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Are you American? Your grammar is awful.

Posted By: nm on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: I tell you why - VR here


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According to a friend, awful, awful,
Low pay, bad accounts etc..
Check it out. A company cannot be a "who." Only a person can be a "who."

All I can say is .

I have been transcribing now for 3 years and have never heard a thing about my grammar. I have gotten reports back the past couple of days this week stating:  There should be a comma here.. there should be a semicolon there.. you shouldn't have put a period, but a semicolon.. or when I put something as far as a comma where I was told to.. I would get it back stating that it was unnecessary, HUH?  Not only that, but I would have a passage from a grammar website pasted on the report that was sent back in e-mail. LOL.

I give credit where credit is due, but seriously...

Now instead of being paranoid about any kind of medical errors-- I am worried about if a comma is in the right place. Nice, huh?  Everything that I was corrected on was trivial. 

So, while I was sitting there feeling kicked in the gut waiting for my next grammar correction, I found myself looking through samples and reports transcribed by other people and found that the commas that I had on my reports were on other peoples transcriptions, too! 

No medical errors, miskakes, misplaced words, missing words, format issues, and I get grilled about a comma.

 I felt like I was back in highschool.  

Seriously, is this normal?? I am thinking about leaving this place. I have never felt so insulted.  A comma should be the last thing on their mind..especially when seeing the horrendous mistakes that were sent to clients by other transcriptionists in the database.


Just needed to vent.  Am I wrong to be so irritated about this?


So do you practice what you preach? I noticed in your heading you typed you not your.  Or did you type it that way on purpose? 

You know some come to this board upset or in a hurry.  I know I have.   There are times, I am sure, some come to this board dead tired from working all day or putting up with really bad dictators. 

Bottom line is that we are all human and humans are not perfect 24/7 365 days out of the year.  This is just a place we can let our hair down so to speak.  If you don't like it perhaps you can find a board out in cyber space somewhere where all is perfect.

I would stick to my guns. I don't know how old you are, but I was taught the same things in school and I refuse to change my habits now. They have done that to me as well. It makes absolutely no sense to me either for QA to make corrections like that where they aren't needed. I think that sometimes the QA people just get off on thinking they are better transcriptions than we are. Unless it was some rule by the hospital (which would be insane), I would just keep doing what you do. I DO ! I have never, ever been reprimanded by any of my own clients or any hospital client in this lifetime. Do what you do best, girlfriend !
With grammar like yours
With grammar like yours, I wonder how YOU got and keep YOUR job!
we do not correct anyone's grammar....sm
who needs trolling word police
Grammar and typos
I believe that Goldbird posted the same thing about there being no need to correct people on the board for typos or grammatical errors. There's really no need.
grammar and commas
Yes. grammar and commas are very important and it was one huge issue where I trained. One suggestion, turn on your grammar checker in Word and watch the *green line* appear. It will keep you aware of your comma errors. It is worth the effort to find and correct your mistakes prior to report submission. good luck to you!
Your poor grammar
You are not using proper sentence rules by using a lower case letter to begin a sentence. I truly do not believe you have a simple typo, sorry.
Please do not grammar police here...

Many MTs come to this site to relax and may not have the time or desire to proofread their messages.


Grammar? It's You're not YOUR
Thanks for the 101 grammar lesson ...sm
  Gee, it looks like none of us MTs would even know how to spell and punctuate if you QAs weren't around to teach us how. The MTs are paying your salary, for the most part, yet most of you act as though we have to answer to you!  We answer to whoever pays our meager salary, and it's not you, baby!  You all say you don't have time to look this up to fill in blanks....well, that's what you're paid to do.  You don't have the time for this, for that... but the MT is supposed to do all this unpaid work while you're above it.  Get off of your high horse!
Excuse my bad grammar, there are
I guessed that after seeing the grammar and
spelling errors in its ad.

Having nothing meaningful to contribute, these immature holier-than-thou self-proclaimied experts need to vent their insecurities by finding fault with something as insignificant as spelling/grammar.  Reminds me a lot of a large percentage of QAs -- need to nitpick on something trivial, real or imagined.

I would just tell them to kiss my butt, unless they are also paying my salary - otherwise they should MTOB.



Having nothing meaningful to contribute, these immature holier-than-thou self-proclaimied experts need to vent their insecurities by finding fault with something as insignificant as spelling/grammar.  Reminds me a lot of a large percentage of QAs -- need to nitpick on something trivial, real or imagined.

I would just tell them to kiss my butt, unless they are also paying my salary - otherwise they should MTOB.


I'm not one to correct grammar
or spelling on a message board, but I do think how one presents themselves on a message board does reflect on the quality of work that a person produces. If a person who needs to know spelling and grammar for their job, cannot produce a quality post on a message board, I would think the quality of their work would reflect the same, and I don't mean a measly typo that can happen to us all, but out and out incorrect spelling and grammar is either laziness or ineptness, which I think also reflects on how well they do their job. Do people not take any pride in how they present themselves? If one wants to be taken seriously, I would think their posts would reflect that.
Grammar is dead.
I wish it were not so, because I'm with you - reading some posts almost makes my eyes bleed.  I get such stuff from supervisors, from the owner of my company, from friends and it all drives me nuts!  I think the advent of ''instant communication'' has killed thoughtful written expression.  Don't U disagree?  Nobody takes the time to proofread anymore - just bang out a message, maybe run spellcheck, and hit SEND.  Nobody sees the point that there is a difference between the word then and the word than.  They now are used interchangeably.  Gaaag!  There, their, they're; to, too - all the same, right? 
And I see, too, that your grammar is as top notch as your spelling!
A grammar checker for they're/their?

There is no need to correct anyone's grammar on this board. (NM)
I meant your bad grammar - went back? wow

Good think they have something. They DONT have grammar
Applying the right grammar and spelling
should not be an extra effort. But this only if one is good at it.
What logic is this: Today I am tired, so my grammar and spelling are bad.
I can understand: Today I am tired, so I make a lot of typos.

But some will never understand the difference.
Do you only use correct grammar and spelling
when you are paid for it?
Who cares about punctuation and grammar?
With the doctors using EMR and VR without editing, these things are a thing of the past.  Medical records are a mess and nobody cares.
Punctuation and grammar still counts
As much as some may hate taking time to use the correct punctuation and grammar, it is still a part of the medical transcription industry. The ability to decide between correct and incorrect grammar and punctuation separates us from the machines.
BTW, grammar police are not allowed.
Go back to your corner now.
Honestly, think it is PD (recruiter). No grammar skills. BUT it could be Flo
hope your spelling and grammar on work are better than this.
No grammar and spelling/capitalization police please, nm
Following basic grammar is nit-picky? Maybe I misunderstood.

Ignore the grammar and spelling police
on this board and in private email, and they will go away.
oops half of them (my own grammar police)
meant "thank you" Let's not forget grammar
Oops. Meant to say grammar police.
Doesn't anyone ever know how to spell anymore? LOLOL. Sorry just had to get your gote. um er goat.
The way your grammar appears in this post, TT would probably not want to hire you.
FYI -- you sound like a foreigner to me
Oops. I meant "hear of" Sorry grammar police!
It is 'yours', not 'your's', this is not a typo, take some grammar lessons! n/m
Thank you! I noticed that smart MTs with good grammar are on my side...nm
Excuse me for typing "have went". I was in a hurry and did not know grammar police would be p
Advise is in SpellCheck. So maybe you should have suggested Proofing Ms Grammar Police.
To the SpellCheck Queen and Grammar Police...Sorry for the errors. I sent it before proofing.
I know it's a MT no-no.
My point was to show that these are NOT typos, but grammar mistakes, comprende?!..nm
YOU call us ANIMALS because we pay attention to correct grammar and spelling?
There is no strong word enough to say what you are.
With such an attitude and work moral you should get out of the MT profession.
The moderators have already requested that you stop with the grammar police stuff.
This is not the forum for you to try to be queen of QA.  I am not insecure about my grammar skills, but I certainly am not going to get all in a tizzy if I make a mistake while posting on a message board, nor will I get all bent out of shape if I see an error in someone else's post.  This forum is here to network with each other about various companies, hence the name COMPANY board and not GRAMMAR board.
you seem to have an awful lot to say...
I still think you would be perfect for that particular company. That is my opinion. Sorry you are so awfully frustrated and upset...Maybe a career change? You have a lot of issues...
i think its awful
That a company would accuse an employee of something without 100% evidence/knowledge. Guess the original post was TRUE!
I didn't pass either. I got a 78. I could have sworn I answered almost every answer correctly especially since we were able to use reference material. I guess that company does not want to hire that many MTs if their test is so darn difficult to pass!!!!
Awful. sm
Time clock punching that has you working at least 40 hours (even if you're hired for 35) just to get your lines in. Clocking in and out to go to the bathroom, stretch, answer the phone, breathe for fear it'll cut into your line count. Therefore, your MT work stretches out throughout the day, eating up all of your day.

Stupid, pompous, ignorant, incompetent, braggadocious upper management, with a resultant revolving door of MT managers, MTs and QA.

ASR that came with big promises and many MTs complaining of pay decline.

I would not advise anyone hire in with them until things change at the top.