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OMG, how overly dramatic, lol!

Posted By: LovinVR@TT on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: Yeah, and the really sad thing is they will lose the GOOD MTs. - Another TT MT

I love the fact that you assume the *good* MTs at TT will engage in a mass exodus while those of us that are flexible and already know how to do VR (and do it quite well) have no choice but to tay at TT and stuck with VR.

TT is a wonderful company and there's nothing wrong with their VR platforms, either.

I suspect the only *mass exodus* will be the MTs who fear or refuse to learn something new.

Good lordy, talk about being overly dramatic, lololololol!!!

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OMG, could you even be more dramatic..

Hardly someone asking if there are companies that offer extra work is not someone trying to take work away from you.  You obviously need to get a friggin life!!!!!!  


To answer your question, you would probably get more lines by working for a smaller MTSO or having your own accounts privately versus working for a national that employs and has you on an hourly system.    Good luck to you though regardless.  There is plenty of work to be found, you have to look in the right place though!!

Don't you think this is a little too dramatic?? sm
To provide benefits they need to be affordable for most people. Look at the economy - many people have no insurance at all.

After clocking in for break times, you are looking at work 30 minutes a day more. How is this throwing you on the ice floe.
Sometimes they make it overly troublesome SM
to roll it into another fund if it's not one of their funds.  She should just get a copy of the exact instructions for her 401K rollover, fill out the proper forms and hope for the best.  Rolling it into a fund where the new company will assist can also be helpful.
I agree with webmedxr, not an overly large amount of ESLs. Another Webmedxr