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Where exactly are they all going to jump to?

Posted By: TTer2 on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: Yeah, and the really sad thing is they will lose the GOOD MTs. - Another TT MT

This has been coming for a long time. I for one am going to try to go into with a good attitude at least and give it a shot. I left my last company (MQ) not only because of VR, but because on top of it they put everybody in huge work pools (otherwise known as the cesspool). It was an impossible situation. They will all be doing it before you know it. Nowhere to go but out of the profession altogether.

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Sure!!!!!!!!!! Jump right on in!!!!!!!!!!
After the wage and hour uproar they most likely won't ask you to work overtime and not record your hours
May I jump in here...
I have already applied to TT, finished the testing, etc. Does anyone know how I might follow up on my application? Has anyone here done so. I know a lot of people have applied here and they are probably swamped. It has been about a week since I finished my testing. Should I wait another week or try to pursue a followup?
Would jump on more pay
if it doesn't work out can always rely back on your MT skills. As long as work load isn't too much and too stressful, as QA can be much of the time.
may I jump in?
it is not just medical; this is everywhere, I think it is a direct result of shabby schooling. The kids are not getting the same basics we did. At my 30 year reunion, this was a big topic of conversation. Some things are better and more in depth, especially social studies and math and sciences, but good basic English has gone by the way side. and then, of course, there is the internet which I guess actually has more people using some writing skills that otherwise they would not have. and I don't care what anybody says, the boston tea party was not an accident! You really have to be aware of what your kids aer being taught now. Our parents would have been down to the school so fast. Now they are teaching some religion, just not Christian. Big dispute on Houston radio last week. well, enough of that for awhile. Just had to vent.
I am so tired of having to jump
accounts to get a laughable report count. With the company I work for I have to work on 4 different accounts to even get the minimal amount of work daily. I cannot stand it anymore. I have to be the most flexible person in the world but enough is enough. Are there any companies out there that allow you to work 1 Radiology account and actually get a decent report count by the end of your shift. I am lucky if I hit 80 reports a day and that is just not cutting it for this single mom.

I guess I just needed to say it outloud. TIA.
Just jump right in. They're okay. nm
Why don't you just jump over to MDI side!
You think Transcend is bad, honey work a week with MDI and then let's compare jelly beans.
Sorry to jump in, but it really IS common
sense not to post account info or patient names.  Yes, the rules of posting are plastered everywhere, and any Transcriptionist of 15 years should know NOT to post private client names anywhere. So, you are arguing and looking more silly.
Jump ship
Their pay plan is horrible to work with. The bonus is based on your QA score, if I'm not mistaken from the month previous and that goes through the whole next month. So if you have a bad month, it will haunt you for the next month!
its sad when ppl jump on a company
just because they can't or won't do their job right! As part of the management at Shapin, I really don't understand where anyone could honestly say we have poor management. We strive to help each and every MT and editor....So...if you're bitter...you must be a bitter person!
Jump on board!
Same with me -- no test, immediate offer, so I jumped and I'm glad I did! 
Oh, I would jump at that chance if available!!
jump ship now
you won't be sorry. 
I would jump on it - MDI-MD is very selective
in whom they hire & would consider myself fortunate to be offered a job with them. Their entire staff from recruiter,liaison,& technical support convey that they are the best!

I've been with MDI-MD for 3 yrs & couldn't be happier! Workflow on my account is 98.9% & is predominately steady; however,there are seasonal periods when work is low or nonexistent. I do have a secondary account, but if that account is low also, I've made sure I've ensured myself a safety net by working extra when the accounts have been bombarded with dictation. There again, I could ask for another account to fill any deficit if I felt it was necessary to do so.

Simply speaking,it boils down as to whether you are truly a SE & are willing to work hours other than 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. I have adjusted my body clock & work late afternoon & evenings with plenty of work left over from those signing off at 5 p.m.

Everyone with this company is just fantastic to work with. I can e-mail the manager personally, my liaison or tech support,& know I will receive a reply via e-mail,if not a phone call,within a short period of time, if not minutes, of doing so.

If you have any other questions,please feel free to e-mail me and I'll try to answer them or guide you to the appropriate person at MDI more qualified to answer such.

I am not so sure I'd jump on the KS bandwagon...
I applied and they said they only wanted full-time and would I consider that?  So they talk out of both sides of their mouths.  I have 15 years of experience with Meditech and I would have agreed to a set schedule including a weekend day for employee status and worked on Meditech since I know it, and the recruiter told me no part-time and I sent my resume through their site and she responded right away.  So, if this is a sign of how they operate, I am not so sure I'd want to work there at this point.  That is not fair at all.  I have a lot of experience and for them to just shrug me off yet turn around and hire a part-time person, that's just wrong! 
I think others can jump to another company
but what I see coming in your companies is probably VR right behind them. What I would suggest if people are so against even trying is that, if they are younger, to train for another profession. Nursing would be an excellent choice, nurses always needed, any type of medical field because even in hard times people still have need of people in this field. Ultrasound, MRI techs, anything if so hard to grasp the idea of technology coming down the pike. I personally think by changing jobs will not take care of the problem but changing professions might.
I saw the typo, so don't jump all over me, lol. NM
Oh yes. I believe I'd jump at the chance.
I really have to say that. Although I have dedicated my life to this job, that fact is easily lost with the smallest infraction by people who scream at me in CAPS. I want to enjoy doing the work I do with such care.
MQ IC's jump on the system and "hog" up
It is like that at any company I have been with, whether we were all IC's or all employees. How some people can wait until the last minute like that EVERY pay period is beyond me.
Before you jump into transcription you should know that we have all been told that
all transcription work is going to VR Editor with very, very little transcription and that we are all going to take a cut in money! Most people at Medware are great and most of them are not the ones making the decisions that will impact us. Going to transcription is certainly not a longterm save for your paycheck!
Don't think I want to jump into the MQ frying pan with all that's been happening lately. nm
Oh, so your not seriously looking for another job, just trying to jump start them into paying more..
Not sure that works because there are still way too many transcription companies using Escription that pay less so they probably don't feel to motivated to increase their pay. Although I do know a lot of MTs that have turned them down because of the low pay. Personally, I applied but I couldn't take the pay cut.
I have to jump right in this cesspole & answer
This is what I know and/or what I was told by 2 ex-managers there.

1. You are expected to be on call 24 hours a day.

2. You are raked over the coals if accounts go out of TAT (if your MTs decide not to work for whatever reason on the same day).

3. You make a LOT more money as an MT.

4. You do not have to relocate but you will have to go to Douglasville for a week to get the inside scoop.

5. If you've been a thorn in their side, they won't hire you, so don't even bother - SERIOUSLY. See #6.

6. They hire only patsies and brown-nosers for managers.

7. There are MUCH BETTER companies out there. I feel like a frickin bird out of prison and have never looked back.
Don't jump the boat too quick...sm
Good morning! I feel your frustration. I have been in a situation like that and actually did have to leave the company. Being that it was just a holiday weekend, I would suggest just hanging in there a little longer. The company I work for takes about a good two or three weeks to get back to normal after a holiday, especially if not many MTs took PTO. Maybe give it a couple more weeks and see if it improves. Ask for a backup account to learn while you're out so you at least have that for next time. I know it's hard to be patient, but it might pan out. :)

Blessings! :)
Why did so many MQ employees jump ship? sm
I have heard made mention on here numerous times about the exodus of transcriptionists from Medquist..  Am curious why it happened?  Medquist from what I remember from years ago used to be THE place to work.  What happened?  Did they start sending work overseas or something?
I'll jump on that wagon . . . sm
I have taken a chance, been here 2 years, things plummeted very badly in the past year but I have decided to hang in there. I told them what I wanted and so far they are, in my opinion, looking out for me, as I am meeting my minimum (that I set with THEM) requirements. I HATE thinking the grass is greener on the other side and finding out what a complete joke some of these companies are. I pray that I made the right decision, because the job hunt is way to stressful. If I have to do it again, I will probably leave the MT field altogether.
Don't jump to conclusions about Wbx being responsible here - sm
you never know what is true in advertising. I'd be questioning the integrity of the J&J recruiters, rather than Webmedx!
Complex issue - don't jump for
First, this isn't as certain to happen as some might think because it's up to Congress and it has stiff opposition.

Second, if it does happen, it won't necessarily impact jobs all that much, although you'll hear this administration spinning the jobs numbers to try to drum up support. A tax provision is ALWAYS about revenue first, and the secondary effects are ALWAYS unpredictable. So this will probably increase revenues somewhat, but there will be ways around it.

The impact on jobs is very uncertain. For instance, in our industry one of the main reasons for offshoring has been the shortage of MTs here; the tax benefits have been a secondary consideration. This tax change won't do anything about that, although, again, you can expect to hear a lot of numbers being rattled off by the White House that can never be proven because they have cleverly included jobs saved with jobs created, making it necessary to try to prove a negative (that thanks to them a job was not lost) in order to challenge their numbers. The employment numbers game has always been very murky and they added a layer of muck to the murk by deciding to lump jobs saved and jobs created together. The upshot has been that you can no longer rely on any estimate of what impact bailouts, stimulus spending, etc. has had on jobs at all.
I'd jump on it as I think I'm making $10 an hour after sm
I made $30 an hour last year. The pay keeps getting lower with this home based MT work. VR is going to nail the coffin in for me. I'd jump on that job if I were you. I'm dealing with 300 doctors right now and nobody to ask a question. Just me wanting to shoot myself.
How many hoops do you have to jump to be hired by diskriter?

I received a call from Human resources.  Apparrently, I passed the test. Now, I have to wait to talk to someone else.  Am I wasting my time?  I have had it already.



can you give initials? Trying not to jump into the fire.
use caution before making the decision to jump to TH
they don't tell you because many will jump ship and they will be short-staffed. SM
Maybe not all, but the majority of companies will not tell their employees when they lose accounts, outsource, etc. They are a little bit smarter than to chance losing a large number of employee. But they won't hesitate to dump you without notice. Unfortunately, it's called corporate business.
I'd be afraid to jump from a larger company to a
Sometimes these smaller companies seem great, but then the contracts run out and they lose accounts.  Also, the smaller companies do not offer as many benefits.  Don't feel left out.  All of these people going to Keystrokes could be in for a rude awakening and then have to go back to MQ.    JMO.
Your posts make me want to jump on the bandwagon...sm
and go to work for Proveros! If everybody who works there has your attitude, I'd sell pencils on the corner before I would even speak to a recruiter! CHILL OUT!
yeah but you don't jump down her throat to deliver
that truth. I dare you to say half the things face-to-face you say here. We behave civilized in public for a reason. We socialize, practice common courtesy, all of those things for a reason.

I know it is really easy to be a caveman over the internet but try to be nice...

Many MTs do jump around a lot, often thinking the grass is greener. sm
I recruit for a small MTSO (100 MT's) and look at each resume individually. I have a list of which companies do not pay, which companies send work overseas, which companies run out of work (have a lot of complaints about that here). If someone is changing often and has a string of bad luck, that is one thing, but when I see that someone is hopping from one big company to another every 3 months, that's a different story.

Many, if not most, of the resumes I get are from MT's who have either been with one or two companies or hospitals for a long time, or at least have one long-term job on their resume.

I have also found that someone who works full-time for another company or hospital is probably not a good applicant for us, as the full-time job will occasionally need OT, need the MT to fill in for someone else, have meetings, etc. and we are left trying to get coverage. For that reason, I will always choose someone who does not have another job over someone who does, if all other things are equal.

Also, you mention that IC's move around a lot. The MTSO I work for only hires employees, and after being at MTIA last year, he came back and said that most companies are moving to employees only, not ICs, as the IRS and state governments are finding that most IC's are actually employees, and it is not worth the risk of a large fine to have that determination made, even after following all the rules.

There are a lot of great MT's out there right now looking for work. Most of us look for stability, length of experience, flexibility and willing to work and are fortunate enough to have enough applicants to be choosy. When I interview, the MT's who give me their entire life story, complain about everything from their current place of employment to the cost of cat food, list their medical ailments and/or have a chip on their shoulder are put on the bottom of my pile or discarded completely. With so many resumes, there is no reason to hire someone who is negative from the very first contact.
Before you JUMP ON ME, yes, I have done VR with Transtech and absolutely hated it because
I cannot make the same money I can with traditional transcribing and I like to see a good report when I am finished.  I am a sole provide for myself and MUST MAKE GOOD MONEY to survive in this world!  I am not working for the fun of it.  Again, YES, I have given VR a chance with Transtech already -- unable to use expanders/briefs/etc.  NOT ENOUGH money to be made with VR -- 1/3 of my line rate, not hardly.
Guess I'll be thinkin' some more before I jump in!
Why is it that no matter what is said about any company, there is always someone to jump in negative
I was called the day after I put in my resume, hired the next day, working within 2 weeks. I have had a great experience so far with good pay, on time pay, plenty of work and have been treated better than anywhere else I have worked.

Comments like this one made are uncalled for and rude. You have no idea what you are talking about and the nay-sayers are all getting a little out of hand across the board, for all the companies.

Okay then, why did you jump in? sticking up for slave labor?
that's what it is
Needing reasons not to jump ship

It is hard to get a sense of things working at home... just want to know if there are any MTs at Transtech who do not plan to jump ship, or if I need to start worrying and go too?  I am also wondering who the TT people went to after they jumped ship.  I have sent numerous inquiries out and no answer.. could it be the market is flooded right now with resumes because of the recent VR situation?

Another reason I ask is that I believe TT is a strong company and I have been very happy there.  Yes, I have had to be very flexible, but I have not yet run out of work and still make good money, benefits, etc.  Why, however, are TT MTs any different than the more than 60 percent of MTs who have already gone to some type of VR at their company such as the people at Webmedx who are still happy, and others. It would be nice to get different viewpoints here... my instinct is to say keep with the TT, and work it all out because the company is strong... and most other companies if not are with VR will go there too someday!  I am the only source of income for my family and need to know what is going on out there in the world! Thanks in advance for your opinions. 

Do you know what account she has? Hiring? That's practically a hop, skip and a jump away
Waiting for "new pay plan" to come out to see if I need to jump ship (sm)

I am VERY disappointed with the Docuscribe program.  Making about 75-100 lines less per hour than I did before (on the same account).  From what everyone else is posting, it doesn't get much better.  They should easily be able to pay their legal fees for the lawsuits out of what they are saving on our wages. 


Have been checking into other options, but am hoping this new pay plan and more practice with this program might make me want to stay.  Been there so many years now I hate to change, but money is money. 

Time to jump in here. Some MTs test well, interview well, only put references on there
that are perfect and basically SUCK when it comes right down to it.
We didn't all jump ship, some just talk louder
and more frequently than others. They do offshore, but not much. I can transcribe 200 lines per hours and about 325 per hour with speech recognition. I am not a fast typist. I started a job with a different company recently to see if it would be better, and it's horrible. The new job is one of the companies that some MTs rave about. Medquist is a lot better. Some people had a bad experience at Medquist and don't want anyone else to do well. It justifies their leaving if we're all miserable. Well, I'm not miserable and refuse to let a job define my happiness. I make a very good paycheck at Medquist, and when my shift is over, I put the job aside and focus on other things.
If non-MQ then jump right in and talk about your issues,-- or not. Quit reading topics that have MQ
If MQ MTs weren't under attack with this new plan, we probably would be out enjoying life too.  But they are upsetting our livelihoods yet again.
Not a KS employee just amazed at the conclusions that people on here jump to. I work for a
small MTSO and hope that they are never mentioned here. I would hate to see someone I know attacked so constantly. I feel sorry for service owners that are not MQ or that big.
If I were an MTSO right now I would be picking up the cream of the crop as they jump ship (sm)

from MQ in preparation for new accounts.  I don't know that MQ will go under or be seriously harmed BUT I truly feel that there will be some accounts lost either due to quality or the hospital having misgivings about their work being sent overseas.  

We may find a lot of these companies are going to be over-staffed and work a little slimmer at times, but who can blame them?  If you find well trained MTs, get them on board and then be aggressive in soliciting those MQ accounts that might be up for grabs.

I wish good luck to the MTSOs out there who might be able to turn a bad situation for MQ into a profitable one for themselves and the United States.  They pay us in US, pay their taxes in US, we pay our taxes in the US, we make purchases in the US with our money.  Let's see, who missed out on that one, oh yeah our ILPs (international labor partners as MQ calls them). 


It is much harder on the wrist to constanly use the mouse to jump around the report to edit, rather