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QA - Oh, I'm rapidly getting an idea and

Posted By: TotallySympathetic on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: You have NO IDEA - QA (nm)

It must be much worse than I had imagined, judging by these posts!

I love the QA folks at TT (one of which is probably you, lol!), and you have my sympathy. I don't think anyone, even TT, could pay me enough to deal with these raving lunatics. They are presenting themselves as being incapable of focusing and catching errors, and THAT'S scary!!!

From this MT to QA...my sympathies!!!

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Transtech is rapidly going to ASR, so we MTs are left with the
exactly what you say -- the paper shufflers, uh, uh, and the cell phones ringing, noisy backgrounds, and you can only guess the rest of it.
Move on and do it rapidly. That explanation doesn't
even sound like it holds water.
Idea to help us all, maybe?
I've started an Excel chart noting objective information on companies. PTO, bennies, differentials, incentives, platform ease of use, spaces, all the stuff that helps to make a decision about whether a company is a good fit. So, I've really appreciated some of the information I've seen here today, good and bad. Keep it coming!
No idea!
Here's an idea...sm
Why not just hire weekend people at a good rate? They won't have to pay benes, etc.
Here is a novel idea
Very well said!! I can name a few that do that such as, Ascend Health Care Systems, Transcend Services.... should I go on???
Have no idea.
I LIKE that idea.
Let the recruiters compete for their paychecks like MTs do when companies overhire MTs (even if just for a week or so). 
Yes, I have an idea for you. sm

If you email me, I can give you the name of a company who offers this. Please be sure to put in your subject line of your email that it is in regard to a post at MT Stars, because I try to be careful of what email I open. Also, if you could give me an idea of how long you've been an MT, that would really help. 

Anyone know how many MT's they have? I get the idea that
they are fairly large but the couple of times I have spoken with them they are really nice and pleasant and seem to be on the ball. They seem to treat people more like a small company.
I think the idea is that you tell them what
details are important to you, because no ad is going to give you all the details that might be very important to you. For instance, is good software more important than available IT help or whether there are ESLs or whether you can specialize, etc. When I've seen it discussed before, one person said they were referred to off-shore companies. Which would explain why posts might be removed from this site. But obviously you could stipulate it has to be an American company. I intended to use them when I got sick of sorting through companies myself, but found a good one in the nick of time. Good luck.
if your idea of

a good time is working like a dog for $11 an hour making some young white hotshot rich, this is an ideal career opportunity.


I had the same idea, but
the one job I found that was not MT, made me crazy - because all the rules were completely different... Try going back and forth and be able to keep them straight.

I'm still dizzy from that experience. That said, if I could have found straight data input, it would have been find. Let us know if you find something :)
Novel idea
An even better idea - sm
How about the people who are not scheduled to work the holiday NOT work! Then those of us who are scheduled to work might actually get some work.
I have no idea but they sure need more
Some of the reports I come across are full of stupid errors that QA has never seen. They are far too easy on MTs and apparently don't do audits after you're released but maybe it's just me. I've been there nearly 2 years and have never been audited. I was surprised but am still careful just in case...

I think the TT niceness is carried too far when you have medical records with errors. So for all you potential naysayers who wonder how I know about the errors, with Dictaphone EXtext we have access to other reports and that is how we get samples. I would say at least have of them have some pretty bad errors.
I have an idea
Just let them know up front what you expect to get paid.  I am sure they will be willing to oblige at that rate.  Good luck!
An idea.....

How about a -----Watchdog Group---?  Possibly representative(s) in each state.  This group could appoint a committee to... say check on companies.....etc.

I'm sure that out of the thousands of US, some of you are good at writing letters getting a point across, organizing people, etc.

Personally, I had always thought AAMT was a bunch of baloney (just my opinion).  They used OUR money to more or less screw us.  Maybe there is something legal that can be done?  Maybe they did a breech of contract so to speak.


Basically, senators, news media, etc. can help.  At the end of the road, it is OUR problem.  No one knows it like we do.  Therefore, we are the ones with the solution.


Hey, now there's an idea!!!! s/m
You've got a deal!  I loved to crab when I lived on the Texas Coast.  We could always paint gourds when the crabs didn't have any meat in them, that was in the full moon wasn't it?  I forget.  I've slept since then.  BTW, LT did you find a good new home?  Haven't painted many gourds today, just loafing with a mini-migraine.
I have an idea for you!
You could always apply with SoftScript, Inc. They'll match your line rate (under certain criteria) and offer excellent benefits. After employee contibution, there are some plans that wouldn't cost you a penny out of pocket. Give it a shot!
You have got the right idea. I should have done same as you are doing.
I'd still be there now. Just got scared out of town which is my own fault. Oh, well, things happen for a reason. Just to say, you are very mature and your attitude is a good one for the long haul, at least as far as this company. It is a fantastic company and if you keep up your attitude you will do well. All I can say for me is that I jumped the gun, got scared. But ended up in a good place anyway, so just learned a life lesson about not running away, I suppose.
I like that idea
As it is now with the company I work with, I know nothing about my fellow MTs other than the fact that we are editing/typing in the same boat remotely.
Where did you get the idea
that ICs cannot have direct deposit? As long as the person hiring you gives you a 1099, it doesn't matter how you get paid. MDI gives the proper and accurate tax information each year. BTW, their pay is always accurate and on time, too.
Exactly right, but the whole idea of being

So, really in essence what you are saying is correct.  However, I don't really know any IC that wants to work a set schedule or they would apply for an employee position.  As an IC, I work when I want, end of story...  Too bad if the MTSO is not doing their job on their end by contracting with enough ICs to take the work and get it done within TAT.  Oh well..   That still doesn't mean an IC should work when the MTSO says they have the work that needs done.  As an IC, you have the right to say no. 

No, they do not have to give you work when you want it, but that's the idea of being an IC.

And yes, there are companies out there that allow you to transcribe from a pool with no quotas and no set schedules, but they are few and far between and usually well staffed, so they do not have to advertise, since they are doing things right to begin with. 

I really had no idea that something
as little as that would make a difference on a message board. I love this site because people are very informative, and if I was looking for a job I would definitely make the effort to do everything correct, but till that time comes I didn't figure a little slang words here and there would hurt anybody. :) Thank you for your opinion though:)
My IQ is 174, and I have no idea what you are
indeed be very interested, as you can tell I already am. I think you just need to start with a little bit, just a tad, of background info to enlighten your fellow genius MTs, who just might not be versed yet in Illuminati. I have to go out and about now, but plan on Wikipedia'ing and Googling Illuminati.  I love to learn, and am intrigued already by your connections and theories, but I need a bit of enlightment! 
I have an idea.

As hard working MTs working for these type of companies, why don't we all email them a Happy Holidays or send these companies a card and see how bad we can make the nongiver companies feel.  Doubt it will even make an impact but think it will send a mssage that we are the better folks.  I'm gonna do just that and will get a little satisfaction.   

Another Idea Here

Does this company have ONE standard they use, like BOS?  I've had a few QA people do what you describe to me.  Before I went to the supervisor, I would reply back to the QA person with something like this, On page 68 of the Second Edition of the AAMT BOS, it says to blah, blah...which do you prefer, your interpretation or BOS?  It would be even better if you could find one of their own samples or rules that conflict & point that out.  

I've worked for some companies who do keep you on QA for a week or so and others that released me immediately.  Don't take it personally, but when they do give conflicting info get your ammunition out (BOS, etc.) & politely and firmly defend yourself. 

As another person said, some of these people are just plain arrogant, rude and don't care if you stay or leave.  Don't know how they stay in business. Oh that's right, they usually get bought out by another company & sometimes justice is served and the mean ones lose their jobs.  lol.


I have an idea....
Okay, I have a plan.  Give me until Monday to get it all set up, but in the meantime, respond with I'M IN - so I know how many people we are talking about here.  Let's do this!!  Enough is enough!
Just an idea but have you searched outsourcing on the stars site....i know quite a few people have posted things over time so there may be more ideas there as well.....Yes, this companies love to send their work to India and then they come back to us and say oh please fix this COME ON!!!! Another thing, I am tired of these companies who pay someone with over 10 years experience the same as someone who just started. I am not trying to insult a newbie but come on!!!!
You have NO IDEA
I have no idea...

...who came up with this outsourcing to India idea....what a bright idea!  No wonder our country is in such trouble. 

It's always the almighty dollar!

I have no idea why they did not let her go

because in spite of what you think, I am not management, but I kind of figured it was because she had said lawsuit several times and they were covering their buns.  I am her coworker and she has blitzed us with this information for quite some time.  I got the information from her.  I said maybe she was telling the truth then and maybe not.  I cannot even begin to make sense of what she does or the reasoning behind it.  She was in there blitzing us with her smear campaign last night after she thought management had signed out for the evening.  She is the one who said so many people left or were fired.  I simply asked who.  Oh yeah she is a crackerjack MT and worthy of that kind of $$.  She cannot do OP notes, ESLs, or make a minimum line count.   This big stink is exactly her MO.  Makes very little difference what everyone thinks because the truth will come out in time.  It is just the kind of scam she would pull.  Before you all dive in and judge this situation without facts, why don't we all agree to wait and see what comes of this fiasco?  I know that if this goes legal, someone is going to produce written records and come out on top of this.  Don't you all want to know who and why?

Have no idea....
I have a lousy supervisor, or it could be just a company problem as a whole, but we aren't given any information on our team as to what is going on with the accounts.
no idea there were so many, thanks!!
I have no idea what you are talking about...
I am not exactly sure what post you are referring to.  I also do not have a problem with line count and do around 350 to 400 lines per hour and am happy with Transcend.  When I said management views and posts on MTStars, I was not referring to anyone's post and do not know what the heck you are talking about but whatever.  You guys really need to get a grip or SOMETHING!!!
Good idea!
good idea
I am good...six years experience, good accuracy....I'll take your advice...I haven't signed anything yet..thanks! Are you happy there? They want to send me to St. Louis office.
any idea what the address was? sm
I am filling out paperwork and need the address of past employers. Of course I can't find it anywhere. Thanks for getting back to me.
Thank you. Geez! I had no idea. sm

What Business Journal are you referring to?  Would love to see the info you are talking about.  Thanks again!

Anybody have any idea what company this is?
This was posted on the job board today. Do you know what company this is?

Tired of being a number and not a name? If your answer is a resounding "YES," come join our growing team of MTs who are loving their jobs! We are currently looking to fill the following positions on our Acute Care Team.

2nd Shift Acute Care MT - This position will require you to work M-F from 4pm to 12am with support staff available at all times. Full commitment to our company is required during your shift. Hospital account; expereince with DS, H&Ps, and OP notes is required. Cardiology experience a plus, but not required.

3rd Shift Acute Care QA/MT - This position will be available in the very near future. This position will require you to work M-F third shift and be available to answer requests from MTs. You will be editing and releasing MT Acute Care files, as well as transcribing Acute Care files when needed. Full commitment to our company during your shift is required.

METHOD OF SENDING/RECEIVING FILES: Secure internet platform.

COMPUTER REQUIREMENTS: Windows XP, MS Word 2000 or later, DSL or high-speed cable required, no dial-up.

No offshore MTs/companies need apply.

COMPENSATION: Commesurate with testing/experience.

Great idea...

EXCELLENT CONCEPT!  You would think most of these companies could figure that out on their own.

Unhappy MDI-MD MTs - any idea where you will
look if there continues to be no work?    What are some viable options?
This is a *superb* idea, however, there's
Mostly about $$. MT test charges each company who uses their service a fee per test. If the test is only done once a year (which would be reasonable and would reflect growth), who would pay for that? It would have to come back to the MT to pay, with a possible access fee for the company to peruse the tests. One could look at it as an investment in their career, though.

Also, recruiters need more information than test scores in order to assess whether an MT is worthy, so it would have to be a process where an MT would be contacted, but would then need to send in a resume, interview, etc. It would work, though.

Now here's another kicker...as a recruiter I've run into situations where MTs obviously had someone else test for them (based on their subsequent performance). It would be a cinch for MTs to have someone else test for them (for a price ??) and then wait for offers to come rolling in. Yes, the companies may eventually weed these people out, but hiring, training, and firing is a very expensive proposition. Hmmmm, what about if MTs could take the test at one of the testing centers that AAMT uses for CMT examinations? No way to cheat that way.

I like your idea, A LOT, and I hope someone can come up with a system to make it actually work.
The MT paying for it is not a bad idea.

Only the MTs who are really good and really competent would consider it worthwhile to pay to have the test on file.   So it would weed out the MTs with skills that are not so good and the employers would not have so many to weed through.

I actually think it should include the whole kit and caboodle - test, resume, all pertinent information that ane employer would need to make a decision on whether to extend a job offer.  That way the MT just does all that once (a year) and then can just sit back and see if they receive any offers.

I too think it would be a good idea to have the tests proctored.  I hadn't thought of an MT having someone else take the test for them, but you have a point there.

I also think that an MT could list on their file that they will not consider offers from certain companies they do not wish to work for, or from offshore companies, or offers for under so many cpl, etc.  I certainly wouldn't want to be bothered with a bunch of offers there is no way I'd even consider so best not to waste anyone's time on either side.

No idea, I did not put it in there-ray, or if I did, it was not intentional.
Anybody have any idea what the average
Very curious. I would love to be a recruiter yet never see any posted opportunities. I was wondering what a ballpark salary might be.

I have been given misleading information by 2 recruiters in the past. I would never do that. They should see that their little lies always backfire. Some of them remind me of used car salesmen.
Great idea, but not new.

Years ago. . .the clerk or supervisor of med rec would edit the incoming dictation numbers (correct the demographics) if needed.  Anything coming to us in house, or going out to a service was correct.  Why is that not being done any more? 

LOL!! Love this idea! nm
That is a great idea!
Great idea! now what have you got for those--sm
automated calls where no one is there when you answer?? I get those a million times a day and I want to stop them, short of getting a new number. I like the way you think, so can you help out on this one??? :^) TIA