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Their assumptions/accusations are based on ignorance

Posted By: Plain and Simple on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: Not management, never have been and donít work for TT - Sharon

Much like any other type of prejudice, their assumptions and accusations are based on fear (translated into ignorance). They think that because of their shortcomings and inability to be successful at it, then it's impossible anyone else can be successful at it.

I've stopped wasting my time and energy trying to reason with or explain VR to any of them. Their minds are made up, so let them go work for Jane Doe's little MTSO around the corner that has very little work because they don't do VR. The industry will force them to find other careers in a couple of years anyway.

Their loss, our gain.

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Pretty big accusations if she is not familiar with you and your
company.  Also, if is isn't true, why are you scanning the boards to make sure nobody is saying things that aren't true?  Somthing is fishy here!!!!
I agree, strong accusations and easy to do anonymously.
Use your real name, like Rhonda had the guts to do. Even if what you say about Rhonda is half way true (doubtful) -- at least she had the guts to use her real name.
please don't make assumptions
about the educational background of an MT... some of us have been to college, some of us have degrees. Not that it makes us superior. Just that people come to the profession in different ways.
I am sure the Administrator is looking into this. Don't make assumptions. nm
I'm not making any assumptions and will wait to see what her
correction: Full of assumptions and generalizations nm
Pardon my ignorance
what is a hayseed and why are you proud to be one?
Hoo-boy - ignorance is bliss.
Spheris is deep into switching to voice recognition. MTs are being turned into MTEs - medical text editors.

Of course, if you like the commeradere' of international trade with India, you'll be a happy camper, as they are swiftly overtaking many of the accounts.

It won't take but a minute or two two browse some of the posts on the topic on this very forum.

Here are the highlights -

A few years ago, they took PTO away from part-timers. Then they fiddled with the pay structure and gave people a pay cut. Then they regraded accounts so you had to stretch harder and farther to move up to the next tier to increase your pay. (Oh, yeah, no pay raises. Not never. Not nohow. If you want more money, you have to type faster.)

Where was I? Oh, yeah, last year they took away our HMO. Of course, the corporate employees got to keep it. We were told the MTs were too sickly as a group and were utilizing the insurance too much so they threw us to the wolves and kept the good insurance for themselves. Now they offer what is known in the industry as catastrophic disease insurance. Meaning, if you need any medical attention, drugs, tests, whatever, you get to foot the bill for the first, like four thousand dollars, and then they'll pitch in 60% after that. Pray to God you are either healthy or dying, as those are the only two ways to get any financial benefit from catastropic insurance.

Yesterday we were told we would be excited to know they restructured the holiday pay just in time for Christmas. It was cut by 50%-plus. Merry Christmas.

There is work a-plenty. If your name is Sanjeeb. Otherwise, you'll have to take on ten accounts and scrape around for jobs like the rest of us poor old American working slobs.

Don't fail to meet your line count or you'll get a nasty little note saying shape up or ship out. Doesn't matter if you were on vacation or on a ventilator. Any excuses - valid or otherwise - for not meeting production (like complete lack of work availablel) will fall on deaf ears.

Then there are the TOWN HALL MEETINGS wherein all the MTs are invited to LISTEN to the CEO spiel out his corporate speak. Oh, did I mention that all the MTs are put on MUTE so no one is able to ask questions? Of course, you are invited to submit questions by e-mail ahead of time. I think 90% of the peolpe last time asked about the pay decreases, the lack of work, and the jobs we were losing to India. Guess which of those questions were answered during the meeting. Not a single one. Instead, the CEO answered the question If you could have three wishes, what would they be? Apparently that was the most pressing question. Well, thank God we now know his heart's desire.

I suspect that's the reason they MUTED us on our own TOWN HALL meeting.

Any other questions?

Any other qustions?
Typical Ignorance
You have to excuse people like that. The region of the country has nothing to do with crappy MT companies. Wonder why they apply for companies in the south, when it's easy to look up the company and see where they are located before applying? Perhaps they can't read, or maybe they lost their religion.
Maybe I'm showing my ignorance
But I don't know why it wouldn't. When we use these platforms, at least in theory they are not supposed to do anything to our copy of Word. They just sort of overlay it with their platform. Over the last couple of years, I've accumulated several different platforms on my desktop without problem. Maybe if you tried running both at the same time you would run into issues, but using them separately should present no problem.
ur ignorance is showing now..
You stated VR demands constant checking and correcting throughout the whole document.
Those are the MTs who are so terribly outraged about the change to VR because they cannot make usage of their so helpful, comfortable and practical Expanders anymore.

How dang dumb is that statement. Those helpful, comfortable and practical expanders are what made us more lines and thus made us more valuable to the MTSO by making them more money! Sheesh....
I'm afraid ignorance was bliss...
OSI - post away! :(
Wow. You are really displaying your ignorance with that post. (sm)
post. If you really used to work there, as you say, and are not a disgruntled former employee who just couldn't hack it, you would know that they are constantly advertising because they are growing faster than you can imagine. They have three new accounts, which require over 100 transcriptionists, starting between now and the end of the year.

I have been with Transtech for almost three years now and I can tell you they are the best MTSO to work for. You, on the other hand, are obviously some bitter old hag with nothing better to do with his or her time than spew your vitriolic crap in this anonymous forum to try and make some sense of your pathetic existence.
Not faux pas-sheer ignorance. sm
Or possibly you have been living in a cave for the past 20 years. 
Just reinforcing my point about ignorance, lol!
Yeah, this is typical...They have no valid points based on FACT, so they resort to this type of retort.

Pretty funny, actually. My husband and I are laughing at some of the falsehoods about VR running rampant through this thread!
My goodness, your ignorance and paranoia

are showing. Maybe you should just sit in your chair and do your job and not speculate about things you know nothing about honey.

You're right -- ignorance means a person didn't know, and I didnt. Sorry. nm

Ignorance is bliss and bliss equals happy nm
Are they USA based
do they have a lot of ESLs? Is the pay fair? TIA.
Based on -
When you work in a production environment, you are paid for production. You are expected to meet certain quality requirements. So why should you be paid more just because you have a certain number of years in? There are some very BAD MTs with many years experience, and some very good ones with just a few. If you are good, quick, and accurate, you will make more. What's so unfair about that?
Is that based on
gross $$ or net $$? That is an unusual way of determining FT/PT status.
only want internet based too. nm
That's an answer that can only be based on
If you can produce a lot of lines per hour (300-350 or more), then you're not going to make money on VR.  Depending on what your company offers as a rate for VR is what you would have to use to arrive at a base figure.  One company pays 60%.  That means in order to just break even you'd have to produce 40% more than you do in straight typing.  That means at 350 lines per hour straight typing, you'd have to produce 490 lph in VR just to break even.  Then you'd have to take into consideration that when you do VR you're not editing like QA editing.  You have to completely edit the whole report, read the whole thing, and correct all errors.  This sometimes takes as much time as straight typing depending on the dictator.  Some are very easy.  Some you have to correct almost the entire report.  Chances are that you're not going to consistently get very easy reports every day, all day.  If you're working on an overflow account for a client that has in-house transcription or for a client that has multiple transcription services, you can bet your bottom dollar that you're not getting the easy reports at all, let alone consistently.
Careflow, web based.
They use DOS-based software sm
Medtype and Medrite. Nothing done in Word. All DOS-even email. Use PC anywhere for file transfer over phone line. 6 cents per line to start. QA 98-100 is very difficult to get and maintain. They supply equipment.
Actually it's based on four things...
The pay plan is based on production, QA scores, how much you send for help, and whether you have a CMT. It is evaluated every month. By the way, the pay plan was actually created through our employee vision team, which gives employees input into how the company is run. I happen to like it as it means I make more money when I am able to produce more and I get that increase for at least a month. Has worked for me and others to give consistent raises for good performance. The platform is pretty easy, there are people who are doing 2500-3000 lines/day on it.
Not based on average..
PTO is based on 1200 lines, not by an average.
U.S. based company
Softscript, Inc. or www.softscript.com is completely U.S. based, no offshoring. A nice company to work for (from home). Located in Santa Monica.
New at home based...

I would like to get some feedback on a few companies.  I have been offered positions from AccuScribe, Cymed.  I am an IC now and have been in a hospital setting for several years, now at home working for a local company that does not pay well. 

This newbie really needs some help! 

Thanks in advance!


Also, how can you recommend DR based on the
original poster's request? SE status and not strict schedule? DR offers none of the above! Sheesh! What a waste of board space! Must be a DR supe or recruiter.
This may be the one.....are they based in Florida.....
reliable pay?? PT work? IC or employee status? What type of equipment is required?

It can if it is word based
Any word based Expander can be copied over into Medware.
AND based on the wording and the
number of years (3) claimed to have worked for this pitiful company.....there must be only one person taking up for them. How sad.  If you have been following the board for the past few weeks, you are surely aware of the current employees who have went to the feds over the wrong doings of this company.  LOL!!!   
keystrokes, web based? sm
How is the platform, is it user friendly? Does anyone work there and use satellite to connect? Thanks!
based on your paragraph
it came to about the same amount of lines, actually, the 37 char lines were a fraction higher; so it sounds comparable to me.
Since they are based in India probably willing to pay
Pay is based on production.
They have a few different levels. Maximum pay rate is for 225 lph minimum. That schedule is in the process of being revised and s/b finished within the next few weeks, most likely upward to our advantage and to include shift differential. For more details on the current pay rates, you may want to speak to a recruiter since I don't want to give incorrect details. I'm at the top pay level, and I make good money there, but there are other programs as well (like Star team). There is also weekend differential. Pay on holidays is time and a half if you work plus straight holiday time, which is why I almost always volunteer to work holidays if my daughter is with her dad.
It isn't based on any particular WP program. Can use
with Word though and probably is in most cases. 
DVI - MS Word based
Are they the ones based in Wetumpka?
If so, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Heard they do not pay.    I heard that from a few people.  I have no experience with them personally.
According to Acusis, that's what their new US-based
I used to work for them, if they are AR based nm
they are based close to me
if it is based out of Illinois and you like to get pd
I think it is a chicago-based
company.  I checked with it once last November and was told they weren't hiring at the time.
Yes, the incentive was based on

number of minutes dictated/transcribed.  For example, if the report I loaded was 2 min/50 seconds and the incentive was 25 cpm-- I would get an extra 50 cents (give or take for the 50 seconds).  We have to keep track of all the minutes and there is usually a required minimum of 500 minutes that you have to transcribe in order to be eligible.  There are also time constraints -- like it only runs for 4-6 hours.  You also have to maintain your commitment for the rest of the pay period.  That's the only type of incentive I've had my account and they're not very often -- I think they ran it twice (maybe three times) in the last 6 months. 

I hope your accounts pick up soon. 

This is NET based in Connecticut
No, they are not based out of Ohio
They have a home base in Connecticut, but they are  an Indian-owned company.
Most companies, unless you are an IC, based
FT/PT on number of lines transcribed, not minutes. If you are hired as FT, the majority of places give you minimum lines that HAVE to be transcribed in order to remain FT.
It is home-based. (nm)
I already make 10 cpl or more based on

my shift - my schedule covers part of 2 shifts.  I'm also paid for downtime, paid 6 holidays a year, plus if I work a holiday I get my line rate on top of holiday pay.  I have better than average benefits. 

The union would have nothing to offer to me and in fact by the time I paid union dues I would be making less than I do now with nothing to show for it.