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my TT pay for editing is

Posted By: shu-shu on 2009-04-23
In Reply to: BASE at TT might be 4 cpl but if that's ALL you make - We're discussing TT and VR

0.065 and for straight transcription is 0.09. I can certainly make a decent living doing editing with the bonuses and incentives. Be honest now, is TT really offering new editors 0.04 per line or less?! I have to admit that I would have a hard time accepting that amount per line.

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I think your getting it all wrong.. She is probably doing VR editing..not the same as QA editing..
Does make a difference as you are not correcting someone's else work.. just VR to make sure the sentences make sense, right punctuation etc..If you have good English skills, it is not that difficult but this 1.5 cpl is a joke.
Not editing.
Typing yes, editing no, not yet.  I didnt say I wouldnt have a pay cut.  I did say that I feel I can produce however, the more I do it.  If i left Transcend because of editing and pay cuts, I would work somewhere else and make probably the same typing.  I am getting paid good with or without the pay cut.  If you go somewhere else, how do you know in the future that company will not be moving to the same typing of editing platform???? Because they said they wouldn't?   Dont believe that.  It is the future, many companies are going to be doing it.  I will know how which will keep me having a job.
I can get at leAST 5 cpl editing at
Softscript, much better than 4 or 4.8 cpl.
2 cpl for editing? TIA
6 cpl as an IC for editing?
No - not at 4 cpl, but at 12 cpl editing VR. nm
Editing at 12 cpl?
Who do you work for that you are making 12 cpl for editing?
VR Editing, or you use VR? NM
I know of NO companies that pay decent for editing.  They think it takes less time and gives us higher line counts; just the opposite for me at the 2 places I've done editing.   It takes more time to delete and add words and fix words than it does to just transcribe it.  Especially when the voice recognition isn't even close!
Yes 1.5 cpl for editing

I have been an MT for 2 years, I have never edited before.  This is my first editing position.  I am learning a lot.  Sure the pay is not the best, but I am learning.  Don't get me wrong, I do need money, but I also need experience in this field.  I don't know if the pay goes up or not, I have only been with them for almost 2 months and have not asked for a pay raise.  I am sure there are editing jobs that pay more, but I like the company, the people, and the flexibility.  There are no set lines you have to edit.  You go at your own pace.  There are pros and cons to every company.  Some like Shapin, others do not.     

Do you mean editing VR, or MTs?
Would you consider editing?
Superior global solutions has both editing and straight transcription. I have been here for a few months not and LOVE them. Easy word-based system to use and I tip back and forth between straight typing and editing voice. I have CTS and have noticed a big improvement. Maybe you should consider editing?.
Editing pay is way too low BUT
a liveable wage is just as someone below said at $16 to $20, but find the companies and count them on one hand that pay it. Companies today are not interested in quality or they would pay editors a decent wage. Half of what I earned as an MT is NOT a decent wage and $16 to $20 is half of what I earned as an MT.
I do editing myself, and...........
I can say that they might be able to see the view, but the font is not touched in any way. Sounds like your QA person does not know much about computers. I would just do it, they cannot fire you for trying to save your eyesight, and they cannot tell you not to do that. I always do it. Does not change font.
Go for the VR editing
This is the future of MT - it won't hurt you to learn it now while it is still new. Keystrokes - unless you can deal with a lot of emotional drama - I'd go the other way.
As of a year ago, they didn't do editing. Their platform had been purchased by Nuance/Dragon Naturally Speaking, but I didn't get the impression they would be going the VR route any time soon.
Not VR editing, QA editing
They had an ad for a regular editor.  Heard various things from them being wonderful to bouncing checks, but I can't really find anything definite.
I know where you can get way more for editing!
Do you mind if I ask why you work as an Editor for someone who hires with such low standards? In other words, too CHEAP to pay qualified MTs what they are worth. As long as the experienced MTs are willing to accept these low salaries to clean up crap, the cycle will just continue of salaries going down, down, down.
I Like Editing

I Like editing with eScription.   I can edit twice as fast as I can type.     Before eScription, my wrists and shoulders would hurt at the end of the day.    I don't have that problem any more.

I've been a transcriptionists for 15 years.  Before, eScription, I was worried about how much longer I could work.  I think eScription has extended my career.

Anybody out there do editing for
Transtech? Just wondering if it was good or bad, how much pay, etc?
Right now I make $15 hr editing. Can you really make that good of money at .04? What is the platform and is there a lot of formatting, etc?
No, not a lot of formatting. Mostly it is just punctuation, etc. But some doctors do require major editing. It works out for me but I guess it depends on the docs you get and how comfortable you are
MT Editing
Just curious - does anyone know if MT Editors have a special program they use to be able to distinguish words we miss as transcriptionists very clearly?  I find it interesting that what is a simple word, which I know once the correction comes back, that they are able to figure it out and have a flawless report.
Doing 100% QA Editing for 3 cpl
Is 3 cpl considered low for being expected to do 100% QA on every file?  Seems like I just can't make any money listening to every single dictation from beginning to end, but yet this is what is expected.
7 cpl for editing
7 cpl for editing would be nice.  I get about 4.5 CPL and I hate VR.  Its not only cumbersome and more work, but its boring!!!
should be 0.065 cpl for VR editing nm
Maybe editing just isn't your thing.
It depends. Sometimes honestly I could have transcribed it faster. It is another field pay has gone down. I started out editing in the days at 6 cents per line. I figure they were given the indians 2 and still making money. Editing or MTing, it is all going down the toilet. Go back to school.
non VR editing I do about



Boy where to start.  There's one group of about 100 clinic accounts and you don't pull them in any particular order, the specifics are an absolute nightmare, and with so many you never get to actually know any of them enough to go through them quicker.

All the editing is 100% listens, which really kills your pay.  On one of the platforms, the program never works right, so you might have to fill in all the header information, which means writing down the demographic info and then typing it in - you don't get paid for this.

There are a few reports you can get through pretty fast, but by far not many. With being paid by the line, you're really losing a ton of money with them. A great deal of the editors just don't even try, they just push them through and I know because I was a super for them for a time before I got smart and got out.



Do you mean VR (editing)? If so, sm
I find I do okay with it.  So far, I'm about 2.5 x my MT line count and growing every day.  Something I do that I like is send out a weekly line count progress chart type thing - it's listed by MT number and shows your lph in MT and editing modes. 
How is editing on Beyond Txt?
Is it hard or is the software decent for VR?
12 cpl for QA/editing. nm
VR Editing
Is 5 cents a line for a 65 character line good for doing VR editing as an independent contractor? I've never done VR editing and have no idea how much I could make or how difficult it is compared to transcription. Is VR editing difficult to learn? Any info appreciated.
Not sure if original message came through, so may be duplicate ... Does anyone have any information on the software/company EditScript?  I am wondering if they can determine how much you produce/edit, manipulate your line count, line length, character type, count, etc..   When I first trained, I was doing fabulous, and now after a couple of years, I am getting really low averages and I am not changing anything I do regarding pace/consistency.  The company I work for may be trying to edge out some people so was wondering if this is a capability that ES has?  Thanks to anyone that can assist!
How about editing
Anyone editing for an offshore company? Any feedback you want to offer on quality or what your wages are for editing the reports that are coming back to us?
I love editing.. saves wear and tear on my wrists. I never dreamed though they would screw us over and take away our pay little by little.. I am just glad to be calling it quits with the company I have been with for 3 years. They screwed me over.
8 cpl is a lot more than 4-5 cpl for editing
when you have to retype every single report that the junky Editor puts out.   
editing VR...sm

My STM told us that you should not be able to tell the difference between a VR report and a report that was typed. You should absolutely be listening to the entire dictation and not just reading through and making corrections. Sometimes VR will leave out entire sentences or be way off, and if you don't listen to the dictation your end product will very likely not be what the dictator actually said. I know that our pay rate for editing is dropping considerably, but we still must place quality over quantity.

The way to get a decent LPH editing is to make sure that you are working as efficiently as possible. You should be creating macros to make the edits easier. You can make macros with SH or AutoHotKey. This will allow you to be much faster without sacrificing quality.

How long have you been doing the editing?
All accounts will be editing?
Do you know if all of their accounts are going to be editing only?
That is the way I understand it--all editing...nm
Editing vs. transcribing.

Why would anyone choose editing?  Is it better pay than transcribing.  Just wondering if that's something I should aim for or stick with training for coding.


ME is medical editing on ASR ..
... and has nothing to do with the expansions you use for straight transcribing.
They cut the pay to an editing rate of 4 cpl..nm
transcend and editing

Is anyone here editing on Transcends beyondtxt and if so please let me know how your pay compares to the transcription side.  Are you making more, less, the same? 


They are hiring for VR editing on a big
radiology account. They said 7 hospitals, all radiology, plenty of work but the pay seems way too low. What is the going rate for editing for radiology? They are paying by the report.

They start this in three weeks and want to train me right away.

Need advice a.s.a.p.
editing info
Thanks to you all very much. I appreciate the info. I will check them all out.
curious about editing
Do you mean ASR?

Or do you mean QA?

If you are QA, I'm curious how you are paid...by the hour or report?
Maybe for editing, but not tx no matter how new!!