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Where do you get your stats from?

Posted By: VR person here on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: Especially if you use a lot of expanders and templates. - Another TT MT

If you type 5 lines an hour, where does that come from? You cannot be slow at VR, if you are you do not make money. I type straight clocked at 135 lines per hour. What makes you think that only slow people want to use? I am fast, I make money with it. Sorry you are possibly caught up in something you do not want to be involved with but you are totally wrong about it only applying to slow people.

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They would have to pay a premium for STATs.
just have 24-48 hour turnaround. Whatever platform the hospital has, all they have to do is make sure their IC's have copies. The dictation would get to the IC electronically, just as it does with MTSOs.

But the gray areas aren't really what I was talking about. What I was wondering was, how many hospitals or clinics would want their work 100% Indian-transcribed? Especially if a bill were passed so that patients had the option to say whether their work was offshored or not. I know I, as a patient, would rather my op report or H&P were being typed by an English-speaking, accountable, AMERICAN independent contractor, than in some lawless foreign country 6,000 miles away.
The former, based on TAT. You'll always get stats from any 1st.
Obviously you dont do STATS.. that is when your IM'd until you cant stand it anymore.. Go ahead t
doing stats and let the games begin...and the word NO is not an option..