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Your are right, I am not struggling NOW

Posted By: Sharon on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: How NICE - ?

I am working, my husband is working but I have worked long and hard in the past and just today got my first check from social security for working all that time in the past, the most 4 jobs at 1 time. I have now put in 48 years worth of work and still counting. I have paid my dues totally for me and some others. I still work because I love transcription. I have been where others are perhaps now, living on potatoes and beans each week to feed a family. I lived through it and could do again if I had to. If you can tell me what I can do NOT to pay bills, I will be glad to listen because I still have them to pay. Oh, my dinner out was the soup and salad at Olive Garden. Most know how much that costs, no drink, no appetizer.

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PS who is struggling
It is true there are a couple not so great ROMs, believe me I could name you 2 right now BUT, you don't have to deal with them - simply ask for another account. They have many accounts to put you with a better fit and one that you will be happy with. I know many more ROMs that are just the best of the best and you would love them and work would be a joy. There is very little cherry picking going on, I am sure less than 5% across the board. I still prefer the smaller company though where everyone is former MT's - and not on a power quest and step all over you.


I am so sorry for you and everyone who is struggling. nm
poor and struggling
I feel for you; I am right there with you. BTW, my name, Fatcat, has to do with the fact that I am fat, not an allusion to being rich, ha ha. We live mostly on lentils and rice, sometimes hamburger once in a while if it is on sale. Please do not feel that you are alone. There are many of us in this same boat. I recently took on a second job just to be sure I always had work to support my family. God bless you. Hang in there.
Glad to know I'm not the only one struggling to get work -- sad. nm
Anyone else struggling to even make a $200 paycheck from Futurenet? sm
They are a great company but the work is bare.  Very, very bare.  I cannot even make enough to do anything with.  Have they overhired?  This has been going on for months.  I hate to leave but I cannot put my family through this anymore.  We depend on my income greatly.  Anyone else have these issues?
it would only hurt those struggling to make their line count
It could endager their job. If they need just 45 minutes extra a day to meet their count, what does it hurt? No one said you have to work more hours. You could always opt out of working longer than 8 hours.
I agree, whoever you are, you deserve to be happy with any job, not constantly struggling.
The reason we have these boards is we need each other, that is my reason. It is a God given right that we deserve to be happy and not be taken advantage of, be kind to other people, and PASS IT ON!
I dislike the platform and am struggling to make minimum

line counts.  The IT department said platform issues are being worked on but won't be resolved anytime soon.   Work is sporadic on many accounts, may not be work during your shift, but you still have to make up the time and you're expected to accept it.  You may/may not get a backup account.

You get e-mails that threaten they will have to offshore if accounts can't stay within TAT, which makes me think it is already in the works. 

Benefits are good, but they don't make up for not being able to make lines. 

I think they are definitely better than some companies I have worked for, but every breath I take I'm in tears because I hate it so much. 


New TTer, struggling to make lines. Are they flexible on this
Probably because they love to overhire! We will all be struggling for work in a few months..nm
Is there anyone else struggling to get the lines needed at Transcend for medical insurance? sm
Or is it just me??  TIA
Huge employee turnovers and struggling to get your lines seems to be a common theme.. No thanks.
I think I'll pass on that. I have worked for a hospital before and I never had to pay for any physical, background checks etc..
My account went to India, have been struggling to make any money for the last month, crappy work. nm