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What this poster said...DITTO

Posted By: FedUp on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: This is great news to me! - More work for me when...

These people wouldn't listen no matter how much logic we present them with. It's like beating one's head against a concrete curb. They're like a bunch of pouty second-graders.

I give up. Show 'em the door. Sounds like TT would be better off without them anyway. They're making we COMPETENT MTs look bad.

Bon voyage, ladies, and good luck with your VR-less careers (NOT).

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Ditto to the poster above!
I average on average transcribe 275-325 lph on Bayscribe. It is absolutely awesome. I am only part-time. If they offered bennies, I would be there full-time in a heartbeat. Pay is above average- excellent.
Ditto w/poster below (sm)
Once hired, they will have a tech support rep contact you and he or she will remotely connect to your PC to see if it's compatible with the platform you will use.  Quick process!
Ditto other poster
The old platforms at Spheris weren't user friendly. My pay dropped from $20 to about $8 on average when I worked for Spheris. Needless to say I didn't stay long. I also preferred the Q to Spheris, was at MQ 10 years before it went to crap. Good luck whatever you choose!
Ditto poster below. Didn't pay me either.
Run far far away if it is TSI in Illinois.
Ditto that ditto..ESLs drove me out too...nm
Ditto, ditto, ditto. My experience exactly.
I have never typed so fast and made so little in my life except for at Amphion. Good for supplemental income but not if you really need some money.
Hello??!! I'm the original poster! I think I can respond to the poster who replied to my original
Excuse me for speaking my opinion. If those in the management team weren't so worried about shooting off RUDE emails maybe they could reply to a question I had last week that is now 120 hours old and still have no answer to my question. People just blow me away especially at SS.

Don't stretch what I said.  I said it was rude to say get a life to someone who is trying as hard as they can already. That's what my post was about, so don't twist my words either.  There is a shortage of work and you know it. You said it's common this time of year and I'm not arguing that.  I'm agreeing with you.  About time you recognized that there is a work shortage and stopped candy coating it.  Because this shortage has been going on for a while now, not just the summer months.  My post wasn't so much about the shortage as it was about the rude comment.  It WAS rude to those people who are already giving up a lot of their life to Transcend.  

ditto for me
Same here. (actually twice)
Ditto everything you are saying. MQ is definitely up to something and I think a lot of MTs are and
will continue to walk as they continue to come up with new ways it seems to get rid of MTs and QA people. I still think they are getting ready for a merger or sell out.
leave email address
I found nothing to like about it either. I'm actually taking a pay cut, to have more restrictions and expectations put on me, and benefits I don't need or want.

The $50 I'm losing every month on my internet pay was enough to make me want to quit, the rest was just icing on the cake.

Ditto - NM

Ditto - sm
I agree - and when you have no idea what to get anyone, let alone the money to buy it, plus all the other preparations that go with the season, it's just not worth it. The real reason for the season is totally disregarded. I truly hate this time of year.

Didn't pass the test either - though I thought I did pretty well.  Said I could retest in six months or if I was willing to purchase the required textbooks I could retest immediately.  I emailed them back asking what the required textbooks were, but never got an answer.  Oh, well!!



I'm always amazed at this. Yes, they most certainly do beg for the jobs and then when they get it...cry, cry, cry.

If you want work that is somewhat easy, go do clinic work. There is no such thing as easy acute care work. There are lots of dictators on most acute care accounts. Hospitals are pretty big...ya know? Big hospital=lots of docs.

You may want to go get a job in a different field. Your poor skills as an MT has nothing to do with Spheris. You'll always have poor skills if you don't try.
ditto the above about ETP
Totally disorganized, unprofessional, plays favorites, lies about work amount, low work most of the time and just generally treats their employees like cattle, worked there 4 years much to my dismay!!
Ditto that.
Ditto what DRC-MT just said! :-) nm
double ditto
I couldn't have said it better myself.  Having done the rounds with other nationals and working in house, I am thrilled to be with this company after my 25+ as an MT professional. 
Ditto that.....nm
Ditto on SS.
I have been an intern with Deb for a month now and she more than goes out of her way for those of us determied to be an MT. She is always nice and helpful and I feel very lucky to be learning from her.
What an organized piece of sorry xcuse of a company!! I don't like having to ask and ask and ask and ask about my check. And, you see this woman on IM but yet she never answers you unless you send a threatening IM about reporting her to the company she subcontracts for. Gone from there for good!
Beautifully said!
Ditto and then some
None of SoftScript's managers know proper grammar or spelling, just pathetic, but must be an embarrassment when they contact their clients. With managers that dense you can do much better.

OSI managers know proper sentence construction with the exception of QA manager who is in a class by herself but they send work offshore so you don't need that.

Oracle and TTS are awful overall and MDI in FL outsources as well.

Hope this helps. Slim pickins.
ditto that
They also give an anniversary bonus of $100 for each year you've worked for them. I'm a year away from my 5th anniversary when I will bump up to 3 weeks vacation. Great place.
ditto for me

I also would like to thank DRC/Acusis for the very nice MT week gift.  I am so proud for work for such a wonderful company.
Ditto for me...
Trained 1 day, worked 1 day, then no work...... quit.
Ditto. :-) nm
I ditto that. nm
Ditto here
Had huge issues with their line counting method. However, if everything sounds ok to you try it out and let us know if its gotten better.
Ditto! - nm
Believe me I feel your pain. When I started at MQ I used dial up (i'm in the country too) but then was able to get satellite 'net. I don't know if they woulda hired me if I had been using satellite before but they know now and although they made it clear they don't prefer it, they know it's what I need for my job. Because of other problems I'm looking elsewhere for a job but the current trend is No Satellite internet, so I dunno. I may be stuck there afterall.

ditto what you say...
and I'm a GaGirl too...
Ditto ditto ditto
Same type of experience for me
ditto too
I have always gotten a prompt response to anything I asked. There is absolutely no problem with communication or anything else as far as I am concerned.
Everything she said! Like it much better and also like being an SE again.
My biggest beef is the poor communication. They ask you not to email unless it is emergency but then they get more email than they bargained for because they won't answer you until you send 3 or 4 emails. If they would answer the first one I would not have an issue. My honeymoon is definitely over.
Ditto above - just go away.
And plenty of work!