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Right.. how does it NOT compromise care

Posted By: It is another added risk that is not necessary. nm on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: And this somehow DOES NOT compromise patient care??? - Another TT MT


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And this somehow DOES NOT compromise patient care???
Ridiculous.  Many lawsuits brewing on the horizon with VR, especially with the change in the administration and the emphasis on health care. 
Didnt think of it cause I dont care. Wouldnt care if
Of course they care. They care you make just a tad bit
this way they don't have to shell out the sign ons, the full-time benefits. Oh, they keep watch on how you are doing and their budget. THey will use you til you drop and try to tell you that it is your lack of skills or speed keeping you from the full time pay which a person can't even pay bills with to begin with. Imagine that.. Use your skills, work hard, try your best, do well on QA, but make short of full time so no benefits, no extras, and no paying bills. This adds up to you broke, them rich, and a no-win situation... for the MT that is...
They don't care (sm)

They know they can replace us in about a minute or just send the stuff to India.

And we'll never get a union, there are still people who will defend these horrible companies who cut our pay, etc., so that we cannot do anything.

There are a few MTSOs complaining they cannot find good people, probably because they pay so poorly that nobody will work for them.

I know you probably don't care now,
something happened. You knowÖthings happen in this life that we cannot control. Maybe it was her intention to call you right back and then she was unable to. Maybe if you got down off your high horse for a minute and realized she was only a human, you could have given her a call and gotten a great opportunity. But that's just my take, I'm not trying to flame at you or anything, but when persuing a job, I would think you might have given her another call if you were really interested.
I care too and I do believe that just because
a person works for a company that offshores, it does not mean they are going to lose their jobs. Yes, it would be a surprise that they send ALL their work offshore. Have you seen some of that work?

Well, many of us have to work companies that do a little offshore as a necessity to put food in our mouths so no, it does not generally matter that they offshore as that is a fact of life. All the US MTs losing their jobs however is a surprise and the QA too and THAT is something we should all care about.

I hope all the companies out there open their doors to this circumstance and take a stand against this kind of treatment of our own workforce.

It is totally bizarre.
They could care less.
They don't care. sm

They have a whole new audience in India, Pakistan, et al. When AMERICAN MTs finally started rebelling by dropping out of their *organization* they had to look elsewhere for members and it's clear to see where they are going.  Don't need them.  Never have, never will. Good riddance to bad rubbish. 

who am I to say you do not care about others...
read your own posts...you are speaking loud enough for all to hear how much respect you have for other people.

I will let you have the last word, because you have more than proven my point.

Thank you...
They don't care.
If you have ever had in-house escription MTs from the escription company time, then you know how terrible their work is. Our clinic let their MTs work on our doctors all they wanted. TTS is cheap, which is why they got the account. The doctors are also switching to EMR and many are no longer dictating at all. If the clinic had been a decent company, they wouldn't have gotten rid of my department to begin with.
Care to tell us
Think what you want. Don't really care - nm
Why don't we care for the ones already here?
It is 110% my opinion that as a species humans should learn to take care of the children who are already here.  It breaks my heart to hear of children bounced around in foster care and sometimes given back to *parents* who didn't want them in the first place.  I know there are good people doing foster care - but it's not the same as having someone to call mom and dad and having a home on a permanent basis.  There are still orphanages here, maybe not like in Oliver Twist but not a home with a mom and dad either.  There is a whole generation of children in Africa who are being orphaned by AIDS and genocide.  There are orphans being created in the Middle East every day because of war.  There are children in South America living in garbage dumps and being exterminated by the police as if they were vermin.  There are children in Asia tossed aside because they are the wrong.  There are so many beautiful children already here who need permanent homes and people to call mom and dad.  When are we as a species going to get serious about caring for them? 
I really donít care to do because
i really love the acct I work on and feel comfortable there. I donít know why I should change when I feel the work being doled out to others not on my acct. Wonder if overhired on some accts and now not enough for them. Do you use VR on your particular acct and do you like the one you are on?
Some don't care if you have a second job (sm)

but they will have you sign a non-compete agreement, including Keystrokes.  But the big ones such as MQ usually won't let you have a second job.  Someone was on this board a while back who claimed she worked for S and MQ, which to my knowledge is not allowed, but that was a while back.  

Anyway, if I was you, I would play down the second job; Keystrokes is hiring full time anyway, so it would have to be your first

I don't care where in the US you are sm
charging a client 0.07 is too low.  Indian companies charge more than that.  Have your friend take a job with a company and earn benes and let those local ones go.  No way can be worth dealing with all the office BS for that wage.  Trust me, those clients will come back and willingly accept a pay hike after what they see is out there.  Even .09 is too low no matter where you are.  Nationals are charging their clients between .15-.17 per line and these are clients from everywhere.     
We don't really care about you and... SM
your experiences anyway.  I figured you hadn't stayed at 1 company, not many of us have that luxury.  And I certainly know that it costs money to hire people.  But my point is just what I said, no different if she tests them all now or tries one and dumps them in a couple days or a week and then starts another one.  Plus, you keep mentioning this equipment stuff, but the OP never said that that was the case.  She might very well be just using her own. 
they care...
I am not sure what is going on with the pay issues, but I used to work there in work flow and I know for a fact that they value the MTs, so it is not intentional.  The VP of the company speaks very highly of the MTs and the wages they pay impressed me, since I remember them starting at 10cpl, and they do straight typing, so that sounds good to me since I am making .04 cpl on VR.  I hope things work out for them soon and that you all will be paid on time.
could care less
I could care less about YOUR work reputation, but YOU should care.
Taken care of. nm

They don't care
Taken care of.

About day care
Day care does not raise your kid. Day care only covers you while you are working. The bulk of the child rearing still is done by the tired working mom. Working is a very good example for your child and it is a way of showing your love, providing for your child. Trust me, I did it for years. The only reason I started working from home was that the school schedule had too much time off. Day care isn't raising your kid any more than a SCHOOL is raising your kid.
anyone care for the.....sm
ATSI platform?  I believe it's Enterprise?  Any other info also appreciated. 
You really don't care?
If you really didn't care you would find something else to do besides write SO WHAT all day.  I think you care about finding just ONE person who will agree with you and it's not happening.  Well, unless there is another person who signed up and is going to come on and help ya out.  There can't possibly be more than 2 of you, could there? 
MT - we just want you to care! Please care!

You may not have gotten that new career, but when one door closes another opens!  We all appreciate your opinions.  Please, don't go, but just understand that when a company is trying to ram it to us we like to know and we like our fellow MTs to know that the money should be in our pockets not companies who are simply trying to make a fast buck on our hard work!

Good luck to you!


Just another MT/Poster here! 

I don't care
I don't care where the owner goes, as long as I get my paycheck twice a month. She runs the company, she is entitled to spend profits as she sees fit.
Taken care of. NM

This has been taken care of. NM

They don't care...

Most companies do not care about their MTs, Spheris included. All that matters to them is the bottom line.  It is all about the money. Things are not like a long time ago where you could basically expect a raise every year or so. It would be nice to have a raise even if it was every other year. I guess I am getting tired of jumping through hoops of fire that are getting smaller and smaller every day. They expect more from us MTs but want to pay us less and less.


Well, I guess things could be worse though as there are a lot of people who don't even have a job.






They know this, of course. They don't care. nm
Care to elaborate on that a little more - sm
Is this the only job you've ever had?? I have interviewed for many jobs in my lifetime, some I was interested in, some I was not. Some that started at $20,000 and others starting at $60,000. I have never thought any questions were strange. The questions that you find strange are probably to weed out what kind of person you are, what kind of situations you can handle, etc. It's a lot easier, I think, than coming right out and asking the obvious questions. Heck, even Red Lobster asks "odd questions" during their interview process, such as, "if you were walking down the street and you THOUGHT you recognized someone across the street, but you weren't sure, what would you do or say?"

A lot of recruiters are generally screening for potential hires before passing them along to the person that does the actual hiring and has more information about particular positions. So in the incident you stated above, that particular recruiter may not necessarily have that information.
What does that mean? Care to explain?
Did they cut your pay or are you talking about new hires? I was hired 4 months ago at .10/line. Sorry if that bothers you.
Care to elaborate, CC? nm
that fine~i don't much care whether
you believe me or not.  I have nothing to prove to you.  lol
Acute care

I IC for two nationals, neither of which care that I sm

work for another--nothing to the contrary is stated in the contract.  Thank you, though, for having the integrity to ask.

If you do NOT care about quality then OSi will
Their motto is just get it out I couldn't deal with that attitude with medical records so went with a company where quality does count and comes first!

Was once OSi QA!
Care to comment?? NM
Acute care is (sm)
typically the basic four: history and physicals, operative reports, consults and discharge summaries. It's hospital work typically done in the medical records department of a hospital.

That's going to be your hurdle because it sounds like you don't have the acute care experience. Once you have 2-3 years of that, you've got it made. Getting your foot in is the hard part.

I'm not a recruiter. Is there a local hospital you can work at? That's sometimes the way to get the experience when you have some medical transcription but not acute care.

Good luck!
Yes, acute care
I have 5 major accounts I get backlogs for and they are all empty, completely!!!! It has been this way since the beginning of December and before that so light that if you got 300-500 lines you were very lucky and had to work morning to evening for it. If you talk to the owner, she will just say she is going to hire more, the work will be there, it is slow deal with it, etc. I can't believe we are not being taken care of.
Well obviously I didn't care enough

I was stating my experience with the company, that's all.  As I stated before, I have seen others say they were told they would be called and they would not.  If I had really cared that much, I'd have called back.  No high horse about it.  I applied, they said they'd call, they didn't, and it's no loss to me.

But I think it's funny that someone who can't even spell PURSUE is criticizing me about this.

Acute care, ER
They wanted to pay 7.5 cents for 150 lines an hour, and then anything over 165 was on a tier plan.
I don't care how many years .........
you have been an MT. That does not give you the right to judge others. So what, I have moved on to my present job, and they have no problem with me. So, I think YOUR posting about me is WAY, WAY, WAY out of line. You are supposed to be professional? Then, why don't you act it. If a persion cannot come on this board without being ridiculed by someone like you, and just relating what I personally went through, then I give up!
Acute care

I started out right out of school working for a national doing acute care for a large hospital.  Let me tell you, it was very scary for me.  But, I look back on it now, and I am glad that I had that experience because I learned a lot right from the very beginning.  I have transcribed every type of report in every specialty.  Acute care can be very difficult, but what I like about it is the variety.  For me, it never gets boring.  I am still working for the same company I started out with (along with another) and I am still very happy.

Since you already have quite a bit of experience, you will have a somewhat easier time than I did, but it will still be difficult.  In the beginning you will have to spend a lot of time looking things up and doing research and your production will probably not be that great.  In the long run though, I think you will enjoy it, I know I do.  But, you may also find it is not for you.  You just won't know until you try. 

Probably the hardest thing about working for a large hospital is getting used to the large variety of dictators.  At this point in time, I have approximately 30 doctors that I transcribe for that I would consider my regular docs.  Then, there is a very large pool of approximately 200 doctors, any of whom I may get on any given day.  Rarely a day goes by that I don't get a doctor that is new to me.  But, that is also something about the job that I enjoy because that keeps it from getting old and boring for me.

I have created tons of normals and expansions and that has helped me beyond belief.  I know that is no big secret for someone who has experience such as you.  My advice would be to give it a shot and see how it goes.  It could be the best decision you ever made.  And if you find out you don't like it, at least you will know that for the future.

Best of luck to you!

excuse me, why do you care? NM
I'm not a heartlander and I care
Boy, you got that one right, and they don't seem to care if you don't have any work.
They said maybe I could do some acute care if
the Rad work is low...but they're starting me out on about 3 or 4 Rad accounts so I doubt if I will do any acute care for a while....I know there are people who do acute care for them who say they don't run out of work..I'm not worried...just anxious to get trained!!! (which starts tomorrow)! 
MTs who care enough to research instead of
leaving a blank will certainly check other reports on the system. If a drug name is slurred or cut off during a DS, she might check the H&P or consult and see if she sees it there, or she might find out which Dr. Smith the referrer meant, etc. All part of the job. Other reports are accessed a need-to-know basis, and an MT often needs to know.
Would you, or anyone else, please care to elaborate?