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I agree

Posted By: NM on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: OMG, how overly dramatic, lol! - LovinVR@TT


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I agree, absolutely agree
and I might say, this is keeping updated in ALLLL specialities and subspecialities, drugs, instruments, and on and on. It is not a good profession for sure and sadly it is the MTs who are being very definitely HAD
Agree 100%
STAY away!
Nobody is going to agree anyway. LOL
And nobody has worked for every company in the U.S. to be able to offer an informed opinion.

I agree also.  I do think that each company has its MTs that have not one thing good to say about the company and on the flip side, there are many that love it.  I have worked at a few different companies in my time and find through experience on this forum to be true.  I absolutely love Transcend.  There are a few things that aren't perfect in my book, but the good far outweighs the bad.  The thing that I hate, though, is if you have anything good at all to say about your company, you are either management, lying, or a cheerleader.  I think that people love to believe the worst. 

I also have found out through my travels that things can vary greatly from one employee to another even though they may work at the same company.  There may be a rule for you that does not apply to another, example - below one says Spheris would not allow someone to work at MQ also but there is an MT who is doing it with permission.  An MT can get on here and argue all day long that this or that doesn't happen at their company but it may very well happen for another MT.  It is so humerous to me to see that we believe that being employed at a company, in our remote homes, that we think we know everything about that company and how it operates with the other remote MTs - MTs that more than likely we don't even know. 


I agree 100%.
I agree 100%
I don't agree entirely.

When offshore outsourcing first began many clients began jumping on that bandwagon thinking they were going to be able to save money.  That resulted in a great number of clinics and hospitals eliminating their in-house transcription departments because of 1) reduction in overhead expense by outsourcing a whole department and 2) realizing an even greater reduction in expenses by using foreign labor at less cost than domestic transcription wages.  The trend is beginning to come full circle now and because of quality issues and the higher cost of risk management more clients are demanding that their medical records information stay in the United States.  A lot of MTSOs now advertising are stating right in their ads NO OFFSHORE MTs NEED APPLY.  Clients are beginning to see that it wasn't as cost effective as they thought it would be because it actually ends up costing more in the long run either in quality or risk management. Some hospitals and clinics are actually bringing work back in house again and only using domestic vendors for overflow work.  I think sooner or later unless the quality of VR improves it will have the same result. 

i agree
I also had a similar experience last year and did not like it at all. It was a total mistake.
Yes, I agree

Thank you for posting this!  I am also very happy with Amphion.  It is nice to hear a positive experience for a change.  I hope your post will help other MTs searching for work realize that there really are some good companies out there!

I agree--
They will make your life miserable with every nit picking thing they can think of to get you to quit. Again, this was my experience, no one has to agree with me.
but I thought that she was referring to simply putting it in a diagnosis, not coding.
LOL......I understood that she was just transcribing the numbers as they're dictated. And, we all know the docs don't always give the "dash" (-) or "slash" (/) word when it needs to be typed in.

I wasn't trying to help code, been a while since I did that, just trying to help make sure her question was answered. (No offense intended.) :)
I agree with QT
QT EASY platform -- a few mushmouths -- mainly PAs very few ESLs -- also FutureNet is a good company  -- direct deposit as statutory by they will express mail checks and good cpl rate -- sorry for the typos  -- just got done for the night and no fingers left
I agree..
I left after sitting for five hours and getting 2 reports, this was Transcend who bought MDI. Then, there was the sound issues.

The staff was just great though!
I agree with everything you said....
It just seems like Transcend is the company to bash this month, but I am extremely happy
I Agree.....
There are so many "cherry-pickers" on the account(s) I work on, it makes me crazy. Some of us get stuck doing the hardest jobs and the others breeze through.
I agree 100%. (sm)
Someone here had a bad experience and has made it her goal in life to run this company down. Maybe she didn't come up to par....actually you can tell that by her messages. I have only been with OSi about 6 months, but will be staying till I retire.
I agree!

Definately the meanest on this board.  Always has something to say, whether it pertains or not...

I agree
the swearing on the boards and making fun of other people, pathetic.  I thought we were all grown ups here.  I can't believe that some of these grown women sound more immature than my 11 year old. 
Agree! LOL (nm)
I agree
No I don't work out of the Amherst office -- have heard so much about them on this board.... I work out of the Orange CA office and last week except for 1 day -- it was like pulling teeth to get enough work to keep me busy during the day. Now, I am face today with either sitting babysitting my computer all day just waiting for work or taking the day off either unpaid or burn some PTO. Can't really afford either, but this is just stupid. If I get my butt out of bed and "at my job" by my start time.... I should get paid whether there is anything to do or not.
Agree, besides, what one co does, the others will
I agree. sm
Not a very good place to work. Communication was horrible when I was there.
Agree with above
Yes, they pay for downtime.  The only time they do not is if is due to something on your end like electric failure or internet failure.  If there is no work or if their computer breaks or system is down, they pay $12/hr downtime.  In my experience, there is also the option of making up the time if only a few hours or so (which equates to more than $12/hr for me, so I have always made time up if I could).      
I agree with aa
Here are the good points: They do apparently pay for spaces now. I would confirm this if you apply.

They seem to have plenty of work - you definitely won't be sitting around for days without work.

They pay approximately 5 days after the end of the pay period, which is actually pretty fast as payroll goes.

They do seem to have some interesting accounts, although I wouldn't know how you get on them.

If you can ignore the goofy emails that get sent out on a regular basis and try to ignore the inconsistent QA, they pretty much leave you alone. If you need benefits, though, look elsewhere.
Have to agree
I quit two weeks after training.
I agree
I am dealing with the same thing right now. It is frustrating to my family life. They call me at night a lot to work.
I agree..
Get rid of the middle man, the MTSO, if you can!

I just landed a fantastic opportunity with a clinic who has done exactly this and can afford to pay me twice the highest rate of the online companies, and I still work from home with a super flexible schedule. I also didn't need 10 years to land this job. I am closing in on two.

I suggest searching the ads for clinics and hospitals who are looking to hire you directly. That, or land your own account locally. Most of these online companies are really taking us for a ride!

I will never go back to 8 cpl knowing what I know now while the MTSOs are vacationing on the other half of what should be my pay

I agree!
Who would want 2 work 4 someone like that? Is this where MT is heading??? Sheesh.
I have to agree with you.
This is getting old. There are tens of thousands of MTs, many of which have the same thoughts. You need to get a grip on reality. Enough already.

I will agree with you there.
I would have to agree
The Indian typists work extremely hard. They work with rare breaks. I also found the managers to be very kind people. What I don't get is it's okay to work HERE for a foreign company, like Toyota, but how DARE anybody work for a foreign transcription company! What about Sony? Hyundai?
I have to agree...
I'm also disgruntled with this steady diet of acute care. I wouldn't mind a mix of acute care IF there were some easy stuff like chart notes and ER to blend in.  I sometimes regret having listed all my experience, since I think the lesser qualified MTs could be making much more money! 
I agree
Would agree .. most especially if
If Proscript runs the way DDI did then it surely is a very good place to work.  Years of working with DDI were the best years I have had in transcription and had I a clue that Proscript would have been purchased by the present owner I would have considered them very seriously when I made a move.  The move was a bit too early and the purchase a bit too late .. for me!
I SO agree.
Many ESL docs are wonderful dictators, and organized.  They really put a lot of effort into their reports, and I'll take them any day over the inconsiderate ENL mumblers. 
I agree ....
I wish there is just one test we could take and pass the results on to everyone! Every test is just about the same, just shifted around a bit - but I am so tired of testing. I did take one very challenging test, can't remember with who, but my brain was really fried after that one. Felt like I was taking state boards to become an MD.
I agree...
Boycotting is probably the best way to get them to see that the majority still rules in this supposed democracy. Money speaks louder than words.
Boy I sure don't agree with the others - please see

Being an MT and having experience, life or work or otherwise, does not mean you will have knowledge of how to operate a truly home-based business with your own accounts (vs. being self employed but contracting with MTSOs for work).  There is a great lady who used to be on MT Daily a lot who is self employed with her own company name, etc. local to me who wrote a book that would be just the thing you are looking for (packed full of info. on how to get started with your own accounts and run it, etc.)  Her name I believe is Phyllis Nillson (last name could be spelled a little differently) but somehow if I were you check on MT Daily and see if you can find her through the free parts (maybe under lists of MTs by state in Ohio).  If not check back in here and I'll see if I can dig up her website.  Chin up and go for it!  I've been an MT for 10 years too but don't know the first thing to do to go about getting my own accounts.  Some I'm sure is common sense but running the business end and keeping the proper records and keeping the accounts well I bet her book would just fit the bill.  (maybe you could find something like this at a bookstore even but I'm suggesting her because she has been in the business for years and truly left a great hospital job to go on her own and did it very well!)  Good luck! :)

Yea -- I agree

I am a small MTSO also and went to bed last night thinking about what a lot of these MT's have been saying.  I am slowly going back to being the only one in this company as I am so tired of the problems.  Like you it is not worth the 2 to 3 cents per line to be the QA, deliver the product, pick up the tapes, cover for illness, the dog got sick or for no reason as they are IC's.  I feel too personally responsible when there is not work for the gals because a doc is on vacation on their account so I give up some of mine and then I do their account to keep the account when they are not available.  So in the next year I am going to keep enough to provide me with a decent living with my favorite accounts and not have to worry about any IC's as it is just too stressful and not worth the money.  And I treat my IC's very well and most of the time they are pretty good but again it is hard when work slows down and through no fault of my own, it is not there.  Also for those that keep saying that they are making as much per cpl now as they were 5 years ago and sometimes 15 years ago when on the typewriters or first word processors, we did not have the macro's or the capability to produce the amount of lines as we do now and I really think that the majority of the gals make more lines per hour than they did 5 to 10 years ago.  But I could be wrong and if so, sorry.  But there is no way I could type 300+ lines on a typerwriter. 

Back to work.  Patti

I agree.
Dont Trust PO Boxes
I definitely don't agree
I think the pay is average to good, benefits not costly at all.  They just changed, and I think very affordable.  I'm new to the company, but so far I love it, and the platform is EXCELLENT.
I agree!
After working for the last five years as a pathology transcription supervisor, I can tell you that the reports that are typed are often long and involved, and many of the docs have accents, talk to fast, etc. I just CANNOT see pathology dictation going to VR, and I have worked with VR programs myself. Even with extensive voice training the reports must be proofed/edited or they will be incorrect.

If some new perfect VR program comes out you can disregard what I said, but until then I don't think so!
Agree - Keep looking. nm

agree also...keep looking
I agree, sm.
I agree.  If they are messing with your pay, you shouldn't be using your talents to work for them.  Get another job, then quit the bad one and warn fellow MTs.  You will no longer be employed by them so what difference does it make.  Free speach, remember. 
I agree with what you say, but....

I do feel that this board is great when people are actually being true with what they are saying about the companies.  It is nice to know what is out there and who does not pay, cheats you in lines, etc....

I agree, though, the amount of all of the negativity and criticizing should be limited.  Just tell the facts.  And, like you said, if you aren't happy, just state why and good luck in finding something else. 

Home-based transcription is excellent IF you can find a good company to work for that is honest, considerate, and has steady work.  Which, these days and times, it is hard to find.  But if you keep looking, you will find it!  I did.  I just wish there were better health care options that were affordable.  My company currently does not offer coverage in my state, but my company has been really good to me and really good to work for.  So, like anything, you have to take the bad with the good. 

I agree with this! RUN!
Agree with both below. There are no
good companies. I am just working for an MTSO because I live out in the boonies and there is no chance for me to get my own accounts. If there was the slightest chance, I would jump on it. Some people claim one co is great for one reason and another for another reason, but really they are all out to screw you one way or another (lousy pay, lousy dictators, awful platform, etc).
Agree with the other one. You will
enjoy working with this company and the MTs. The staff is very friendly.
I agree! nm
I agree 100%.