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So, like I said, of course, you are perfect, then.

Posted By: Another TT MT on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: VR - Amazed

I've got news for you:  With the downgraded educational system in this country leading to MTs that can barely spell, let alone transcribe, the ESL doctors, and the nonsense that is VR, the medical records do/will look awful.  The only thing that has protected the purveyors of VR so far is the fact that most doctors/patients until now have no idea what is in these medical records.  Wait until this whole central medical record movement really heats up and people find out exactly the kind of nonsense VR has put in their medical records upon which decisions regarding their medical care are based!  Compromised decisions, mind you. 

You can try and convince yourself of the morality of taking money for compromising patient care all you want, but if you do so, you are little better than the MTSOs that have foisted VR on the MTs and the health care system.  Sorry, but that is the truth no matter how it is painted--by you or by the MTSO. 

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Beg to differ. It is not perfect and is a long way from being perfect. A LOT of hospitals
are moving away from voice recognition after trying it and failing. The good news is that once burned, it is hard to convince a board of directors to put out money like that for a second try.

I think that it has its place and does work if done right in certain facilities, but it is a VERY small percentage and will not hurt us for many, many years to come.

I am not hiding my head in the sand; I am actually seeing the trend reverse.
Never said perfect. If it were perfect, there would never be room for sm

change or growth.  What I was talking about was the continuous posting by the same people, over and over again, that is vague and destructive.  This is not just about Keystrokes, this is about the posts for other companies as well.

I think that not every MT is a good fit for every company, and not every company is good fit for every MT.  If this were the case, there would be very little job searching or hiring going on, only if someone retired or left the field or entered the field.

It is the outright lying that is so horrible.  Keystrokes is a transcription company which means that we have the normal ups and downs that every company has in terms of slow and busy periods.  We have been very fortunate to have very little down time due to busy and also new accounts. 

If there are check problems, they are resolved.  We all wish there were no problems and this is the biggest topic at manager meetings, but human error comes into play here as well.  We have a new time recording system that should eliminate that, if the information is entered correctly from the MT. 

If there are tough dictators on the account, it is not the fault of the company.  It is the fault of the hospital that has them on staff, but you have to take the good with the bad.

If there are QA complaints, it is usually that the leads are too strict.  The owners have said that they would rather be known for being too picky than too lenient, thus having accounts say the work is not up to standard. 

If there is a reliability problem, it just might not be a good fit.

I know that if I were to take over recruiting and hiring (which I absolutely want NOTHING to do with), I would not take job hoppers.  However, I have been told that you have to look at the hopping and why it has happened.  A lot could be poor choices.  That's why I will never be in charge of hiring, but I can control the MT QA and reliability once they are on my account.


Lee Perfect
I always ran out of work, so I ended up quitting and finding another job.
The perfect job

1.  All dictators sound like Patrick Stewart, calm and perfect speech.

2.  The company pays a minimum of 12 cents per line, of course spaces included.

3.  All management staff were transcriptionists for at least 10 years.

4.  20-year-old Buffy is not assigned as my account manager, just because she's somebody's wife in the company  (and she's so dumb she thinks car horns need fluid). 

5.  Quick and responsive QA people who provide samples and are not menopausal, in a bad relationship, or on a power trip.

6.  The company provides me a wonderful leather chair with heat and massage.

7.  The turnaround time is 72 hours on all reports.

8.  The CEO looks like Johnny Depp and comes to my house for one-on-one training.

9.  We all head to Hawaii at least once a year for work relationship training.

10.  They actually have a wonderful retirement program that will allow me more than a shanty house with outdoor plumbing.

Am I asking too much?



Perfect! Thank you! nm

Lee Perfect
Is there a company called Lee Perfect in Illinois, and does anyone know their website or anything about them?  Looking for a better job...any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
Are yo sure this is Lee Perfect? - sm
I have been with them since the early 90s and have had no problems. I know they made changes with their pay schedule so you now get paid in 21 days rather than 14 and in July we go to 28 days, but I've never had a problem with a bounced check, missing check, late check in all these years. Now there's another company that put me through that hell, but not Lee Perfect.
Lee Perfect
There is no QA per du jour. We have a staff of several QA/Editors and I am the QA Account Manager/HR Manager. We do not change our policies every month. When emails are sent out to our MTs - they go to everyone in the entire pool so that someone cannot come back and say that they did not receive a notification that work was overdue, etc. I know that EMDAT is extremely user friendly, however, I do not know about anyone who took a 30% pay cut. If anyone's pay is reduced it is because they are not transcribing the lines they should be. In fact, i have many MTs who are making more on EMDAT than when working on previous accounts that were Dictaphone based. It is all a matter of opinion. However, if you want information, you can come to me directly. I will answer any and all questions to the best of my ability and if I do not know the answer, I will ensure that I find out what the answer is and let you know. I am sure you have heard that same line before but you will have to trust me to see that I get things done!!!!
Lee Perfect

Can anyone tell me anything about Lee Perfect Transcription?  Thanks

Lee Perfect
In response to the statement that Lee Perfect pays late is completely incorrect and false.  Lee Perfect Transcribing Company is owned by Linda Manderfeld and has been in business for over 18 years.  The service to which you are referring that has payroll issues is Keystrokes Transcription Service, formerly of Bolingbrook, Illinois, now Yorkville, Illinois (hicksville).   Keystrokes is owned by Lee Tkachuk and Lee Perfect is in no way related to Keystrokes.  Lee Perfect has never, ever been late on a payroll or any bill for that matter.  You have the nerve to bash a company with one of the best ratings in D&B.  You need to get your company information straight.  If you want the real scoop, contact me via email and I will tell you - I was one of the lucky ones!!!!
I would be perfect for that but they never have
responded to anything I sent them. That is so very sad. I know others who never heard a word from them either. It's their loss the way we all look at it.
Lee Perfect
I checked the archives and only came up with pretty old info.  Would like to hear from current people working for Lee Perfect who could give me answers to these questions.  Is there enough work on the heme/onc account advertised on the Job Seekers Board?  What platform do they use?  How are the staff to work with?  Are they flexible on schedules?  Pay scale...average, below, above?  TIA.
Lee Perfect
I was hired by Lee Perfect in August and ordered a special foot pedal (98 bucks) and have been waiting since the Tuesday after Labor Day for my training.  Every day the trainer e-mails me and says she will get in contact with me later that day, and every day I do not hear from her.  I e-mailed her yesterday, stating I was seriously considering sending my foot pedal back but she said she would definitely train me yesterday afternoon, she was working 80 hours a week, and was so busy and guess what...not a word since.  This is just for some part-time extra money - how long do I wait before I really do send the foot pedal back? 
Lee Perfect
I would also say forget it on this one. In my opinion, you have been more than patient. Be sure though when you send that pedal back you get a return receipt from the post office. If they are that unorganized, I would want proof they received it so they cannot come back later and say they never got it.
Lee Perfect
Nice people, but never enough work. I hardly have any work during the day. Very slow. I think they have too many transcriptionists on the account.
Lee Perfect
I had to resign because I never had enough work to do. The QA supervisor is under a lot of stress since she is undergoing chemotherapy. It takes a very long time for her to get back with you. There are other better jobs out there, but you just have to look carefully. They put you in a typing pool, which I hated because they hired way too many MTs on the account and when I logged on to work, my que was totally emptied. I'm experiencing the same thing with my current job as well. I'm beginning to think I need to find a different career!!!!
Lee Perfect
Does anyone know why Lee Perfect requires Emdat experience in their ads for jobs.  Is this system that difficult to learn? After working for several nationals, none of them have ever required that I  know their platform before they will hire me.  How is Lee Perfect to work for.  Pros and cons, please.  TIA
Lee Perfect
I always ran out of work. I do not like being in typing pools. I could never be guaranteed my daily line count. Be careful.....
Lee Perfect
You must have Emdat experience. I sent my resume to them because I had everything they wanted except the Emdat experience, and they wouldn't even consider me. Do you know why they would require that experience? I have never had any difficulty learning a platform before.
Lee Perfect
They hired me immediately without EMDAT experience. I had lots of ortho experience. However, they never had enough work for me to do so I looked elsewhere. I do not like typing pools. The lady who is in charge of hiring is very nice, but is under a tremendous amount of stress. She is undergoing chemotherapy. She is probably swamped with applications because she placed ads for tons of different positions. I would just keep e-mailing her back and tell her you are experienced. EMDAT is a breeze to learn even if you do not have experience.
Lee Perfect

I sent my resume to Lee Perfect responding to their ad on the Job Board here...they e-mailed me back with a test that included a zillion questions regarding everything from A-Zand another test on the usual medical stuff.  Does anyone know if it is worth going through all the hoops?  Are they good to work for and how about their cpl rate, is that good or not so good.  Not sure I want to go through all this before knowing the answers to my questions.


Help please...Lee Perfect

I am interested in hearing from current MTs who work for Lee Perfect.  How are they to work for and would like to know if you are able to get good line counts with EMDAT, and if so, how long does it take for you to become productive.  I am especially interested in hearing from hem/onc transcriptionists and what they think of these accounts.  Thanks so much for your time.

Lee Perfect...
Lee Perfect - like them.
TTS - they stink
Focus - they stink
You can also look at the following link for a list of companies that have eScription accounts.

LEE Perfect
Hello!  I got an email from Lee Perfect telling me that I passed their test.   I was wondering about their platform is, good pay, pay on time, good accounts, etc, etc.  Hopefully I can speak to her tomorrow regarding this information but would like your opinions first
Lee Perfect
I did not like working for them. I never had enough work to keep me busy. I was constantly running out. The pay was good, but my paycheck stunk because I never had enough work to do. I also do not like being in typing pools and they do not assign you your own doctors. Good luck.
Lee Perfect
Lee Perfect is great! Very prestigious - no insurance, however.
Well, they are not perfect for everyone.

I know somebody who worked there who had a terrible account.  The high line rate could not offset it.  It's a fine company and the people are nice, but so much really depends on the account. 

I liked Lee Perfect.
They paid well and left me alone to type. I only left because they lost the account and I didn't want to work on their other software.
Perfect? If you like 7.5 cpl....

NEVER said perfect, sm
I'm not being defensive here of my post, it had errors, I even posted right below it that I knew it had errors.

I have never said I am perfect. I said I have received 100% quality reviews consistently for the last 5 years, having been an MT for almost 11. This has been with more than 1 company and with more than 1 person reviewing my work - all far more experienced than myself.

Errors when posting on boards mean nothing, they don't pay my bills, so why should I waste time if the point comes through as intended, regardless of misspellings - everyone knew what I meant.
Lee Perfect does. nm
Anyone with Lee Perfect - sm

I've seen people complain about different platforms with Lee Perfect.  Do they still use different platforms and which would be the best one to work on?  I do not want training on any system.  Is there an exText account? 

Also, people have mentioned that you work in a pool and thus have run out of work in the past.  Is this still the case? 

Thanks for any info.

Lee Perfect
They have plenty of work right now. They DO pay what they say they are going to pay, but they want reliable people. I have NEVER had a problem receiving my pay and i've made some substancial money working for them. Don't knock them until you try them for yourself.
Lee Perfect
This company is by far the best to work for.  Paychecks ALWAYS on time.  ALWAYS plenty of work.  Very, very satisfied. 
Lee Perfect
The owner goes by each person's experience. I started with 9 myself.
Lee Perfect
Are they hiring?
Lee Perfect
Yes, they are hiring.
Lee Perfect
I was just wondering if anyone works for Lee Perfect and could give me some information, good or bad TIA
Lee Perfect
Very, very good company to work for. Plenty of work, pay on time and QA staff very helpful.
Lee Perfect

Is there anyone currently working for Lee Transcription that could give me some input on this company?

Lee Perfect
Anyone know of Lee Perfect. Good company? Who owns it.
Lee Perfect?

Can anyone give me info on this company?  Good pay - on time? Dictators? Direct deposit?  QA?  Thanks

Perfect example of why NOT to become an MT
that's an OLD con.  They keep the work slow during the week so MTs are desparate and have to work the weekends. 
WHAT???? Lee Perfect is NOT perfect?
No one is perfect. That is why they tell
you to check your RX before taking it.
Lee Perfect

Does anyone here work for Lee Perfect?

And I am sure you are perfect too!

You had better be when using any VR program because doctors and patients are already starting to notice the nonsense ending up in their reports and the complaints will only grow louder and louder.  Nope, VR is a ripoff and a compromise to patient care, pure and simple.  No matter how you package it and try to convince the MTs you are only doing this in their best interests, that is a lie.  VR only puts money in the MTSO executives' pockets, not the MTs. 

But you all go ahead and convince yourselves that this is the way of the future.  And what a great future it sounds like you envision:  Working for peanuts and endangering patients.  That's nice. 

Lee Perfect
Hello does anyone know what is happening with Lee Perfect? There used to be just enough work there for me to work as a full-time IC. Now, there is little to no work.  It's been like this for the past two to three weeks. Does anyone have a clue?  I have been searching for another job because of this. Thanks!
Lee Perfect

Thanks for answering. The work picked up just yesterday. Seems like if we MTs have the courtesy or ethics to give a two-week notice, a company would do the same if they know they might not have work for whatever reason. It usually sometimes takes more than two weeks to find a job but at least there would be a warning. Do you work there?

Lee Perfect.
Lee Perfect?
Does anyone know anything about Lee Perfect Transcription? Also they would like EMDAT experience which I have never heard of. What is this similar to? Thanks!