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Oh, I saw this coming alright

Posted By: Another TT MT on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: You honestly never saw this coming? - VR

I just refuse to be ripped off and refuse to compromise patient care.  You all can go ahead and try to convince yourself that you are not being ripped off and you are not compromising patient care with this nonsense.  That's fine. 

When the chickens come home to roost, we will see who actually smelled the coffee, won't we? 

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Oh changes were made alright...
but not in the interest of the MT; I can assure you!!!
They're pretty much alright - sm

The only problem I had was the cruddy account they had me on - loaded with cherry pickers and the worst ESLs - but I don't think it was Documed's fault.  For the most part they're okay.  The direct deposit is great and always on time.  I don't like that they don't provide you with a breakdown of your line counts and they use their own line-counting system, so you really never know if you're getting shafted or not.  I've never felt that I really got shafted, though.  Faye can be kind of pushy, but I think she's okay for the most part.

They're firing alright, trust me I know. nm
Alright, no sense in beating a dead horse so
know what I am able to do and sorry you all are faced with something apparently lots are resistant to. I am leaving for the evening to have a nice dinner out.
I saw this coming!!!

I saw this coming when they first started us on this new platform, and eventually, ALL the accounts will be editing.  These MTs really don't care because it is not happening to them right now!!  My opinion is that EVERYONE will eventually be editing and not typing and at the 40% lower rate per line.  When that happens, all of these Transcend cheerleaders will be just like me, sitting with their mouths hanging open in disbelief that it is happening to them.  I used to be one of those cheerleaders and now feel bad that the 2 people I referred to Transcend have now had to go get other jobs because of lack of work, timeouts, downtime, etc., etc.  Why would they want to pay 8 cents per line when they can pay for those same lines at 4.8 with editing.  OF COURSE, everyone possible will be editing, and it will not take long to do it either.  We had about a week's notice when we went to editing, which I felt was also inconsiderate, and they will do everyone else that way too--just watch and see what happens!!

Like I said before, TRANSCEND SUCKS!!

Ex-Transcend cheerleader!!!

Where do they keep coming up with
these numbers? I have been an MT for 15 years. I am 35, starting my MT career at 20! Do they know exactly how many American MTs there are, if so I would like that number. I have a hard time believing our average age comes in at 59!
I think that is coming up soon, at least by
the letter on the new MT/ME Rewards Plan.
I know where you are coming from Glo
I applied at Spheris.  The lady called me, and then called back a few minutes later to find out why I left a certain position.  She was real shady sounding on the phone.  Then, she proceeds to tell me that they have no positions at the current time.  Really strange?  I usually just see the writing on the wall so to speak.  If they call me, I'll flat out refuse to work for them as they were very unprofessional in my book.  JMO!  And again, are still advertising like every day.  ????  I don't get it or maybe I do?!?! 
I just don't see where you are coming from....

EVERY email that I have sent, I have received a reply. 

And I think it is great that the QA person explains the blank because that is maybe why you had the blank in the first place - that maybe you did not understand the exact nature of the word and could not find it anywhere.  I would rather have more information versus not enough information. 

There are a lot of difficult dictators but if everyone did a few of them then the difficult dictator(s) could be shared and one person would not get bogged down with them.  That is what they have tried before - one person sent an email asking everyone to take ONE job of a particular dictator so it would not be all on one transcriptionist...Now come on, that is fair - ONE JOB for ONE BAD DICTATOR. I know it cannot be like that all of the time but that just shows that they do try.

I really have not had any of the problems you are talking about.  But I can only speak for what I have seen and from my own experience.

Their pay is ALWAYS correct and ALWAYS on-time.  And they do pay better than most places.  They have an A+ in my book!

I still believe the day is coming when MTs
know where you both are coming from,
got laid off myself and I did resent them and MYSELF for all the times I never took off, short-changed my kids and events for them, stayed even off the clock a few times because no OT, while the same 3 people were always the ones not coming in for one reason for another. But you know what? I would probably do it again. To thine own self be true, is that how it goes? I have to live with myself and they are all on their own. Fortunately, I have just enough time to get to bed before I fall asleep without medication. Some people can't help it and have to take something, but that's a condition, not guilt, keeping them awake. This was not aimed at those people. Good luck to all of you.
Doing VR, know exactly where you are coming from
Others who talk against it, never tried it have no idea how it is as far as a piece of cake. I saw the other posting about when it gets so good to replace you BUT having worked on the same platform for several years now mine does not stay letter A perfect month after month, always a need for an MTer to come in and be there for reports that need to be cleaned up. I have said some platforms surely are better than others but if you have a bad 1, then you need to find a good platform. There is so much bad and forth on this subject, the ones hating, like I said, never done, bad platform or only see that the salary is dropping (for a short time as you and I know) but that is what is pushing these postings against. I was never totally against, like you up in age and glad that the hands/arms had not worn out as much as I worked. Glad you are liking.
That is too funny coming from you!
Darlin....I quit OSi a little over a month ago along with everyone else!
Would not surprise me in the least. Something is coming not sure what.
You keep coming back though right?
Obviously, you love it.
knew that was coming!
Three things are for sure - death, taxes, and that you'll start your vendetta the minute anyone mentions OSI!
Yes, and new accounts coming on...sm
Of course it is coming from your check, just like an
employee, but they are submitting the $$ to the IRS instead of you having to do quarterly filings.  
I was just coming to ask these same question.
I hope somebody here knows more info for us. 
You are coming in super-low SM
as far as salary....you should be getting MINIMUM $10,000 more a year and more like $15,000. 
We should have seen in coming in November
Remember when we partnered before and there was no work because another company did it all? And no notice, either.

I got the call, too but haven't gotten an e-mail yet about how to view this conference thing tomorrow.

One thing: We have some accounts that REQUIRE that the work by done by U.S. citizens and we be accountable under U.S. law/court system. How are they going to get around that? Some facilities absolutely refuse to off-shore. I myself refuse to go to a facility that off-shores and I ask who does the MT work before I make appointments. I don't know how an India-based company is going to be able to keep those accounts.

Hummm, nothing is coming up
In archives
I understand where she's coming from
and it's a big company too. I have put in a 2-week notice for many reasons. Maybe the OP used to work for my company and is just glad to be out of there.
Exactly. Why can't the masses see this coming? S/M
It's already started IMHO. Why the sudden panic to stimulate the economy. And that, my dear friends, is the most idiotic thing they've come up with yet. It's sort of trying to borrow oneself out of debt. Giving rebates with borrowed money!!! Totally absurd. You can bet payday will come.
Are all of the accounts coming from MQ ?
Not that bad at all. Coming onshore
Accounts are onshore now with American TLs and MTs. No Indian MTs/QCs at all. This has occurred over the past month. And no I'm not management! Give it a try. I'm happy!
Diskriter coming along
I am currently at Diskriter, I like the AME/Transriter platform now that they have upgraded - that is right UPGRADED, and they are really trying to focus on working for all the MTs to keep it friendly.  The VR platform is far better than Dictaphone/Extext platform - but they still have some work to do on that (whose platform does not?).  I think all VR is crap personally, after 24 years of typing - just let me TYPE!  I have read a few threads involving the worfklow and that is an issue there right now, but I think once the system is fully functional and all the accounts are brought on board it will level out.  I am willing to put in a little time for people that appreciate it, unlike where I worked before OSi...enough said.
They have a big account coming on and SM
are storing people away until it comes on board. Supposedly many people are out of work. I suppose things will improve when that account comes on board.
Yes, Layoffs coming
Red Team teleconference yesterday advised us that company-wide layoffs were imminent, not only for the Red Team, but all teams, including corporate staff. Word is that 27 were terminated today.
My STM said 3 accounts are coming in.
I don't know anything about the accounts, but I LOVE the enterprise platform. It is soooo easy. You don't hardly ever spend time pulling in pt information or other demographics. It all automatically populates. This is the best out of 5 platforms that I have worked on.

Congrats on the new hire. I started June of last year :)
You honestly never saw this coming?
Seriously, in all your years of MT work and witnessing the inception of VR, you honestly remained in denial that this day would come?

VR does not invite lawsuits unless the MT is asleep at the wheel. It's no different than standard transcription regarding the finished product that goes into the patient's chart. If you're a good MT and carefully proofreading as you edit, there's no excuse for something potentially life-threatening to the patient to go into their permanent medical record. The fault is with the MT, not the VR system.

My account is 95% VR on Escription, and I love it. I took no cut in pay; I doubled my production on VR and bring home an almost identical amount as I did doing straight transcription, without the exacerbation of carpal tunnel symptoms.

Feel free to remain closed-minded and sign up for disability; however, if it's a cut in pay you're concerned about, having you considered how much of a cut you'd take going on disabiity versus doing VR work?

I love TT and I love VR. It's a perfect match for me. The other MTSOs that do not implement VR as part of their services will slowly find themselves being forced out of the business.

It's the 21st century, ladies. Wake up and smell the coffee.
Yes, they definitely are - new accts coming on sm
and there was a referral bonus notice put out a few weeks ago.
Coming up on 37 years here...
... and while I can't say it's exactly still fresh, I actually do learn new things every day. I've stayed in this long because until last fall I was making obscenely good money--and then my boss of nearly 28 years closed his practice, and I got kicked out here into the real world.

So why am I still doing it? Because I have a good few years yet to go until retirement; maybe more, since my retirement savings (like everybody else's) really took a bath. Because I have tried other things along the way; I was a biller for a long time, and a good one, but with the way reimbursement is nowadays, I'd clean toilets before I'd go back to billing. I've been a department head, and I'd rather herd cats than supervise people. (At least cats are cute to look at. Minions frequently aren't.) I'm getting more and more stubborn in my old age, and I really don't think I could go back to being managed by somebody who's dumber than I am.

Yes, the pay scales have gone down the Kohler fixture; but there are certain compensations. One, no commute. Two, no professional wardrobe. And three, NO OFFICE POLITICS! Those factors, to me, are worth at least a small chunk of the pay cut. Not all of it, but some. Oh, and I no longer have to try to explain to people that medical care isn't free, even when you have insurance.... As I said, cleaning toilets was lookin' awfully good by the time I got out of billing....

And all of this and 50 cents will get you tomorrow's newspaper. Others' mileage may vary.
I sure know where you're coming from...
And don't understand why you're getting so much flack here, I get what you're saying. It must be nice to be able to say take this job and shove it, and congratulations to those who can afford to be like that. You have to think straighter if the mortgage is due and you're the only one who will pay it. I love my folks also but man, you DO NOT not just up and quit a job unless you've got your bases covered, at least I don't. And I certainly do sympathize with the original poster here. My 2 cents.
So how is your job search coming along?
When they have a new account coming they

overhire.  They want to have the expected number of MTs needed trained and ready to go on day 1.  What really sucks is that if there is a delay for some reason in the account going live then they stick them on an existing account, which if that happens to be your account you are SOL.  Not only does the newbie not have enough lines, but you don't either, which hardly seems fair.  This was the case when I worked there and I complained and was told that they had to allow for people quitting/being fired, not working their schedules, etc.   I only worked about 5 months before saying screw it and only 1 pay period did I get all my lines in, despite flexing my schedule to work my weekends and getting up at 3 a.m. to try to get some lines.  I tried to make the most of the down time and clean out closets, catch up on my personal paperwork, but when I was having to take money out of savings every month to cover my mortgage payment something had to change and WMX wasn't going to. 

And changes keep coming, none of them good.
I see where you're coming from...
I personally don't worry at all about whoever visits this site and views my posts.  I prefer not to e-mail here, as I don't want to reply back and forth with anyone and then possibly receive a bunch of spam and/or desperate requests for opinions, job leads, etc.  Regarding this site charging a fee, I wouldn't support that.  I don't see how that would make it any more secure, but that's just my opinion. 
VBC is NOT coming. MTSOs tried and it was a
uses it on some accounts, and they cannot keep any MTs on it for more than a month or so. They hire you promising that it won't make a difference at all and your pay will be the same. Well, there is a HUGE difference and we all notice and quit. So, try again MTSO because the VBC is GONE.
I saw this coming 2 months ago and Quit!
Where are all the cheerleaders now who bashed every nay sayer on this board.

Transcend does suck big time!! There are other companies out there, you just need to find them.
Now it makes sense why so many are coming out
They had an announcement offering an increase in the recruitment bonus and telling them to go to MTStars and MTChat to let people know about Transcend.  LOL  Well that explains all the "endorsements" and being happy with $13.50 an hour as the poster below said.
Hang on to your hat because you are in for a big change coming up.
Has anyone any idea when this new pay plan is coming out or what it is about. Do you think they are
over hiring now because they are afraid a lot of people will quit then.
Those remarks don't bother me..coming
to work at OSi.
Do you see this as coming very close to Spheris. Is this what this is all about.
whats the world coming to?

It's sad.

OMG!! That is so funny coming from a recruiter! - sm
I can't tell you how badly I wanted to do just that. It doesn't help that I always clam up when I'm under pressure.
New onco account coming on soon
At least 5 new accts coming on this month sm
according to my manager.
Only a few accounts have gone to VR and one is already coming back. sm
I spoke with one of the managers in the office about a week ago, and she told me that there have been over 20 new radiology accounts since the first of the year with more than 25 more to start by the end of the year. I am not worried at all. When the account I was on for a few years went to Powerscribe in January, they put me on another account and I never lost so much as one day of work.
Holy never-saw-that-one-coming Batman!

Whoever you are anon....thanks for sharing that.  I honestly had no idea and it really makes me sad.  Looks like our grand formage needs his hiney paddled.  So totally not behavior becoming of any company in this day and age.