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Why no answer? I keep asking and no one answers

Posted By: Sharon on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: Fortunately, not all companies are so greedy that they - sm

You said never made that much straight. What amount do you count as that much and what do you think VR pays? No one answers this question.

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Actually I posted looking for answers to my questions above, not looking to answer questions, but

to here goes...firstly, I don't know about the platform, only that it is Word based. Secondly, I have many years cardio, and thirdly, no the test was not hard. Still looking for any answers to my questions above. Thanks in advance.

TT management does not answer questions that you ask them; only answer those they want to answer.

I know, work for a long time and tried asking questions, but they just beat around the bush and don't answer the true question that you presented to them.

Maybe it is kite flying weather where you are !!!

I can answer that question with a simple answer!
Strengths - none.
Weakness - all.
They do overstaff with incompetent people, run out of work, then lose accounts to other companies. They didn't care if I starved, so I left. My accuracy rate was near perfect. Don't know what their problem is.
Well that answers everything!
Software is free, yes they have a word expander. They do not, however, pay for spaces and it is based on a 65 character line. The manager I spoke with and the hiring person were very very nice, but the training lady was extremely rude, short, and acted like it was just killing her to even set up training. It was because of the training lady I didn't accept the PT job with them.

Their benefits were okay as well.
Yes. I have a fairly steady supply of work. I haven't run out of work in a long time. A few years anyway. Sometimes it's low but I haven't completely run out.

As far as flexibility. They are pretty flexible as long as you don't abuse it and let your team leaders know what is going on. If you have to leave in the middle of a shift you should let them know when you are leaving and when you will be back.

After all, they still have to cover STATs and when someone isn't working when they should be, they will have to scramble to find someone to do STATs when they come up.

Unfortunately, they are tightening the reins a little bit on the flexibility because some people abuse it. I haven't had any trouble though.

Some answers for you.
StenTel is a franchise organization. Someone buys a franchise from them and then run it pretty much as they choose. When I worked for StenTel out of Springfield , Massachusetts (who designed the StenTel system and then began the franchise), the pay was low and work sporadic. I don't know of all of their franchises offshore or not, but if they do, then you can bet the work will be only the very toughest reports and nasty dictators. The office I worked for only hired IC status, but like I said, each franchise is run differently.
No equipment rental fee - new Dell with flatscreen (nice equipment) and they provide foot pedal.  Need DSL or cable - they do not reimburse.  All internet based.  I do acute care, so don't know about radiology.  Line rate for acute care is not the highest, but there is a good incentive.  I believe the pay is biweekly but not sure (I am an employee of the hospital through Diskriter, so I get paid directly from the hospital and pay dates are different).   
Some answers -
Part-time with them, I believe, is anything less than 32 hours. I don't know how they handle IC, but would venture to say they would not require anything of you the Dept. of Labor would frown upon. There are 2 platforms, one is Merit (very easy to learn and user-friendly); the other, I believe, is ExText, but I don't know anything about it. I do not know of ANY account they have that uses VR.

HTH. Good luck.

I am new to the company, working on neuro, Touchtype platform, and seem to be pretty slow due to entering demographics, switching from screen to screen to enter and find information such as doctor name, patient number, etc, etc, etc. I was wonder if Vscript was better and it sounds like it is. Maybe I should ask them about that.

Are you on the east coast? I am in OK. Kinda' rainy here today.

My supervisor is in Louisville.  My account is in California.

I've never faxed anything to them so I don't know if they have a fax #.  I pasted my resume in an email and sent it to them.

Good luck.

Two answers
Deventure - you don't buy anything. No contribution to retirement. No bonuses that I am aware of.
Thank you for your answers. Do you sm
happen to know the name of the platform (the software program)that is web based or what your Expander is called? Thanks. I am making up a list of maybes.
Precyse - OKAY

MD-IT - ?


DDT Arizona - ?


Zylomed - ?

Precyse - OK

OSI - Absolutely NOT!!

All the others - Have no idea.

a few answers
Most of the stuff you have already read probably still holds true. Spaces are included in pay, headers are not. Pay depends on if you work part time or full time and your experience, etc. As far as I know, all accounts are acute care and they also have radiology. No set schedule, you just commit to a certain number of lines a day and you have to finish them some time during that day.
Answers for you...sm
5 cpl for editing. Very user friendly. The program counts lines and you can check this at any time.
no answers
I worked for OSi for a time, it has been a while now but I did notice that it was harder than heck to get lines there. I would have to type over 50 reports (clinic) to get my line counts in, at the company I am with now it only takes 20-30 reports to get my lines in for the day. I heard people say it in the past but when I asked questions I never got answers. So, needless to say I no longer work for OSI
1. Unicare

2. Depends on account (I use Meditech)

3. YES!

4. 1200 lines a day, 0.095 per line.

5. Very, very rarely. I have a back-up account but have only had to go to it twice, and once because they asked for extra help.

IMPORTANT TO ME: They do not send work out of the country. They care about their employees. My checks are correct and on time via direct deposit.

Your current employ will remain as is.  Always tossed around to different accounts.  I have worked for another company (neither one of the aforementioned) and have never even been trained on a secondary account, let alone 9 or 10 others.  There is money to be made!!

When I worked there, the account I was on the demo information was almost completely filled in beyond the date of the exam, but yes, that is what is meant by too much demo info to fill in (pt. name, date, time, dr., etc.).

She's a great person to work for, Emdat is pretty easy to work in, and I think you could make decent money there as an IC if you wanted too, by using normals and a short-hand program, although the pay is on the low side, IMO. I went with my higher-paying second IC job because my MTSO offered me full-time work and I didn't really want 2 jobs at the time, but I'd go back if I needed too.
more answers
Their new platform leaves much to be desired. We can't look at old reports like we could the old system and as of yet can't even check line counts throughout the day. They are supposedly working on getting the line counts to work with the new platform AnyModal Edit, but they have been saying that for months. Right now they email us line counts the next day, but they are accurate. I was more productive on their old platform of CTS - so basically not terribly happy with the new platform, but it could be worse.

They are an honest company. Pay is accurate and on time. They aren't for everyone, but are worth giving a try in my opinion.
MDI-MD answers
I've been at MDI for a little over 3 years. My accounts have had a slow period this summer but not so slow that I could not meet my line commitment most days. You commit to how many lines you want to do in a day and can do them any time in a 24-hour period so you can't get more flexible than that. I've always been treated with respect by QA. I think the website says MDI pays 9 to 11 cpl. The only con would be on some accounts you have to use a C-phone or Lanier and need unlimited LD.
answers for you
Pay usually starts at 8 cpl if you need bennies, 8.5 cpl if no bennies.  Not sure about shift differentials, as doesn't apply to me.  Incentive for over 6000 lines a week is 9 cpl for only those lines over 6000.  PTO starts at 12 days a year, to be used for sick time, vacation days, anything.  They just started using MModal for their software for both typing and editing speech recognition jobs, it is okay, I thought the older program was better.  Can't see old reports now.  Have to copy and paste demographics, don't get paid for those.  Report you see is what you get paid for, not Word-based, so doesn't look like the finished product.  They use ShortHand v.9.  New software is very, very difficult to be productive on and a lot of the MTs say they can type faster than they can edit the SR stuff.  They are still working out the pay scale for SR, so now it is average hourly of what you earn straight typing.  I think their okay, sometimes communication is poor.  I would say they have to be better than MQ from what I've read.  One advantage is they are flexible if you need to come on early, leave late, make up time earlier or later, different day.  I would try them before leaving MQ though, they are looking for PT nights and weekends, might get you in the door to know if you like them or not.
Okay, thanks. That answers all my ?!!!
Medware. Dictaphone Extext is easy to learn and easy to use. No multiple screens to enter data. Very little downtime. Tech support issues maybe once a month or two but not often. I can fix many of my own problems, maybe once a week to reboot, etc. Lines average 275-300 on good days, sometimes around 200-250.
Base rate depending on experience, plus incentives for evening and night shift, weekends, QA incentive. Also we have a tier system. The more you type the more you make as you fall within the different tiers. We get 1-1/2 for holidays and overtime.
I have a primary account but also trained on one other for secondary. There are a lot of instructions to keep straight on each so they don't overload you with too many accounts. Yes, I got a lot of feedback during training until they were ready to turn me loose without having everything proofed. (Maybe 2 weeks to a month, can't remember for sure.) In the meantime they would send an update about everyday highlighting the errors you were making. It did take me awhile to get my lines up just because I'm on the slow side because I don't want to rush and make mistakes, but I work enough hours to make the minimum line count for the pay period, so they've kept me around. The first month or maybe 2 you get paid hourly because they know your lph won't be that great starting out. I don't know about the insurance because I'm part-time. I know they offer health, dental, and now vision but I don't take any of them.
How many hours do you have to work to make the minimum lines for part-time? Was it hard to remember all the demographics?
Some answers
So with TT, what should I expect starting out per line? I believe they start at 8.5 cpl, with incentives for 2nd and 3rd shift and for weekends and production.

Can I set my own hours? You can choose your own schedule, but you must stick to it and notify them when you need to make a change.

I read something about 35 hours and 6,000 lines per week, no schedule, you just turn in what you worked at the end of two weeks. Is this correct? You have to work 40 hours, 5500 lines for full-time to qualify for benefits.

How often do you get paid? Every 2 weeks on Monday, DD available.

Is there always work? I have yet to run out.

Do you almost always work on your primary account? Yes, I have not yet worked my secondary or tertiary account.

Is there a lot of ESL? Is there a way to get rid of the ESL job if you can't do it, unable to decipher (such as abandon)? Depends on account. ESL is just part of the package no matter where you work...some hospitals have more, some less.

Holidays, I read you work 3/6, alternating years. Is this correct? You work 3 holidays a year. You have to work either Thanksgiving or Christmas as one of the 3. If you work TG one year, the following year you must work Xmas.

Is it time and a half when working on holidays? Yes.

Benefits? How good are they? How cheap are they? Benefits seemed reasonably priced with several options available. (I was quoted about $134 for emp+child up to $236 (i think it was) depending on which plan and which options.

PTO? How do you accumulate this? 11 PTO a year.

Finally, would switching in your opinion be a good idea for me? Depends on what you are looking for.

Thanks in advance for any advice or opinions you can give me. I appreciate it.
more answers
When you need to notify them, do they usually allow it? Can you do it only a day or two in advance say if something important comes up and do they usually grant your request? I think they are pretty accommodating when necessary.

Also a question I forgot to ask in the OP: Do they send you a free computer or if they charge, how much is it? I believe you have to have your own computer, no charge for the software downloads, they send foot pedal, speakers and headset.
No answers yet, so I will say
I know somebody who does it by typing reports into Word and then pasting the into the document, I assume one at a time, as she goes, and I'm not sure how that helps, but I remember her saying that's what she had to do. I don't work with her anymore, so hopefully somebody else will have something more helpful.
All of my MTs and I live in the same community and we do socialize when we are not working so I know about their work ethic concerning their paid job or how clean they keep their house. I am not telling you what I pay her and I have no openings. Thank you.
You start earning PTO immediately, but you can't use it until you have been there for a year. At least I think that is how it is. I have been there for about 9 months.

I don't believe that any of their accounts will work with Vista. I have 3 accounts, all on different platforms, and none of them will work with Vista yet.

As far as the insurance, I really have no idea about it because I am on my husband's insurance through his work, so I don't use theirs, but I do believe that they just got all new insurance.

They have gotten a lot of new accounts and are a great place to work as they truly appreciate their employees. Good luck!
More answers
I earn 9.5 cpl there. I have one main account and 2 backup accounts. My main account is an ER account with lots of templates, and I can easily average about 2500 lines a shift on that account. My 2 backup accounts are basic 4 accounts and I generally average 1400-1500 lines per shift on those accounts.
some answers
Here's some info gotten from other posts, hope this helps. (It did help me.)
Pay dates 10 and 26. Insurance fair. PTO fair. Flexibility so-so. 2 platforms 1 does not pay spaces, 1 does. The 1 that does not pays higher line rate but paycheck does not equal out, difficult to get lines on that. Mixed reviews, some people stay a long time and love it, others quit because lines are difficult to get and they don't make enough. That sums it up on posts that went back a ways. Good luck.
You can use your own computer.

Flexible PT status allows you to work certain days of the week. The only requirement is 2000 lines per week.
some answers
Work has been REALLY, REALLY LOW for a LONG time! Most of their accounts have went to SR, which is a considerable drop in pay per line. Less than half.

They usually get back with you rather quickly once you apply.

They use their own platform, iType and iPlayer. I believe they were developed just for FN.

They are really flexible with your schedule and I believe that they really prefer you to work at least one weekend day with your schedule.

They really don't require you to make up your hours if you miss, but if work is available, then you have that option. You have a lot of flexibility with your time.

They are a great group of people to work for. But again most accounts have went to speech recognition. Very little typing available. Their pay is good but no benefits. A lot of difficult ESLs too.

Hope this information helps. In my opinion, they are very, very nice and if they had better accounts and more typing, in my opinion, they could not be beat. But niceness does not pay the bills.
I don't think you going to get the answers you need
until you talk to your account manager. Give TT a call before you make any rash decisions.
More answers
No, you don't punch a time clock at all. I actually don't have a set schedule that I work, and they are really flexible. I have always been able to work as many hours as I want to make extra money. I actually started at 9 cpl, but that was almost a year ago, so it might have changed. Overall, I really love working for Keystrokes.
1. How long have you been working as an MT? 8 YEARS

2. How many DIFFERENT companies have you worked for (even if it was only for a few hours) in the last 10 years? (If you left but came back later that is only 1.) FIVE

3. How many companies have you accepted an offer of employment from but then never actually started working for them? ON THEIR PART, THEY FLAKED OR THE PERSON WHO HIRED ME QUIT,,, I NEVER TURNED DOWN A JOB AFTER BEING HIRED

4. How many companies have you quit working for within the first pay period? NONE, BUT I WISH I HAD ON ONE BAD BIG NATIONAL THAT WAS REAL BAD AND NOT WORTH ONE MINUTE OF MY TIME BUT I STAYED A YEAR

5. How many companies have you quit from?

6. Have many companies have you been terminated from (I guess the word “fired” from is no longer politically correct) i.e. you were not meeting line requirements, QA requirements, time commitment requirements (signing on late, leaving early), or being told you don’t have the necessary experience/expertise for the accounts assigned to you, etc?

7. How many companies have you left because they were bought out by another MTSO and you did not like how the new MTSO was treating you?


8. How many companies that you were working for completely went out of business (was not bought by another company) and told you that you had to find a new job yourself?

9. What is the shortest period of time that you have worked for one company? (Even if it was only for a few hours) What is the longest period of time that you have worked for one company?

10. Have you ever continued working for your former company while training with a new company? DEFINITELY, WE ARE INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS AND IT'S SURVIVAL

11. Have you ever worked for two different companies (2 part-time or 1 full-time and 1 part-time) during the same time period? For how many months/years did you work for two different companies? YES, DOING ONE FT AND ONE PT NOW

12. What is your primary reason for applying to a certain company (pay, insurance, flexible schedule, equipment provided, sign-on bonus, referral from another MT, etc)? MONEY, DECENT WORK AND DECENT TREATMENT

13. What is your primary reason for leaving a company (cannot maintain minimum required number of lines, not assigned accounts or job types as originally discussed, running out of work too frequently, difficult platform, computer slowness/crashes, management conflicts, QA conflicts, other “bait and switch” type of issues where the MTSO said one thing but you ended up doing something entirely different, personal, family, etc)?


14. Are you really happy at your present company or are you just working there because you are afraid if you try another company it will be worse and not better? How long have you worked at this company? Do you plan to continue working at this company for at least 1 year (of course barring unforeseen personal or professional events). Would you be willing to give the name of your present company? working almost TWO YEARS FOR THIS COMPANY FULL TIME

15. Do you think you will retired as a Medical Transcriptionist (or in the Medical Transcription field, such as an Editor, Supervisor, etc) or do you think you will switch careers at some point before retirement? I THINK I WILL STAY UNTIL THIS JOB FIELD DISAPPEARS WHICH IT WILL

MDI answers
You don't have a schedule. You commit to lines and can do them whenever as long as you get them done. No specific times to adhere to. I think they are asking new hires to have 1 weekend day in their weekly schedule but not sure. I personally have to work 2 weekend days a month, but I was hired 4 years ago. I work on an acute care account and do about 250 to 275 lph. Hope this helps.
More answers
Yes, I make more than $20/hr. My husband and I are both IC, and we paid about 25-30% in taxes last year.
Thanks for the answers. NM
You will need your own computer, and some accounts require a C-phone or a Lanier system. My accounts are both internet based, so they provided me with the foot pedal, which was the only thing I needed. They started me out at 9.5 cpl when I started a year ago, so you should have no problem getting about 9 cpl. I am not sure about editing since I just do straight typing, but I heard that it pays half of your regular line rate. Hope this helps.
Some answers...
KS doesn't supply equipment - they used to lease C-phones and foot pedals but are working to phase that out.  Unless something has changed they don't hire for editing, only transcription, as they are not doing VR that I know of. As far as an Expander goes, they have many different accounts/platforms so it would depend on what platform you ended up on - if it was compatible with an expander you would be expected to provide your own if you choose to use one. It's not uncommon to be started there at 8.5 cpl for first shift, but I'm sure that depends on experience to an extent.  Good luck!
It really depends on the account. I have 2 ER accounts and don't really have a set schedule. I just work afternoons and evenings. I can work whenever I want to, but don't get paid overtime for it. I don't find that I need it since I have loads of easy work and make great money anyway. Every account is different, though. You will want to ask them about that.
Here's what I know. Yes they provide all equipment. But there is a deposit which is broken down over several paychecks and sent back if you ever leave. No punching in or out, 12K a payperiod for full time. They provide you with back up accounts so you never run out of work. Right now they are looking for acute care ops, discharge summaries, perhaps consults. One primary account and then secondary. I don't think they take away benefits if you don't have work but I am only assuming that because they seem very fair. Also sign on bonus right now of 500 bucks and a referral bonus of 500 bucks an MT. Limited positions right now, looking for 5 MTs I think. Hope this helps. PS: Regarding slow, apparently they say don't worry as their platform is great, pay for spaces, normals, etc., and line counts not difficult to make from what they tell me. I have not begun yet, so you need to ask an existing employee. PS: Insurance rates are great and start first of the month after the month you start no matter what day of the month you start. BTW: They do test but the interview has weight as well. Not sure how many years experience they require. I have many many years, so I guess that helped. Good luck and hope this helps.
Answers sm
Heard from them the next day after testing. Was going to receive the equipment by about 3 days later, but I delayed it because I had to give notice on my job. They sent the computer and all fixed up with everything and I received it total of about 5 days after hire. Starting right away. Good hourly training pay and a really good hourly holiday rate, very much like hospital benefits.

The demographics are automatically populated.  If they are entered incorrectly, it just depends on the account specs how you handle it but we never have to search for a patient name or MR#. 

Sound files are great.  Occasionally, you will get a low sound file because of the dictator but I haven't had any issues since I bought the headseats I use. I am able to control the volume on them.

If you set a schedule, then they expect you to be there.  However, if you need time off for an appt. or other things, they are wonderful about giving you that time off or if you need to switch your hours permanently, they will work with you on that as well.