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And this somehow DOES NOT compromise patient care???

Posted By: Another TT MT on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: VR spews out what is not even dictated! - -only asking for trouble -should be illegal.nm

Ridiculous.  Many lawsuits brewing on the horizon with VR, especially with the change in the administration and the emphasis on health care. 

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Right.. how does it NOT compromise care
I hope I'm a patient whose care ends up
being compromised by all this 'robot transcription' cr@p. Then I'll find me a good lawyer, and sue, sue, sue my way to a happy and wealthy retirement.

Be patient...they always get
Well, this too has happened at my place of employment. This one girl would run her mouth about how great she was and how she was the best and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!!!!!  Well, she was fired yesterday! She was doing things worse than cherry picking...gossiping. She lived off of it. One by one, all the women in the office realized how she was and one by one she has been left out in the cold by us all. She started missing work...having every excuse in the book from her poor old sick grandmother to her poor sick daughter to her poor sick self....which of course she has ulcers (so she says) probably from all the lies and deceipt. She thought her job was SO secure but even the "best" finally get found out. Now this place of employment will hopefully turn into a nice environment to work as she kept it upset all the time. So, my message is to be patient and eventually they all figure it out. Just do the best job you can do with what you got! Happy typing!
I think you just need to be patient,
I talked to her yesterday after waiting over a week and she is just overwhelmed trying to get back to people, she was very nice.
I'd be a bit more patient.
I had about a 24 hour lag between emailing and my offer. I think that most companies get swamped with resumes every time they post here and it just takes time to get through it all.
Be patient
Don't worry. You will hear back from them within 5 days. That's about how long it took for me to hear back from them. From what I've heard from others it's been about the same for them. Good luck.
Please be patient. SM
When mergers and other events occur in this industry and between companies, it is natural for those who are impacted to want to discuss.

If you have something you want to ask about or discuss, just post about it. You need to also keep in mind that everyone is not sitting here 24/7 waiting to respond to posts. Give it a little time.

It is NOT too difficult to read down through the page and read the different posts that are about MDI/Transcend versus other topics.


I would also ask about looking patient's names up and such.
I don't mind..I'm patient (nm)
Be Patient...They are swamped...
It was almost 2 weeks before I heard from them. You might drop them a quick phone call just to let them know you are interested. E-mail me if you want more.
She said no patient files were sent IM
MDI is definitely worth a try. However you must be patient
and understand right away you are restricted to 5 reports a day or 20 minutes of spoken word. This goes on for 2 weeks or so, until you are ready to be let go onto full contract typing. That is the test. If you make it and you want to stay it is worth it. However, you must want to be a contractor and willing to go with the flow of workload and as the work comes and goes. Personally, I think it is fine for a back-up or part time job. Have never not had my part-time lines. Pay is always on time. So if you want to be patient, and understand the process of hiring you will be okay for part-time for sure. Good luck!
Not giving a patient's name
is a HIPAA violation. Report her to your supervisor.
Ummm...she said that the patient himself...

asked her to go over the records.  I do believe that fact that the patient himself makes the request would be the required consent. 

...better yet - direct to the patient.
now, isn't that swell? For the patient, I mean..nm
I just have to fill in patient's name and everything else is automated and

even filling in the patient's name is made easy, I just type it and enter and it goes where it needs to do and then I type.  The work is batched so I just keep typing until I have 10 -12 pages and then send, again all automated and then start another batch. 

I worked for YOG for a short time years ago and they had so many demographics it took at least 5 minutes to fill them in, had to constantly look up stuff on the lists to find correct info and never got the same doctors twice to be able to learn doctor's information so you didn't have to keep looking it up.

My server has never been down, except during hurricanes last year, so no down time.  A couple of times the hospital's server has been down and I've been able to get my lines, though had to take a break during my regular shift and work a little longer in the evening.  Never went a day with NO work.  System never locks up.


Furthermore...when a doc dictates 56-year-old patient...

and we transcribe "a 56-year-old patient," or "this is a 56-year-old patient," what in the blue blazes difference does it make in patient care?!?  This is just an instance of a QA person getting their sense of purpose by jumping on our tails.  Truth be known, if we transcribe verbatim, they would get a sentence beginning with a number, "56." So, we're damned if we do and damned if we don't, thanks to our brothers and sisters in QA (et tu, Brute?).  To cite yet another example, inter and intra all sound like "inner."

Please be patient. We have received over 100 replies sm

HR will hopefully respond soon.

also from India-" The patient saw a demontologist."
most doctors have no idea, how would the patient ever know?...sm
patient asks doctor, who does your transcriptions. Doctor replies company so-and-so on 12th street in Anywhere, Alabama. Patient checks transcription companies website, seems fine. We have MTs working for companies who they are not even aware are also employing fellow MTs from India. How in the world will a patient ever really know their records are leaving the country. It's up to the government to pass a law against outsourcing patient medical records out of hte country. If such a law woud pass, the companies should be investigated and slapped with huge financial fines or shut down. Nothing else will ever stop this.
patient data not paid
Fill in the patient data on a no-report and send it through. Watch as Bayscribe tells you the line count for the report was 0. The top ID info is not paid. Not a big deal to me, but people should be aware.
Didnt think of it cause I dont care. Wouldnt care if
Be patient and you will see over time your line counts will (sm)
pick up. You are doing much different work now than you were with your PT clinic account. In the long run your efforts will pay off. Just be sure that the line counting program they are using is accurate and there are no hidden surprises. I don't like the idea that you don't get paid for header information. That is crazy.
then by all means I will lose my bonus because the doc does not know the sex of his patient??
so no platform, no patient info screen, etc....
I really like working for companies that have a platform. It seems to be faster for me. I type for a company with no platform and I have to download FTP files. It seems to slow me down.
I have been trying to be patient but have been working on my secondary account so much lately, I am
starting to think it's my primary. Been in the business a long time and understand slow times, but this has been a chronic problem for many months, so I understand poster's point of view. Stick it out if you can, if not, there are lots of other companies out there, but remember, the grass is always greener on the other side and you may be sorry you jumped ship. Hopefully you can find somewhere that will make you happy and feel appreciated.
I would say you've been patient long enough - move on.


I agree, be patient - make sure you are using your expander - sm
to its fullest extent.  I have had ShortHand for 2 years, and was not using nearly as many Expanders as I should have been.  I found some lists on-line and now my lph is much higher. 
Takes a lot of patient to correct same mistakes for
Patient = Patience Thank goodness it is Saturday.
I accidently ordered an IVP for a hospital patient! sm
When I was 18, I was a unit coordinator on TCU (of all floors), and was ordering lab tests. All tests were 4 digits. I was off by 1 digit and instead of ordering a 24 hour creatinine clearance, I ordered someone an IVP! Had they been allergic to the contrast, they seriously could have died! I didn't get half the wrath it sounds like your pharmacist is gonna get! I did however, get written up. Thank God, nothing happened! I realize you are being inconvenienced, but can you honestly say you are perfect 100% of the time, even on the job? Of course not!
goodness that IS scary, patient records sm
but also the allegations also reflect on your services as an MT and that is BIG, not sure how long been there. It would be important to clear your name in writing. Hopefully you kept the folder as records of truth. So this was a private client you were working for?? as opposed to a national MT company huh
Do you literally mean per report/patient or by the page? sm
I get 2.50 a page. It's not the greatest pay, but I have a courier that drives 30 miles to my house everyday to bring me a tape and no one can take it from me. I have one American doctor that I have created all kinds of Expanders for, so I can fly through his work pretty quickly. What good is it if you are being paid 20 cpl if there is no work, which is happening everywhere! I haven't done the math, but even if I'm only making 7 cpl, it's there everyday and I can count on it.
At OSi using ExText we can easily pull up other patient reports

I've done that many times if I can't understand a medication name or whatever.  I'll pull up the H&P, progress notes, whatever. Really easy to do.

...mentioned - faxes and patient lists and rules to
It took me about 2 weeks. They are EXTREMELY patient and will bend over backwards
to work with you on whatever your needs are.
HIPAA protects the patient; you can mock employees
Unless they were saying something completely fabricated and the employee was identifiable, at which point you might be able to make a case for slander, they can pretty much have a field day at the expense of their employees. As pointed out, though, working for people willing to have a giggle fest over their dismissal of employees leaves a little something to be desired.
I just adore Harrie. She is the nicest, most patient woman. Her site is the
Tessier Surgical Word Book is my bible, but mostly you need LOTS of patient
I disagree. Accuracy of patient medical records should not be dependent on how smooth your life is

at the time.  If you had quality issues, and they were being sent to you, which is a warning, then you should have been extra careful.  Our clients deserve a perfect product regardless of what life is handing you at the moment.


Of course they care. They care you make just a tad bit
this way they don't have to shell out the sign ons, the full-time benefits. Oh, they keep watch on how you are doing and their budget. THey will use you til you drop and try to tell you that it is your lack of skills or speed keeping you from the full time pay which a person can't even pay bills with to begin with. Imagine that.. Use your skills, work hard, try your best, do well on QA, but make short of full time so no benefits, no extras, and no paying bills. This adds up to you broke, them rich, and a no-win situation... for the MT that is...
They don't care (sm)

They know they can replace us in about a minute or just send the stuff to India.

And we'll never get a union, there are still people who will defend these horrible companies who cut our pay, etc., so that we cannot do anything.

There are a few MTSOs complaining they cannot find good people, probably because they pay so poorly that nobody will work for them.

I know you probably don't care now,
something happened. You know…things happen in this life that we cannot control. Maybe it was her intention to call you right back and then she was unable to. Maybe if you got down off your high horse for a minute and realized she was only a human, you could have given her a call and gotten a great opportunity. But that's just my take, I'm not trying to flame at you or anything, but when persuing a job, I would think you might have given her another call if you were really interested.
I care too and I do believe that just because
a person works for a company that offshores, it does not mean they are going to lose their jobs. Yes, it would be a surprise that they send ALL their work offshore. Have you seen some of that work?

Well, many of us have to work companies that do a little offshore as a necessity to put food in our mouths so no, it does not generally matter that they offshore as that is a fact of life. All the US MTs losing their jobs however is a surprise and the QA too and THAT is something we should all care about.

I hope all the companies out there open their doors to this circumstance and take a stand against this kind of treatment of our own workforce.

It is totally bizarre.
They could care less.
They don't care. sm

They have a whole new audience in India, Pakistan, et al. When AMERICAN MTs finally started rebelling by dropping out of their *organization* they had to look elsewhere for members and it's clear to see where they are going.  Don't need them.  Never have, never will. Good riddance to bad rubbish. 

who am I to say you do not care about others...
read your own posts...you are speaking loud enough for all to hear how much respect you have for other people.

I will let you have the last word, because you have more than proven my point.

Thank you...
They don't care.
If you have ever had in-house escription MTs from the escription company time, then you know how terrible their work is. Our clinic let their MTs work on our doctors all they wanted. TTS is cheap, which is why they got the account. The doctors are also switching to EMR and many are no longer dictating at all. If the clinic had been a decent company, they wouldn't have gotten rid of my department to begin with.
Care to tell us
Think what you want. Don't really care - nm