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Not necessarily. When you have new MTs,

Posted By: another QA on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: I was responding that QA line pay is better than hourly pay - for QA (not VR)

Indian MTs, or MTs who just really don't even try, it can slow you down DRASTICALLY & be very time-consuming. QAing is not something that should pay per line if you want it done right.

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Not necessarily going to ASR

All of a sudden, no work at ALL on my offices biggest ED account...no one seemed to know what happened

Well, MQ's ED templates is what happened.."over 70 different templates for 70 main chief complaints" is how it's billed...go to MQ's home page, look at the link for ER's.  Doc picks the form, circles his choices and voila..all done! Don't need no MT to take care of business with these.

So, you mean to tell me after a week. the office finally says.."well, unbeknownst to us.SOMEONE sold them on the template system..just amazing the answers they think we will believe.

Not necessarily ......sm
It could have the opposite affect too. The aircraft industry has tried that too and it just pushed more and more work offshore. We used to have 30,000 aircraft workers in my town and now we barely have 5000. My opinion is you train everybody you can to do transcription and take as much work as you can and that will leave less for them to do and evetually they will find out it is not the little pot of gold they once thought.
Not necessarily
Some MTs who have posted this kind of income were working for a service - it's mostly a matter of getting on a good account, I think.
Not necessarily so
I work at Spheris and have an account I've been on since day 1 with plenty of work. I do have a secondary but really just work on 2 accounts. I have not found them to be inflexible at all -quite the contrary. It's a big company with lots of supervisors, several platforms, and different people have different experiences. There are MANY happy employees here, along with some that are unhappy. Sorry you had a bad experience - I have had a very good one.
Well...not necessarily, but it CAN

All you have to do is create a new folder each week that you save all of your work into.  At the end of the week, have Sylcount count all of the lines in that folder (the place where you saved all of your files for the week).

So, you would have a main folder called:

ABC Transcription (or whatever your company is called)

and inside that folder (after a year's time) you would have 52 folders (one for each week of the year).

Hope this helps,


Not necessarily
Just want decent pay, and to work with people I can respect, not people sticking daggers in my back. Managing people is really not my thing, I am more into QA, things like that.
Not so necessarily
Many high school grads are avoiding higher education in highly trained skills BECAUSE of the influx of foreign workers -- so yes, it is due, in part, to a reduced US skilled labor force not due to pay, but the realization of competition from outside countries. Even in the mid 1990s, software companies were bringing in foreign workers. I have a friend who works for one of those companies and while he has held onto his position, he recently told me that 90% of his coworkers from the 90s were laid off and have been replaced by foreign workers. The skill set of the foreign workers is higher than the ones let go and the work force is younger with fresher ideas, having grown up sucking their thumbs while surfing the net. They get an equal pay and performance bonus as he, while prorated for longevity.

If Silicon Valley employers can buy a retired cruise ship, import large numbers of foreign workers and float them in international waters for months at a time to work, bring them on shore for the government allotted time before returning them to sea, tell me where money is saved?

If our international MTSOs can spend millions of dollars on the construction from the ground up for the training of and employing of up to 5000 MTs (just for one company) in foreign countries, and those employees are now beginning to earn salaries and benefits close to what US MTs are getting, tell me where to find the savings, especially when you factor in lost profit due to power outages and riots over things we would never lose a day's work over.

It is a global economy, not just in the MT world, and will continue to filter down in every aspect of our daily lives.
Not necessarily.
I recently applied for a similar position. They did have a website, but it was very limited and didn't really have any info. No one had ever heard of this company. I was a little hesitant, but decided to accept the other anyway. It has turned out to be the best company I have ever worked for. The pay is much more than I was offered at any of the nationals. I had been there less than a month and received a raise as they said I was doing great and they appreciated all my hard work. There are good companies out there. I am very happy I took a chance.
Not necessarily - LOL (sm)

SM's platform is a horror.

Not necessarily..

Unless you don't mind working more than an 8-hour shift when the work is low to get your counts, or when there are problems with the platform, etc.   Not trying to discourage you but there are problems there.  And they quoted you 10 cpl?   

Not necessarily

I can do 2000 lines in a day - usually a 9 to 10 hour day, but still ....

Anyhoo, my accuracy stays in the 98 to 99% range.  I have occasional blanks when I just can't make something out.  My company uses templates, too, for each doc (it's a clinic account) and I have them saved in Word with the modifications that are needed.  I type in Word and then cut and paste into the platform.

I use lots and lots of expanders.  That's how I can get 250 lph.  Everything that is more than two or three characters that can be made into two or three characters is or has been and I add to it constantly when something else comes up.

Not everyone is fast and sloppy. 

Not necessarily - sm
It is my belief that if the number of employees laid off is less than 50, then 29 USCS 2106 and 20 CFR 639.1 would still apply.

Good luck!

Not necessarily--probably just tell them --sm
to look in the *archives* or Google it. *This has been discussed here a thousand times. look it up* or some other such rude answer. Nobody on this board seems to want to help any longer.
Not necessarily...
Sometimes the bar is set so high that, even those who do meet it, can't do so for any length of time without suffering the consequences in terms of health, mentally and/or physically. Sometimes meeting the bar takes a toll. It doesn't necessarily mean a person can't meet it...simply that they won't. It all depends on each person's priorities. ;-)
Not necessarily.
Signing a nondisclosure agreement at the outset of your conversation with the company presents no onerous burden to you and allows them to discuss the position in greater (specific) detail with the knowledge that you have agreed not to disclose anything you learn during your conversation with them, such as who their clients are. This is reasonable for them to ask, especially since neither of you knows whether you will be offered or will accept a position with them.

Sign the forms and get yourself into the conversation. It's nothing you should worry about and it makes perfect legal sense.
Not necessarily - there are 2 systems....sm
Transcend's and eScription used by MDI-Florida.
Bigger ain't necessarily better!

Just because someone works for a national doesn't mean their accounts aren't overstaffed, they don't have a terrible platform that breaks down virtually every day, (sometimes for 8 hours at a time), and they don't constantly run out of work. I simply can no longer afford to remain with my current employer, which is a national.

I'm a hard-working, loyal, dependable, dedicated person who takes pride in her work and doesn't like to switch jobs.  I'm not looking for my next job; I'm looking for my FINAL job.

All I want is an HONEST company with a dependable platform that actually works, an abundance of work (with no overstaffing/bait-and-switch games) and decent medical benefits.  If it's a small company, that's fine.  I just want to work for an ethical company that I can trust and respect, and one which is willing to pay a fair cpl rate.  (To actually receive respect and some loyalty in return would be the proverbial icing on the cake.)

Is there such an animal out there somewhere?

Not necessarily 2 weeks (sm)
It depends on how fast you pick up their excellent system. Your reimbursed after so many months for your expenses out of pocket. No charge for the use of their computer which they maintain excellently. No one looking over your shoulder. What more could a happy MT ask for. Excelent work environment.
Not necessarily. I was a CS grad...
Not necessarily-if you get a bad dictator -- sm

your production is hurt whether you are experienced or not.  Fast production not only depends on the MT's ability but the quality of the dictator and how fast or slow they speak or how clear the speak.

A person with more experience will leave far less blanks but will still be limited on how fast she/he is.  Thus they deserve to be paid more than 7 cpl.

It isn't necessarily overscheduling. My
account is fairly new.  They may get 800 minutes one day and get 1500 the next day.  The TAT on my account is very short.  If they staff for 800 minutes and there is 1500 they can't stay within TAT.  If they staff for 1500 and only get 800 then obviously there isn't going to be enough work to go around.

If you've had an account a while and can see the trend in dictation, or have a longer TAT, then you can better staff so that everyone has plenty of work.

I agree there are companies that overhire.  There are horrible companies that constantly have ads running because they can't keep people, but there are also companies that frequently have ads running because they have getting new accounts.  My company has gotten 4 large accounts within the past 6 weeks and have had to hire probably 100 new MTs. 
That is not necessarily true...
The company has a right to control the end result, but they cannot control the means to the end result.  As I understand it, they can require a certain number of lines each week, but cannot tell the IC how to complete those lines (which hours or how many hours).
Not necessarily spiteful
The negative comments were well unpleasant, but seemed genuine and not over the top. Is it not possible that some people really did have a bad experience, and were just trying to answer the original poster's question honestly?

Most readers know to take comments posted with a grain of salt...
Not necessarily true.
My company has Global in their name, yet they are a very small US-based company. They are the best company I have worked for yet. I wouldn't judge a company based on their name.
VR does not necessarily increase
your speed. If you are making lots of corrections, then you will actually lose ground.
not necessarily fault of the MT
I ran into a former coworker of mine. She works at a hospital where the doctors are allowed to send the VR reports out without review by an MT and was telling me about the HUGE problems this has caused. Can you imagine? Egads.
Agreed. What you train on is not necessarily what
you'll end up with.  You'll never know what account you'll be on from day to day or hour to hour.  I agree with the 1 to 2 days for support, but that is too long IMHO if you have several similar reports back to back and have to leave blanks in all of them.
Not necessarily, I'm paid better by the national right now. -nm
Are all the bad applicants necessarily newbies?????


Not necessarily true; my acct is less than 50% ESL SM
The higher paying accts are higher percentage ESL but there are many other accounts which are nowhere near as high as your 80%. There are at least 20 different accounts there (maybe more?) and not all of them are high ESL. (BTW, been with them for 6 years now so don't suggest that I'm a newbie and they will bait and switch me to another account later.)
Outsourcing does not necessarily mean offshoring. nm

not necessarily so - I think it depends on the company and how they set it up(sm)
I worked on a hospital using Cquence and the lines produced on it were paid with spaces (the way my company was paying us.)
VOip and digital are not necessarily the same.
VOip is voice over internet protocol.  I have digital phone and it is not over the internet, uses a regular phone line.  It is not connected to my computer at all, thus you don't get the hesitations, etc.  
Do you necessarily make more if you only type ops?
Not necessarily so about the pay scale. But more importantly, you can get an almost
It all depends on what you mean when you say company A pays MTs well. They could be paying same amount to company B and company B is okay with a smaller profit.
EMR doesn't necessarily mean no transcription

The account I work for has EMR - and they say in several things reviewed and unchanged.  See EMR.  And yet I still type reports for them.  There is always going to be a need for a narrative in part of the report. 

EMR doesn't necessarily mean no transcription

The account I work for has EMR - and they say in several things reviewed and unchanged.  See EMR.  And yet I still type reports for them.  There is always going to be a need for a narrative in part of the report. 

Not necessarily paranoid conspiracy
Offshoring has not been without problems...recall several years ago a woman who was blackmailing I believe the hospital or company she worked for stating that she would post the reports on the internet if she wasn't paid a nice chunk of change. Someone else was holding the reports hostage. There were enough breaches of protocol/HIPPA (and some with a genuine desire to keep American jobs for Americans) that some hospitals would not hire companies that were not US. It doesn't take a lot of imagination that a company based in a country rife with corruption eager to get a large account might gather a stack of resumes to show an American account that these were the people who would be doing their work.

Paranoid or cynical, I'm not sure which; as to a conspiracy...heck, every business decision is a conspiracy; theory definitely, although I also postulated a stupidity theory and an innocent careless theory.
It doesn't necessarily take money.
There are many attorneys who will take a legitimate case on a contingency basis.  Shop around.
Hospital does not necessarily mean acute care

I'm not trying to slam ya' here, but I worked in a hospital and did diagnostic studies including radiology, cardiac diagnostics, and neurology diagnostics.  I do not consider that acute care and all specialties.  But, I picked up my clinic work and now I have other specialties to add to the list.  Maybe the term hospital work is a little vague. 

Oh and I agree it is not your problem that the recruiter has no time to wade through resumes!  Sorry, but that's a recruiter's job to wade through resumes! 

Outsouce and offshore are not necessarily the same thing. The
hospital outsources to TT. 
Interesting points, but not necessarily correct...

So, an IC has the right to not take a voice file. 

These contracts that state certain lines per week are for employees not ICs.  An IC has the right to pick and choose work just like any other profession. 

Of course, any MT has a right to refuse work.  That is not the point.  The point is that the company the MT contracts with has the right to control the end result.  The end result may be a certain number of voice files (jobs), a certain number of minutes, a certain number of tapes.  That is the project.  You honestly believe that the company has no right to determine what their project is that needs to be completed?  That makes no sense.

Also, painters do not sign contracts ahead of time.  Yes, actually there are many who do.  You sign a receipt when the work is complete.  This is also true in some cases.  Another thing is when you find a painter that agrees to a timeframe and sticks to it, let me know.  Now you are putting all painters into one basket.  Actually, I know quite a few who complete work in a timely manner.  E-mail your phone number and I'll pass on their information.  They are contractors just like us where things come up and they cannot complete the work.  Of course, there are always instances when things come up.  This is life...  Again, that is not the point.  It is all part of being a contractor and being self-employed.  Yes, it is all part of being responsible.  If a company presents you with a contract stating their requirements, or project that they need completed, and you are not satisified with the terms, then do not sign it. 

Just remember, what MQ says in the packets today is not necessarily what they will agree to
Not necessarily - they might just be busy with the changeover. Good luck nm
Archives doesn't mean it is old info necessarily. If you'll go to the main company page, typ
JLG in the search box, make sure the MTStars circle is checked and click on search you'll find lots of current information.  This is considered archived information but there are posts are recently as last week there.  
Not necessarily true. That is not a true test of skill.
Do you know how many people get others to take tests for them? It happens and it happens more often than you might think. The only skill that shows anyway is that you can do it.

We are actually more than a transcriptionist. We are specialists in our field and we are supposed to know some things regarding anatomy and physiology as a working base. That's how we can judge if a physician dictates something in accurately and many do because they can't pronounce or just are not thinking. That's why our skills of basic knowledge come into play and that means basic knowledge of body parts. If our job was just to sit there and type without thinking about what we are transcribing, then all patients are in trouble and this is just based on what I see as a QA person.

It's more than just knowing how to transcribe and some of the companies have discovered how to know what your basic knowledge is based on what you have picked up with your experience by utilizing your references etc. Hopefully that utilization of your references has taught you something that does stick in your head.

Beliefs like yours are just so far off base. You have to know what you are doing. It's not just about being able to listen and type. Base knowledge is a very important thing and the services have to find a way to know that knowledge base that is there in your head.