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Because not everyone is taken in by LIES.

Posted By: Another TT MT on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: He doesn't trust VR, or doesn't trust his MT to train it correctly? - Different Perspective

The doctor doesn't trust it because he can see what NONSENSE it is and doesn't trust it not to cause a malpractice suit in the future.  Pure and simple. 

VR is the wrong road to go down. 

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Lies, lies, and more lies. sm
I left a company that I'd been with for 6 years to go to work for All-Type. They lied and broke almost every agreement that was in my employment contract. You're NOT covered from day 1 on their health insurance. They expect you to do 5 times the work they tell you they expect. And their tech support is arrogant, argumentative, and worthless. And they care NOTHING about quality; only quantity. Plus they offshore probably 90% of their work, though they lie about that also. This was probably the worst work experience of my life, I'm sorry to say. Best of luck to you!
nothing but lies

believe half of what you see and none of what you read.  this has not been my experience whatsoever.  sorry there are people out there that try to ruin it for others.  perhaps this person was let go and misses the money, so this is his/her sweet revenge.  too bad, not true. 

Lies lies lies
Filled out forms with personal health questions 3 times and still nothing. KS never paid a penny for insurance yet. Got an anon email between KS HR and insur guy. KS claims only 20 employees INSTEAD OF THE 500 to insur co for past couple years to avoid cobra and contribution. If your in the 401k better check your account. Several people waited 6 to 9 months for their own money to show up in their account after taken from their checks. THAT is not only shameful I think its illegal
Lies sm
they pay 0.65 cpl for editing.
What really is irritating is the excuse that they are using for sending work overseas....to staff nights and weekends. Are you telling me 30-40% of the workload is going to be nights and weekends. And if this were true, US MTs would never have to work a night or weekend. Personally, I work both and actually like working them.

I am just absolutely disgusted with the lies.
They are made up of a web of lies....
They lie to get you to work for them, and then they consistently lie to you about raises, incentives, etc.  If I were you, I would keep looking elsewhere.....there are many companies that are hiring.......If you go with OSI, you won't stay long. 
And herein lies the problem...
Unfortunately, our wages have lowered due to offshoring. One thing to keep in mind, which I have already told my relatives, when you go to the doctor or the hospital, tell them you do not want ANY part of your medical information being offshored, including dictation. Maybe this will put an end to offshoring and bring our jobs back home.
Recruiter lies
I have a friend who is a recruiter and she passes on information about the job she is hiring for - information given to her by transcription managers and human resources. If she tells someone something incorrect, that is totally NOT her fault.

I've seen her go to bat for MTs when they find out what she told them was not correct. She was VERY upset because she is very ethical and refuses to give out false information knowingly.

There may be some recruiters out there who lie for the head count or hiring bonus they may receive, but NOT ALL.
Yep, just one more of the lies. Major
account was VERY unhappy when they found out work was going to India, which is one of the main reason they lost it.  See what it cost them in the end though. 
so it seems MD-IT lies in its job postings (sm)
Every ad I've ever seen from MD-IT claims that compensation is based on testing and experience, and yet it seems that no matter what, the starting pay is the same insulting rate for everyone.

That's another one to add to my list of Places to Avoid - if they can't even be honest in their ads, I can't imagine what it would be like to actually work for them.
I suspected something was going on despite all the lies
and I already was working another job when they lost the account.  There were sending so much work to India that there wasn't much work anyway, so I worked both jobs for a while.  The MTSO was trying to get people to quit so she wouldn't have to pay unemployment. 
Any company that offshores, lies about it like they did and then
gets caught is an unethical company.  I don't care if they pay better, no ESL, etc.   If you want to work for a company like that more power to you.     My ethics won't let me work for a company like that. 
Go spread your lies somewhere else. This is utterly false. sm
There are three people who do the training, and it is very thorough. How would you know anything about the owner? First of all, it is they not she. Secondly, I have worked at KS for 3 years and have never had any contact with either of them.

I am training to be a lead transcriptionist, so I have talked to a lot of managers, other leads and transcriptionists. All are very busy, and the accounts are not overstaffed. Every one of the more than 20 people I have been in contact with are very happy.

There have been no accounts lost in the past several years. If you were really an employee, you would know that no one has pulled an account and that there are new accounts constantly.

Broken promises? Very vague, don't you think? The employee book spells everything out. There are no secrets.

Either they let you go for one reason or another and your are bitter or you were never hired.

I think that Keystrokes is the most improved company I have ever seen discussed here or on other boards. They did have problems when they started but those are in the past. Current employees are either happy or being worked with to make them happy.

I am looking forward to being a lead and to staying with Keystrokes as long as they will have me.

You need to stop spreading lies. The insurance sm
rates that came back were higher than they expected but it was because too few people wanted it. It would have been less out of the Keystrokes' pockets based on number of people who wanted it but more for each person and not as good coverage as they had wanted.

Get your facts straight. You heard wrong.

The new quotes are supposed to be in today or tomorrow. Employees will be notified.

Perhaps if you have done 4 different platforms to no avail that the problem lies with you. sm
I am not with Keystrokes but another company that gets a lot of talk on here.

It makes me wonder what will make some people happy? 4 platforms and none are good for you? Do you have an endless supply or do you want one in particular?

the alternative is to allow reputation-damaging lies to go unchallenged ...
Without understanding exactly why TT decided that this lawsuit is worth it on balance, doubtless they were aware it would cause controversy and some (most likely temporary) backlash.

The company I worked for 10-15 years ago that similar sued a couple of ex-employees who went on a rampage bashing them remains one of the largest, if not the largest national around ...

As I said, I don't recall anything about damages ... it may simply have resulted in a court ordered injunction to post no more ...

The medical transciption industry is highly competitive. With the economic downturn of the last year I had expected more than a couple bankruptcies ... I suspect the move from local MTSO's to Nationals is responsible (since they are more likely to qualify for keep-float loans and have more deep-pocket hospital clients who pay on time -- as opposed to shoestring doctors' office practices) -- they also have the deep pockets to pursue litigation.

Again, apparently the people at TT felt that defending their good name in this case was worth it.
Our only hope lies in the facilities staffing MTs direct. SM
Win/win. They save a ton even if they pay us more per line which in turn puts us back in the bladk. We get affordable health coverage and labor laws.


Ditto to Queenie. My accounts have Overtime as well. Don't spread lies. sm
You need to ask for more work or another account. I have NEVER run out of work, but, I also have 15 accounts in my profile. Don't complain about running out of work when you can ask for more and get more.
Not Lee. She doesn't come here anymore. Too hard to read the lies from people who were fired fo

poor quality, poor work ethics, cherry picking, disappearing for days on end, not covering their shifts or line counts, crazy HR people (both were nuts and evil). 

Good and bad at every company including KST, MQ, Spheris, Transcend, etc.