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I smell the coffee

Posted By: Thank you for saying this! on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: You honestly never saw this coming? - VR


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Wake up and smell the coffee - dahhhhhh - NM


I don't agree - you need to smell entire coffee pot

You don't know most men in this country...that would be a fact.....and in today's world, some of us prefer the foreign men, after decades of American ones.  It takes all kinds to make up an entire world and then an entire planet.

Live Globally, Dream Universally.....

Wow..no coffee this morning. I meant "anyone" NOT another. Headed for the coffee pot...right n

Do I smell
curry powder?
How would they know you smell bad? Don't you
I smell a rat!!!
I mean seriously, when was the last time, and how many times, have any of us been offered .11 cpl to start with that kind of bonus. It's few and far in between so you know when one does get posted, they have to be flooded with resumes.  So, if you have 200 people each doing 4 tests...hmmm...sounds like good free labor to me. LOL
I smell a foreign spy. You need to...
Leave the board before I report you to Customs and Immigration. LOL.
I smell management!
Stinks, too. P-U!
I smell curry.
what's that foul smell? Ahh RECRUITER
I don't think they type at all... I smell management.
I smell management and, guess what?

We see right through what YOU are going too!  :)

Now, go away.  Please. 

a rose by any other name would smell as sweet

And an MT is now a *clerk,* according to the posting on the job board.  I'd like to apply for Head Cluck when it becomes available.  Then you've got your Lead Cluck, and your Editor Cluck, QA Cluck, Cluck Manager, VP of Cluckdom, Supercluck, CEC and CFC (Chief Executive Cluck, and Chief Financial Cluck) and we all work for Clucks-R-Us. 

I smell sour grapes. This is a lie. They do not oursource
I've been an at-home MT since 1990, and was in-house for 12 years before that.

Amphion is the BEST, MOST PROFESSIONAL, and FAIR company I've ever worked for.

Whoever is trying to make them look bad on here is lying, and I suspect it's one of the people from "another company" that DOES SUCK trying to bring down an honest reputable company because they're jealous that they don't have the character and professionalism that Amphion has.
i smell someone doggin for a referral ... not nice!
I work for them too, and albeit, a good company but not a bed of roses.  TONS of changes seem to be going on all the time ......... stop sniffin around for that 750 bucks. It's embarrassing.
You smell things? Give me a break! You
are really reading way too much into a simple post. I am in QA, and I do not work for the range I quoted. However, I know that many companies are now offering peanuts in the ranges I quoted, or lower with paying by the line. My friends are QA, and keep me updated with the insulting range of pay offers. Sorry, not an exec and not looking to lower anyone's anything! Stress out much?
Digital Transcription Services--I smell a rat??

I went ahead and applied for their little ortho job over there and was sent 6 test files, about 20+ minutes of dictation time total.  I said I would only do one file, but did anyone else get this?  I worry when i get things like this as a lot of people will use the testing to get the work done for free.


What you smell is the own vindictive stink of your words.
No, I'm not GP.  Just don't like bullies.  Never did.  Never will.  Which is what you are.  Now, behave or I'll tell your mommie!
True. It was demeaning and insulting. Tell me you didn't like my resume or that I smell bad..
Whatever... but don't tell me that I do not have experience.  What is with these people. If they are that unprofessional, we would feel blessed we received the kiss-off form letter LOL
Wow, do I need my coffee
Don't know what I initially searched for but did it again and found all kinds of recent posts, sorry. Would still like any other info anyone wants to share.
Just get some more coffee LOL
Exactly why CMT and $1 might get you a cup of coffee but
so that it requires a college education, not some lame exam by AHDI, then yes, it might actually mean something to someone other than AHDI and their cronies. No one else cares, sad truth. We are transcribing medical records of physicians, not creating our own content or treating patients ourselves, and it does not require a college education for most people. Physicians do not see CMT and gush because they probably don't even know what it is. AAMT, err, I mean AHDI is not that well known, not well recognized, or most importantly, not well respected enough to elevate the status of this profession. They are behind a lot of changes implemented that have served to do nothing more than lower the standards for MTs everywhere, in fact. Do your research. Just the fact that AHDI says it's in my best interest proves to me it's not!
Obviously the fat cat needs her coffee
I meant to say in case of a buyout of one of them. I think I am extra scared because of what is happening in California. The whole state is about to declare bankruptcy.
Not any more it won't get you a cup of coffee...
... of course, it won't get you tomorrow's newspaper anymore, either.

I remember when you could get coffee for 10 cents at Sambo's.

Okay, so I'm older than dirt and I just showed my age. :)
Not awake yet..no coffee.. How about That not They... LOL Nm

Wow, I almost spit coffee everywhere!!

How did I miss this story???  I used to work for Transcription Stat and Kim Kaneko.  Not surprised this sort of thing caught up with her at all.  Can you say line padding?  Statute of limitations is up on this and all by now but not surprised to hear about Kim and TS' business as usual.  Kim herself wasn't so bad but she had the uncanny knack for hiring the most unstable, mentally ill MTs that were ever forced to work together in one room (no at home MTing at that time). 

This raises the question:  We all know that insanity doesn't just run through our profession--it gallops full speed ahead!!  So, do you think the off-shore MTs are anywhere near as nutty as the US MTs? 

A.  Of course they are!  Who could do this ridiculous profession without being driving quietly insane.

B.  Of course they are!  And you must be insane yourself to even question this!!

Anyway, thanks for the interesting morning! 

Oops, need more coffee
Whoops, the cat needs more coffee!
I meant to say if we really are PROFESSIONALS, not PROFESSIONS. Too early on this coast! :)
Excuse my typos. Not enough coffee yet! :) nm
I'm not a coffee drinker either, but a travel
mug is good to drink anything if you are going to have it sitting on your desk beside your equipment while you work.  
Sorry, I had not had coffee when I responded earlier ... sm
best of luck to you too. I'm sorry that you are having to go through all this. I think most of us just want to work hard and do a good job and be treated fairly by our employers. Seems so simple, but in my experience it has been hard to find. I'm moving on and hopefully will have found a better employer.
snarf - coffee up the nose

Sorry it was like that BUT thanks for a great story to cheer up a gray monday morning!


OH MY.. how about GRATEFUL..not grated.. I need MORE COFFEE. LOL NM

nm, i must have been doing something wrong, now there's a bunch, thanks! more coffee.....
I think they are waking up and smelling the coffee
I think it is a combination of getting caught up with new hires and realizing they are losing good MTs over the mandatory OT. I have a feeling they have lost quite a few recently. No company in their right mind makes their entire crew work OT for 4-5 months. That is crazy! I'm still planning on leaving because I dread next summer. Just taking my time shopping around the right company for me.
No problem. Before coffee .. thought I was
just a little confused there! You mean I'm not the only Wendy out there?
Those coffee cups were re-runs, they sent them out
Smelling the coffee and not the roses.
Many of us have traversed the slippery slope of mergers and none of them worked well for most. Having any feelings of guilt is ridiculous. This is not your fault. Your company sold out, took the money, banked it and gave you a cute little thanks for a job well done, if that. Transcend may or may not prove to be a good fit. I know so many who have found that not to be so with rigid policies and the overall feeling that you can be replaced in a minute. My advice is to keep you eyes and ears open and to decide for yourself based on the way you are treated and your work load and whether or not YOU decide this is a good fit. We can still determine our own destinies but we have to step up and quietly take control of it alone and without much fanfare. Further to that you best learn what is going on in the industry and prepare for more technical changes and an increase in templating or VR. Learn all you can so that you approach a new employer with solid skills. Many smaller companies have not prepared for this and do not have the cash or the heart to move it forward and thus you are now swimming with the sharks. Take a deep breath and market yourself just like the suits do. Good luck with it as luck is also part of the mix.
VR... no coffee for me... bleeding fingers

I have been reading a lot of the posts to get the gist of VR and the line rate and the different programs.  I just started a new job about 2-3 weeks ago and as of today I am finally getting up my speed on the VR... takes a while to learn those short cuts!.  However, the pay is very low and I am evaluating whether I will stay or not.  I am readlly between a rock and a hard place and SO need to supplement my income from my SS widow benefits. 

The company that hired me has 2 programs, one of them being EScript that you are all talking about that the words are just flying by while you drink coffee.  I'm lucky if I can get up to get a cup!!  I am using Enterprise Express Editor for mostly speech and very little text (which pays better by the way).  Has anybody heard of this VR that I just mentioned?  I would love to just put my feet up and relax a bit while the words are flying by. 


Hey coffee lady MssIndigo!
I got a kick out of reading your original post about VR and I appreciate this feedback also. I know, it's though though and I have been an MT for 20 years. I thought I was going to be transcribing when I got the job but it is mostly VR and my minimal goal is to achieve 250 lph, which is creeping up, but not there yet. I tell you though... I work hard for that money. My biggest thing with any new company is constantly looking up docs and different facilities. If not for that, my fingers would be flying. Let us all hang in there with a sip of coffee every now and again, eh!
I should say SHOPS at Wal-Mart --- Even Starbucks gets their coffee elsewhere!
doesn't even buy you a cup of coffee these days...don't bother.
I meant bank---LOL...not enough coffee this morning...
Clanks Coffee Cup (throws boa across shoulder)
PERFECT! Perfect. Made me laugh out loud!! Thanks, MT!
LOL. And to make it worse, most coffee comes through New Orlean ports,
I meant your WORK or WORKLOAD. Gads, need more coffee!
fingers not working properly. Please ignore the typos. Need my coffee.
Starbucks coffee is burnt, you clean the tables, you serve yourself
I know Webmedx has a time clock - with MQ I put laundry in, got coffee, loaded DW (sm)
went to the bathroom, etc. without clocking out and still kept my lines per hour up just fine.  With Webmedx do you clock out for all these little things or as long as you get lines per payperiod or per hour it works out? 
Acusis sent out nice ceramic coffee mugs with lids. :-) nm

I got a travel mug! I work at HOME. I drive 10 miles a week. I don't drink coffee. Sheesh! lo