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If you don't catch all the nonsense

Posted By: you shouldn't be an MT (nm) on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: VR--NEVER - Another TT MT


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I have been working for Transhealth for the past couple of years and we definitely have different outlooks regarding our employer. I know for a fact, like other coworkers, that there are problems with some members of the QA staff who have no respect for the trx and we might differ on this as we probably are not on the same account. Also they keep changing mgmt staffing and NOT adding to it on the contrary as I am still employed with them and have witnessed this myself.
This is always the first response from people like you when someone disagrees.  It's total nonsense.  Guess what?  The MTSOs who charge 18 cpl are the ones who pay their MTs decent wages, but not all clients will pay 18 cpl.  Wake up!
Verbatim nonsense!
Thuh patient ah, um, ah presented ah came in ah today with a complaint of ah um left-sided headache, a headaches of a daily basis, um.........(shuffle through some papers or something).....um -  Comment:   So when they say verbatim don't we have to use common sense?  He had a hysterectomy, and that 5-year-old quit smoking last year.  Duh.......Verbatim accounts simply wear me out!!  Do they want it verbatim because they think they are saving money or what?  Ending sentences in prepositions, mixed tenses, no conjunctions or prepositions, etc.  A punctuation nightmare!!  Also their insisting on using acronyms, which have multiple meanings.  Am I alone out here?  I am so tempted to type something just once exactly, I mean exactly, as dictated.
spi and their ongoing nonsense

This company is hands down the worst company I have ever worked for in my 3+ decades in this business.  That arbitration agreement is not worth the paper its printed on.  They can TRY to make us think that though, can't they.  hmmmpfff.

Are we going to be subjected to this nonsense -
If so, warn us now so we can skip over your rants, k?
Agree! VR is nonsense and should NOT be used in
Nonsense! It's not a pay cut. Engage brains! SM
For goodness sakes. How hard is it to understand: You produce more lines in the same time because you're cruising through the documents faster, so you're paid less per line. This meeting showed their average-worker example actually came out a bit better.

If you don't want to lose out, stop complaining about everyone else and determining to see yourselves as victims. It's dumb. As dumb as that there are people who are doing badly on the new platform because they're refusing to learn the new keystroke shortcuts. If that isn't self-defeating, what is? And of course, if they're not doing that, they're also not building all the additional shortcuts so many of us use to speed our work up and turn it into $$$$.

For myself, I learned eScription as quickly as possible, learned Enterprise as quickly as possible, developed my Expanders as quickly as possible, and will be learning this new platform as quickly as possible.

I'm interested in hearing how the averages work for high producers. I'm not in the top bonus category, but it seems to me there's not the same advantage to them in increased production from the bonus system unless an additional tier to achieve is established. They're already there.
Agree VR is awful, so why half the pay for this nonsense?
I find that people who refuse to say who they recruit for are frauds. Nonsense.
are on to catch up.
It's a catch-22 sm
It can be pretty hard for people who need insurance (no spouse with good insurance, etc) to take a job (even if it is with a wonderful company) where the insurance is too expensive for them to afford until enough people come on board to get a lower group insurance.  If you come from a company where you had insurance and can afford to keep it via COBRA until the company has enough people to participate in the group insurance, then maybe it can work out.  However, if it takes too long, then you are in deep trouble because the COBRA only lasts so long. 
Looks like OSI can't catch a break

Good catch on that - sm
I don't want to try out new and improved if the last was old and crappy.
Yes I an employee and I don't see any catch.

The majority of the companies do not reimburse LD/internet fees.  They did loan me a C-phone for free, most won't supply or they rent them to you. 

Doing away with my home phone and getting digital phone actually lowers my expenses, as my costs from BellSouth/AT&T were more than my digital line is, so I don't see that I'm out anything.

In the ads they clearly state you need ULD and they don't mention anything about reimbursement.  They have been completely up front about it and you can make your choice, go with them or don't. 

You still have today to catch up. nm
Actually they are offering it, must be a catch, but they
Did you catch the errors after you sent it
Or did the company call them to your attention?

You can always correct the errors and resend it, asking them to disregard the first submission if you caught the errors.

Thanks. Guess I need to catch up with the times. :-) nm
Catch up with the times. Unfortunately, MTSOs are in
For those who still need the personal one-on-one attention, they should go back inhouse or get their own accounts.

it's such a catch 22. Everybody wants cheap stuff yet
and get paid top dollar. You simply cannot have both. Not with the CEOs having million dollar salaries and all. because God forbid they make less than six figures. it's disgusting...
Sign on bonuses-What's the catch?
Hi.  When a company offers something like a $1000 sign-on bonus in one of their classified ads, what conditions do MTs usually have to meet to actually qualify for just such a bonus, and if those conditions are met, how long does the MT usually have to wait for the bonus?  I am personally not looking for a new job right now, but when I see those adds, I ALWAYS think - Yeah, right, what's the catch?
Horrid hours.. thats the catch SM
I have to wonder, what hourly rate are they setting you up for?
No, I did not catch the joke, thought you were serious
When you spoke of the labor board was wondering why contact them about this. Do you work doing VR or straight? I personally think 3 cents a line is ridiculous for VR. I make what I am satisfied with on VR because I find my platform easy, very good with ESLs BUT I do not think VR will take over completely. I have done VR now for about 7 years and you cannot just leave a machine to run and not check behind it sometime, such it is with VR.
Brilliant! a real catch-22
And you cannot keep copies because of HIPPA so you cannot win.
funny, I catch this ad at top of screen

U.S. Based proofers?  Kinda curious needing MTs to clean up the reports, geez

9.9 Cents / 65 Char. line

U.S. Based Proofers, Almost Inhouse 98.5% Quality, 24 Hour TAT


"Twisting the Knob" - right??? That's why it's so hard to catch them
include or exclude characters or letters to count.
Yep, my work is low this week too. Previouly, however, we could not catch it up. Is it all the ..SM

new hires, do you think?  They haven't told me to take the day off or anything, but there are big gaps in my downloads.  I love QT but it's times like these that make my eyes wander to the ads.  Funny how when we're busy, I type faster, too.  When it's like this, I just casually and nonchalantly go about typing during the day, getting up and down as I please, no hurry at all.  Maybe I'll start looking at part-time supplements -- then if work runs really dry, I'l already have my foot in the door somewhere else. 

We have been slammed with work and plaing catch up
doesnt make sense to me
No company name given. Now that's a shock. What's the catch?? I doubt the adminstrator will le
stay there anyway so you better apply before it gone LOL..I just don't feel gullible or vulnerable today..
Nope, not a catch. The only thing you need to do to qualify I think is have been there one year in
to be eligible. They pay like four weeks at full pay (your average weekly earnings) or eight weeks at half pay. Your choice. They strongly believe that it's the right thing to do.
Notice the "up to $2500" - sounds like a catch - be careful with this one
I found Medrite to be slow -- would type and watch it try to catch up with me. sm

I went from 250-300 lph to 180-200 lph with it.  Plus it has this spy stuff (I called it), where if you are gone longer than such amount of time, when you come back, you have to say why you were gone (it has things to choose from).  I didn't care for it, but obviously some must.


Good luck! 

It's Monday. Everyone plays catch up on Monday. Give 'em