

I agree that I'd make sure I was covered, but the key is making sure there's no identifiable information included in the report (birthdate, name, address, phone, etc)

Seeing how you took the saving reports SM
subject, I'm not sure you'll think this is good advice either, but here goes.  I hope you plan to present yourself better in your flyer and in person than you do in the posts you made here in this thread.  The posts I saw give me the picture of a down-home momma MT, not a professional businesswoman.
I don't think saving reports is

Whipping out saved reports might just show a future employer a good reason NOT to hire you.  Aside from the legality of it, IF you were to do this, how representative of your work would this be anyway?  This could have been QA'd work, someone elses work, etc.?  I'm not saying that's the case, but just look at the logistics from a recruitor or company standpoint who is considering your employment with them.  I do think though that when you hold out your saved reports you're raising red flags for any potential employer.   Good luck though. 

They are saving a fortune on Docuscribe (sm)
Since switching most of us have taken a deep dip in wages. A little perk to keep morale up wouldn't hurt.
Saving records is okay IF required by your
There is nothing wrong with saving reports

I thought people jumped right on ya' as well.

For example, there was one ad for a job that I remember a few months back asking the applicant to send a few reports that they've transcribed. 

These people are all brainwashed. 

Look at the post about the cell phone dictation???  There is nothing to say a physician cannot dictate on his cell phone in his/her car, on a plane, etc., as long as they're not using a bullhorn.  Most MTSO web sites show physicians dictating on a cell phone or from anywhere;its part of the business.

Just chalk it up to the source of these posters' ignorance of this field and only working for nationals that have brainwashed them.

you could start saving these IM notes -
use them or not - protect yourself.
You could be in legal trouble for saving reports.
First, that would be a HIPAA violation. Second, I am positive the entity you worked for did not allow you to keep copies of work for personal use.

Bad idea. Hopefully, any group you show that info to would be scared to work with you.

Please tell me you aren't saving actual reports...?
Please reassure me/us that you aren't saving the actual report with patient demographics, etc., and then showing them to others? That would be such a huge compromise of HIPAA and would bring to light a whole different set of reasons for possible future termination from an employer if it were found out.
I also had asked about Precyse. Thanks for being so honest and saving me from another headache.
I am so disgusted with the way this profession is going down the tubes. I've actually applied at our local hospital today. I dont think I can take another day of fighting for work just to have it sent over to India because our company just doesnt care or think enough of us to provide us with livable wages. I could count on all 10 fingers the jobs which have offered me 2-3 cpl for editing. Then the rare few that offered 4 cpl (which is also a joke) only to find out that they dont pay for spaces, headers or anything else. The only profession I know where we literally work for pennies. Come on..this is American. Why are we paid wages like we're a third world country. It'd be nice just to meet the bills, but between low wages and high costs of having insurance, which we have to have because our antidepressant medications are so flipping high. LOL.. who can survive doing this anymore. I'm outta here too. We all need to take a stand.
the posting is the exact same posting as you read on the
job seekers board. It is under state boards
i don't know if saving your reports to show quality is a good idea
This is all part of the cost-saving plan..first, send your American MTs work to India so we sit here
with nothing and then manipulate the way the lines are counted. Sounds like cost cutting at our expense to me. 
What posting? (nm)
posting over and over
One reason these people keep posting is that they have multiple openings and are looking for the right fit.
Thanks for posting this. I know where I won't end up!

Thanks for the tip. You can bet I will not be posting anything
  about pay scale again, LOL.  I was just trying to share something good and it backfired.  Oh well, that's what I get for being happy I guess.
there was a posting...
about how they may require you to purchase expensive dictation equipment and you would always be out of work.

they say only 2 out of 10 will actually be hired. i applied with them. They send you a tape to transcribe with simple specs. i heard from them about 3 weeks later, and of course i failed.

if you go for it, im sure you'll do better as i only have 1.2 years experience with radiology. good luck.

You could be me posting
Posting (SM)
You obviously have not read the posting policies.

Company names can be used. It is individual accounts that cannot be discussed nor any information that identifies individuals at companies or otherwise. No company-specific information (i.e., internal memos, etc.).

I suggest you read the posting policies immediately. If you have any problems with any policy, you need to e-mail either myself (moderator@mtstars.com) or the Administrator (admin@mtstars.com). Either way, anymore of these petty complaints about posting poicies are going to be deleted.
in re of me posting
Are you on some kind of drugs? If not, maybe you need some. The original poster was only stating something that happened, you took it waaaay overboard chickie poo. Ease up. Life is short!
Thanks for posting! (sm)

If I am reading your post correct, it seems that the high producers would not triple their lines but someone transcribing lower lines would see a better increase.  Does that sound about right?

One more question - what is your opinion on the platform for VR?

Thank you, again!

no one knows who is posting except to say....
website owners can see who is posting, see the IPS/DNS and what OS (operating system) many poster is on so this website CAN/COULD hold folks responsible for their posts.
Thank you for posting this!
They are advertising for radiology MTs and I was considering applying with them. Not gonna happen.....
Thank you all for posting. Appreciate it! nm
Thanks for posting this. - nm
There is more than one ME posting here :)
but I'm not one who believes your company is supplying work to Barbados.

Instead there is an *appearance* of mining the workforce there for a CHEAPER labor force than what you can find in the U.S.

Where are your 200 online students located? In the US?

another posting...
I see this person has posted again today.  Is there anyway to check if this is a legitimate company?  It is kinda hard to tell with an aol email address    
Thank you for posting that, SM

It sounds as if our experiences were very similar.  I'm leaving at the end of next week.  I can tell from your posts we were on the same large account.

I thought it was just ME.  I was working hard too, trying to learn all the gazillons of doctors and locations, etc. and my line counts were in the toilet.  I have 10 plus years of experience so I'm NOT a newbie.   My DH and I figured I am making about $800/month less than I was a year ago at this time.  Yep, it was THAT bad.

Oh, and nice people.  Really nice people to deal with most of the time.  However, nice isn't paying my bills!!

Anyway, thanks for posting, because it's really good to hear I'm not the only one!  I feel so isolated working there.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have seen someone posting they had 15

accounts in their profile and that they had no work a couple of months ago.  Who in the world wants 15 sets of account specifics to deal with and hundreds of dictators.

I'm so glad I left Webmedx.  I now have 1 account that  has enough work for me to work 24/7 if I want to. 


Thanks for posting
I was thinking to supplement or do 2 part time.  I have used DQS and really like it, maybe just because I got used to it, I don't know.  I just don't like the feeling of being at the mercy of having income dependent on only one source, especially when things slow down and everyone seems to have TAT of about 30 seconds anymore on what is there.  Anyway, thanks again for the info!
Hey where did u see a job posting for them?

Maybe if i reapply and get rehired they will PAY me the several thousand they already owe me!  Yeah right!  Run as far away as possible.  Seriously though, please share with us the hiring process because I guarantee you at least 9 people are on the lookout and are dying to know.

What does sm and nm mean when posting?
Trying to learn the lingo!
?? Who IS this guy, & why is he posting all this
Why does he think any of us CARE about office politics in India?
Posting here regarding this,
A lot of people have not kept their contracted promise, at least I gather that, because they now have the prn program where for a lower line rate you can work anytime you want and at any line count you want. Apparently, months ago a lot of people were not living up to their promise, and so they hired to compensate. Now there are those who do keep a promise and run out of work because of the lack of balance. So they put in this prn program so that those of us who do keep the line counts and promises have more work when the prn program kicks in. Problem is, how does an MT keep a full time line promise when work keeps running out. I plan on asking for as many accounts as possible to stay on because work is low everywhere at least from what I can see and this company is at least honest regarding pay and the essentials. I think that it is combination of MDI having to keep client contract with TAT, and the overhiring to compensate when already-hired MTs did not keep their promise. MDI is trying to make up for that now, don't know, however, if enough people don't leave or if enough new accounts are not won, if we will ever be able to all have work.

Thanks for posting that...
some MTs do not take pride in their work and it is so frustrating.
Thank you for posting this..sm
Very interesting.  I doubt that anything will actually come of it, at least in the near future, but it sure is nice to see our concerns in print and backed up by a study. 
Thanks for posting this
Thank you for posting this!  I work for Landmark and I start working for Probity in January.  It's nice to see the opinions of my two employers and I liked the opinions they expressed. Intersting article.
Thanks for posting...
I have never personally worked with you before, but thank you for posting.  As MTs we have our own frustrations, but I think we sometimes forget that MTSOs are facing their own issues as well.  I imagine it's not easy to balance keeping in TAT and not overhiring, keeping MTs happy and also keeping clients happy.  There is a lot of behind-the-scenes juggling that goes on that we MTs never deal with.  That's part of the reason I am an MT and have no desire to be an MTSO.
Thank you for posting this....

This is what I meant above by how a company is saying work this shift as an IC at this line rate.  As an IC, I have the right to work when I choose to work, not when my clients choose.  If my clients want to make demands (and yes I have one client that is an MTSO), then I would become an employee at that point and they must pay my taxes. 

I've seen people post as employees saying they have no work during their shift and are asked to flex, which is also wrong.  It's just crazy how this profession continues to be used and abused and now there are MTs convinced it's okay because they need a job.  It's just a neverending cycle.  JMO.   

Still posting ads over and over....

What a nutjob!  Does she think if she posts just ONE more, maybe, just maybe someone will reply? 

This TTS posting goes on and on and on
I work there, have been there for about 2 years or so, no problems at all, love it, no one looking over your shoulder, no one breathing down your neck, I receive my money on time. Donít know what else to tell you but this from a happy employee.
Thanks for posting that....
That's depressing. What I don't understand is how come there's such a huge difference in pay. Aren't we basically QA'ing VR? I understand we're editing, but we're fixing a lot, too. I think the pay should not be so low and when I hired on, I asked about VR and was told that it would only be done in the interest of the MT. Well, 1/3 of my cpl is not in any MTs best interest. I guess it's a good thing I'm going back to school and getting away from the medical field.
Thank you - not just my posting name :)
I dun dood it.

Seriously, this has always been one of my primary concerns about using personal computers for work - from the company's standpoint, as well as the employee's - especially given the sensitive nature of our work. It is almost impossible for the company to maintain an appropriate level of security (or to verify it) without running the risk of a serious intrusion on employee privacy, whether intentional or accidental (won't be a defense in court).

Even scanning an employee's computer to check for open ports, for instance, which would seem to be one of the least intrusive checks, reveals information about what applications might be installed, since different applications are known to use certain ports.

The BEST PRACTICE is for employees to use one computer exclusively for work and another for personal purposes. I've never used one for both, preferring to purchase an inexpensive used PC (and you can get a dandy for very little money) for work and reserve my laptop for personal use. Of course, I really think the company should provide the work computer, but that seems to be something else that's going or gone by the wayside as the companies continue to shift their costs to the employee.
Did you see the 6 cpl job posting?

Hopefully nobody applied, that is HORRIBLE!  They even list qualifications, want someone with experience, no newbies and I believe it said ESL dictators, not sure about that and all with the lovely pay of 6 cpl for actual lines typed.  The actual lines typed more than likely  means they have some templates that they don't pay for.  I mean COME ON NOW, THESE PEOPLE ARE CRAZY! 

One thing about templates I have noticed (I get paid for them) but you DO have to change things in them sometimes and it isn't fair for the companies who don't pay for them.  Anyways, I was just shocked at the 6 cpl and wondering if they actually got ANY responses to that one!