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Posted By: NOTmanagement on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: It's easy to tell which posts below are posted by TT management - LOL

Dear lord, lady, how many posts do you have to read that there is NO cut in way with VR before it sinks in?

I'm so frustrated with you and other posters with your mindset.

I am not management; I'm 99.9% sure none of the other VR supporters posting are mangement, either. The people at TT do not have to waste their time coming on these boards to coddle the likes of you who are hitting the panic button because *GASP* you have to learn something new.

Not happy about it? You know where the door is.

The rest of us will be happy to pick up the extra work.

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Is everyone in denial?
any OBJECTIVE person who didn't want to stick their head in the sand and conclude that because Transtech was the least of the worst that they were the best MTSO to work for, by reading this whole thread can see that there are a lot of MTs who work there and who aren't happy, otherwise something as little as 2 weeks pay without working would have LITTLE impact on them, if they were happy OVERALL. Wake up and smell the coffee, the INCESSANT advertising (because of the VORACIOUS turnover) is the real TransTech, not the postings of Pollyannas (ostriches) who are in denial of reality. I used to work there, so I know.

How much of a paycut? NM
re paycut

First of all, all the editors got their paycut, not just the ones who do speech rec.

Second of all, if you haven't gotten your pay cut, I'll bet that you do.

Or hey, maybe they value you more than the rest.

another MT paycut plus others
My friend had a pay cut last year (QA for an M company).  My older son was laid off a year and a half ago; my younger son had to take a pay cut, and some in his company have already been laid off.  So far, he's still got a job.  My MT friend's hubby has had to take 2 pay cuts (equaling about 35% less).  I, too, am happy to have a job.  And I don't have to pay for gas or office clothes.
Sounds to me like she isn't in denial
Just because she is making technology work for her while others refuse to do so and do nothing but complain about people in India, I think the smarter person is her.
It was a gradual decline. Most of us were just in denial and
believed the stories. 
Another paycut courtesy of AHDI...

the blows to our industry keep coming.

Link is from AHDI site:

Well, Cleopatra queen of denial - ever occur to you that if someone
this industry has gone down the toilet and there are so few companies worth even working for these days?  You're amazingly misguided, but whatever gets you through.
Thank you for your commentary, Cleopatra Queen of Denial
The sky may not be falling but what is falling is the bottom out of this business.

Outta here while I still have time to get an education and move on.

I wish you the best of luck.
not to me, same skill req. look at the paycut.& increased lines
Need to get out your calculator. Ask what is their production minimum and time to accomplish before being let go.

2000 lines a day, 250 lines an hour --listening/editing/fixing

at 4.5/ln
$90 a day
divide 8 hours is= $11.25hr.

10,000 lines a week=$450.
Also easy to put an end to it if the company would simply communicate their denial of the rumors, as
I see they pay on a VBC line. Isn't that a huge paycut from a 65-char. line with spaces? nm