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I have to say, it all depends on the system

Posted By: VR here on 2009-04-24
In Reply to: Yes, but we need to be PAID according to our education - For unscrewing VR

I wish, just wish, that people could have seen my reports yesterday, almost 99% perfect. You or I neither one would be able to sit and transcribe as fast as I kept my foot on the pedal fast forward, just cannot do. Very few mistakes to correct. I do not know what system Transtech uses, I do not know how many MTs are on to train and all that makes a difference and a big one at that. I had a year's hand on education years ago in a hospital and probably more education than I see on this board as far as MTing. As far as the salaries and being paid for education, most are not paid that way right now. The salaries have steadily fell since the 80s and when have you last received a raise? For me it was in the early 2000s while still working inhouse, none now. Oh, you are saying picking your brain to train the machines? When I first started on VR it took about 2-3 weeks before it was picking up most physicians on staff and now ESLs are so much more palatable if a person could ever believe that. The system that I work on now was NOT started by 1 of your companies out here, rather implemented by the hospital where I worked. Some people don't like VR, others love it and personally I don't want to do all straight typing anymore, just don't.

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I found it depends on the system
When we had Dictaphone, I could transcribe 30 minutes of dictation in an hour. When we switched to Lanier, it was more like 15-20 minutes in an hour. We were told by the Lanier guy that they can tweak the minutes to take out what he called dead space between the syllables even! They were actually compressed minutes so that a minute that the dictator spoke might only be 40 seconds long or something.

I know that doesn't answer the minutes-equals-lines question, but it did give me a lot of insight into how no measurement is standard and why I wish we would get paid hourly plus production instead of only production! Sigh.
It depends on the account, like any other place. I like the system. I am on SM
TWS 3.8, which is faily easy to learn. Base rate is average. They have been flexible with me. It also depends on which team you are on, and your level. Try it. Everyone has a different experience.
I've easily done 600, but it depends on the way a company counts lines and it depends on the
dictators. Obviously, if you have a good share of ESL, there is no way you could ever do 600 or 700. On really difficult ones, I usually run around 400 lines an hour and I have been working on this platform for 3 years.
MDI's new system.. Can anyone tell me
if they like it, love it, hate it? I HATE IT! It has cut my lines in half and I'm ready to throw in the towel. It's a second job for me and I only do it part time. I love the account I'm on and everything but their new system stinks. I didn't mind AIM but their new system can join my hated docs on the long cruise to nowhere that I wish they take every time I get them..
Is it the AIM system still? nm
new MDI system
Hi, I have been working on the new system, yes there are some issues with quality - I have been putting my headset in the back of my computer and the sound is much better. I love the new system though, it just needs some time
Except for a couple of accounts, they are still using the OLD DOS program. 
I mean system - DUH! nm
I was 300-350+ at Q, can't get above 270 at Wx. It's their system. nm
Donít know what VR system you use
but this is why I said, it has to be trained correctly. If you have scads on and 1 does something 1 way, the next another way, the third some other way, that is where the problem comes in. By the end of the day my total was $153 so that was ok for me and it is so much easier than straight.
System was down for a while. It is frustrating.
I know they are working on it. Overall, I like this system better than most.
No structure/system at MDI-MD...sm
I feel like they have too many MTs typing amuck anywhere and everywhere whenever they want 24/7 causing everyone to have to work 24 hours a day to get their lines in.  I have been chained to this computer for over 5 months now.
If you do not already have an abbreviation system
you will not succeed. I don't mean to say this in a mean spirited way. I'm saying it after working for several companies where I needed ShortHand and had to build it from scratch. It is counterproductive to learn new accounts, a new platform, and a new abbreviation system all at the same time. It takes literally weeks of refining the entries that would allow greater productivity...weeks that you won't have time to invest when you are expected to be up at full production by your third paycheck. Consider everything.
I should have specified that Allscripts is EMR system.
Oh and learn this new system..
Be an IC at 7 cpl, and do your assigned work and be our slave!  What a joke...
Not sure, but I think it's a call-in system...
and probably most of the docs are using phones in the hospital. Just the other day I had a doc call from home and dictate from his kitchen. Sounded like he was washing dishes, and he stopped often to talk to his small children. There was a dog barking, and I could hear him let the dog out as he was dictating.
Now and then, some of the docs dictate on speaker settings because they want their hands free to type into computers for patient records, or to go through papers.
I've had this sort of thing on every account I've ever done at every company.
Whenever it's really bad, I send an email to support and/or my account supervisor. I always get good response from them. No one can check a dictation station or tell a dictator to get off his cell phone if we don't let the office know that there's a problem. :)
Was the system ExText?

They told me I would be working on ExText. Is this the platform you used?  And thank you for your response! I really appreciate it.

What kind of a system is it?
Don't know what kind of system they
are using, but they just put in a new VPN server to handle it. I was just wondering if there was anything I could do at home to help staying connected, or if other people had experienced this while running Extext.
Ahh their GREAT system!!!!
and clocking in and out
It IS the system. I got an e-mail from my STM
this week stating so. 
Transolution DOS system
Would anyone be willing to email me about Transolutions DOS system?  It is hard to make any money on this platform?  It seems there have been negative posts regarding this but I would like to apply.  It is so hard to make a decision about company with so little info to go on - it would be nice to get a heads up both good and bad.....  Thanks....
See message above regarding system.
Unless you work for Webmedx, you really should not comment about the system.
And if that system is Meditech, well let's just say

platform is at MQ.  A hospital system could care less if the MT is happy.  They are focused more on how wide of a range they can reach for each department and make it friendly for the ones who seek the information.  Meditech is horrible.

Just be careful hopping from a huge conglomerate to a company that claims growth, but then overhire.  JMO.

Obviously so TT's system of being nice
has backfired.  With no checks in place quality goes down the drain.  That is true for any industry.  Transtech is nice and all but one of the reasons I'm not there today is the quality of the work is sorely lacking.  Somebody else said they fear a lawsuit, well I wouldn't be surprised either.
The more the system tries to eliminate MTs I think the more they (sm)

the more the system finds they really need the human touch in order to have a document worth the money for doctors to walk into court with.


However, I will say this.  As we go into this depression -- and trust me we are there -- businesses have learned they don't have to CARE.  They don't have to care about the health or well being of their employees -- and they are showing them the door rather than being decent about a work place.


So, they may find they need us humans in the chain of medicine - I think the courts will more and more not see law suits because nobody can afford to bring the charges.  We will all be out here just struggling to keep body and soul together.  Sad what has happened.

probably less than 200 jobs in the system now..sm
Divide that by 100+ MTs currently working for them and the outcome isn't good.
You just had questions so they took your name out of the system?
You are connected to their system and they can
monitor everything that goes on on the computer, though I really think they have better things to do.  
Can't you look at your old reports in system?

MediTech system..
I've seen old posts on the negatives about this program.  Has this system gotten better?  TIA
Lanier system
It's not a silly question. A Lanier is similar to a C-phone and if you have a Lanier account at MDI you either need to own one or rent one from MDI. As for the other poster who asked a similar question, you also need unlimited long distance for any of MDI's Lanier or C-phone accounts. I have full (actual) unlimited phone service through my cable company, so that's not really any additional expense for me, maybe just a few dollars more than I was paying for regular phone service through the phone company with no long distance at all.
Well, MTStars does have a system set up
lack of a better word - I guess its handled on an individual basis at times, i.e. whether to permanently ban or temporarily ban or just a word of warning.  I know from experience.   There are definitely outright trolls, and that is true, but I know even from my own experience, I can just get so angry sometimes at something that I do lose it and say things that I probably actually would have said to someone's face, but maybe not. I don't know. As the posters above have said, we can be a very unappreciated and abused employee, MTs as a whole, and many of us are in very frustrating work situations, more so in these hard times, so, yes, tempers flare. I think most flares here are from those who just refuse to validate others' experiences, i.e. the happy MTs who viciously attack the unhappy MTs, whether just in general or specifically company related.  That is so sad. The MTs finally vent, as really none of us have anyone to talk to or understand in real life, and they get squashed and called names, or insulted that they must be having problems due to poor skills, etc. That's so sad and I generally then find myself attacking people I think are attacking other people.  Its just human nature for all of us, though the name calling and stuff is very poor judgment.  I think its happening more of late because of the financial issues that are impacting us all - bosses and MTs alike.  I appreciate the current editing of this forum, as I said earlier it used to be so heavily edited that it was 100% skewed to hide the truth about the site owner's favorite companies, i.e. advertisers, sponsors, or employment affilitations, etc. I 100% agree that it was her perogative to do so, as she owned it, but it was done in such a way that nobody knew that things were being skewed that way.  So, it was a form of misrepresentation, though, again, her right.  So, I hope that for the most part what I read on here these days is a bit more unfiltered - might not be happy news, but perhaps its more fair and balanced, as they say!
Rating system
The rating system is for the pay, not the errors. (i.e. A rating is higher pay than B, B is higher pay than C...)  Errors are based on percentages, which I did not address.  You must have misunderstood or maybe I did not make myself clear.  I do not blame the system for the company's choices in how they handle this.  However, the system has the capability to lower actual line count than what the Editor is doing, JUST LIKE THE Medquist SYSTEM allegedly did.  My point is that as long as there are software programs out there that can manipulate how an employee is being paid and not a true reflection of work that is actually done, there could be no hope for an MT or an editor to make what they want based on production because there are many companies out there that find this capability beneficial to their pocketbook.  
Any idea which VR system they will use? nm
Some of you just have the wrong system
Might as well just face it. You think what you want and I work every day on it so know what I think. In the last 30 minutes alone I have edited 446 lines, for 30 minutes that is $17+ and I donít consider that half bad and all I had to do was to listen. I work on escription, love it, dislike straight now, I make good money and do what you have to do. It you erased and typed for the same amount you would get paid for VR, then that is you. I dont have to, have a wonderful system and so I am out to make more money for my day. Call it good for slow, call it good for newbies- have at it, got more important things to do today than try to defend.
Oh welcome to the VA medical system! sm
My husband is a vet and I've been in the room during a few exams; the physicians edit all their own work and never make eye contact, basically just grunting a few questions as they point and click / point and click / point and click.

Yes, vets were the first guinea pigs for crappy EMR...
If you are logged into a system at all, they know
Trust me, been there, seen it, used it.

People were always amazed that I could pick out who was talking, saying what, being ugly, etc. I could pinpoint you down in a heartbeat.

It was easy to do. I mainly used it to control noise and to isolate those who were disrupting.

the audio is horrible on the new system....
I had my husband listen to a little bit of one of the doctors and even he said it sounded like mush. I bought an expensive pair of noise cancelling headphones and it is still terrible. I can handle the software, but the audio is another thing. I am ready to resign. Grrrrr.
No Grapevine , Liz sent out a system message (sm)
that went to every MT that is in Time Trax. The reason there was a delay from the time Jason left until the time she sent the message was out of respect to Jason. If you did not get the system message, and had to hear through the grapevine - you may want to make sure you have a valid e-mail address in Time Trax.
No work today again. System down..
How do you make a living like that? 
What the heck is up this weekend with the system?

Cannot get into anything!

MQ IC's jump on the system and "hog" up
It is like that at any company I have been with, whether we were all IC's or all employees. How some people can wait until the last minute like that EVERY pay period is beyond me.
Dictaphone iChart system?

Has anyone heard of this program for transcription?  Opinions, good or bad?




They've only had 2 times that the system....sm

was down several hours.  Anywhere you work is going to have unscheduled downtime occasionally. 

I think the platform is good and improvements are in the workings to make it even better. 

I am in the Midwest. Which hospital system is this? nm
Mxsecure has a point system
deduct from your pay due to errors based on a point system.
MT Productivity of system used by Wedmedx

MTs currently working with Webmedx, please respond on your productivity with the Webmedx system.  I would greatly appreciate your response. 

Also, would like response on sound quality.

Thank you very much.

You can get a satellite system to get internet

though I am not sure that this is what you are looking for.  It is a huge dish, about twice the size of the TV only dish, plus 2 modems.    Supposedly the satellite cannot be mobile, but we received certification in setting it up so we were legit.  There are companies that sell the same dish/equipment with their equipment that automatically raises the satellite and locks on the signal, though this needs to be mounted in a permanent place, like on top of an RV.   This system costs about $5,000.  You can get certified and just set the thing up as you need to, after you get the hang of it, it doesn't take long to do.   Google DirecWay and Starband.  Also google Motosat or Datastorm for the expensive one. 

Another option is an air card.  There are various brands out there and cost about $300.00 for the card and not sure about monthly service.  Google air card and you'll get more info.   Service is limited at this time. 

There is a new service called ClearWire that operates off of a cell phone tower.  You have to have a modem that plugs into an outlet and then you plug your computer into the modem.   Again, service is limited at this time.

As far as I know, other than WiFi these are the options available for a wireless mobile service. 

LM- Have only been with MDI-MD since 10/05. I have one account through a C-phone system. From what
have a few accounts with audio through internet & are in the process of expanding that capability to other accounts.

So far, my primary account has been swamped since day one & I haven't requested a secondary as yet. Also,to date, I only have been doing Ops - which are my speciality.

As mentioned, the one & only drawback I've found is paying for LD. I'm using Vonage and, so far, no problems! My sound quality through my C-phone has been excellent, have only had 2-3 dictators on cell phones, which were still decipherable compared to what I previously had received.

I imagine the ESLs on my account are 40-50%, but, they are nothing compared to what I had been receiving. After doing a few reports, their accents are able to be picked up on.
My pay was equal to my prior job (12 yrs as SE) during my training & increased after training.
Well, almost forgot - Yes, I have set up Normals with editing as need be to comply with dictation verbatim.
If you're looking for a company that appreciates good MTs, then I would recommend MDI-MD.
I just can't begin to tell you how my dread of logging on every day was totally reversed after being accepted at MDI-MD. Everyone at MDI-MD is there to help you 24/7.
I have found my Home and hopefully you will too!

Former Med_ SE.
Wanting to know about their system/program. TIA.