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I would agree but most of these posters...

Posted By: TTer on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: Just because this is YOUR experience, does not - mean others dont have valid points too!.nm

Do not yet even have experience with VR, much less VR with the accounts at TT.

They are so busy playing chicken little and threatening a 'mass exodus' (love that one, lol!) that they have already decided they will hate it. And, human nature being such as it is, because they have already made up their minds it's inferior, they will lose pay AND for some inexplicable reason it's a threat to patient care, they will NEVER adapt to it and thus are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

My account at TT is basically 85% VR and I love it. I took no cut in pay; my production doubled and therefore my salary is pretty much exactly what it was with straight transcription. I honestly don't see why all of these posters are flying off of the handle and ASSUMING things until they give it a try.

It just goes against logic and defies explanation to prejudge something before even giving it a chance, IMHO.

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I agree. It seems as though many posters
complain about no work but I have to wonder how hard they work when their account is out of TAT. I have my two boys home with me daily. They are napping right now and in between breakfast, lunch, breaking up an occasional fight and all the hugs and kisses I can stand, I have still managed to type 2200 lines already today.
I agree with other posters that there is something
disingenuous (sp?) or creepy almost about the RAVE reviews over and over for this company. The language of the posts is suspect as well - how many MTs call each other MLS? So many of the posts just sound like canned recruiting posts - sorry. That's my take as well. And one thing I know 4 sure in this industry - when MTs do find that miracle company, they don't go blabbing it all over so that thousands of other MTs can apply. That's one thing that is a given. And all this hiring? Something is odd about that as well. So its not just 1 or 2 skeptics - I have a feeling there are a lot of us!
I agree 100% with the posters below!
Not to say all nationals are this way, but the one I work for now is terrible about communication, basically ignores e-mails, and generally leaves you with no way to reach them. I truly do feel like a mindless drone some days. You might find the change tough after being in-house for so long. Just my opinion here. Good luck to you! :-)
I also agree with the other 2 posters...
Been with OSi for several years.  I never run out of work and pay has always been on time. 
I agree with the other posters...
hang in there and keep testing...Good luck!!!!
I agree with above posters thoughts
if you are not sure, don't do it.
I agree with you and comment on other posters - sm

Amen to all that you said.  I, too, feel that management should have an overall feel for the account.  That is where I would like to see communication.  If they have an idea that an account may be going to EMR or whatever, they really should give us a heads up.

And nobody needs to give me any crap about reading my e-mails.  Yes, our owner sent that mail about the ebb and flow, but come on get real.  It was very general.  It was very like: Tell me something I don't already know.  Don't tell me to flex my hours or how this business can be that way --- anyone who has been around for a while knows that. 

Tell us, specifically what we can expect from our on specific accounts.  Tell us specifically if we should look somewhere else for work, anything!  If you truly cannot say anything helpful, then maybe you can say something encouraging instead of giving us a bunch of hot air.  Like telling us you understand, and that you understand how hard it can be on us, our families.  DON'T tell me that I should manage my $ better for times like this, HOW DARE YOU!   

Instead we get generalized comments about the nature of the business and if we are good little MTs then we will learn that this is the way of the business and we should be smart enough to flex our schedules (gee, ma, I would've never thought of that).  We get HOUNDED about committments that cannot be kept, and YES you do HOUND and yes you DO expect committments to be kept when things are slow, because for some unexplicable reason things don't look slow to management when they sure as heck are on our end.

Whatever.  I'm just tired.

I agree with all of the posters. Even though I feel "superficial" and all of that by asking ab
the money and insurance first, I also figure those things matter to me first and foremost so why not waste each other's time. I have only had one place make me feel selfish for even asking, like, is that all your going to ask about, why arent you asking how great we are to our employees or anything else. Yes, being great to your employees is a plus, but quite honestly, that does not pay my bills or help me with being able to afford medical insurance. My thought is that if you are worried about being wonderful to those employees you need to be offering decent benefits and acceptable line rate. Unfortunately, those are few and far inbetween.
I'm going to agree with the other posters. Platform is horrible and not productive.
I worked for hours and made $9...no thank you. I would do at least a whole page and be lucky to get 30 lines. I think it's a ripoff. Either the platform line counting is just off or more likely it is the way they set it up, but you'd have to be totally naive and never had worked anywhere else to know that the line counts are set up to rip you off. As with most of these companies, they all are constantly advertising like they have a ton of work when there is none. I suspect they turnover is high so they just keep the ads running, but the reason for the turnover other than making no money on line counts is lack of work. They just don't get it. I didn't last there long, as best I can neither, most don't.
Yeah, I agree with the other posters. Ten pages is overkill. I think even with one page that would
get a feel for your skills and experience. No one can hide inexperience or inability to do the work.  There is NO WAY I'd ever do a 10-page report without being paid. They are ridiculous. I'd be curious to see if anyone actually falls for this tactic. I saw that they give their ICs 5 days turnaround time so I'd say if they had several MTs testing, they should easily make their quota for their clients. UNREAL!!!
to posters above and below...
Stick to your guns and make it crystal clear that you want the HOSPITAL employee position.  That was also my experience.  I like my hospital employee gig.  E-mail me if you wish!
Job Posters

Do you all notice some of these job postings: *experienced, reliable and conscientious MT. Testing required* and then go on to say they pay 7-8 cpl depending on experience?* 

EXPERIENCED, reliable and conscietious MTs that have to take a test to even be considered DEFINITELY deserve more than 7-8 cpl.    

I beg to differ with the other posters (sm)
I've been with MQ for four years and I am very happy. No one hounds me, heck, yesterday I was gone to lunch for two hours, and NO ONE called me asking where I was.  As it has been stated before numerous times, things differ from office to office at MQ! That's just the nature of the game.  Don't judge MQ by what other people say, I almost did, and probably would have lived to regret it.  I'd say give them a try, what have you got to lose? Good Luck!!!
Sierra, the 2 posters below are RIGHT.
Both of their answers are right on.

I make a LOT of money with the same companies most people b**** about. I don't care what THEY think. I make good money and have fab bennies.

I stop by here every couple of weeks or so and usually just read to get a good laugh but the problems are always the same on this board: No one wants to work, they wanna sit and chat and post...every word you type HERE is COSTING you cents and cents add up to money, honey. No one here wants to leave a company if they're unhappy...staying there will make you as hateful as the so-called hateful company you complain about. No one here wants to give any company a chance for their OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE...apparently, no one can make a decision on their own. They just take other people's views and opinions and make them their own. How weak and feeble-minded is that?

Read sm and anon posts below. They'll get you going in the right direction. And forget all the negs on this board...LMAO - call 'em naggin' negs. ROOFFLLL

Okay to work for, but the other posters are right!
The other posters are correct sm
Not only is their pay so low, but you are actually penalized for blanks and needing help. This is why they are constantly advertising on a national level. There are plenty of local transcriptionists who would work for them if pay and conditions were decent. I would recommend staying away!
It is the posters who are embarrassing with their
TIA, are there mulitple posters who use this
If not, you are all over the place. How many different companies do you work for. You have tons of posts about tons of different companies. What gives?
Thanks to all 3 posters above. I will look where you suggested! nm
To the three rude posters...

Why do you even bother replying when you are going to be so rude and negative?  Some people on this board are unbelievable.  She's asking the question for people that want to answer - nobody requires anyone to answer anything.  However, I am sure that the reply 'nunya' was really helpful though - geez...

I got into it so I could stay home with my kids.  My husband does have a good job with benefits that are pretty good.  I wanted out of the office atmosphere anyway, all the gossip and BS. 

oh my bad ... I see you do have really happy posters
see thread way at the bottom.
Keystroke posters
It could also be because when they post questions on the other board which they are given access to when they begin working for KS - they are required to use the KS initials so that their supervisor can check up on them and see if they made an inquiry to the MTdaily board before leaving a blank.  Then if they haven't - it's a reprimand.  Been there - done that - glad it's over.
thanks for input from posters below...

I had been made a verbal offer, so nothing submitted in writing.  I did just call, and will be receiving my paperwork today.  Thanks for the info.



What is strange to me, are posters who use a reg.
TT posters see message

Hello all.  I'm getting hit from both directions with emails and reports here!  Sorry, I don't work for TT so I don't know what is true and what is not.  From what I can see below there was a problem today, but it has already been addressed and fixed by the company. 

With that being said, I will leave these messages on the board.  I'm going to ask that this conversation be done though.  I'm getting requests from both sides asking for removals of certain posts or all of the posts.  Everyone wants a place to post and get their questions answered or simply to find information, so as a general rule we want to leave the information to be found.  However, this topic has gone beyond that and turned into nothing but an argument.  Even the non-TT posters are getting in on the argument.  I appreciate everyone's understanding. 

Javabean (MTStars Moderator)

OK, I don't work for TT, but other posters SM
have stated they are rapidly moving into SR and if you don't do SR, you don't have any work.  They have been posting that for the last several months.
disagree with the other posters...
First, you are miserable and believe they want you gone anyway. Second, you are not confident they will pay you. With my experience of over 30 years as MT, i say NO, just quit with no notice. If it puts them in a pickle, it's of their own making. I don't believe it will hurt your future prospects. Why not? Because you worked for them a number of years -- that speaks for itself. You have the medical knowledge and can produce well. You'll be fine. Besides, so many employers never check your references anyway. Usual questions are where you worked and for how long, and why you left. Why make yourself miserable and not be paid for it? You'll find another job. and if its not the right one, you can keep looking. but in the meantime, you'll be PAID for your work and not be so unhappy (which isn't good for your health!!). Go for it.
Um, you slammed her. That's why other posters
felt the need to come in and try to make her feel better, take the burn out of her monitor. Other posters got the point across to her, without making her feel like an evil insider of Transcam, or a moron. Poor thing will probably never post again. Your postings are very borderline tonight - one post friendly, next post slamming. Go back and read your posts after you're in another mood, and you should see my point. But then wrapping up all the love with a Golden Rule motto just really sealed the deal. Peace out to you, too.
Quite a few posters have mentioned doing this..nm

This board needs more posters like you;) I know they are out there, but..sm
sadly so many are afraid to post for fear of receiving negative responses. I also believe the good outnumbers the bad. We all just need to start ignoring the negativity because it feeds on attention. If we would all just stop feeding it, may it will starve to death and just go away. You can count me in!!
Message for All Posters (sm)

If you have complaints about how MTStars is run, contact the Administrator or Moderator through email. 

Complaining on this board about those issues is not appropriate.

Furthermore, making false allegations about MTStars on the board is not going to be tolerated.  No company or movement moderates or censures this board.

MTStars Team

To posters below: This post says
'Maybe you could have an experienced fellow MT look over some of your work', keyword being WORK, not TEST, so calm down.
I disagree with the posters below

that there are no greener pastures.  I have found a terrific company I have been with for 6 months.  I love, love, love it.  I had to take the chance myself in trying it out, and figure out what was most important to me in terms of scheduling, platform, and pay.  That's what you are going to have to do, too. 

You have to always bear in mind that things can change in a heartbeat at any company.  Accounts come and go, personnel changes, policies change, and the once perfect company can take a nosedive or a once yucky company can become a transcriptionist's dream.  You have to go with the flow.   



No, but the nastiest of the posters
Seemed to be doing many of the posting under different names. If you read the posts, hers will stand out; very similar in type/grammatical style. The OP was not nasty at all; it was one who started posting later in the thread.

I'm sure there's more than 1 unhappy camper, no doubt about that, but this nasty one that kept starting new threads to rehash everything and attempt to get her point across is the one I was referring to. I'm sure she knows who she is.

I've no problem at all with a civilized debate but this got way out of hand.
Please do not misquote the posters here -- sm

to conform to your agenda.  WHAT poster is ADMITTING to WHAT??  You seem to be implying that the Leads are assigning the YUKKY work, as you call it, to a number of persecuted MTs -- and the others are selected to receive better dictations via selective electronic cherry-picking.  The work does flow naturally, according to: (1) The particular account that particular MT is assigned to, and (2) Priority, per the client, of any particular job

A primary duty of the leads, whom you seem to have chosen to unfairly malign, is to ensure timely TAT of jobs and ensure a smooth & fair distribution of work.  Toward that end, the lead may rarely have occasion to assign a particular STAT job to an MT to ensure that TAT is kept.

But do you really think, on a large hospital account with sometimes countless dictators, a Lead has the time to listen to each one of the multitude of dictations in order to decide which one is YUKKY (per your definition), which one is O.K and which one is great - and then selectively assign each job to his/her favorite MT du jour ?  I wish you could hear yourself.  Paranoia seems contagious on this board.

some posters are trolls..
What about posters who use different moniker for
My comment is about posters in general.
I've never worked for KS and know nothing about them.

Nothing on this board tells me anything about them either. That is my point.

What is on this board is completely anonymous and we have no way to know who is actually posting and if there is any truth to it.

Your experience may be more limited than the other posters
The other posters were on the money. If you have worked on at least half of the accounts, you would see that most of them are primarily ESL, there is one where native English is the exception and rare, 2 that ESL exclusive.

There have been occasions where work was lean for everyone and those not meeting line counts were sent certified letters to make their line counts or there would be consequences...how can you make line count if the work is not there and then be punished for not making line counts?

Search this site for some time in June or May and there is more about TH.
this response is for most all posters on this subject...
(also, to correct myself, should be this board, not boards...)

these points I bring up have all happened to me personally, or I have sat back and observed them in different positions I have held.

I am not burned out on transcription, still love it...justed burned out on how callous and harsh people in general have become...

Here is a challenge for CEOs and all the people pocketing huge profits off health-care...

Sit in an emergency room some day, LOOK INTO THE EYES of some of these patients we are supposed to be helping.

Talk to the elderly or the poor as they lay in stretchers in the hallway, alone, for hours and hours while people just walk past them like they are invisible.

All because they do not have health insurance. People do not matter it seems to me, unless you have money. The so-called business of health-care was not for making money, it was mostly nonprofit...

...the hospital could serve other functions, such as almshouse for the poor, or hostel for pilgrims. The name comes from Latin hospes (host), which is also the root for the English words hotel, hostel, and hospitality.
Don't know the name of it. Posters just said it was archaiac and unfriendly. nm
Yes, but they don't know posters email addresses. The only way
they would know is if the poster replied back to them.
I'm really going to miss the posters that have left! nm
Remember, these posters are the minority. (sm)
Just like any work place, there are always some who cannot be pleased.

I left MQ to go to a smaller company, took less pay, less PTO and a system that isn't as quick and efficient as DQS, but the people are sooo nice I plan on retiring from here.

Did any of below posters google? Did you see entry
Read post several posters down about
having to pay them if you don't meet your minimal line count.
The posters above speak the truth!

I have never been with the Q by the grace of God and I haven't had a lot of MTSO jobs, but I really have nothing to complain about at TT and plan to stay there unless I find something in-house which may happen when pigs fly.  I don't know about ADORING working there, I would ADORE to be independently wealthy but that also won't happen!.  You will be fine, you will like it, and yes, they will treat you like a person! 


To all of our posters on MTStars:  We have experienced an individual who is apparently running a scam.  We want to make you aware of this situation and urge you to be discerning in any e-mails you receive regarding this and diligent to report any contact with this person or other similar situations with us immediately:

Name: Sherry Robinson
Email: s_robinson28714@yahoo.com
Phone: 828 675 2119
Location : Burnsville, NC  28714
She is asking for $100-200 for work at home jobs.  Once payment is sent via PayPal or check, she vanishes and later (after repeated emails and calls) sends a mail with links (mostly broken) to Work at Home Job sites, which any MT can find by simply using Google.  Her scam is via telephone!   The emails she sends out contain only the following information:  Call Sherry Robinson 828-675-2119

MTStars Team


One of those wacko posters was the Director of HR!

 I know because he sent me nasty personal emails from a SoftScript email address with his signature block at the bottom.  I sent them a resume.  The next thing I know I get a not so nice email from the recruiter telling me I didn't pass their test and did not met their minimal requirements for employment.  I questioned her as to how she could determine this without my testing.  My resume clearly states almost 20 years of acute care MT experience with high QA scores consistently.  She insisted I had tested with them and failed.  I think I would have remembered taking the test.

I was blasted by the recruiter in an email.  I was frustrated and I posted here about a ditzy recruiter at SoftScript.  Well, this opened up a barrage of nasty, almost threatening emails from the Director of HR telling me I was just mad cause I was turned down, how bad my test was and my lacking skills, he knew I had been fired from all my jobs, what a wonderful MT the recruiter was, etc.  I still have the emails if anyone cares to see what type of management professionals they have at SoftScript.  Anyway, then the wacko came on here and started to do the same thing to ANYONE who said anything negative about the company, including another MT who had the same thing happen to her as me, turned down before she even tested.  So to sum it up in a work PSYCHO!!


Stop being so rude to other posters

I've noticed lately that almost every time someone asks a question about a company on here, some rude person keeps posting Why don't you read the archives? or Search the archives? You know who you are, and please stop it!  Before you get upset, I'm not trying to be hateful.  I just want to make a point, and I believe I speak for many others who have noticed this as well. Consider these two points before doing this again...   

  1. The poster may be new to the site, and they haven't figured out the search options yet. We all have to take time to figure out new sites we haven't been on before.  Rudeness will prevent them from wanting to come back and will give this site a bad reputation. 

  2. Most posters have already read the archives, and they are looking for current information.  I saw this the other day...   The poster plainly stated they were looking for current information.  She even went so far as to ask you NOT to tell her to search the archives, as she already had.  You STILL posted a reply telling them to look through the archives.  Why?

I could understand seeing this once in a while, but you're doing this every other day.  Please, don't do this anymore.  Let's be kind and considerate to other posters on here.  After all, we're all in this together.  We're here to try to help each other along, not to try to make others feel stupid. 

Thank you!

LOL You answered 2 different posters, assuming
I posted the more balanced view post and someone else followed up after your response.

We have as much right to state our opinion, too, you know.

It's as viable of an opinion as anyone else's here!