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Trying to answer your questions sm

Posted By: MTisMe on 2009-04-23
In Reply to: What does it matter... - UGGHH

Not really sure what you are asking. You can e-mail if you like. I have been an MT for 25 years and doing VR for 7 years now on eScription. So, if I can help, just drop me an e-mail.

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TT management does not answer questions that you ask them; only answer those they want to answer.

I know, work for a long time and tried asking questions, but they just beat around the bush and don't answer the true question that you presented to them.

Maybe it is kite flying weather where you are !!!

Actually I posted looking for answers to my questions above, not looking to answer questions, but

to here goes...firstly, I don't know about the platform, only that it is Word based. Secondly, I have many years cardio, and thirdly, no the test was not hard. Still looking for any answers to my questions above. Thanks in advance.

Could you answer a few questions please -sm
I was a "high producer" until the slow down hit and now I'm lucky if I get 18,000 lines per pay period. The news of the BT/VR rolling out makes me sick to my stomach with dread but I'm willing to give it a shot.

In your completely honest opinion, do you think this platform is going to be more beneficial to those who were lower producers?

How much of an impact would you say it will have on the previously high producers?

Lastly, what would you consider the biggest benefit from this new platform to the MLS? and, is it worth it in the long run?

They do not answer questions at all
and will ignore them
They do not answer questions, they
switch accounts, lie about pay, and just in general do not do good business. Also, they are listed below a few times in the MTs not satisfied poll. Try GIMT. Now THAT is the best place to work
I can answer these questions
1. Are you happy there? No! Do you feel respected and part of the team? No way.

2. Is the pay competitive to what other companies are offering (i.e., 8 to 10 cpl including spaces)? I got 9 cpl for lousy ESLs.

3. Is the platform user friendly? No.

4. Can you use your own shortcut program like ShortHand or can you only use their proprietary program (if they have one)? Proprietary. If so, will they try to help you convert your word list to their format? Nope.

5. Are the benefits worth the cost? No way. Someone very kindly explained their benefits--and they sound great--just wondering what your personal experience is. When do benefits kick in? 90 days.

6. I read on the board that they require 12,500 lines per pay period. Is that easily achievable (meaning, is there work available, are the dictators fairly coherent, etc.)? No.

7. Is the verbal quiz/interview pretty easy/basic if you know your stuff? No.

8. Finally, are they very firm about start/stop times, or can you work your full 8-hour shift in a 12-hour window (for example)? Yes, very strict.

I can try to answer any questions.
What would you like to know?
Answer to Questions
I refuse to be abused by MQ any longer.  I'm making terrific money but very unhappy there.  They treat their MTs like garbage as far as I'm concerned.  I became a number to them instead of a person.  MQ pays me very well for VC so I'm hesitant to leave but the lack of communication and the management being run by idiots is helping my choice along.  Also, the VC at MQ is an awful lot of correcting - probably easier to retype report! 
in answer to your questions

What if something happens and you cannot type the required amount per day (sickness, doctor app.,etc.)?  The two ladies who run Allegiant are truly willing to work with you and are very accommodating.  If I'm not able to work I just let them know as much in advance as I can, and I've never had a problem.  If you can't work in the morning, just work later in the day.  You're not tied to certain hours to work.  Your committment when working for Allegiant is 500 lines a day.  These two ladies are truly the best bosses I've ever had.  I try to be the best and do the best that I can and don't take advantage of them.  They recognize my effort, and everybody is happy! 

Are there many ESLs?  ESL ratio was one of my main concerns when I started.  There are a couple who drove me insane at first but QA helped me through them, and they're not a problem now.  If you can't understand something, you leave a blank.  You're not punished and you don't have your pay deducted.  I'm telling you....these gals are TOPS to work for!  To answer your question...the ratio may be 75% English, 25% ESL, maybe 80/20...I really don't know, not many and not difficult.


On average how many doctors do you transcribe for?  My account is a group of clinics.  I guess I have maybe 20 docs, but if one dictates several in a row I may only transcribe for two or three docs in a single day.  Most of the docs are family medicine, but I have an ob-gyn, a urologist, an orthopedic doc, and an ENT guy that I really enjoy.  The dictations are pretty much brief H&Ps or SOAP notes.  I have done a few simple OPs, some stress tests, and even an office vasectomy but absolutely nothing complicated.

Do you get to keep the same doctors or are you switched around a lot?  There isn't really any switching to do....you just do the docs in your account.  If work runs out I have a backup account, but usually by the time the work runs out I've reached my 500 lines anyhow and am ready to quit.  Work builds back up pretty quickly.  Right this minute at 10:37 pm EST there are over 200 reports in the system.


Do you ever run out of work?  Oops, guess I just answered this above!

Do you find the EMDAT system user friendly?  I had never worked on EMDAT before so of course it was confusing just starting out.  It's always hard learning a new system, a new account, new docs....When I first started I just made up my mind to devote some extra time to learning everything.  Nobody expects you to learn it all in one day and still meet your 500-line commitment.  It took a couple of weeks before I started to really become productive.  The hardest part for me was getting all my autokeys transferred from my old national into Word and then into Emdat.  Once I got that done it made things a lot easier.  I actually think EMDAT is pretty simple.  Doesn't have a lot bells and whistles.


Are you required to buy any software, etc.?  Up until last week the answer to this was no.  However, the clinic had a problem with us transcribing in Express Scribe (something to do with HIPAA regulations) so now we have to get our audio through EMDAT instead of Express Scribe.  EMDAT requires a propriatary foot pedal which I did have to buy ($103 total)

Is high speed internet required?  I honestly can't answer this.  I have Earthlink cable so it wasn't an issue for me.

Is all work IC with no benefits?  No benefits at all other than the privilege of working for 2 ladies who treat you fairly and with respect.  I've been around the block a time or two, and I feel so at home with Allegiant.  When I type my 500 lines and sign off I don't feel like I've been beat.  These gals don't harrass, they don't threaten, they don't pull any fast ones.  They just leave you alone to do your job.  I signed up for direct deposit.  Money has been there right on time!

Do they have full time work?  I don't know if by full time you mean 8 hours a day or 1200 lines a day.  When you first start the only thing you need to tell them is which days you will be working.  I signed up for Monday-Friday, 500 lines per day.  No specific time...just 500 lines per day.  I think most of what Allegiant has is clinic work so weekends aren't much of an issue.  If work gets backed up on Friday it will carry over to the weekends, so if you want to do some on the weekend there's usually some available, and when work is available it's pretty much up for grabs so you can help yourself and do all you want.  Work is slowest on Mondays, next slowest the other mornings, and picks up steam as the day and week go on. 

I wasted a lot of years working for a large national, stressing every day over QA, line counts, residents, poor sound quality, work schedule, and a dozen other things.  I'm really, really, really glad I found Allegiant.

I can answer some of your questions
There is little help for you doing QA with TransHealth. They pretty much leave it up to you and if you have a question, will do their best to answer it. Quotas, not when I worked there. There was more emphasis put on quality, but then I saw them cut the pay so I left.

I don't know what you want to earn or what you are earning so just know that I doubt you will earn big bucks per hour working for them, but overall they are nice folks and they do not drive you crazy. The woman in charge has been a radiology MT/QA and is very nice, but she will pretty much leave it up to you and if you have a question for her, she will try to respond as best she can.
they answer your questions because
they have nothing to hide maybe....refreshing.
Could you please answer the questions (sm)
in the OP. I'm very interested to know the details. Thank you for taking the time to reply!
For TT and MDI-MD, the answer is yes to all of your questions, sm

except the offshoring.  To my knowledge, neither company offshores.   I guess the main difference between the two would be deciding whether you want to be an employee with benefits, or work as an SE (they at least take out FICA so you don't have to mess with the self-employment tax) with no benefits and deal with federal and state taxes on your own.  Also, MDI-MD still has some accounts that require a C-phone and unlimited LD, whereas with TT it is strictly wav files.   I don't think you would go wrong with either company.

I do not know anything about Keystrokes, but judging from the posts, it seems that a lot of people are quite happy there.

Not sure if this helps, but I wish you luck. 

To answer your questions:
Yes, TRS main office is in NC.

How is their platform?
They have several, I have used 3 of them so far and they are not hard to learn.

Are the ESLs extremely hard?
Just like anywhere else most are okay and a few aren't. Personally, I have more of a problem with the American-born docs!

How are the accounts?
The ones I have worked on have been okay.

Are the supervisors nice?
My supervisor is fantastic. I have dealt with a couple of the others and they were very nice as well. QA is also very nice and helpful.
to answer the questions
How does a person become an IC with their own clients, not working for an MTSO? From what I have read on this board, it seems that is the way to make the most money per line/word/page, etc. so I am thinking about doing this after being an employee for 15 years (with things going downhill now). I would appreciate knowing several things:

1. How do you get the clients.
I got super lucky. I had a friend who was doing a couple of docs and had to get an in-house job because she had to have benefits when her husband lost his job so she asked me if I wanted to take over. From there, it was word of mouth. One doc asking another one who does their transcription and they would give my name. I started with two docs and ended up with about 12! Most people I know, though, have just hit the pavement big time. If you send something to an office, mark it personal and confidential and send it directly to the practice manager or office manager so it doesn't go out with the junk mail. Ask you own doctors who does their transcription. I know one girl who got her own doctor to give her their work and got her start that way. It seems the first client is the hardest to get. I also put an ad in the yellow pages and got many, many calls from that, such that I turned down a lot of work and referred it out to friends of mine. Most individuals I know who are on their own have way more work than they can handle.

2. Are there certain types of docs that tend to prefer this situation rather than going to an MTSO?
The more likely ones are still in private practice or small independent group practices. Plus you earn more money that way because you get so used to what they are saying, can build more normals, etc.

3. How do you determine what to charge?
I called around to find out the going rate and kind of figured out what I wanted to earn and how many lines per hour it would take to get that. I also had to find out if they previously used an individual or service to do their transcription because that would help me figure out what they were used to paying. I know MTSOs in our area who charge upwards of .26 per line even though they only pay out .10 to .12 for the subs. If I had a client who was used to paying .26, then my .16 or .18 was a bargain for them! However, do not undercut the competition to get the work. Sure fire way to make enemies and to hurt the profession in general!

4. How can someone get the dictation, type it and return to the doctor without having to pick it up and drop it off?
Personally, I did pick up and drop off, but all of the offices I worked for were in the same professional building so it was just one trip. Otherwise, you will have to invest in some equipment.

5. Without QA other than yourself, how does an IC handle blanks? Do doctor's offices tend to get upset with blanks?
The offices I worked for were all really good dictators. One of the advantages of having your own clients - you don't have to take any who don't dictate well! I rarely had occasion to leave blanks, but if I did, I could usually call the office and get some info, such as meds they were on if I couldn't figure out a drug name or something. If I did have to leave a blank, it was never a big deal, though. They would fill it in and I would reprint.

6. Is there a particular software system that is better to use when you have your own IC service and want to get work over the Internet and return it over the Internet?
Sorry, can't even address that one 'cuz I don't have any particular software for that purpose.

hope that helps. If you have other things you would like to ask me, feel free to email me personally.
Trying to answer some of the questions about VR
At our hospital and then later outsourced to another place, we were told right from the start if you retype an entire report that is VR you will be paid VR money. So I never have retyped an entire VR report especially since surprisingly enough some reports really good. I have found that ESLs are picked up, for the most part, also good on escription. It saves me a headache being as now the 1 hospital I work on is loaded with them. Any background noise, anything can sometimes make VR put in words that do not belong as it is trying to put down what it hears?? I stated below VR on this end now is doing screwy things that it did not do when I first started. It leaves the M.D. off the doctor's names, sometimes just leaves the doctor's name out when it is said. If you are having to look up and/or spell things like addresses, you might have to continue that. I was totally surprised when I saw what VR really could do. I like it myself but then I am not pushed to make X amount of dollars per day anymore and probably years ago when had family at home, etc. might have been able to squeak by. Is your work going to be 100% VR? I would like to say I rarely do 3500 lines a day and I type straight 130-140 and do not play around and even 3500 lines a day would only pay $105.00 according to the pay you are being offered.
The answer to all your questions is NO. They have
been discussed several times the last week or so if you'll look down the page, also lots of info in archives. 
I work for DTS and will answer any questions sm
Please provide an email address for me and I will be glad to get with you.
Can anyone answer some questions about Keystrokes?(sm)

I'm starting the job search process and am wondering about the company Keystrokes.  Can anyone answer some specific questions for me, please? 

1)  What platform do they work on?  Word, Wordperfect, internet-based?  How difficult/time consuming is the platform to work on?  Is there a separate demographics screen that may or may not be paid for?

2)  Do they use C-phones, Lanier, internet .wav files, etc.?

3)  Do they pay for spaces?  65-character or gross lines?

4) Do they do acute care, clinic accounts, Radiology, etc.?

5) PT/FT, IC/statutory status?

6) How flexible are they with scheduling?

I apologize for all these questions but I'm trying to narrow down some companies.  TIA

answer to a couple of your questions..
I did not receive a bonus once I was off 100%. I get what I would consider average pay for most national companies. The last couple weeks have been very, very slow as far as work, but it seems to be picking up. Not sure about the benefit issue, as I have not been there long enough. Decent living is different to everyone, but you should have no problem making their minimum line count and there are some doing quite well, but I am not one of them. LOL. There is a $20 per month charge for their computer, but you can use your own equipment and not get charged the extra. Hopefully that helps some.
Would you answer my questions please - either by e-mail or here nm

Does FC have dedicated accounts, i.e.,  your own doctors versus a huge pool?

How much cpl for acute care?  Do they pay for spaces - 65 character line?

How many lines are required per day?

Are you IC or employee?

Good dictators?   Lots of ESL?

Do they require high speed connection?

Plenty of work?

Thank you for your time - not original poster, but looking.





Happy to answer any questions you have.
Webmedx has over 300 MTs (full-time, part-time, and IC) and over 40 accounts. In order to make sure everyone is working, they go strictly by turn-around-time. So if all goes smoothly, you will probably only have one or two accounts to work on in any given day, but if one account dumbs a bunch of work, even if you have not done that account in six months, if TAT is an issue, you will get those jobs before you get the accounts you are more familiar with. As far as converting to ASR, they probably have a schedule of which accounts will convert to ASR and when, but they won't share that info with the MTs. One day you will get an E-mail telling you when you will start training on ASR. Yes, all the MTs are aware of the pay cut. MTs on the accounts already converted have had at least a 15% cut already, and as soon as WMX feels everyone is trained enough, they will get the additional 15% cut. My advice is just to ask questions at the end of the intrview and see if they are willing to give you answers. If they are vague, you probably won't like the real answer and will get blindsided later on. Hope this helps. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR INTERVIEW. If you feel comfortable, please post afterwards and give us your impressions. Thanks.
To answer your questions about TransHealth. please sm
I'd like to know what the upper management of TransHealth is like. Is the person who manages the QA department someone with a background in MT, or is it someone who is a data puncher but doesn't even do that well?

Upper management directly in charge of the QA team has extensive (personal) MT and QA experience.

Do they express support for QA,...

Extremely supportive of the entire QA staff. Easy to voice opinions etc.

Do they have several people at the top who handle different departments, or do they have one person in several roles, perhaps all of which they're unqualified for?

There are a number of different people in support/management roles at TransHealth, all of whom (in my opinion) are well qualified for their positions.

What kind of quota is there, and how are you paid? Does ALL your work count toward the quota, or do you find yourself doing a lot of work that doesn't qualify?

No strict quota (if by that you mean line count or # of reports per hour) but we do work on shifts, and as a team. QA staff positions are paid hourly, not by the line etc.

Hope this helps.
They were willing to answer all my questions before testing, tho.
Is there not anyone working at TT to answer these questions?
It makes the company look bad when you post ridiculous questions like that on here.  Is there a way to pull in a doctor's name?  Do we need a TT board? 
Transcend: Would anyone be willing to answer some questions SM
via email?  I used to work there and am strongly considering going back, and I have a few questions I'd like to ask someone who is there currently or even recently.  I would be applying for an Escription position.  Thanks very much!
Thank you, but that doesn't really answer my questions.
KEYSTROKES - I can answer questions below (sm)

First ULD - be sure NOT to use ATT.  It is really not unlimited and ATT automatically changed me back to 10 cents a minute!  (Good thing I found out before typing all day).  You can use Charter or Com-Cast.  They did not have the other options in my area, so I can't speak to me.

Secondly, the hospital that required the report at the end of each day.  You put your minutes, mr#, and job# and e-mail it in to the person they gave you.  There is time consuming and hassle after working all day, but you just get used to it.  I have found no real easy way to do this.  At the end, just give total minutes, total reports, total lines.

I have not been here for awhile and just saw the posts down below.  Hope this helps.



TransTech MTs, can you answer a few questions for me?

I was called by recruiter and offered position, since it is the weekend I do want to call with a few questions I have.

Are there ASR/voice recognition accounts?

If you have to work a holiday, do you have to work your usual full shift?

Do you get paid for expanders?

How hard is it to get time off? Even just a day at a time?

What is an average length of training?


Thanks for any info!!!!


Here is a site that will answer your questions
Leave your e-mail and I will help answer your questions
Can anyone currently working for MedScribe answer a few questions? (sm)

What kind of platform do they have for ER work? Do you need a second phone line? Also, are their schedules strictly Su-Thu or Tu-Sa or can you just work a couple weekends per month?  Do they have a pretty good health plan?


MedQ'ers, can you answer a few questions for me?

I've reviewed the MQ board but I don't work there and I can't post on the MQ board, so I'm posting questions here.

1.  Is there any grace period about clocking in on your proposed schedule?

2.  What happens if there is no work when you're scheduled; can you make it up without hassle?

3.  Can an experienced MT consistently average 200 lines on MT?  What about ASR?

Thanks for your help.  E-mail me privately if you're more comfortable. 


So I guess she couldn't answer the questions?
  MTs do yourself a favor and don't put up with this.  We are BETTER and deserve MORE than this!!!  We shouldn't allow someone else to profit off of our work.  Make sure you ask the company if they are supplying MTs for a bigger company and taking part of YOUR line rate.
I work for the company and to answer some of your questions
When you talk about flexible, what do you mean, working whenever you want or just what? I might get slammed for it but do not care but companies need to be able to set some kind of schedules to get their work done, so dont know exactly what kind of flexibility you want. How long to make money? Well, again that has all to do with the person working. Are you a newbie with 3 months experience or have you worked 20+ years and doing the work is like taking candy from a baby? Variables. Is is worth accepting a job there, depends on you. I work there, have for about 3 years, love it but everyone is different.
I'll answer questions, email me. nm
Thank you Rennie - I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. sm

But - all I can get is dial-up in my area.  Also I cannot work weekends due to family obligations, but I appreciate the information and most of all your time in getting it to me.


I'll answer questions about PDA. They're great. sm
The ladies are great.  I had a really good account and I'd never leave if it weren't due to tax issues in my state that really suck.   If you're a good MT and keep the hours/lines you promise them,  you''ll be fine.  
Anyone out there work for Chronicle Transcripts who could answer questions?
Thanks..I am thinking about applying with them but wanted to see what employees had to say as far as working for them etc..
Doubt a great # will answer all these questions, but I work
Any comments or replies from MDTalkNet. Said they were too busy to answer questions, but to submit
Would a current TransHealth MT (preferably a happy one LOL) pls email me to answer some questions?
email above
sorry dont give out my email address but happy to answer questions here

I can answer that question with a simple answer!
Strengths - none.
Weakness - all.
So what? I don't have to answer anything.
And by the way, MQ does not know that I work for Spheris. :) They are very much aware.

It is amazing to me how many of you people just want to screw someone. You're not happy for whatever situation.

It's NO ONE'S BUSINESS whether I work for 1 company or 3 or 6. I could care less what you think. I'm no more in danger of losing either job than anyone else. Furthermore, it's no skin off my nose if I DO lose them. I will be employed shortly thereafter. I have plenty of money. I'm not worried.

No need for anyone here to be upset or angry about my situation. It is shocking how absolutely miserable most on this board are. It's becoming quite amusing! No matter what ANYONE says -- everyone raises that shrewd eyebrow and turns their mouth down and mutters and mumbles, "just you wait". You sputter warnings out like you've been imprisoned and are angry someone is not held captive like you are. TOO BAD.

I have a great situation - it has been that way for years. If it goes on until I leave this business, great. If it doesn't, I'll just find more work. It really isn't that big of a deal to me...why in the world would it be so bothersome for anyone else?!

It really sounds to me like some people don't have enough to do in their lives! Well, I do and I'm thrilled with how things are going! It's a lot of hard work, yes, but it's very rewarding.

Everyone can go one with their lives. Hahahaha What I do in mine has NOTHING to do with YOU!
here is your answer
her replacement has been working for WEEKS training to do her job and nobody has said a word. Check your QA.
CPT will be a 5-digit number. 99201

ICD-9 will be 3 numbers dot and one or 2 numbers after the dot. They add new numbers every year after the dot to make a total of 5 instead of 4 so it will be more specific.

Here's a good reference for you.
Anyone know this answer?

If you were transcribing a 70-character line with spaces at 9 cents/line, how many 1-page to 1 1/2-page reports would have to be transcribed to equal $100/day (about how many)?


Your answer is......
DQS - AKA DocQScribe - is a program that transcriptionists use to transcribe their reports.
Answer (SM)
If the Reply-By-E-Mail option is not available for the post you want to reply to, you need to make one in your post and ask the poster to e-mail you.

To use this option in a reply (not starting a new thread), scroll on down until you see the Post A Reply To This Message button on the right and click on it. You will have a field to enter your e-mail address.

Just using the Quick Reply link does not give you the option to enter your e-mail address.
they have an answer for everything
even when it hurts our pocket.  I use to think that they treated us fairly but now I think we are just another number to them, and they could care less.  Like you said, too many policy changes, seems like something every week.  Also, I hate it now when you call the office you talk to custom service  That should tell you something right there.  We are not employees now, but customers, only we are never right, as in the customer is always right.  Just venting, but it is really upsetting when my paycheck was half what it was 4 weeks ago.  They also do not pay downtime if your QA IA under 97%, did you know that?