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On my TT account, the only times heavy editing

Posted By: TTer on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: Please clarify - waitAsec

Is required is if there is a bad connection (static and muffled connections wreak havoc with Escription, as with any VR system). Other than that, my production is probably 2.5 times greater than it is with straight transcription; essentially, the means my pay increased slightly with the transition to VR.

I believe the poster means that if you cannot catch *nonsense* the system churns out and correct it, then that person really shouldn't be an MT because details is what our jobs are all about.

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Heavy ESL account...sm
I happen to work on the heavy ESL account at Axolotl. It is difficult, I won't lie. There are not many Asian dictators, but I have many years of experience with ESLs and I do find it to be quite difficult. I have only been with Axolotl since July and just moved over onto this account a few weeks back, but it was my secondary prior to that. I think with time, they are very doable; however, it is not a huge money-making account. I can't come near the 250-300 lph I used to be able to do (which might be age showing, too), but I love this company and they are very accommodating in many ways! Work has been slow lately, but is supposed to be picking up as this account brings on more work. If you are up for a challenge and would like to work for a great company, I'd say go for it. They are really, really good about filling in blanks and providing feedback and you can even relisten to the job which helps you learn them better! e-mail me if you'd like!
The account is not bad but it has heavy Hispanic dictators. I worked on it for another company and
get used to it, it is a great account. If you really want a different account, just talk to them. They are really good about switching accounts for people. Call Becky in the office. She is the HIM coordinator now according to her email signature line. She is the best!
Have asked several times for a back up account.
I'm still waiting....
There are few account for editing Powerscribe. Not for medical records or for most radiology sm
accounts. There are few accounts that ditched VR, which is nice. I think that is going to help set Keystrokes apart; being open to the idea of it but not pushing it.
That's not always true. I have been editing a Powerscribe account for 2 years. The work sm
has actually steadily increased due to fewer and fewer radiologists self-editing their own work.

I know of at least 4 other Powerscribe accounts at Keystrokes that are also increasing in volume for the same reason.

I am sorry that the account you were on with Webmedx went to total self-edit. I know that Keystrokes had a few that did that too, just not all of them.
Depends on the account. Work on VR lately has been slow. Just like all companies, we have slow times

Honestly though, I have only had 2-3 times in the past 2 years where it was like the other day...no work... It did pick up later but I just think it's important not to make someone think we're overloaded with work all the time. That would not be fair to them if they end up with high expectations.

A lot of times, if they need extra help, they will over 1-1/2 times our regular rate. sm
This is the equivalent of OT but you get it even if you have not done 40 hours already. I have also received AmerExp gift cards a few times for incentives offered. I think it depends on the account.

I do know for sure that they are working on an incentive program but I have no details and not even sure if they are still looking at it.

I do know for sure that I make more $$ with Keystrokes than I have ever made anywhere else.
Yes, VERY heavy ESL.
Why would getting top heavy with
I can understand not answering emails but top heavy with management really isn't any of the MTs business.
despite the heavy negatives
i vote MQ; tried a couple smaller companies -- but when you roll into the mix all the various factors, its my choice place to be. and furthermore, its my family's sole income and as a FT employee -- i'm not even worried about the lawsuits and all. The company is constantly improving. There are no signs of sell-out or collapse, only of strength.
MDI-FL'ers, can you do 250 LPH, even with heavy
Heavy turnover
Big turnover on this account. They constantly advertise. Look elsewhere.
OSI heavy on the offshoring, I believe.

Heavy ESL is probably exactly why I got that callback...
now that you mention it. Before I quit, they had me in a very heavy ESL account. That's not specifically why I left (didn't help), it was a combination of things, mainly that I couldn't move through the junk quickly enough to make a decent paycheck anymore and knew it was not gonna get better there. Of course, I was told at the time that was all they could give me. We do not have a fit for you, yeah, buddy. Going back would just mean more mistreatment. I personally hope they have to fold.
Count on heavy Mon and Tues and then
computer up to 14 hours or so a day to wait for work to drop in to get your line count, or you can just work 365 days/yr. They will tell you to work outside your schedule if there is not work and expect you to have a consistent daily line count.
You are NEW !! TransTech is HEAVY into VR. Where did you get your info from?

Every account is about 75%-80% VR -- unless it a new account which the voice machine has not been able to interpret the doctor yet.  You just wait . . . your turn is coming for VR.  They beg for more editors to be trained each and every week.

How well does eScription do on heavy ESL physicians?
Also, how long after using this platform did you find yourself doubling in your productivity?  Anything you could provide would be greatly appreciated. 
How many of these VR lines for heavy ESL dictators?
Their pay is the pits unless you're a heavy producer. nm
18 years acute care, heavy ESL. Thank you.
Can you give the initials of what the heavy ESL accts were?
The work is pretty darned heavy now!

People have said the ESL load with FN is very heavy AND they don't offer DD. nm
CS.net slow and horribly "click-heavy." Anything

Doesn't that chip on your shoulder ever get heavy?
Maybe you should consider a career change. Being locked up all day away from the real world has obviously made you bitter and a tad dillusional. Have you considered counseling?
Wow, that's a sturdy, heavy cup -- I'm surprised. I didn't take the job with them sm

about a year ago and I have had regrets a few times, but seeing all this I guess God was looking out for me and I made the right decison after all.  I'm so sorry that this is happening to everyone.  I never heard of cutting someone's pay after hired but then again, a lot of things have happened in the past few years that I never thought would happen. 

Good luck.   

I think your getting it all wrong.. She is probably doing VR editing..not the same as QA editing..
Does make a difference as you are not correcting someone's else work.. just VR to make sure the sentences make sense, right punctuation etc..If you have good English skills, it is not that difficult but this 1.5 cpl is a joke.
Lots of people like it here even though the ESL load is supposed to be heavy. nm
HEAVY ESLs, will not switch accounts if you are having difficulty, and more...sm
Plus you have to pay $25.00 every payday to get your check UPS to you.  Now, I never have known UPS to charge $25.00 to mail a letter overnight!  They must be making profit off of it.  The worst ESLs ever!  I have worked for many years as a MT but NEVER had this horrible of ESLs.  Not to mention the VERY RUDE QA staff!  Supervisors and work flow are nice.  I would think twice.  But pay was always on time and always correct.  You just have to balance out.  They used to run out of work too.  Don't know if that has changed or not.
Posts here from last month said the ESL load was unusually heavy. nm
Don't know but it's a heavy duty load. Average full day would be
Are the bulk of the ESLs you work on heavy Spanish?
Thanks for all the other information you have given me too.
I was switched from one heavy ESL acct to another and couldn't get the lines, so I bailed. Other
AllType 6 months ago offered 8 cpl to start and only up to 8.5 cpl with heavy ESL production. Want
Very heavy Indian affilitation and tech support, if that matters to ya. nm
how is the company? do they pay direct deposit? do they have heavy ESLs? Do they pay on time?


Very heavy ESL on my acct, needed a Cphone, other things. They were very organized in their
Post from June 2006 said the ESL load was very heavy and you needed a Cphone & 2nd line. Used to
That account in Texas was not a MQ account. They did not use DQS on that account until KS started.
They are moving 3 other accounts to DQS between now and January 1st. I asked. The MQ accounts they have gotten in the past did not go to DQS. I followed my old account, which is how I know, and it was Meditech. The account is still run by KS and is a big account too.
Repeatedly told another new account would come soon, but it never did. In fact, our slow account is.
everyone else's backup account. What a disorganized mess.
Then when we MT's are **thrown on** an account because of lack of work on our account

What is so hard to understand about that? 

Then we have that account info filed away in a folder in our Outlook Express by name of account and can look at past emails sent out regarding that account.  Not fun to be tossed on an account that you have never seen NOR ever received an email on.  Sounds like business to me. 

You are wrong about the account. KS dumped the account for several reasons. sm
It happened quickly and was unexpected but it was really for the best. Keystrokes does not string people along or lie to you. After being with MQ for too long, I am happy there, although it is not for everyone.

I really would give them a call as the other poster suggested. That whole situation was a nightmare for everyone including management but the account pulled a fast one on them.

I have the facts on this because I have a good friend at the hospital and what she told me matched what my manager did.

I know that they are trying to give more when so many companies are giving less and taking away more.
My account has lots of work..ask for another account/nm
The account I am on only requires 1200 lpd. Maybe it is that particular account. Ask them if they
have a lower one. Doesn't hurt to ask. I do anywhere between 1200 and 1800 lpd. Sometimes it feels impossible to do 1200, sometimes the 1800 is quick. Depends on the doctors and the day for me. I do average 15,000 per pay period though, which is 1500 a day. Not impossible by any means, and I never go over 40 hours a week. Most weeks, I am closer to 35 hours with lunch breaks and life.
I think it depends on the account. I have one account that pays sm
$2.25 for specials and one that pays $3.50. I was on one previously that did not pay them different at all, but they were all short and mostly PICC line placements.

I worked for a hospital that went to KS and they were not charging extra for the specials. I know what they charged per report, and there was no way they were getting rich on the difference after taxes and all that. I was suprised. I was in on the bid review and the average to charge was between $1.75 and $2.75 per report or 0.13 and 0.15 per line. There were 15 companies that bid on the account, and all were within those ranges.

I went to KS about 6 months after the hospital outsourced to them. When we were displaced, I accepted a different job in the hospital and hated it.
That is not true. It varies from account to account. I have
several internet accounts and on some you do have to input the patient information.
I know the account. It is "hybrid" account that is a version of sm
Meditech that is a cross between Meditech Magic and Client, more like Client than Magic. I have been on it since October now do 1500 lines a day; it took me a week to get up to speed but they really helped me. I only know which one because my lead told me that they are adding 10 people to it because KS is getting the whole thing now, only doing 1/2 before this. I love working for Keystrokes :)
Account wen to speech from almost the beginning of the account --
Don't like ExSpeech at all.  Very bulky and cumbersome.  Much better editing programs.  I prefer to straight transcribe on ExText.  Pay drops horrendously.  But wave of the future for MT's.
The account I am on is internet only. I think it depends on the account. nm
My main account must have been an overflow account. We would
go several many days of the month where we could not pull work, so we all had to go to secondary accounts and there are very few accounts that could absorb the extra people.