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Posted By: TT MT on 2009-04-24
In Reply to: Oh good grief. A half a cent here or there does - sm

Every Saturday I sit here working, that 0.5 cpl bonus for it only adds up to 10 bucks a day on over 2000 lines.  Puhleeze...I would give up that 10 extra bucks any day of the week not to have to work a weekend day! 

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lmao!! yeah maybe I'm the recruiter...suggesting that my co-worker is the problem. yeah that make
Yeah, yeah, I spelled health wrong -
I am very angry right now and my fingers are taking it out on the keyboard.
Yeah, yeah, AND enjoy!

Yeah - n,
Yeah! Take That!
I like OSi too!!!
Yeah let's go there.
yeah right.
come on, every time some MT posts this type of problem, there is always the same response back from KS.  Like you don't think they have sent email after email and call after call trying to get things taken care of or get help?  Please.  You don't think that we have the number and haven't called a million times?  This is all just for show.
Yeah, sure!!! Like we believe you!

I also am very happy with my employment at OSi.  I think it is a great company, one that listens to the needs of their employees and does their best to accomodate.  It is pitiful to read how so many bash OSi and other companies on this board and you don't even work for them.  If you have in the past and have found employment elsewhere, move on and knock off the infernal complaints.  If you are employed with the company you are complaining about, then find a new job.  We don't need or want your constant bantering.  And if you are still employed here, that tells us you obviously aren't good enough to get a job elsewhere.

Yeah. RUN, RUN, RUN,
There are much better jobs out there.
yeah but
I would be typing all night.
well, you know.
Yeah for you!
Good to know there is life after MTing.
Yeah, I know what you mean

about the taxes and sure can't blame you there.

I hope you can reconnect and get the job with him, though.  If more docs start to realize what's happening and leave the companies that do the outsourcing, that will send a huge message to these companies.  Might also force them to treat their American employees better.

In the age of terrorism, I don't see how it CAN'T be a security issue to outsource medical transcription, especially to middle eastern countries.  Think about it.  Besides access to the obvious personal demographics of the patient, they also know which medications the patient is taking.  With the way elderly people order medications from Canada, I can just imagine an elderly person getting an ad in the mail for the medication they're on at less than half the price, order it and wind up dead.  It seems that large groups of Americans could be targeted and harmed based simply on their medical information.  (Maybe my imagination is running wild, but I never could have imagined that anyone would think to use a plane as a missile to kill a large group of people, either.) 

yeah, but . . .
what about all the employees of some of these companies who are being told to be patient while work returns to normal after the holidays, yet have been virtually w/o an income for weeks now. This shouldn't be happening consistently in the winter months, holidays or not. What rights do those people have as far as any compensation? They're being left hanging in the balance with no way to pay the bills and yet not being given the option of collecting unemployment benefits because they're still technically on the payroll. How far is this going to go before people stop accepting the obvious? It saddens me to no end to see companies treating their long-time loyal employees this way.
Yeah right. I just bet you do.
Oh yeah
I have been with a smaller MTSO (about 100 MTs) since leaving MQ. I love having the QA that I never got at MQ, but what bugs me is that when I send in a blank or a flag, they answer not only me, but everyone on the whole darn QA team (okay, there are only 4), plus the president of the company.

Now, come on, if I'm just asking for a second listen on a cc doc (new account), do you really need to copy the Prez on that one?

I guess that is average then.  I was hoping to make more by now.  My goal is to one day get my own accounts and start my own business
Yeah I know
Lack of communication seems to keep getting worse and worse. This is along with other issues I have I do not want to discuss on here. I just am trying to decide about some things. I used to love the flexibility but now even that is in question.
I will take 8 cpl, but not 6 cpl. Maybe per gross line, but not on a 65 character line. I actually worked 6.5 cpl for each actual line and on average I made about the same as 8 cpl/65 and in some cases more.
Yeah, what's up with that?
And have you seen the screening test on the website...is that a joke??? If you go to the site you will see that you can pretty much study it and look up all the answers before doing it. I also hired and trained a few Andrews grads in the past. Not that impressed.
Yeah, all that at 7 cpl! lol
Oh yeah, a BIG 8! lol.
Yeah, looks like it..
JLG recruiter was from MQ, went to JLG (not for too long I might add) and now works for Alltype? Wow!
yeah...they don't want to pay you..sm
I used to work for a company that would hold my checks up to 30 days, simply because their state law (California) said that it was legal for them to do so. With two pay periods a month, I was never caught up on pay and it took two more months after I quit to get everything that was owed me. Sux.
Yeah, I agree. I think that should be provided. And it is not a verbatim account--it has to be edited.
yeah I did that but don't think it's
Yeah.....from 2/8/07
Yeah, I was always just MK, but ..... sm
I felt bad for whoever had to switch back and forth from O to MK, with the Account Specifics the way they were with MK. I personally can understand that #$#@$ error log being the way it was, supposedly.

Anyway (sigh) old doors close, new doors open.
That is why we should encourage everyone to apply...so they can move into that AC position right away.  Such a great opportunity to take a cut in pay to be a manager and work around the clock.  Who wouldn't want to dive right in!
Oh yeah - we must!

After reading your post I'm sure we do! 

yeah, maybe i should

do that.. I just hate to go through resumes, interviews, testing and the whole starting a new company hassle only to find out that they pay decent but you can't make any money because the platform is a hassle, they fed me a bunch of lies and the company is terrible..or you have to kill yourself to get a decent line count, so the rate doesn't matter. On a decent, normal platform where the lines are counted in an acceptable way, I know I should average 250-300 lph without killing myself.. if i can't do that, I'd rather not bother.  I've heard a lot of good things about Keystrokes and have considered going there, but not sure what they pay.  Right now, I'm leaning towards SmartMed..but not sure of their line counts, and I've heard good and bad about Transtech and Webmedx.. and a few others..I'm just sick of company hopping and BS.

yeah, I know....but.....
if I ask and they answer, and I accept employment with them based on their lie, doesn't that mean (with proof of course - get answers in email, not phone!) that I can quit and still collect unemployment until I find my next job? I know good employers are out there and most likely I won't find them, but I sure am gonna try! ;-)
and if you read the application for background check that they send you they tell you at the Attention to or Pay to part you will need to leave this section blank on the money order or cashiers check. We have a automated stamper that our Payroll Dept. use for our 3rd party vendors. If you put anything in the attention/pay to section then we will return your money order or cashiers check back to you which will delay processing of your background check request. The address is also a PO box. Something just does not sound right here!
Yeah, I want to know too-
Oh yeah, they have to pay OT.
like according to the OP that it was authorized.  No matter what though they have to pay it.  I think the OP should report them too!  Too many MTs are taken advantage of this industry.  I don't care how many people like working for this company, that's just a shady practice and should not be tolerated!  My 2 cents!!!
Yeah, right - I should have had my
phone on while still at my desk and taken a call while punched in. Right ... smart.

I would, yeah. - nm
Yeah and you know sm

I have worked for them for over 3 yrs.  A lot of what goes on is down to the team manager.  I had a great one, now I have one whose fingers I'd like to break!  She is NOT an MT and about as bright a no-moon night. She is always getting into my software (not allowed) and changing my settings by logging in as me (a BIG no no).  It doesn't matter what she does, her behind is made of Teflon and nothing sticks...yet. 

On the other hand, there is a wonderful team leader I work for sometimes.  She is knowledgeable, friendly, fair and deals ya straight. 

It is, overall, a nice company, or at least it was when I went to work there.  They need to let most of their account managers go and hire people who will actually work and who are actually MTs.  It is sad when the powers that be ruin a perfectly good MT company.  ');>

Yeah, sure you do

Yeah, but it seems that MQ is
the only one that has found itself in court on many fronts......
Well yeah...
I would be happy making 7 cpl for VR. I only get 4 and its bad sound quality on top. Plus, once someone types it wrong, the VR forgets and its even worse than the last time I edited the report.

Good for you though.. 7 CPL ROCKS!
yeah there is...
Result to hiring on to more than 1 company to weed out. Be real please. You failed to everyone the truth while you preached. And that is you do (if not already did) the same as every else and that is searching for your so-so perfect fit even if you had to work for more than one company at a time.
I feel your pain. That's exactly who I'm talking about. Know you're not alone. The messed up thing - the dictators are great that I have run across, but the maneuvering through and doctoring templates is dragging me WAY down.

I'm going to start looking soon, too, if things don't change a bunch soon.
Oh yeah right, now there's (nm)
Uh, yeah
So, they are in India, the people who give us our work. That's what I meant by a cultural divide. I feel a definite disconnect when it comes to communicating with them. But it's not one, it's all. Sometimes it feels manipulative. Like they can't just come out and be frank with you about what they need or want, they have to slip in extra minutes, or say you won't take more? when you tell them what you want.

At the core, my biggest problem is not them. I honestly like most of them - just not having to ask them for work.

My biggest problem is that the ad says you will have set providers or something along those lines. When I started, I envisioned having 3-5 regular providers that I did every day, knew what I was getting, could really set up some nice helpful auto-expanders, etc. Instead, I have to ask for work and am constantly being asked to do this or that or the other account, even though I've never been given any information on those accounts.

Having a primary and a secondary (and even a third-dary) is a good thing. But having 8-10 accounts that you're asked if you want to work all the time is just overwhelming and NOT at all lucrative. For them or for us.

um yeah
I know someone who is currently employed who was shocked when they saw the ad as she has ran out of work every day for the past couple of weeks.
well yeah
Well of course because it gets ridiculous. You are going to show frustration if the same mistakes are made over and over again. It is very frustrating and we are not robots. I have sent reports back for them to fix when it's a mistake that is repeated over and over.

That helps.

One thing though, with email, it is very hard to read emotions. Sometimes they DON'T get that you are frustrated and other times when you are being nice, they think you are picking on them. It's all in the tone they choose to read it in. This is a very hard job.
Uh huh, yeah. Whatever you say....
excuse me while I go tiptoe through the tulips and take a nap under a rainbow.  I forgot to take my happy pills today. 
Yeah that's it
I'm looking for a huge raise. I'm just tired of people always having a fit whenever one little thing goes wrong. I think they have provided us with information when we needed it and if I have ever had a question it was answered. Maybe not in the next five minutes but I received an answer or I was directed as to whom to ask to get an answer.

This company gave me a chance, so I'm sorry if I feel a little bit of loyalty to them. Yeah we have our problems but they are getting worked out and eventually things will be great there!

I'd rather be part of the beginning of something and take pride in it. IMHO.
Yeah, but.... (sm)
I applied to be an IC with a company NOT Etrans, and after having seen several negative posts about the company, particularly about how they never answer emails, never return calls, and always, always bug you via IM, I have not had that happen to me at all, not once in 6 months. Had I listened to this board, I wouldn't have accepted the job I now like very much. You have to take everything on here with a grain of salt. Sorry it's sort of unrelated, but your comments about people not responding reminded me of my own situation with this other company. I have no idea why some people seem to have completely opposite experiences with the same company, but it happens apparently.
I guess with the new push in the industry to hire people straight into ASR without having MT training might help the traditional MTs keep their jobs, too. Then the MTs won't have to switch to ASR and take a pay cut.