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No, you're supposed to proofread everything

Posted By: QA has to deal with your garbage on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: Pure BS - You don't know what you are talking about.

because you are too lazy to proofread. Blame it on VR if you want to, but those people need to find another *profession*.

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Not the OP, but they're supposed to take out all the other taxes as you're an employee with th
And we're supposed to do what? Beg you - OH PLEASE STAY!?
delusions of adequacy at its finest
Well, if you're supposed to be working, why
are you here?
You're not supposed to be asking test
to pass the test on your own without the help of other MTs.    good luck
Supposed to alternate the big holidays at MW, but they're willing to
Only if you are doing a lot of breaking when your're supposed to be working. sm
I don't think bathroom breaks should take that long to make that big a difference :)
You're supposed to get 12 hrs of paid training even though it doesn't take that long to learn
should HAVE proofread that
How do you proofread as you type?
I believe one of the reasons my productivity is substandard is because I go back through every dictation, re-read it, and sometimes have to return to the dictation.  I want to produce as close to 100% accuracy as I can.  However, my supervisor tells me to PROOF WHILE I TYPE?  Huh?  How do you DO that?  and type with any kind of speed?  Thanks for any advice!
Oopsie - you might need to PROOFREAD that! LOL
proofread your post
acutally????? The last LOL is on you!
This is an issue of an MT not having confidence in her abilities. You can proofread while you SM

type.  I've been doing it for years.  I only re-read reports that the dictator is extremely nonsensical, can't put a sentence together to save his/her life, or if the dctator just seems like they don't know what they are doing.  But other than that, I feel pretty confident that I put out accurate reports.  I generally get 99-100% on my QA evals and I'm one the high producers in my department.

I've trained many a Transcriptionist who double, triple, even quadruple check everything they type because they just don't trust themselves.  If you are a newbie, I can understand not trusting yourself yet, but generally if you've been doing this for more than 2 years, you should know what you're doing and you should trust yourself.  If you don't, then you're in the wrong business.  Unfortunately, we are in a profession were we are expected to be both accurate and productive.  If you have a problem achieving both, then again you're in the wrong profession. 

I totally agree! I still proofread every report...sm
before hitting submit and haven't had any critical mistakes. I'm not saying my work is perfect 110% of the time, but whose is? The main offenders are the one that should be reprimanded. The reason I mentioned QA is because the majority of MTs on this account are on 100% QA.
Just remember... proofread! You had a bunch of typos in that long-winded post!
why is it not supposed to be done?
I'm in the same situation and just wondered why it shouldn't be done if this had been your primary source of work, thus your bread and butter for several years and was suddenly gone. In my case, it's neither the company's nor my fault, so I was seriously considering doing this, but if there's some legality involved here, I would really be interested in hearing about it. Thanks.
Yes they do, yes it is, and yes it is supposed to be. lol nm
What's that supposed to mean?
You posted your age? Should I care? :)
Were we not supposed
What you are supposed to do is SM
call the help desk and ask for more work.  Have you done that? 
NO, we as MTs are NOT supposed to know...s/m
'the difference between generic and brand'. We are only suposed to know if it is capped or not.
And this we know only when we look it up.
Some we remember, the majority we forget, then we look it up again.

BTW: What do you mean by 'difference in generic or brand.'
The definition of this can be given in ONE sentence.
?????????what is that supposed to mean??????
So are you supposed to type
the wrong numbers? 1,2, 3,5, 8, 10??? How stupid is that?
I am not going to send things like that to QA.

Also when I know how a medication is spelled I am supposed to leave it in wrong and flag everything like that?? That is crazy.

Yes verbatim to a point when common sense comes into play use it. QA does not need stuff like that sent to them.
should be ...a new account right now that is supposed to be really big....
I don't understand this. You are supposed SM
to be on full QA when you first start, just like all the other jobs I've had.  The limit you can type every day is like 5 reports or something like that and you're supposed to stop and wait for the feedback.  Were you just typing anyway and didn't care?  It never occurred to me to keep typing.  I did my reports, waited for my feedback (which came before the start of the next day's shift) and then did 5 more.  I was taken off full QA in 2 days and then the amount I could type was not limited.  Again, I just don't understand a post like this one.  I understood from the policy I read when I was hired and then when I trained I was reminded of the limit. 
and the best I recall, we were supposed
to save all of our logs and periodically send them to our team leader. I had so many binders when I left them after a very short time, I had one whole shelf full of them. Everything negative I have read about this company has been absolutely true from my experience. They sound good ....
that was supposed to be "I believe..." (I was starting
You are supposed to clock in and out sm
In order to get any bonus money, which is paid according to Lines Per Hour (LPH), you NEED to clock in and out for everything. It makes for a very long day, turning 8 hours into sometimes 10 or even more. I don't clock out to look up words or to go to the bathroom but do clock out for anything longer than 15 minutes. I think PTO starts from day one.
Thanks, but not a M-F person. Just supposed to be off.
Thank you! The average is supposed to
be 1500 per day, but each person, as well as account vary!  No one should mislead others into thinking they are going to get rich quick.  Anyone making above 1500 lines a day, I am happy for you.  That is very good.
Is this supposed to attract MTs??

Any MTSO who consistently relies on pay from clients to pay their MTs is in BIG trouble.  That company will have a high turnover and/or get sued and reported to the BBB.  Why is this commonsense business practice - having credit and/or backup funds to pay staff - so often ignored in this industry??    Because you all (MTs) stand for it and give the benefit of the doubt, i.e., MTSO will get new clients who are better paying.   

Supposed To Call
I had already tested and was offered a position via email. They were supposed to call me on Friday to discuss the account, but then emailed me and said that they were unable to make the call and would have to call me on Monday. It's now Thursday and I still haven't heard from them.

So, I've already accepted a position with another company.

Their loss...
I hear they are supposed to
be good about it, and kind. I am starting sometime next week, how about you? Are you starting with them also? FT is 1100 per day (5500 per pay, I think), and PT employee status is 500 per day, 2500 per pay, wich is what I will be doing. Just fed up with FT anywhere anymore.
while it's supposed to stand for that
I use my imagination and have come up with some really good and oh so appopriate ones!

D--- h---

Think about it. LOL
Any KS's tell me what report I am supposed

to send at end of every shift?  ');>



Here we go again! These boards are supposed to be here for HELP
and not for constant company bashing by someone who so obviously has an axe to grind for some reason. I for one am so sick of this!
How is someone supposed to know who offers the best

medical benefits?  Unless you have worked for every company you don't know how one compares to the other.   If you have no pre-existing conditions and are in good health you are better off to get a private policy.  Deductible might be higher, but your premium is less and with the money you save on premium you could put money away for deductible.  

If you get a private policy you aren't tied to a company because you need the insurance. 

My company is supposed to have a QA
team that is very strict and I've never gotten anything less than 99.8, minimum is 98.5 and most companies require 98%. 
Mine either. Are we supposed sm
to end up getting ECT so the job stops affecting us? 
Oh man, I am supposed to start with sm
Keystrokes soon.  Not another company out of work :( 
that was supposed to read "oncology too"!
OK..I know it's supposed to be desperado..SCUZE ME!
Payday supposed to be 1st and 15th.sm
Received it 10 to 15 days after that date. I do not think we are talking about same company. I worked for BTS, not Sten-Tel.
Ask the moderator - is that supposed to scare me?
I stated - it was posted here about a month ago - it was an article from some publication - already said I can't remember - its not speculation - it was a long, long thread full of postings from Spheris MTs - they started the post and were all very upset. Then, like so much on this forum, all got quiet and Spheris postings have vanished. Just like Keystrokes - just like Transcend - If I had the interest or the time, I'd run a Google search on it. It certainly looked legit at the time, was a very interesting long thread. And something that MTs thinking of applying should be aware of - I was hoping that Spheris MTs could comment in follow up. In the grand scheme of things, I could care less, but am certainly glad I had the good fortune to see this info for myself. Blast away - flame away - tattle away - I'm sure all will be deleted soon anyway - typical for most company posts!
Sorry..that's supposed to be "from 2004"
Their software isn't supposed to be that good. Does anyone know what it is? nm
Supposed to be easy work, but you won't ever get more than 8 cpl. How it was, anyway..nm
Yes, but I don't think we are supposed to give names here. They are BIG.
We aren't supposed to discuss our pay,
without my name here, please don't email me, I make 9 cents a line inpatient trancsription.
Yes it does take time...I was supposed to start (sm)
August 28 but didn't get to actually start until September 6.  I was in a horrible financial situation anyways and that didn't help...but I hung on and I stayed in constant contact with them, telling them I really needed to start. I think they did their best to hurry them up at the hospital I was waiting on my security info from. But I'm glad I waited because they have been great to work for so far.  Good Luck!
Don't know about that, but the accents there are supposed to be really tough! nm
ExText questions...I am supposed to
Can you cut and paste from Word into ExText?  I also do not understand what makes it hard to get your lines in.  I just thought a line was a line no matter what.  This whole conversation is making me nervous.  Are there any pros to ExText?  I am used to working in Word, which is pretty straight forward.