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Same here - I'm smiling and loving it!

Posted By: LoveTTLoveVR on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: I agree too - TT-er

More work for those of us that were smart enough to learn how to do this ages ago and have found a very happy home with TransTech.


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Yes!!! I am SO loving this!
The MTs are now uniting on this board for a just cause - KEEPING WORK IN AMERICA.

I am LOVING some of these posts on here, uniting all of us at the outrage of the latest sell-out of MDI-MD.

Let's get our brass ones polished and come out swinging on this one ladies. There are other jobs out there, just as those at the Q are finding out. Good jobs, good companies that don't offshore, good companies that treat their MTs with respect.

Don't swallow this sugar-coated dung being spoonfed to you here to try to make it a smooth transition.

GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN. You, too, are about to become a statistic whose account was outsourced to India.

And lemme tell ya something, speaking from MY MDI-MD experience, a lot of those dictators are darned good. They'll be the FIRST ones to go to VR and straight to India.

The best go first; only the dregs are eventually left.
Thanks, loving it as I go
because nothing is promised to you, not today, not tomorrow right?
Been there 2 years and still loving it too!!
I would recommend DSG to any and all who ask!
Loving Diskriter
I work there now and I have to say they are really flexible with me. I have a great supervisor. I have changed my shift 3 times in the last year and the accounts are pretty typical for the industry.
Loving every minute of it.

Been there for almost a year. Out of work only about 5 hours totally in that year. Doubled and tripled my income over my last job. Once I get my Expander to full workability, I should do even better.

I plan to retire from there in about 15 years.

Over 30 years, less hrs now and loving it
I still do occasional straight with the hospital I work on, enough for me and the only thing I have noticed is I scan words so much I find errors most everywhere now on ads, on TV, newspapers, my eyes immediately go to misspellings.
Agree with you 100% on VR, loving it
You will never get people who have closed their minds to this to understand. Most companies are going to VR. I did not go into because I wanted but now since here I would never want to straight type again. I make good money. People are so wrong to assume that only slow people use. If slow, you will not make $5.00 an hour. I can top on really good hours as much as 600-700 lph. I could never type that fast. I say just let them talk, leave the jobs they have to get away from it and keep going until no more jobs to be had without VR. I am able to have dinner now as I read along, keep the pedal down and making $$$ while not even stopping to take a bite. So nice.
That's our CAP-loving, MQ board weirdo,

and who knows how many other monikers, at your service there.  Always loves to do the same there, wave a ''friendly'' goodbye.  Yeah.

Poor thing has really been driven totally bonkers by this profession, obviously.  I think that's true of a lot of the insanity we see on these boards ... MT as it is today really doesn't seem promote continued mental sanity of its workers in the long-run, unfortunately, it would appear.

And now I'll be called some really horrendous, disgusting names by Sybil II, all directed at my physical attributes or habits in some way, in the most mature manner you can imagine. 

But let's try to think good thoughts for those who are obviously suffering from major mental anguish, I guess?

Making 3 cents a line and loving every minute of it - LOL
Yep. Loving the new account that started today! Hooray TT!
lolololol You guys are just too funny. Loving it and making me feel better (see icons)


You are pathetic! I have a great life, loving family, work for a great company.
You might want to fix that.

You really don't have to shout (angry person), but yes you are wrong!!

That is my last word to you!

I will add that getting a great pay check every other Friday from Medware really puts a huge smile on my face.