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Sticks and stones...

Posted By: Another TT MT on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: Because you are tunnel-visioned and closed minded - Not to mention unreasonable

Why don't you try acting like an adult and tell me the reasons that VR is so wonderful and somehow does not compromise patient care, instead of just childish ranting and name calling?  Because you know that, unless you type 5 lines an hour or something, VR is a RIPOFF to the MT.  There is NO WAY you will make a decent living with it and the nonsense it spews out that you do not catch ends up in the patient's report. 

Now, please, if you must stomp your little feet, take your little ball and go home--don't let the door hit you in the behind! 

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I live "in the sticks", too....sm
and I use satellite for my internet connection. The only problems I have had in the 2+ years that I have had it are connectivity problems when the weather is extremely bad (in which case, one should not be on the computer anyway) and I have had 3 service calls, mainly related to wiring and improper initial installations issues. Other than that, it has worked well for me. However, there are some companies who do not accept satellite....JLG and TRS come to mind, although there are probably others. You just have to check out the ads and go from there. Best to ya!
living "in the sticks"
I too live where there is no DSL or cable option. I use wild blue satellite. It is fairly affordable, though more expensive than DSL, but it works great - I started out downloading with dial up, and the difference is wonderful. You can Google search wild blue to check out the service closest to you.
Should have been KS not kidney stones!
Word expander on. Anyway, thanks. This is the exact reason I'm going to KS. The work issue with my current employer is a hit and miss situation. I'm looking forward to steady work! Thanks again.
Well, no it is calculus cholecystitis (stones). nm
That's good to know. I am starting soon with KIDNEY STONES!
Calculus cholecystitis (with stones) or is it Calculous? sm

no one on the word board right now.