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No some are terrible but I've managed

Posted By: NM on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: Then be grateful you have good accounts, good MTs, - another QA


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I've managed to stay off those roads!! sm
Whatever happened to A?
Communication is terrible. I've been there for
long, long time and work on several accounts (MDI side). Some TLs are good about answering, others never even acknowledge that I am alive. Heard they were working on the problem, but it has not improved yet. And no work is the theme song of the day.
I have NEVER been micro-managed to that degree.

But I also get my lines plus every shift.  This could make a difference.  If they feel someone is not doing their job because they are not meeting productivity, they might be watching that individual. 

I have never been told that I could not sign off more than once during my shift.  If something comes up and I need to do it, I just IM my Editor or send an e-mail to management. 

I managed 400 lph VR within my first week using. Now prefer it. sm
I would not have believed it if I had experienced it!
No work! Anyone else having this trouble during holidays? I managed to make a total of 210.00 last
you are right, a terrible, terrible thing it is.sm
but I won't complain too much after having made over 50,000 last year.

That is terrible.
No one should get 2 cpl.
Wow! That is terrible
That's a LOT of money. Too bad. Maybe you can sell the company and at least get some money.
That's terrible

That's terrible.  I agree that's what it is but did they come out and admit they were sending the jobs to India?

Did they say people were layed off on the spot or did they give people a few weeks/days until their last day?

Was a severence package offered? Something.

How could they do this just before the holidays.

Glad I didn't get hired! I did a testcall and they never got back to me. I did have to pay the bill for the hour conference call that ended up being a Canada number...that should have tipped me off.
That is terrible! Do you want to be
treated that way or worse on a job? Sounds like a stressful situation you might be getting into. It is admirable you would give 2w/notice, and any company not expecting you to do that is suspect to begin with.. there are other jobs out there, you just might want to keep looking...not telling you what to do but rather than let them ruin my day, and later my life, I personally look for a place who treat people with respect during and after the hiring process. Good Luck to you!
Terrible sm

The platform was terrible.   Too many specifics on the demographics. 

They lost an account and waited until the last minute to tell us.  When we kept running out of work, they kept giving excuses like, it's election day, it's martin luther king day, etc. 

There are plenty good, honest companies.  I would suggest looking elsewhere.

That is terrible.
I hope that doesn't scare you out of trying again; if not with this company another.  You probably should call that recruiter and tell someone what happened.  They need to know how what that manager is doing to her employees.  I doubt that company will get very far with someone like, but I don't know.  I would just let someone know what happened.  I am sure she has done it to someone else, and will probably do it again. 
I understand companies wanting to keep work in TAT, but why not be honest and just hire thousands of part-timers, because hiring MTs full-time and not having full-time work is dishonest to say the least.  A lot of companies are over-hiring and doing just this kind of thing, not just Transcend.
The pay is terrible!
I was offered a position with them a few days ago, and they sent me their pay schedule.

No matter how much experience you have, you apparently start at 0.06/line. I did't even start for that right out of school, but okay. It seems you would have to work there over two years to even get near 8 cents/line.

I need work, but I have 11 years experience, and I can't afford to work for those kind of rates. :(
VR/SR is terrible! sm msg
I do not see VR/SR taking over, even in the next decade. The result from this software is redundant text that needs extensive editing, and I mean extensive! Maybe some day but it will still need editors to fix! Right now, from what I have seen, it is a mess!
Terrible. sm
I never...ever...do less than 16,000 lines a pay period, or an average of 200 lines an hour. Today, I averaged 111 lines an hour. I ended up taking PTO and am also taking it tomorrow, so maybe others' lines will go up tomorrow, at least.

I am on both DVI and Chartnet. I signed in this morning and neither had a single report for almost 90 minutes. After that, it was back and forth constantly with only 1 or 2 here and there. My primary just moved to Chartnet (which is a great program) but at the same time, it has dried up. I have no idea why but I'm not very happy right now, to say the least.

This is terrible
.... because they have US QA's edit them. Pathetic!
That is on the terrible VA accounts that cannot be
AND acute care, because they are unable to bring on acute care MTs.

I feel so terrible about this, but

I tested for several companies and had several offers.  I accepted a position with a company and I am supposed to start soon.  During the process of filling out paperwork and preparing to start with this company, I got a MUCH better offer with another company that I simply cannot and do not want to turn down.  Has anyone been in this position?  Why do I feel so terribly guilty?  The first company is not a national and not very big, so I really feel like I am letting them down. 


Terrible offer. Don't take it.
I understand now. That's terrible. I definitely do not want to
terrible towel
The terrible towel has now been waved at the Space Needle.
Terrible Company
Do not work for this company. It's horrible. I just resigned.
Terrible Company
I worked for Focus as QA for almost a year. First of all...they started me out hourly and then decided to pay all the US editors by the line. It took me FOREVER to get my first pay check. Work flow was very inconsistent - some days there was absolutely no work. I would stay far, far away from this company!
I had a terrible experience with them as well.
They were very unprofessional, IM'd me to death.  They did not give me the work that was promised and said I needed to get an account caught-up for them before I would gain the work promised.  Seek employment elsewhere.  By the way, they sent me the most trifling C-phone that was all broken and had dog hair infested keys.  I was afraid to use it for fear of getting a disease.  JMO.
Terrible attitude
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why our profession is going down the skids. Bring suit? Pulleeeze.
This is the one that had the terrible test and
OMG - Some people have big you know whats!  That's terrible.  I tested (horrible dictator), and e-mailed this company twice and never got a response.  Horrible company.  Better keep your day job!    
That is terrible, to be lied to and out of a job
At OSi I took maternity leave and they constantly called me to work no matter what I told them.
They pay terrible for employee
It was around 6 cpl for employee. Their insurance was insanely priced as well. I, as well as MANY others, had payment issues which is why I quit.
That is terrible. It is a gamble.
I personally know two that had positive results and three that died. One of those that died turned my husband into a widower, and it was a long-term complication that I don't know is presented in informed consent. (I have since typed reports referring to the very complication she had.)

Being obese isn't easy, but weight loss is definitely doable the old-fashioned way.
What is great to one, is TERRIBLE to another.
That's a terrible thing for her to do!
Some people.....
Testing is terrible
I have a lot of cardiology experience, over ten years, and I cannot pass the test. It has too much surgery on it. I'm tired of testing on fill in the blank tests, true/false, etc. Hey, I'm not going to school here. Give me a sound file and let me test; just don't give me a current sound file. Some of these companies are testing on current sound which makes me think they're getting their work done for free by potential workers and never paid workers.
cts is terrible another esciption sub
if and when you ever get paid, cash it and get out. This is the worst company to work for, almost as bad as Proveros.
It is TERRIBLE and NOT MT Friendly...sm
You will NOt make any lines on that thing.
Isn't it terrible? Yet the sad thing is when MTs
then MTSOs get used to it and treat us all like that.  I know there is a famous company on here who is supposed to be great to work for, but they have a huge problem with getting you up and running - like weeks and weeks sometimes without any work, getting passwords, or tech issues or whatever excuse.  I would never in a million years put up with that - if I have a start date, that's the start date right down to the hour.  There is absolutely no excuses from either side for even an hour delay. Yet supposedly these MTs sit there like sheep and wait for weeks? Or months? Knowing their emails are being read? I thought it was a troll post, but was sadder to see it must be a true poster. So sad.
Terrible experience (sm)
I went to TRSI and have nothing to show for it. They claim to hire their grads which is on their web site now but they don't, and their company was sold to someone else so how can they hire anyone. Their idea of helping you find a job is handing you a paper of companies who don't want to you to contact them! They don't help you in the course--no responses to emails, constant staff changes. I went to Medline School after this mess and am doing very well, learning a lot more, and their school is affiliated with a company that hires their grads, so I would say to research your schools carefully and make sure they can offer you help when you graduate. Laura.
Another terrible day, just no work. nm
The sound quality is terrible with FC. nm
Agree. Terrible company
I agree, terrible platform...

more trouble than it's worth. 

Terrible place to work.
I agree with the poster about the platform being terrible. Tech support is almost nonexistent, and after training, expect to be out on your own. They will tell you exactly what you want to hear and then do exactly what they want, never to your advantage. I was there for 3 months, quit and it took them 2 months to process my paperwork. During that time, I would still get emails asking me to work extra or emails about account specific updates, etc.... I'd work at Dairy Queen before I'd go back there... but hey, that's must my 2 cents.
Don't know about outsourcing, but they had terrible communication when I was there
D&L caused me a terrible problem
I waited nearly 6 weeks for my first check - after purchasing software I now know I should never have agreed to get...

Was one of my first remote experiences. I would not post this now since it's been a few years - if not for the fact they are still operating the same way. Hopefully others will see their modus operandi and can avoid the same grief.

In *this* society, if you get behind on bills you rarely can catch up because creditors pile on the fees - that's crapitalism for you - so it's critical for MTSOs to consider timely payment to contractors top priority. Fortunately, most do.

Did, don't now, in a word TERRIBLE in every aspect.
Terrible....can't make a living on that.
2-3 months to be up to speed is terrible.
So much for Webmedx. Off the list for me, and keep on looking! Most platforms should not take more than a few days to master, and days getting familiar with accounts, etc. Something wrong with that time frame.
Communication has been terrible. I have asked
for feedback over and over and over with no response. I guess I am still on 100% QA because as near as I can tell none of my reports have been through QA. If they have, I have yet to get any feedback on any reports as far back as 7/15. I honestly don't know if I can continue to work with no idea as to how I am doing or any mistakes I am making. I did get paid for work through the 15th though.
That is terrible... A shame it couldn't ...sm
at least wait until after X-mas. I know things are terrible financially all over but this is just terrible.