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Especially if you use a lot of expanders and templates.

Posted By: Another TT MT on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: The cut in pay is the biggest ripoff because VR is just - as much work as regular.

Then, VR is definitely NOT WORTH YOUR TIME.  If you type 5 lines an hour or something, yeah, I could see it working out for you.  However, if you are a good MT, not so much. 

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Templates and word expanders
Figure out which abbreviations trigger an easy memory response. For instance, I've seen people put pn for pneumonia, but that just seemed to trip up my brain and so I put pne. Do you have doctors that use the same phrase over and over? For instance, nothing to indicate; that's nti. intrinsically and extrinsically is iae. no acute disease noted is nadn. You get more lines by typing (in the above example) 4 letters and getting paid for 22 (with spaces). I organized my templates by first 4 letters of last name and first 2 letters of first name - i.e., John Brown is browjo. (This habit started when I had a large hospital with 2000 doctors and this was the only way to keep them straight.) Then, if it's an H&P, it's browjohp; or discharge is browjods, etc. Seems complicated and you may find an easier way to catogorize, but once it's set in your brain, huge masses of data can easily be sorted through, accessed, appear on your screen, and half your typing is done for you.
Here, here, I agree. At one time, I was even accussed of holding MY templates hostage. Templates
Load DQS first, then expanders. DQS will disable expanders otherwise. sm
Not sure about the compatibility of DQS and WebCorrect files.
The way I handle it is I try to figure out lines I type per an actual document minus the template part.  Then I would adjust my line rate downward to compensate, e.g., if my normal rate is 15 cpl, I would charge them 13-14 cpl OR instead of my usual count including spaces, tabs, etc., I would would try to figure it without counting them. I make clear to the client that there is no way to segregate the pre-printed lines and the lower than usual rate is a way of compensating them for it.  Another way to do it is how some hospitals and other MT companies are doing it - if you're using digital, charge by the dictated minute rather than the line.
Spaces or Templates/Pay or No Pay

Interested in learning what companies out there do not pay for spaces and/or what companies charge per report regardless of line length for use/nonuse of their crappy template?  For those of you who have worked for a company that charges for templates, was that information disclosed to you by the recruiter and/or contained in your contract? Any info (and opinions) in this regard would be appreciated. Thanks.  

I let my IC's use them especially in my psych accounts.  However there was a time that one of the gals forgot to change the name on the header and I was gone and it went to the doctor directly with the incorrect name on the Header and big, big HIPAA violation and the doctor almost pulled the account since he did not catch it either.  So I understand where your MTSO is coming from but again, I would not keep the help that made these mistakes rather than make the other MT's pay for the incompetent ones and be unable to use their autorcorrect, ShortHand or whatever normals/expanders that they use.  The account stayed with me but we do watch the names closely now.   Why make all suffer for the mistakes of a few.
Yes, we are paid for templates.
We can make templates
In Meditech you use the F keys for every little other thing, including their canned text which you have to hit, I think, F4, to pull it up. All the F keys have some laborious function but you can get used to it. As for templates, we do indeed create our own templates for the different dictators. The downside is that once you create one and it's there, you can't go back and edit it or change it, like when the doctor changes some wording and you want to edit it.

Mainly what I'm saying is, ask IT about the MT's creating their own canned text entries for templates. Use ShortHand or whatever Expander for everything else.

Our system used to crash a lot, too, but you could do a Recover and get it back. However, they've fixed that. Meditech doesn't have to be a pain, you can work it.
Good Luck...
You get paid for the templates too
With the use of expander and templates sm

basically all the prep work it's definitely possible. 

Reports with a lot of templates...
and very fast dictators.  Also, the MTSO counts lines in an honest manner, i.e., caps, bold, underline, headers, footers, templates, etc.
Read this about VR, templates, etc.

Ok, our profession has been threatened and outright replaced by voice recognition and/or templates which is fill in the blank type forms. Here's what I have found upon interviewing the people at these various places.

Bottom line is by going with VR, you can get rid of the MTs but they are replaced with approximately 1.5 FTE in IT help. So fire 5 MTs, hire 7 ITs. They need people to babysit the computer generated reports with which they have chose to replace us. Same for templates. So if there is any medical provider out there reading this, just beware. You will spend more money by going with VR or templates than you ever dreamed you could save. I hope this does some good but please don't be fooled by these slick salesmen who sell you this VR or templatesoftware and charge a fortune for it. Not only does it take up more time from your physicians, but you will spend more money babysitting the computers and software than ever before.

How about 0.03 per line for templates?
what templates, ones I make or their's. BS
You do get paid for things in templates...sm
Please e-mail me who told you otherwise.  Thank you. 
And no pay for headers you type or templates they add
companies that have lots of templates

Are there any companies that provide lots of templates and normals and a good rate per line?   This is my dream job, to find this company!

Templates are created by the IT people or

The MT usually does not have access to these things.  In my day, we had to put in a request and hope to heck they got it right.  Plus, we had to wait a while.  I think they're called dictionaries (templates) believe it or not.  It has been about a year, and I don't miss that system at all.  Clunky, slow, and lost many of reports due to it going down in the middle of typing.  Grrrr.....

Keystrokes and templates question (sm)

I see Keystrokes has an ad up on the job board.  I presently work for a company who fills in every possible heading that the doctor MAY dictate throughout the report and calls it their template for each work type.  They do not pay for any of these lines.  In some cases we are expected to delete headings if not dictated.  These deleted headings are now subtracted from the total line counts because they take the total number of lines in the template and subtract that number off the top of the line count.  Any missing lines would actually be subtracted from lines that the MT typed.  It would be so much easier for all involved to just let the MT type what the doctor says, headings and all.  I'm wondering how Keystrokes handles headings and templates?  Do they include them as part of the template or do they just let the MT type as the doctor dictates them?  If they are part of the template already, how are they counted or not counted? 

Also, what platform do they use and is it MT friendly?


MT SHOULD be paid for templates. Horrible MDI
The built-in templates for the ones you create
lower pay rate for templates
Hi folks, Has anyone heard of getting a lower pay rate for templates? The company I work for is lowering their pay rates for what comes up as templates to 2 cents per line and say they will continue to pay the 8 cents per line for what we actually type? I have not heard of this before and was wondering if this was a common practice? Thanks for any feedback you might have.

Elizabeth MT since 2001
I worked for one company that did not pay for any templates.

The client had many templates. When I started I received pages of templates with the codes.  It was after my first paycheck that I was informed that the company did not pay for any templates.  You know they were charging the client full price and guess who was pocketing the profit?? 

You probably aren't paid for templates.
Ask your supervisor. And I hope you aren't using your real name. Good luck. I hope you find your answer :)
OSI and expanders

Can you use Shorthand with the program that they use?  Do they have a line count utility with their program?  Thanks.


expanders, etc
I am not sure what you mean by an Expander for an FTP program since an FTP program is one that you use to send and receive files, not type in.  If you are working in Word, you have AutoCorrect and AutoText.  There is also PC ShortHand and As-U-Type.  I think both of these have 30-day free trials.  There are others, but I am not familiar with them.  I did try InstantText once and found it very user-unfriendly.  Please E-mail me if you have questions. 
Are you able to put your own expanders in?
Then you will know them. A good book to pick up on Amazon is When the Name of the Game is Saving Keystrokes by Diana Rolland. At least, I am that is right. It is a very good book and has amazing hints at making macros.
They are not YOUR expanders!

They are not YOUR expanders. The expansion program belongs to MQ. They are your expansions created in a MQ owned system, proprietary stuff. Start fresh, why don't ya? Bad karma to drag MQ around with you. Also, if you go around asking potential employers if you can copy MQ's expansions, it makes you look bad - willing to steal from your employer, and stealing it is. Also puts tech support at your new company in a bad spot. Some will help you, but most hate it. It is theft. It will be a good refresher for you to remember what the expansions are, and its a snap to set them up in ExText.


I am going to be buying one for my home computer and wonder which ones are considered the 'best.'


I saw someone just today on ebay selling that program and I put a bid on it, and took the bid down.  My husband said that there was a good chance that it wouldn't work on my computer as the gal selling it said she tried it a few hours and decided against it.  The price was right - $75.00, but not if I couldn't load it and she couldn't guarantee that I could.

Expanders and IC
How will they know you are using Expanders as long as your work is accurate? As a contractor they cannot tell you not to use expanders. They *CAN* tell you they expect accurate work.

I personally have an issue with a blanket stop screwing up email when not everyone is screwing up.

I've come across MTs in the last couple of weeks answering questions for other MTs with 100% wrong answers!! And the company does still put out mass emails re errors. It's frustrating for those of us who DO do a good job to constantly be berated for the majority (it seems) who are unable to do what's required.

There's an MT who works for the company I work for who plows through reports and gets high line counts and 50% of her reports have to go to QA to be completed first. This ticks me off!

So IC MT- Do you work the way YOU need to do it and be proud that you are able to what so many seem unable to!
Anyone know of a company that uses a very easy platform with templates...
and lots of fill in the blanks? I am trying to find part-time work that doesn't require a whole lot of typing because I have pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome. I still have several months of pregnancy left and I still need to work, so my only option is to find work that requires a lot less typing! I am just happy that this CTS is usually only temporary! I do wear wrist splints and take frequent breaks during my shift but this provides little relief. If you know of companies that use easy platforms with templates, fill in the blanks, cut and paste, etc - please let me know! Thanks in Advance!
Line count involving templates
I need advice!! I am typing in a template that consists of 205 gross lines before any typing is done in it. The client isn't questioning the body of the template where we add the meds, past history, etc., but there is an area of a preprinted form that is added that consists of about 85 lines. The client doesn't want to be charged for this, as this is not part of the typing. How can I bill for this exclulding this preprinted form? I would have to get the total number of characters for the entire document including the form and divide by 65? Help!!
I don't know if this can be asked or not, but how does Keystrokes handle templates? (sm)

Are they prefilled by the platform and if so are they paid to the MT as having been typed by the MT or does the system subtract for the template? 

I have no problem not being paid for template characters; however, I have found (with a couple of services that I have worked for) that the platform (or client or maybe even the service) will fill in absolutely every heading that MIGHT possibly be dictated by the doctor.  We, as the MT, have then had to bounce up and down the template looking for the heading that is being dictated and in some cases, having to modify the template by extracting words to fit how the doctor is dictating that heading.  In both cases, the line counter was set up to deduct the characters from the ORIGINAL template (which we were not paid for).  If the doctor dictates a shorter heading than was prefilled by the system, we are essentially losing lines.  (I hope that wasn't too confusing.) 

It's just so much easier to type as the doctor is dictating and use my expansion program rather than jumping up and down a template.   I'm wondering how Keystrokes handles their templates.  TIA

Shine templates take too long to load sm
Isn't too bad if you can go straight into it and start typing, but the account I do you have to go in and fill/fix the template after it loads before you can start typing, so it can be time consuming.
Keystroke expanders
Can anyone recommend a keystroke Expander software program? I have heard Instant Text and Shorthand are good.
word expanders
Shorthand is really good.  Go to PCshorthand.com
Spheris expanders
I work for Spheris in radiology and I use IT. They sent it to me. Works well.
I use a lot of expanders AND the best part of the KS
ortho accounts, IMHO, is that I have one doctor that I am responsible for in 24 hours. He is busy and predictable. It is the best way to run an account that I have ever been on, and Cheryl is tops in any book!
Word expanders

Does anyone know if most of the companies will permit you to use your own expander? I have used the same product since around 2000 and love it.  I have tried others and just do not like them.  

For those in the KNOW:  If a company provides software/computer, are most willing to permit use of this type of software in lieu of theirs? I would wish it to be negotiable.

Expanders/Normals sm
As the poster below states, the way this is possible is by working an account that uses many normals and that you can utilize your Expanders with.

Chances are whatever national MTSO you work for will begin to use VR technology sooner rather than later.

After all, if you can use your normals/expanders to make astronomical line counts due to the repetitous nature of the accounts, it will be much easier for those accounts to go to VR.

text expanders
anything you have saved in MS word version 2003 is completely compatible.  Instant Text version 3 and 5 are compatible.  i believe that smart type version 4 is compatible as well.  any version of pc ShortHand also works well. 
you type 100 wpm without expanders?
Typos deducted?
For how long?
This I will only believe if I see it with my very own 2 eyes!
does Transolutions allow word expanders and if so,sm..
which one..SmartType?
word expanders. Shorthand.
Deventure and word expanders

I was just hired by Deventure and was wondering what, if any, the MTs at Deventure use?  I currently don't have one and before I buy one I want to make sure it will work with the platforms at Deventure.  Thanks in advance for any replys!


Expanders and Lotus Notes

Axolotl uses a great Expander called SpeedType.  It is a great program.  It will hold reports as long as 8 pages. The platform is one of the best I have used.  Very little, if any, demographics to input. 

We DO get paid for expanders & normals
Does anyone know if you can move DQS expanders into another platform. nm
Looking for info on the TRX platform, what expanders I can use, etc. sm
I appreciate anything you can tell me.  So much depends on the platform and I am wanting information about the actual working for TRX.  Thanks.
My last timed test was 135 wpm, no expanders
I don't think it's that uncommon amongst MTs, actually. Our fingers and brain are on autopilot and know where to go. I've worked with other MTs who have a similar speed.
Forbidden to use expanders, macros, etc! SM
We were told informed today that we are absolutely forbidden to use any type of word expanders, shortcuts, normals, macros, templates, etc.  The client complained about the quality of the work.  I would think QA is the one who needs to pay more attention to what is getting through.  I've been doing this for 23 years with no complaints....not recently anyway.   How is a person supposed to make enough to survive being when paid by production and not allowed to make use of their productivity tools?   There's no way!