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While you are laughing, that might not be a good thing because

Posted By: This is bad on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: LOL is right...If you're only making 4 cpl at TT - LOLing at YOUR salary!

I thought I was reading up at the top of this that the pay for VR at TT was 3.5 which is even less than what this person is making. I think at 3.5 or less folks are really going to be unhappy.

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good thing it is a temporary thing sm
because people with your attitude don't stay in anything very long anyway. Nobody has to listen to that crap to keep their job.

You don't know me either. you can say old fart all you want (when did 53 get to be old fart....too funny) but at least I am a valuable employee who can get a decent job!
Had the same happen here, heard the same thing, good references and good ....sm
job record will get you better $$$ if you are willing to promote yourself, search like crazy, talk to everyone, etc., but I have never been paid a cent more for CMT, what a waste, and all the years I paid my dues to AAMT, what a joke, they did NOTHING to better our field, just took the money for better conventions, as far as I can see.
The only good thing I can say about SS is if you

go to work for them you'll not have the experience to know how horrible they are and when you leave you'll realize how horrible they were.

The sound quality is horrific.  Some accounts have ESL dictators that are horrendous and I have 20 years' experience and do 85% ESL.   Management is a joke.  They don't know how to treat MTs.   The only reason they offer the mentoring program is they can't get good, experienced MTs to work for them. 




Good thing you did!!!!!!!
I did - not a good thing..
I did radiology. Lots of demographics to populate and training sucked.  Not a money maker.
That was really the only good thing going for them. nm
Blanks can be a good thing!
They prove you know what you don't know! Very important in this work. Just be sure that all else you transcribe is right on.

My goal was always for 100% (thanks Scrapper), but really no more than two blanks in say 3-6 reports, and that has landed me lots of offers.

My first test, btw, was with MedQuist. I asked before transcribing the test how the scoring system worked in order to judge when to say when if it got impossible. No harm in asking!

Consider it a good thing they never got back to you..sm

I worked for them for a year.  They never answer e-mails or get back to you regarding anything.  The platform is great but the sound quality is horrible.  They move you from account to account and I always ran out of work.  Not the most professional company around.

One good thing about America - sm
if you want a job, you MAY have to conform.

EVERYTHING is being outsourced. If you do not want a job because it hurts your feelings that the people who OWN the cmpanies oursource, then that is just dandy with me. Maybe I'll take your perfect job and be happy with it. Your loss.
Agreed - I think it's a good thing.
Good thing that have not contact me....
because I will definitely not go back. Do you know what their new company name is?
That's another good thing about TT - they don't bother you (sm)
constantly with emails.  I wondered about that when I first started too (3 years ago), but you'll soon come to realize they leave you alone to do your job.  If something is wrong, they will let you know.
...a good thing to have. Really helps! NM
Good one! I am going to do that exact same thing when I get off.
Perhaps something of this nature would be viable as it is as a letter to the Editor of our local newspapers? 
a good thing and stay put, not think! nm
Sometimes failure is a good thing - sm
I would have to say you need to be looking at this as a blessing because more than likely that is exactly the type of dictation you would be listening to day in, day out.  I have 90% really bad ESLs on my accounts that are wearing me out right now.  There have GOT to be better accounts out there for us both. 
Good thing you're independent,

Wow, you are scary. It sounds like a good thing for
TransTech that you moved on. Good riddance.
Good thing you are just a recruiter - definitely not a speller - LOL

If those opportunities truly exist in this co., then it will be a good thing. s/m
But I've been around long enough that I've heard this all before, and the statistics are not on our side. And even when the MTs DO see an improvement, it can sometimes take 5-10 years to finally trickle down to them, as they are usually at the bottom of the do-do list. I do sincerely hope that I am wrong, and that this company is truly different. Only time will tell.
I disagree - pooling can be a very good thing indeed sm

Well-created pools can be a blessing to MTs because they prevent cherry-picking, plus they are a boon to the clients who receive ALL their work back in a timely fashion, instead of whatever the MT feels like typing.  Now bad pooling (throwing too many doctors into a huge pool) is another thing entirely - that is bad for productivity because there is simply too much variety for an MT to learn any one physician well. 

Another good thing to ask is reliability of server. sm
Some companies have frequent down time. It is good to know if this happens and if so, will you be compensated for it or expected to make up time lost.
Shouldnt that be a good thing? Means we are in TAT.
Same thing happened to me......oh well, found something just as good..nm
Yes, but that's a good thing. They demand quality.
Of all the nationals and bigger MTSOs, MQ is about the only one who never does quality checking.  But in the end, that's not a good thing.  Its best to learn to stay on our toes and keep our quality up. Don't worry - you're worried about it, so that's a sign you are a great MT. Others don't care.
Point well taken. Money can be a good thing....
If you don't get caught up in trying to buy happiness...
Hoping change in CEO is a good thing
The former CEO started this mess, maybe a new one will be a change for the better.
Oh, yes, and another thing, VERY FEW ESLs, good dictators!!! NM
Oh, yes, and another thing, VERY FEW ESLs, good dictators!!! NM
Yeah, and the really sad thing is they will lose the GOOD MTs.

Yes, I too see a mass exodus of the good MTs as those who have no other choice but to stay at TT are stuck with VR. 

Very disappointing, TT, very disappointing... 

It's a good thing we don't live in Canada then
as my hubby was 64 when he had his 2 heart attacks and CABG last fall. He was lucky to have survived it as it was! 
Still laughing....
at 'are they flexible' and 'sit for 8 hours day'. Oh my!
Laughing here
You said I would love to QA you stuff myself. I just love it. You probably just need to stick with whatever else you are trying to do.
The only good thing about OSI is when you give them your notice that you are leaving!

wow, good thing i turned them down earlier this year, thanks
Good thing they do because their line rate is marginal.
Ditto - it's never a good thing to learn transcription

In case anyone thinks Escription is a good thing!!
This is just the beginning as more and more records are residing on the internet. And when you go into see your doctor, he is more concerned with making his laptop work and inputting info than he is listening to you. My friends are angry about this as they see it more and more. So EMR, internet, etc are more trouble than they are worth and we can only hope we go back to the way it used to be.
Wow .. sounds like you are busy, but in this profession, that's a good thing, sm

especially this time of year.  I am still at CardioScribes and probably will never leave entirely -- easy work, good pay, and great people -- but I need the benefits of being an employee, so I am hoping Keystrokes (2nd shift) will be as wonderful as I have been told it is (and of course, hope they think I am wonderul too *smile*).  I am working weekends for DTS America, and they are terrific!  I feel very blessed.

I'm glad you have found not only 1, but TWO great jobs --  congrats!   And yes, I hope 2009 is a banner year for both of us ... ALL of us, for that matter.  


Good to hear from you.  Happy Holidays! 

cant stop laughing
I am laughing here as I cannot take a test
I want to use my pedal but.........this is crazy.... never mind the test is too ridiculous!
Look for lawsuits. Like we need someone laughing at us.
I am laughing so hard here...
Don't let someone make money off of our sweat and tears, when we could be making that money ourselves.  TTD can go fly a kite for sure! 
Where DID you come from? You have me laughing myself silly!
Love the comparison with MQ and MDI-MD...
Not even close - laughing
I am just one who has been trying to offer 'food for thought' posts, that's all.

I'm sorry, laughing so hard
I can't type this.
Good thing it did end up here. Post about squecky clean posts has already been
Hands-On Transcription does the same thing but unsure if they are good or bad...sounds bad though
I was inquring about a job with Hands-On Transcription company.  They did not have any website or physical address.  They had just posted on here.  I had emailed the lady several times.  She told me I could purchase a C-phone from her for 399.00, which I do not have any familiarity with a C-phone (never had to use them in my career as of yet).  Plus before she sent me the paperwork she wanted my name, phone, address, and SS#..I sent that, out of hesitation, and she has never sent paperwork back.  Though she did email me about something else.  I am scared now that maybe I should not have given her the information since I could not find anything on the company.  So, please be careful.  I should have went with my gut instincts....
I was an IC for them. No complaints. Good feedback. One thing I didn't care for (sm)

was that if I had been an employee instead of an IC, I would have had to conform to their mandatory ergonomic protocols and send a picture of my desk/work environment as proof of compliance.  Monthly meetings were sometimes interesting, mainly routine--not paid, or at least I never was for them.  

I worked on their Vianeta platform, but many accounts were on Emdat, which I have never used and don't know if I would want to.  Pay was good (set by me and okayed by them) and on time with DD. 

I was only with them a few months and quit mainly because of too much work on my other, older accounts, and I didn't think it was fair to them or InterPro (or me) to try to keep up with them all. 

Awesome news. Too busy to post - it's a good thing :)
Thanks for taking the time to let me know.
I just started with eTransPlus! Maybe that is a good thing....too busy typing to be here, sm
I will be working second shift, so I am here now. I tried to e-mail you, but for some reason would not go through.  So far so good! Keeping my fingers crossed.