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Oh good grief. A half a cent here or there does

Posted By: sm on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: BASE at TT might be 4 cpl but if that's ALL you make - We're discussing TT and VR

not make you go from barely scraping by to RICH. It helps, but it's not that big of a difference. It's just incentive/bonus. Please get a grip.

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one-half cent
Got offered 1.5 cent/line this past week....she said her editors tell her they make good $$....
good grief!
Can y'all take the checks that don't clear to the District Attorney (hot-check department)? Seems like there should be some measure for justice available other than private attorneys.
good grief
Good grief
I made $12.75/hour when I worked for them in 2003. So 3 years later and the starting salary is lower while the cost of living is significantly higher?! I think it's time for me to go back to school and start a new career.
good grief - w2

Good grief!
Now we have MTs trying to talk other MTs into quitting, when it's apparent some just need a small nudge to do so? I'm sure DRC/Acusis will appreciate that. Yeah, right. You're doing the company no favors, you smug fools.

As for the ones who claim they ALWAYS get their keystrokes, I want to know how you're doing this when the work is not there. Are you saying they are holding work especially for you while leaving the rest of us without work? How many hours are you sitting at your computer waiting for work or do you have a life? Bragging that you are getting work when others are not is not helpful or real smart, either.

I'll wait for the company to explain this and hope for the best.

Oh good grief, not again
exaggerations and lies, all the time. Makes me sick.
Good grief!
Never let it be said that us MTs are mature, reasonable people willing to let the other guy get a break.  Why can't somebody just answer the poor person's question about insurance if they know the answer and if they don't just butt out.  It is none of your business if somebody wants to have IVF. If you want to stop insurance companies from paying for it go write a letter to the Mr. Bush.  He is very concerned that medical services be available only to the rich so he would love to hear from you. 
All I can say is - GOOD GRIEF - sm


It was a typo - 70% of base rate. I was typing too fast and thinking of something else. I'll stick with the rest of my post, thank you very much!

Good grief...
She was just trying to maybe help some newbie out. Now she knows. Next time someone has a tip they may be afraid to post and someone who could have used it will miss out. OP was told it was a scam and was like oh okay. She didn't defend the company.
Good Grief

Oh here we go...

Yeah, I must be a real loser because I like my job. Imagine that. Maybe you should do a little self reflection if you are choosing to spend your time making pointless comments just to be rude.

Good Grief!

I am sure the moderator will move the word question when it is seen.  It's not like the world is coming to an end if someone posts on the wrong forum.   It's only one question not like they asked questions about an entire report. 

Geez go enjoy the 4th of July weekend and chill out.

Oh, good grief, where is your mother? lol
Grow up. Must be terribly frustrating, being so infantile.

Use your head, good grief
You should think of payroll as Monday because it IS on Monday. They never claimed you would get paid before Monday. Just because it hits your bank before then does not change the pay date. Mine usually comes in on Saturday afternoon about 5:00. I obviously don't know if it will be different this time or not, but I never count on that. I can't afford to bounce checks, so I do absolutely nothing about paying bills until it is in the bank.
Good grief people....
If I could make a list about all that has gone wrong at MQ within the last 2 years, I would be her forever!!!
Good grief...you need a life

Good grief its just 1 hour more a day

If one more hour a day is really going to kill you, well, I feel bad for you.

I think the entitlement issues I'm seeing here are from long-time employees that are used to having things a certain way, and any change sends them up the wall.  But try to put this in perspective when you look at the chaos that other people are going through at other companies.

Seriously, working 40 hours to get benefits is pretty much universal in all industries.  Its not as unreasonable as y'all are making out.  When we acquired Chartmatrix, its what THEY were working to get benefits.  This is another leveling of the playing field that came with the merger.

I think though, that in this economy we are lucky to have jobs.  If our employer has to do away with a few perks, it beats a layoff or having the company close.  It certainly beats having our insurance become unaffordable.  I have no axe to grind because I still think Webmex is paradise compared to some of the places I've been.

Good grief, take a Xanax.
Oh good grief leave her alone. sm
There are some of us, myself included, who don't give a rip whether they send out anything for MT week, contact us about MT week whatever.

Do you really think they are sending out pens, cups, shirts, etc because they really appreciate you? They are doing it because the whiny MTs expect it and they don't want the backlash, that and the fact that THEY get a tax write off for it.

If your self-worth in this business is based on getting a pen or a cup once a year from an MT service, then you have been in the business too long!
Good grief! I am not an MTSO either sm
but why is it any of your business what the MTSO charges? Whatever they charge isn't going to get you any more money. They pay what they pay. Why worry yourself about it.

While I think many MTSOs ARE taking advantage of their MTs, if I wanted to make more money, I would (and you could to) get my own accounts and charge more.

When you hire someone i.e. a plumber, carpenter (example) or whatever to do something for you or buy something from them, do you investigate into what they have paid for their supplies, etc? No different. WHO CARES! Put your energy into something more productive!

What the MTSO charges has nothing to do with whether you are going to be able to pay your bills at the end of the month. All you have to be concerned with is whether you have any work to do or not, just like the rest of us. Also, you don't know whether the equipment is paid off, expenses etc. WHY DO YOU CARE AND WASTE SO MUCH ENERGY WORRYING ABOUT IT? Put your energy into getting an extra job if you need it.
Good grief!! Glad I just sent them
an email telling them I was no longer interested in testing as I will not work for companies that offshore USA work. No wonder the person didn't sign their name. Probably too long to spell! LOL!
Why does it hurt your ears? good grief
Good grief! Not secretive at all, just trying not to be redundant
that is so childish....don't yell!! good grief.
good grief, you made your point. sm
It seems to me 12-13 is better than minimum wage. Find a new company that pays more than 7 cpl OR as they tell us type more per hour (which is impossible most of the time I know). My point is, this profession is the way it is, it isn't going to change so you live with it, work around it or get into a new profession.
Good grief? I made 2 posts.
Sorry that it bugs you that someone may have a differing opinion. That does tend to happen on forums though. Funny that you don't say good grief to others that have posted multiple times to this thread. Just to me. I thought the point of a forum was to carry on conversation, but guess I am just allowed 1 post per thread. Got it.

While $12-13 is better than minimum wage, it is not enough to justify giving up my weekends and holidays for. Guess you didn't really get my point after all.

I have been looking for a new job, by the way. The fact is that all I am getting are offers of 7 cpl, even from companies that require evenings and weekends. As I said, I don't mind working if I am paid accordingly, but I am not going to take a job at 7 cpl that requires me to give up my life. My time is worth more than that to me.
Oh good grief. They just published their financial reports and
are 100% OUT OF DEBT. They can't file bankruptcy if they don't owe anyone!

It's part of their digging their way out.

You're grapevine must be in the imagination or just another speculator like yourself.

How ridiculous.

LOL!! DVD player for staying more than one week!!!GOOD Grief!!!
Must be really awful!!!
Not basing that criteria on a job application...Good grief! nm
Geez maneti (In other words good grief)
Whoever this person is (NotGood) you definitely need to re-read the initial question asked in this thread. But this time when you read it make sure you stop and understand exactly what is said. You evidentally work for MQ or the company or a company that makes/programs the Expander software at MQ!!!!! Whatever it is you need to understand what was asked. Almost every company (at least the vast majority of them) uses a different software platform. Every time you use a new platform you have to re-enter your expanders. This is a huge pain in the rear to MTs, especially those with VERY EXTENSIVE expanders. We do not want the stupid platform that we have been using but we do want the Expanders that WE entered into this platform. There is a way to back up/copy your expander file (in every single platform used). And I can guarantee you that if this MT doesn't get any help from Tech Support to help her copy these expanders or even print them out then she will figure it out with the help of other MTs that understand what she is asking for. Get it through your thick little skull - WE DON'T WANT YOUR PROGRAM!!!! WE WANT WHAT WE CONTRIBUTED TO THAT PROGRAM AND THAT IS OUR EXPANDERS!!!! Now with that being said - I really hope you have a good day. Smile!!!!
And yet YOU fuel the fires. Good grief, practice....
This was Monday when they contacted me. I realize it's the weekend. Good Grief! nm
Good grief. Why can't these companies hire PTers for weekends.
They pay half and it is really, really good insurance. nm
GOOD GRIEF -Love my company/account, Hate MedRite! Any help?
I love the company I work for, pay, schedule, account.  It has it all.  But they use MedRite.  This is awful!  Was this actually designed for an MT?  This is complicated, SO much mouse-clicking, and so SLOOOW - I am boring myself to sleep.  Typing is easy and quick but moving from report to report - Good Grief!  Is there anyone who has used this?  Are there any tips you could give me? 
It is $400 a month, but they pay half. It is good insurance, too. sm
I recently had surgery and my only costs were my deductible. The hospital split that $1000 into 10 months for me, so it was not so bad, and now the rest of the year, I am past my deductible. It is a LOT better than the insurance I had with Spheris.
It is a SUPER FINGER reference .. DANE COOK PEOPLE... good grief.
Amazing you wasted those brain cells analyzing what didn't need analyzed. TIME WELL SPENT! geesh.
God forbid the poor poster made a mistake by posting on the wrong board!! Good grief!
if someone puts up with crap for 5 years... they deserve the crap!! good grief... grow a set and get
I got the 9 cent
I very rarely come to these boards because I don't have time to listen or read all the whining but I have to put in my 2 cents here. I am one of those MTs who was upped to my higher line rate from my old company. Yes they asked me for verification of my line rate and I gave them my check stub that showed the lines I made and the line rate.

As I said, just my 2 cents. I love working for this company, everyone is very helpful and extremely professional.
What? 1/2 cent per line? Do you mean
0.05, which is 5 cents?

...Sorry..would be at .01 cent per word..don't know if you need
actually it was more like 1/4 cent when I worked there..
That's 1/4 cent more than you get at Transcend!
Just my 2-cent thoughts of IC

I don't think that companies who give you a pool to work from should consider this an IC position on any level since the MT has no control over how many doctors need to be learned at one time.  How many other independent contractor job types do you know who would have to learn that many new 'skills' to complete a job?

Obviously a pet peeve of mine..If I am working as an IC, I should be able to determine how many I would/could learn and still stand a chance of getting the work or keeping the work.  It doesn't work that way though.  If you aren't willing to learn 30 different dictators, in 10 different fields, well, move along little doggie.

If I was offering 4 cents, I'd keep going but 2 is enough.




The companies that pay by the word don't even pay 1 cent

no message

i just turned down 4-cent offer, too

Of course, someone else will do it.  They always will.  But it won't be ME. 

Stick to your guns, Gals. 

Seemed really low to me, on the incentives. Maybe 1 cent per line for a lot of lines.
7 cent a line $8.75 hr (1000 lines 8 hr=$70) TERRIBLE nm